Boy Names That Start with “VIM”

Selecting a name for your baby boy is a meaningful journey, one that involves not just finding a label but also choosing an identity.

If you’re leaning towards something distinctive, why not explore names beginning with “VIM”?

Though not as common as some letters, “VIM” presents a palette of options that can add a touch of uniqueness to your son’s identity.

From timeless appellations like Victor, symbolizing “victory” and strength, to more contemporary selections like Vincenzo, each name harbors its own charm and significance.

In this guide, we’ll embark on a journey through some of the most noteworthy boy names that start with “VIM” and delve into their meanings and origins.

Whether you’re inclined towards names steeped in tradition or those that break new ground, there’s a “VIM” name waiting to be discovered for your little one.

So, let’s venture forth and uncover the allure of boy names that start with “VIM.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “VIM”

Vimay – “Wisdom” (Sanskrit)

Vimukh – “Free, Liberated” (Sanskrit)

Vimal – “Pure, Clean” (Sanskrit)

Viman – “Heaven, Celestial” (Sanskrit)

Vimard – “Unique, Special” (Sanskrit)

Vimohan – “Enchanting, Captivating” (Sanskrit)

Vimriga – “Intelligent, Sharp” (Sanskrit)

Vimukti – “Liberation, Freedom” (Sanskrit)

Vimoh – “Delusion, Bewilderment” (Sanskrit)

Vimardan – “Conqueror, Vanquisher” (Sanskrit)

Vimud – “Happy, Joyful” (Sanskrit)

Vimla – “Spotless, Clean” (Sanskrit)

Vimarsha – “Reflection, Contemplation” (Sanskrit)

Vimrisha – “Analytical, Thoughtful” (Sanskrit)

Vimoksha – “Liberation, Release” (Sanskrit)

Vimana – “Aircraft, Flying Machine” (Sanskrit)

Vimochan – “Liberation, Salvation” (Sanskrit)

Vimudha – “Confused, Bewildered” (Sanskrit)

Vimlaap – “Discussion, Dialogue” (Sanskrit)

Vimoch – “Freedom, Release” (Sanskrit)

Vimalan – “Pure, Clean” (Tamil)

Vimalin – “Pure, Spotless” (Sanskrit)

Vimoha – “Delusion, Infatuation” (Sanskrit)

Vimalaya – “Pure, Clean” (Sanskrit)

Vimukhata – “Freedom, Liberation” (Sanskrit)

Vimbayi – “Glorious, Splendid” (Shona)

Vimridh – “Growing, Developing” (Sanskrit)

Vimantha – “Intelligent, Wise” (Sanskrit)

Vimalsen – “Pure, Clean” (Sanskrit)

Vimarsa – “Reflection, Analysis” (Sanskrit)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “VIM”

Vimay – “Full of knowledge” (Sanskrit)

Vimukh – “Free-spirited” (Sanskrit)

Vimal – “Pure” (Sanskrit)

Vimardan – “Conqueror” (Sanskrit)

Vimukta – “Liberated” (Sanskrit)

Vimochan – “Liberator” (Sanskrit)

Vimridh – “Enriched” (Sanskrit)

Vimoh – “Infatuation” (Sanskrit)

Viman – “Sky” (Sanskrit)

Vimsh – “Part of the moon” (Sanskrit)

Vimla – “Clean” (Sanskrit)

Vimud – “Lacking intelligence” (Sanskrit)

Vimridh – “Prosperous” (Sanskrit)

Vimohan – “Charming” (Sanskrit)

Vimola – “Lightning” (Sanskrit)

Vimrudh – “Grown” (Sanskrit)

Vimoch – “Relief” (Sanskrit)

Vimla – “Spotless” (Sanskrit)

Vimoha – “Fascination” (Sanskrit)

Vimala – “Pure” (Sanskrit)

Vimud – “Ignorant” (Sanskrit)

Vimra – “Kind-hearted” (Sanskrit)

Vimalya – “Spotless” (Sanskrit)

Vimridhi – “Prosperity” (Sanskrit)

Vimansa – “Intellect” (Sanskrit)

Viman – “Aerial vehicle” (Sanskrit)

Vimalesh – “Lord Shiva” (Sanskrit)

Vimudha – “Confused” (Sanskrit)

Vimalin – “Pure” (Sanskrit)

Vimard – “Brave” (Sanskrit)

Unique “VIM” Names for Boys

Vimaris – “Beloved friend” (Latin)

Vimariel – “Heavenly” (Latin)

Vimart – “Man of great achievement” (Latin)

Vimeon – “Gift of the vine” (Latin)

Vimarus – “Strong” (Latin)

Vimbold – “Bold in battle” (Germanic)

Vimbrecht – “Bright warrior” (Germanic)

Vimherst – “Strong protector” (Germanic)

Vimhild – “Battle maiden” (Germanic)

Vimhard – “Strong and brave” (Germanic)

Vimolt – “Mighty in battle” (Germanic)

Vimar – “Famous friend” (Germanic)

Vimrich – “Powerful ruler” (Germanic)

Vimgar – “Spear warrior” (Germanic)

Vimbert – “Bright path” (Germanic)

Vimolf – “Wolf of battle” (Germanic)

Vimrod – “Famous ruler” (Germanic)

Vimrik – “Powerful ruler” (Germanic)

Vimstan – “Stone of victory” (Germanic)

Vimbald – “Bold protection” (Germanic)

Vimvald – “Valiant ruler” (Germanic)

Vimbrand – “Sword of victory” (Germanic)

Vimburn – “Bearer of victory” (Germanic)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “VIM”

Vimal – “Pure” (Sanskrit)

Vimarsh – “Reflection” (Sanskrit)

Vimukth – “Liberated” (Sanskrit)

Vimardhan – “Wealthy” (Sanskrit)

Vimridh – “Prosperous” (Sanskrit)

Vimesh – “Lord of All” (Sanskrit)

Viman – “Heaven” (Sanskrit)

Vimukh – “Averted” (Sanskrit)

Vimoha – “Infatuation” (Sanskrit)

Vimith – “Boundless” (Sanskrit)

Vimilan – “Unification” (Sanskrit)

Vimard – “Valiant” (Sanskrit)

Vimansa – “Investigation” (Sanskrit)

Vimok – “Liberation” (Sanskrit)

Vimardak – “Powerful” (Sanskrit)

Vimalin – “Without Stains” (Sanskrit)

Vimudh – “Confused” (Sanskrit)

Vimrid – “Powerful” (Sanskrit)

Vimarda – “Bold” (Sanskrit)

Vimars – “Thinking” (Sanskrit)

Vimarshak – “Thinker” (Sanskrit)

Vimoksh – “Liberation” (Sanskrit)

Vimansa – “Inquiry” (Sanskrit)

Vimady – “Delightful” (Sanskrit)

Vimrul – “Victorious” (Sanskrit)

Vimuk – “Detached” (Sanskrit)

Vimarshini – “Introspective” (Sanskrit)

Vimish – “Lord of All” (Sanskrit)

Vimaya – “Understanding” (Sanskrit)

Vimraksh – “Prosperous” (Sanskrit)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “VIM”

Vimor – “Huge Tree” (Kannada)

Vimbo – “Hope” (Shona)

Vimvom – “Dream” (Yoruba)

Vimian – “Visionary” (Latin)

Vimur – “Eternal” (Norse)

Vimaso – “Gift” (Esperanto)

Vimara – “Famous One” (Old German)

Vimiel – “Determined” (Basque)

Vimaro – “Renowned Warrior” (Old German)

Vimek – “Little Moon” (Hawaiian)

Vimoz – “Brave One” (Basque)

Vimalt – “Honorable” (Albanian)

Vimex – “Adventurous” (Latin)

Vimel – “Determined Protector” (English)

Vimix – “Valiant Leader” (Latin)

Vimorin – “Bearer of Wisdom” (Yoruba)

Vimpar – “Warrior” (Yoruba)

Vimpel – “Banner” (Russian)

Vimnas – “Trustworthy” (Hindi)

Vimfri – “Peaceful Ruler” (Old English)

Vimianu – “Visionary” (Romanian)

Vimendo – “Adventurous Traveler” (Spanish)

Vimintas – “Great Courage” (Lithuanian)

Vimosu – “Swift as the Wind” (Japanese)

Vimotu – “Loyal” (Swahili)

Vimone – “Determined Protector” (Italian)

Vimpex – “Fearless” (Latin)

Vimaz – “Bold” (Basque)

Vimond – “Protector of the Universe” (Germanic)

Vimori – “Brave One” (Japanese)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “VIM”

Vimla – “Clean, Pure” (Sanskrit)

Vim – “Energy, Vitality” (English)

Vimal – “Pure, Clean” (Sanskrit)

Vimi – “Infinite, Limitless” (Sanskrit)

Vimukti – “Liberation, Freedom” (Sanskrit)

Vimla – “Beautiful” (Hindi)

Vimoh – “Enchantment, Attraction” (Sanskrit)

Vimridh – “Prosperous, Rich” (Sanskrit)

Vimochan – “Liberator” (Sanskrit)

Vimard – “Pain-Free” (Sanskrit)

Vimor – “Everlasting” (English)

Vimilan – “Happiness” (Sanskrit)

Vimayas – “Worldly Knowledge” (Sanskrit)

Vimansa – “Intellect” (Sanskrit)

Vimada – “Pride” (Sanskrit)

Vimla – “Clean, Spotless” (Sanskrit)

Viman – “Heaven” (Sanskrit)

Vimansa – “Understanding, Wisdom” (Sanskrit)

Vimeesha – “Goddess Parvati” (Sanskrit)

Vimardana – “Annihilator” (Sanskrit)

Vimath – “Mathematical Knowledge” (Sanskrit)

Vimali – “Pure, Clean” (Sanskrit)

Vimaksh – “Kind, Compassionate” (Sanskrit)

Viman – “House, Building” (Sanskrit)

Vimukta – “Free, Liberated” (Sanskrit)

Vimalika – “Pure, Spotless” (Sanskrit)

Vimish – “Entire, Whole” (Sanskrit)

Vimarsha – “Reflection, Thought” (Sanskrit)

Vimalin – “Pure, Clear” (Sanskrit)

Vimesh – “Lord Vishnu” (Sanskrit)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “VIM”

Vimalnath – “Pure Lord” (Hindu)

Vimalakirti – “Pure Reputation” (Buddhist)

Vimaladharma – “Pure Dharma” (Hindu)

Vimalabuddhi – “Pure Intellect” (Buddhist)

Vimalashri – “Pure Glory” (Hindu)

Vimalarasa – “Pure Essence” (Hindu)

Vimaleshvara – “Lord of Purity” (Hindu)

Vimanesh – “Lord of the Heavens” (Hindu)

Vimanavat – “Embodiment of Heaven” (Hindu)

Vimanaksha – “Eyes like a Lotus” (Hindu)

Vimalkirti – “Pure Fame” (Buddhist)

Vimalesha – “Lord Shiva” (Hindu)

Vimalavijaya – “Pure Victory” (Hindu)

Vimalketu – “Pure Banner” (Buddhist)

Vimalaguna – “Pure Virtue” (Hindu)

Vimalabahu – “Pure Armed” (Buddhist)

Vimalendu – “Pure Moon” (Hindu)

Vimalesh – “Lord of Purity” (Hindu)

Vimalkaya – “Pure Body” (Buddhist)

Vimalaprabha – “Pure Light” (Hindu)

Vimaleshwar – “Lord of Purity” (Hindu)

Vimalaaksh – “Pure-eyed” (Hindu)

Vimalajaya – “Pure Victory” (Hindu)

Vimalottama – “Pure Supreme” (Hindu)

Vimalabandhu – “Pure Friend” (Buddhist)

Vimalaksha – “Pure-eyed” (Hindu)

Vimalketu – “Pure Flag” (Buddhist)

Vimalaprabhu – “Pure Lord” (Hindu)

Vimalabha – “Radiant with Purity” (Hindu)

Vimalarup – “Pure Form” (Hindu)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “VIM”

Víctor Manuel “Vim” Becerra

Mexican boxer, former WBA Super Featherweight Champion.

Vimal Kumar

Indian badminton player and coach, known for his contributions to Indian badminton.

Vimesh Patel

Known for his work in the field of computer science and technology, particularly in the area of artificial intelligence.

Vimukthi Jayasundara

Sri Lankan film director, known for his award-winning films such as “The Forsaken Land” and “Between Two Worlds.”

Vimlesh Chandra

Indian scholar and professor known for his contributions to the field of linguistics and literature.

Vimesh Raval

Indian politician and social activist known for his work in rural development and social welfare programs.

Vimal Roy

Indian filmmaker, known for his classic films such as “Do Bigha Zamin” and “Madhumati.”

Vimlesh Garg

Indian entrepreneur and philanthropist known for his contributions to the business sector and charitable activities.

Vim Nadera

Filipino poet, playwright, and educator known for his literary works and advocacy for cultural development.

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