Boy Names That Start with “VAS”

Choosing a name for your baby boy is an exciting yet important decision, and finding a name that is unique and meaningful can make this journey even more special.

If you’re considering a name that begins with “VAS,” you’re in for a treat. While “VAS” may not be the most common starting sequence, it offers a range of distinctive and captivating options that are sure to make your son stand out.

From names with rich historical backgrounds like Vasant, which means “spring” or “blooming,” to more modern and creative choices like Vasyl, there are numerous possibilities to explore.

In this article, we will highlight some of the best boy names that start with “VAS” and delve into their meanings.

Whether you lean towards traditional names or prefer something more unique, there’s a “VAS” name that will perfectly suit your little one.

So, let’s embark on this journey and uncover the beauty of boy names that start with “VAS.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “VAS”

Vasily – “King” (Russian)

Vasanth – “Spring” (Indian)

Vasudev – “God of wealth” (Indian)

Vasanta – “Brilliant” (Indian)

Vasavi – “Prosperous” (Indian)

Vasanta-kumara – “Spring youth” (Indian)

Vasista – “Most excellent” (Indian)

Vasantakumara – “Youthful spring” (Indian)

Vasuman – “Born of Vasus” (Indian)

Vasusen – “Wealthy warrior” (Indian)

Vasudasa – “Servant of wealth” (Indian)

Vasuprada – “Bestowing wealth” (Indian)

Vasant – “Lord of the spring” (Indian)

Vasu – “Bright, excellent” (Indian)

Vasuya – “Worth” (Indian)

Vasukiran – “Ray of wealth” (Indian)

Vasuman – “Born of Vasus” (Indian)

Vasantasena – “Spring army” (Indian)

Vasurata – “Devoted to wealth” (Indian)

Vasudeva – “Divine wealth” (Indian)

Vasudhana – “Wealthy” (Indian)

Vasupala – “Protector of wealth” (Indian)

Vasumitra – “Friend of wealth” (Indian)

Vasuraksha – “Protector of wealth” (Indian)

Vasuraya – “Possessor of wealth” (Indian)

Vasuroop – “Wealthy appearance” (Indian)

Vasutanu – “Wealthy body” (Indian)

Vasuta – “Wealthy” (Indian)

Vasugopa – “Protector of wealth” (Indian)

Vasudhar – “Bearer of wealth” (Indian)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “VAS”

Vasim – “Humble” (Arabic)

Vasvik – “Everlasting” (Modern coinage)

Vasith – “Bright” (Modern coinage)

Vasyn – “Wise” (Modern coinage)

Vasend – “Victory” (Modern coinage)

Vasan – “Excellent” (Modern coinage)

Vasuin – “Shining” (Modern coinage)

Vasir – “Leader” (Modern coinage)

Vaslyn – “Protector” (Modern coinage)

Vasyl – “Glory” (Modern coinage)

Vasimel – “Enlightened” (Modern coinage)

Vasiraj – “King” (Modern coinage)

Vaskar – “Illuminated” (Modern coinage)

Vasario – “One who conquers” (Modern coinage)

Vasson – “Powerful” (Modern coinage)

Vasaro – “Wise leader” (Modern coinage)

Vasid – “Wealthy” (Modern coinage)

Vasileo – “Regal” (Modern coinage)

Vasario – “Victorious” (Modern coinage)

Vasilis – “Royal” (Modern coinage)

Vasito – “Bright” (Modern coinage)

Vasato – “Noble” (Modern coinage)

Vasiri – “Leader” (Modern coinage)

Vasmir – “Protector” (Modern coinage)

Vason – “Mighty” (Modern coinage)

Vasilon – “Honorable” (Modern coinage)

Vasten – “Strong” (Modern coinage)

Vasron – “Renowned” (Modern coinage)

Vasyan – “Brave” (Modern coinage)

Vasmith – “Creator” (Modern coinage)

Unique “VAS” Names for Boys

Vashil – “Protector” (Unique)

Vasithar – “Glorious” (Unique)

Vasmand – “Bright” (Unique)

Vasirian – “Guardian” (Unique)

Vasiren – “Warrior” (Unique)

Vasken – “Illuminated” (Unique)

Vastal – “Shining star” (Unique)

Vashwin – “Noble friend” (Unique)

Vassik – “Heroic” (Unique)

Vasred – “Courageous” (Unique)

Vasyal – “Leader” (Unique)

Vasrin – “Champion” (Unique)

Vashmir – “Peaceful protector” (Unique)

Vasaro – “Luminous” (Unique)

Vashelm – “Shelter” (Unique)

Vaskel – “Guide” (Unique)

Vashrin – “Protector of peace” (Unique)

Vashkim – “Powerful” (Unique)

Vasalyn – “Warrior” (Unique)

Vasmond – “Noble protector” (Unique)

Vasqel – “Brave leader” (Unique)

Vasreth – “Courageous protector” (Unique)

Vasri – “Noble guardian” (Unique)

Vashlon – “Bright star” (Unique)

Vasyor – “Valiant” (Unique)

Vasmyn – “Wise leader” (Unique)

Vasel – “Protector” (Unique)

Vasken – “Illuminated warrior” (Unique)

Vashir – “Noble protector” (Unique)

Vashio – “Heroic leader” (Unique)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “VAS”

Vasanth – “Spring” (Sanskrit)

Vasanthakumar – “Son of Spring” (Sanskrit)

Vasudev – “Father of Krishna” (Sanskrit)

Vasudevan – “Lord Krishna” (Sanskrit)

Vasishth – “Sage” (Sanskrit)

Vasishtha – “One of the Saptarishis” (Sanskrit)

Vasanta – “Spring” (Sanskrit)

Vasantha – “Season of Spring” (Sanskrit)

Vasishta – “Best, Most Excellent” (Sanskrit)

Vasur – “Lord Indra” (Sanskrit)

Vasuman – “Born of Fire” (Sanskrit)

Vasukinath – “King of Serpents” (Sanskrit)

Vasul – “King of Gems” (Sanskrit)

Vasudharan – “One who holds the Earth” (Sanskrit)

Vasudhan – “Lord Vishnu” (Sanskrit)

Vasuj – “Producer of Wealth” (Sanskrit)

Vasukal – “Ornament” (Sanskrit)

Vasushen – “Born of Wealth” (Sanskrit)

Vasulal – “Precious” (Sanskrit)

Vasuran – “Celestial” (Sanskrit)

Vasuvaj – “Strong” (Sanskrit)

Vasumitra – “Friend of Wealth” (Sanskrit)

Vasupal – “Protector of Wealth” (Sanskrit)

Vasurath – “Chariot of Wealth” (Sanskrit)

Vasushan – “Prosperous” (Sanskrit)

Vasudhaval – “White as Wealth” (Sanskrit)

Vasudeep – “Lamp of Wealth” (Sanskrit)

Vasumahar – “Greatest of Wealth” (Sanskrit)

Vasulok – “World of Wealth” (Sanskrit)

Vasupalit – “Protector of the Earth” (Sanskrit)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “VAS”

Vasco – “Crow” (Basque)

Vasil – “King” (Bulgarian)

Vasileios – “Royal, Kingly” (Greek)

Vasily – “Royal, Kingly” (Russian)

Vasilij – “King” (Serbian)

Vasiliy – “Royal, Kingly” (Ukrainian)

Vasile – “Royal” (Romanian)

Vasi – “Royal” (Albanian)

Vasilijus – “Royal, Kingly” (Lithuanian)

Vassilis – “Royal” (Greek)

Vasif – “Describer” (Arabic)

Vaslav – “More Glory” (Czech)

Vasko – “Royal” (Portuguese)

Vassilios – “Kingly” (Greek)

Vasilis – “Kingly” (Greek)

Vasiok – “Royal” (Ukrainian)

Vascho – “Brave” (Old Portuguese)

Vasiliev – “Son of Vasily” (Russian)

Vasifullah – “Describer of God” (Arabic)

Vasiko – “Royal” (Georgian)

Vasilij – “King” (Macedonian)

Vasska – “King” (Russian diminutive)

Vasitch – “Royal” (Russian)

Vasska – “Royal” (Russian)

Vassilios – “Royal” (Greek)

Vasiy – “Strong” (Turkish)

Vashtal – “Savior” (Armenian)

Vasilii – “Royal” (Ukrainian)

Vasisko – “Brave” (Portuguese)

Vassil – “Royal” (Bulgarian)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “VAS”

Vasara – “Autumn” (Lithuanian)

Vasco – “Crow” (Basque)

Vasil – “King” (Greek)

Vasana – “Desire” (Sanskrit)

Vasanthi – “Spring” (Indian)

Vashti – “Beautiful” (Persian)

Vasudha – “Earth” (Sanskrit)

Vasuman – “Treasure” (Sanskrit)

Vasanta – “Spring” (Sanskrit)

Vasavi – “Radiant” (Sanskrit)

Vasily – “Royal” (Russian)

Vasile – “King” (Romanian)

Vasana – “Scent” (Sanskrit)

Vasanta – “Brilliant” (Sanskrit)

Vasanth – “Spring” (Sanskrit)

Vasudha – “Wealth” (Sanskrit)

Vasundhara – “Earth” (Sanskrit)

Vasundra – “Best” (Sanskrit)

Vasundra – “Gracious” (Sanskrit)

Vasumati – “Goddess Lakshmi” (Sanskrit)

Vasunthara – “Goddess” (Sanskrit)

Vasumitra – “Friend of Wealth” (Sanskrit)

Vasupala – “King” (Sanskrit)

Vasuraksha – “Wealth Protector” (Sanskrit)

Vasuthevan – “God of Wealth” (Sanskrit)

Vasishtha – “Rich” (Sanskrit)

Vasista – “One Who is Rich” (Sanskrit)

Vasiyai – “Wealthy” (Sanskrit)

Vasantha – “Spring” (Sanskrit)

Vasya – “Tamed” (Russian)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “VAS”

Vasudeva – “God of wealth” (Sanskrit)

Vasishtha – “Most prosperous” (Sanskrit)

Vasanta – “Lord Vishnu” (Sanskrit)

Vasant – “God of spring” (Sanskrit)

Vasuman – “Lord Shiva” (Sanskrit)

Vasupati – “Lord of wealth” (Sanskrit)

Vasav – “Indra” (Sanskrit)

Vasavi – “Daughter of Indra” (Sanskrit)

Vasudev – “Father of Krishna” (Sanskrit)

Vasuprada – “Bestower of wealth” (Sanskrit)

Vasudatta – “Given by the earth” (Sanskrit)

Vasudevan – “Lord Krishna” (Sanskrit)

Vasubhadra – “Most prosperous” (Sanskrit)

Vasumitra – “Friend of wealth” (Sanskrit)

Vasuraksha – “Protector of wealth” (Sanskrit)

Vasuketu – “Lord of treasures” (Sanskrit)

Vasupal – “Guardian of wealth” (Sanskrit)

Vasurata – “Dedicated to wealth” (Sanskrit)

Vasusena – “Born with wealth” (Sanskrit)

Vasava – “Indra” (Sanskrit)

Vasukinath – “King of snakes” (Sanskrit)

Vasumati – “Goddess Lakshmi” (Sanskrit)

Vasumitra – “Friend of wealth” (Sanskrit)

Vasushree – “Goddess Lakshmi” (Sanskrit)

Vasupada – “Foot of wealth” (Sanskrit)

Vasuchandra – “Moon of wealth” (Sanskrit)

Vasuda – “Bestower of wealth” (Sanskrit)

Vasudhana – “Rich in wealth” (Sanskrit)

Vasushil – “Character of wealth” (Sanskrit)

Vasudhara – “Earth” (Sanskrit)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “VAS”

Vaslav Nijinsky 

Renowned ballet dancer and choreographer of Polish descent, celebrated for his virtuosity and controversial works such as “The Rite of Spring” and “Afternoon of a Faun.”

Vasco da Gama 

Portuguese explorer who was the first European to reach India by sea, linking Europe and Asia via the Cape of Good Hope, thus establishing a new maritime route.

Vasily Kandinsky 

Russian painter and art theorist, credited with creating one of the first purely abstract works, and a pivotal figure in the development of abstract art.

Vasily Zaytsev 

Soviet sniper during World War II, famed for his role in the Battle of Stalingrad and his incredible marksmanship skills that inspired the film “Enemy at the Gates.”

Vasiliy Lomachenko 

Ukrainian professional boxer, known for his exceptional technique, speed, and agility, as well as being a multiple-weight world champion.

Vasili Arkhipov 

Soviet naval officer credited with preventing a nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis by refusing to authorize a nuclear torpedo launch, a decision that is believed to have averted World War III.

Vasiliy Grossman 

Soviet writer and journalist, known for his powerful novels “Life and Fate” and “Everything Flows,” which provide a profound insight into the lives of Soviet citizens during World War II and the Stalinist era.

Vasily Vereshchagin 

Russian painter, famous for his realistic portrayal of war scenes and critical perspective on the brutality of conflict, particularly in his series “The Turkestan Series.”

Vasil Levski 

Bulgarian revolutionary, dubbed the Apostle of Freedom, who was a key figure in the struggle for Bulgarian independence from Ottoman rule.

Vasiliy Degtyaryov 

Soviet weapons designer, known for creating several important firearms, including the Degtyaryov machine gun (DP-28), which saw extensive use during World War II.

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