Boy Names That Start with “WIT”

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy is an exciting journey filled with possibilities.

If you’re searching for a name that exudes charm and uniqueness, why not consider those that begin with “WIT”?

While “WIT” might not be the most common starting letters for names, it offers a delightful array of options that are sure to captivate you.

From timeless classics like Witter, meaning “wise warrior,” to more contemporary choices like Witold, each name holds its own distinct charm and character.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the finest boy names that start with “WIT” and delve into their fascinating meanings.

Whether you’re drawn to names steeped in tradition or prefer something refreshingly modern, there’s a “WIT” name waiting to make its mark on your precious little one.

So, join us on this journey as we explore the allure of boy names that start with “WIT.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “WIT”

Witney – “From the white island” (Old English)

Witold – “Ruler of the people” (Slavic)

Witney – “Fair island” (Old English)

Withelm – “Resolute protector” (Germanic)

Witman – “White man” (Old English)

Witmore – “White moor” (Old English)

Witlin – “Son of a white man” (Old English)

Witfred – “Peaceful ruler” (Germanic)

Witold – “To rule with wisdom” (Polish)

Witney – “White island” (English)

Witold – “Life ruler” (Polish)

Witman – “White man” (Old English)

Witney – “White island” (Old English)

Withelm – “White helmet” (Germanic)

Witman – “Man from the white island” (Old English)

Witmore – “From the white moor” (Old English)

Witman – “Man of wit” (English)

Witlin – “Son of a wise man” (Old English)

Witfred – “Peaceful protector” (Old English)

Witney – “From the white island” (Old English)

Witold – “Leader of the people” (Polish)

Withelm – “Resolute protector” (Germanic)

Witman – “White man” (Old English)

Witmore – “White moor” (Old English)

Witney – “Fair island” (Old English)

Witfred – “Peaceful ruler” (Old English)

Withelm – “Protector” (Germanic)

Witney – “From the white island” (Old English)

Witmore – “White moor” (Old English)

Witlin – “Son of a white man” (Old English)

Modern Boy Names That Start with “WIT”

Witlock – “Wise lock” (Modern English)

Witford – “Wise ford” (Modern English)

Witrow – “Wise row” (Modern English)

Witlan – “Wise land” (Modern English)

Witlyn – “Wise lake” (Modern English)

Witler – “Wise leader” (Modern English)

Witward – “Wise guardian” (Modern English)

Witsten – “Wise stone” (Modern English)

Witran – “Wise raven” (Modern English)

Witner – “Wise warrior” (Modern English)

Witgar – “Wise spear” (Modern English)

Witfin – “Wise finder” (Modern English)

Witrey – “Wise king” (Modern English)

Witcen – “Wise center” (Modern English)

Witrix – “Wise ruler” (Modern English)

Witper – “Wise keeper” (Modern English)

Witsan – “Wise son” (Modern English)

Witwen – “Wise friend” (Modern English)

Witlan – “Wise land” (Modern English)

Witsar – “Wise star” (Modern English)

Withem – “Wise home” (Modern English)

Witcor – “Wise heart” (Modern English)

Witner – “Wise runner” (Modern English)

Witton – “Wise town” (Modern English)

Witgar – “Wise guard” (Modern English)

Witdon – “Wise dawn” (Modern English)

Witral – “Wise trail” (Modern English)

Witbur – “Wise brother” (Modern English)

Witdel – “Wise valley” (Modern English)

Witwen – “Wise friend” (Modern English)

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Unique “WIT” Names for Boys

Witmar – “Bright sea” (Unique Modern)

Witrix – “Wise and powerful” (Unique Modern)

Witbel – “Wise and beautiful” (Unique Modern)

Witsun – “Wise sun” (Unique Modern)

Witflo – “Wise flower” (Unique Modern)

Witrel – “Wise reliever” (Unique Modern)

Witfal – “Wise fall” (Unique Modern)

Witgor – “Wise gorilla” (Unique Modern)

Withal – “Wise hall” (Unique Modern)

Witlex – “Wise lexicon” (Unique Modern)

Witron – “Wise iron” (Unique Modern)

Witzar – “Wise wizard” (Unique Modern)

Witcal – “Wise calculator” (Unique Modern)

Witken – “Wise ken” (Unique Modern)

Witfon – “Wise fountain” (Unique Modern)

Witsor – “Wise sorcerer” (Unique Modern)

Witvol – “Wise volume” (Unique Modern)

Witcam – “Wise camera” (Unique Modern)

Witlaw – “Wise law” (Unique Modern)

Witmon – “Wise monster” (Unique Modern)

Witlum – “Wise illumination” (Unique Modern)

Witfox – “Wise fox” (Unique Modern)

Witlynx – “Wise lynx” (Unique Modern)

Witval – “Wise valley” (Unique Modern)

Witray – “Wise ray” (Unique Modern)

Witbram – “Wise bramble” (Unique Modern)

Witmore – “Wise and more” (Unique Modern)

Witdash – “Wise dash” (Unique Modern)

Witfair – “Wise fair” (Unique Modern)

Witzy – “Wise and easy” (Unique Modern)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “WIT”

Witold – “To rule” (Polish)

Wit – “Knowledge” (Dutch)

Witan – “Wise” (Old English)

Witney – “From the white island” (Old English)

Witman – “Wise man” (English)

Witney – “Inspired wisdom” (English)

Witfield – “Field of knowledge” (English)

Witmar – “Famous wisdom” (Germanic)

Witulf – “Wise wolf” (Germanic)

Witkin – “Little wit” (Old English)

Witbald – “Bold wisdom” (Germanic)

Withelm – “Helmet of wisdom” (Germanic)

Witrik – “Rich in wisdom” (Germanic)

Witley – “From the white meadow” (Old English)

Witgard – “Guardian of wisdom” (Germanic)

Witbrand – “Sword of wisdom” (Germanic)

Witram – “Raven of wisdom” (Germanic)

Witfrid – “Peaceful wisdom” (Germanic)

Witmund – “Protector of wisdom” (Germanic)

Witburt – “Bright wisdom” (Germanic)

Witgard – “Protection through wisdom” (Germanic)

Witward – “Guardian of wisdom” (Germanic)

Witger – “Spear of wisdom” (Germanic)

Witmund – “Mouth of wisdom” (Germanic)

Witulf – “Wolf of wisdom” (Germanic)

Withelm – “Helmet of wisdom” (Germanic)

Witward – “Wise protector” (Germanic)

Witmond – “Protector of wisdom” (Germanic)

Witger – “Spear of wisdom” (Germanic)

Witbrand – “Sword of wisdom” (Germanic)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “WIT”

Witanu – “Wise man” (Thai)

Witako – “Wise and strong” (Maori)

Witram – “Wise protector” (Sanskrit)

Witayo – “Wise and joyful” (African)

Witayen – “Wise and noble” (Indonesian)

Witaka – “Wise eagle” (Native American)

Witomo – “Wise and brave” (Indonesian)

Witayu – “Wise and powerful” (Thai)

Witanu – “Wise and kind” (Thai)

Witamo – “Wise and strong” (Hawaiian)

Witake – “Wise warrior” (Native American)

Witano – “Wise and prosperous” (Japanese)

Witaro – “Wise and virtuous” (Japanese)

Witani – “Wise and peaceful” (African)

Witara – “Wise and noble” (Maori)

Witaru – “Wise and gentle” (Japanese)

Witavi – “Wise and creative” (Indian)

Witoko – “Wise and strong” (Polynesian)

Witazu – “Wise and bold” (Japanese)

Witaka – “Wise chief” (Native American)

Witano – “Wise man” (Filipino)

Witawi – “Wise and spirited” (Indigenous)

Witaya – “Wise and accomplished” (Thai)

Witara – “Wise and talented” (Hawaiian)

Witoka – “Wise and humble” (Native American)

Witari – “Wise and patient” (Indonesian)

Witamu – “Wise and strong” (Swahili)

Witake – “Wise and powerful” (Native American)

Witaru – “Wise and gentle” (Japanese)

Witano – “Wise and respected” (Polynesian)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “WIT”

Witney – “From the white island” (Old English)

Wit – “Knowledge” (Dutch)

Witka – “Witty” (Polish)

Witali – “Full of life” (Latin)

Witek – “Peace ruler” (Polish)

Witnara – “Bright companion” (Created)

Witree – “Wise tree” (Created)

Witani – “Wise one” (Created)

Witani – “Peaceful wisdom” (Created)

Witland – “Land of wisdom” (Created)

Witaly – “Vital” (Latin)

Witasha – “Bright light” (Created)

Witkael – “Gift of wisdom” (Created)

Witnara – “Bright friend” (Created)

Witani – “One who is wise” (Created)

Witla – “Wise and peaceful” (Created)

Witana – “Knowledge seeker” (Created)

Witani – “Bright thinker” (Created)

Witamar – “Famous for wisdom” (Created)

Wituna – “Bright one” (Created)

Witmor – “Wise protector” (Created)

Witano – “Wise and noble” (Created)

Witila – “One who shines” (Created)

Witland – “Wise land” (Created)

Witania – “Bright wisdom” (Created)

Witani – “Wise soul” (Created)

Witanda – “Wise and strong” (Created)

Witmar – “Famous wisdom” (Created)

Witon – “Wise one” (Created)

Witasha – “Bright hope” (Created)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “WIT”

Witan – “Wise man” (Old English, Anglo-Saxon)

Witt – “Wide” (Germanic)

Witek – “Victorious” (Polish)

Witold – “He who rules with reason” (Polish)

Witomer – “Famous wisdom” (Slavic)

Witbald – “Bold wisdom” (Germanic)

Witgar – “Wise spear” (Old High German)

Wittman – “Man of wisdom” (Germanic)

Witislav – “Glorious wisdom” (Slavic)

Witard – “Wise and brave” (Germanic)

Witbald – “Bold wisdom” (Germanic)

Withelm – “Protector of wisdom” (Old English)

Witfred – “Peaceful wisdom” (Old English)

Witmund – “Protector of knowledge” (Germanic)

Witred – “Counsel of peace” (Old English)

Witulf – “Wise wolf” (Germanic)

Witfrid – “Peace through wisdom” (Old English)

Witalis – “Lively” (Latin)

Witran – “Counselor” (Old High German)

Witanric – “Powerful in wisdom” (Old English)

Witgar – “War spear” (Old High German)

Witmer – “Famous for wisdom” (Slavic)

Witold – “Ruler with wisdom” (Polish)

Witrek – “Powerful ruler” (Polish)

Witmund – “Protection of wisdom” (Old High German)

Witward – “Guardian of wisdom” (Old English)

Witwald – “Powerful wisdom” (Germanic)

Witanher – “Army of wisdom” (Old High German)

Witalus – “Full of life” (Latin)

Witward – “Keeper of wisdom” (Old English)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “WIT”

William Shakespeare 

Renowned English playwright and poet, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world’s pre-eminent dramatist.

Witold Pilecki 

Polish resistance fighter during World War II, known for voluntarily entering Auschwitz concentration camp to gather intelligence and later escaping to reveal the atrocities committed there.

Witold Gombrowicz 

Influential Polish writer and playwright, recognized for his innovative literary style and satirical works such as “Ferdydurke” and “Cosmos.”

Witold Lutosławski 

Celebrated Polish composer and conductor, acclaimed for his avant-garde compositions and his contributions to contemporary classical music.

Witold Gładkowski 

Polish economist and politician, known for his role in the Solidarity movement and his efforts towards economic reforms in Poland.

Witold Orzechowski 

Polish historian and political scientist, noted for his research on Polish history and his contributions to the field of political theory.

Witold Kiełtyka 

Polish musician and drummer, best known as a member of the death metal band Decapitated, recognized for his technical skill and contributions to the genre.

Witold Bańka 

Polish sports administrator and former athlete, currently serving as the President of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), committed to combating doping in sports.

Witold Waszczykowski 

Polish diplomat and politician, who served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, known for his involvement in shaping Poland’s foreign policy.

Witold Urbanowicz 

Polish fighter pilot and flying ace during World War II, recognized for his bravery and skill in combat, particularly in the Battle of Britain.

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