Boy Names That Start with “RHI”

Looking for a unique and meaningful name for your baby boy? Explore the realm of names starting with “RHI”! While it might not be the most common starting letter, “RHI” offers a range of distinctive options that could be just what you’re looking for.

From timeless classics like Rhett, meaning “advice” or “counsel,” to more unconventional choices like Rhidian, there’s a wealth of possibilities waiting to be discovered.

In this article, we’ll delve into some of the best boy names that start with “RHI” and uncover their fascinating meanings.

Whether you’re drawn to traditional names with a twist or prefer something entirely original, there’s a “RHI” name out there that’s perfect for your little one.

So, let’s embark on this journey of exploration and find the ideal name that encapsulates the uniqueness of your baby boy.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “RHI”

Rhett – “Advice” (English)

Rhys – “Enthusiasm” (Welsh)

Rhian – “Great Queen” (Irish)

Rhianon – “Maiden” (Welsh)

Rhidian – “From the Reedy River” (Welsh)

Rhik – “Victorious Ruler” (German)

Rhin – “Warrior” (Irish)

Rhio – “Champion” (Welsh)

Rhiley – “Courageous” (Irish)

Rhinton – “From the Rye Farm” (English)

Rhival – “Strong” (Gaelic)

Rhiven – “Gift of Life” (Welsh)

Rhivenn – “Brave Friend” (Welsh)

Rhivald – “Powerful Ruler” (German)

Rhivel – “Beloved Leader” (Welsh)

Rhiver – “Flowing Water” (English)

Rhivi – “Warrior of Light” (Irish)

Rhivin – “Gentle Counsel” (Welsh)

Rhivon – “Son of the Red-Haired One” (English)

Rhivyn – “Brave Heart” (Welsh)

Rhixon – “Son of Richard” (English)

Rhizer – “Adventurous Spirit” (Irish)

Rhizon – “One Who Rises” (English)

Rhiza – “Root” (Greek)

Rhizzo – “Bold Leader” (English)

Rhizor – “Brave Counselor” (Irish)

Rhizu – “Strong-Willed” (Welsh)

Rhizul – “Determined Warrior” (English)

Rhizun – “Loyal Friend” (Welsh)

Rhizus – “Mighty Protector” (Irish)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “RHI”

Rhixen – “Brave and Intelligent” (English)

Rhivan – “Explorer of Worlds” (Welsh)

Rhiktor – “Inspiring Leader” (Greek)

Rhiron – “Warrior of the Dawn” (English)

Rhilas – “Ambitious Adventurer” (Welsh)

Rhilios – “Loyal Guardian” (Greek)

Rhilson – “Son of the Mighty” (English)

Rhimont – “Mountain Warrior” (French)

Rhinix – “Innovative Thinker” (English)

Rhionel – “Bright Star” (Welsh)

Rhiotus – “Bringer of Joy” (Greek)

Rhipon – “Protector of the Innocent” (English)

Rhisun – “Radiant Sunbeam” (Welsh)

Rhixton – “Town of Courage” (English)

Rhixon – “Son of the Powerful One” (Welsh)

Rhizar – “Visionary Dreamer” (English)

Rhoan – “Peaceful Ruler” (Welsh)

Rhovin – “Adventurous Spirit” (English)

Rhoxen – “Eternal Strength” (Welsh)

Rhoyce – “Royal Wisdom” (English)

Rhozun – “Brave Companion” (Welsh)

Rhuxley – “Valiant Protector” (English)

Rhylar – “Courageous Heart” (Welsh)

Rhylor – “Fierce Warrior” (English)

Rhynix – “Innovator of Tomorrow” (Welsh)

Rhysen – “Born of Enthusiasm” (English)

Rhyton – “Strong and Resilient” (Welsh)

Rhyzar – “Defender of Truth” (English)

Rhyzon – “Champion of Justice” (Welsh)

Rhyxen – “Adventurous Explorer” (English)

Unique “RHI” Names for Boys

Rhianth – “Mystical Dreamer” (Welsh)

Rhider – “Swift Runner” (English)

Rhigold – “Golden Warrior” (Welsh)

Rhilark – “Guardian of Secrets” (English)

Rhindor – “Brave Protector” (Welsh)

Rhinor – “Noble Knight” (English)

Rhioth – “Eternal Wanderer” (Welsh)

Rhius – “Eloquent Speaker” (English)

Rhivenor – “Keeper of the Stars” (Welsh)

Rhixor – “Adventurous Voyager” (English)

Rhizan – “Seeker of Truth” (Welsh)

Rhizarth – “Warrior Philosopher” (English)

Rhivus – “Courageous Conqueror” (Welsh)

Rhixenon – “Bringer of Light” (English)

Rhixorin – “Champion of Hope” (Welsh)

Rhizarn – “Guardian of Nature” (English)

Rhixant – “Wise Counselor” (Welsh)

Rhilind – “Free Spirit” (English)

Rhilven – “Harbinger of Change” (Welsh)

Rhionex – “Bearer of Destiny” (English)

Rhionus – “Champion of the People” (Welsh)

Rhisent – “Eternal Optimist” (English)

Rhispar – “Brave Voyager” (Welsh)

Rhistel – “Protector of the Innocent” (English)

Rhydor – “Guardian of the Forest” (Welsh)

Rhylix – “Eternal Warrior” (English)

Rhysor – “Bringer of Dawn” (Welsh)

Rhysten – “Defender of Honor” (English)

Rhystor – “Keeper of Wisdom” (Welsh)

Rhysus – “Eternal Champion” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “RHI”

Rhett – “Advice” (English)

Rhys – “Enthusiasm” (Welsh)

Rhidian – “Fierce” (Welsh)

Rhian – “Great Queen” (Welsh)

Rhodri – “Wheel King” (Welsh)

Rhun – “Mystery” (Welsh)

Rhysand – “Luminescent” (Welsh)

Rhino – “Powerful and Noble” (Greek)

Rhion – “Divine King” (Welsh)

Rhodan – “From the Red Earth” (Welsh)

Rhianu – “Sweet Song” (Welsh)

Rhival – “Courageous Friend” (Welsh)

Rhidian – “Guardian Spirit” (Welsh)

Rhianon – “Great Queen” (Welsh)

Rhisiart – “Bear King” (Welsh)

Rhodes – “Where Roses Grow” (Greek)

Rhio – “Joyful” (Welsh)

Rhimmon – “Exalted One” (Hebrew)

Rhimus – “Majestic” (Greek)

Rhinard – “Brave Counselor” (German)

Rhysor – “Valiant” (Welsh)

Rhodain – “Famous Ruler” (Welsh)

Rhiban – “Radiant” (Welsh)

Rhiannon – “Divine Queen” (Welsh)

Rhilo – “Adventurous” (Welsh)

Rhodwyn – “White Rose” (Welsh)

Rhianwen – “Fair Lady” (Welsh)

Rhodri – “King’s Wheel” (Welsh)

Rhionach – “Royal” (Scottish)

Rhiza – “Root” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “RHI”

Rhian – “King” (Thai)

Rhianu – “Sunrise” (Japanese)

Rhigas – “Freedom” (Greek)

Rhimous – “Mythical Bird” (Persian)

Rhion – “Golden” (Greek)

Rhitu – “Season” (Sanskrit)

Rhiwar – “Sunbeam” (Persian)

Rhiwan – “Adventurous Traveler” (Arabic)

Rhivan – “Dreamer” (Hindi)

Rhode – “Rose” (French)

Rholan – “Brave Wolf” (Norse)

Rhonan – “Red-Haired” (Irish)

Rhouan – “Little King” (Persian)

Rhudan – “Mystical” (Celtic)

Rhutu – “Season” (Sanskrit)

Rhuvan – “Enlightened” (Sanskrit)

Rhuxan – “Traveler” (Persian)

Rhyan – “Healer” (Irish)

Rhyno – “Warrior” (Spanish)

Rhysan – “Wise Leader” (Welsh)

Rhazan – “Visionary” (Arabic)

Rhody – “From Rhodes” (Greek)

Rhovan – “Gift of God” (Biblical)

Rhonin – “Majestic” (Irish)

Rhylon – “Lion-hearted” (Greek)

Rhylor – “Protector” (Latin)

Rhysar – “Adventurous” (Welsh)

Rhozan – “Warrior” (Arabic)

Rhonos – “Fierce” (Greek)

Rhylan – “Brother of the King” (Welsh)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “RHI”

Rhian – “Maiden” (Welsh)

Rhiley – “Courageous” (English)

Rhianon – “Great Queen” (Welsh)

Rhys – “Enthusiasm” (Welsh)

Rhianwen – “White Maiden” (Welsh)

Rhianedd – “Fair” (Welsh)

Rhiza – “Root” (Greek)

Rhivu – “River” (Sanskrit)

Rhine – “Renowned River” (German)

Rhidian – “From the Reedy River” (Welsh)

Rhiven – “Mystical” (Unknown)

Rhiko – “Powerful Ruler” (Japanese)

Rhylie – “From the Rye Clearing” (English)

Rhiantha – “Divine Flower” (Welsh)

Rhivika – “Celebration” (Sanskrit)

Rhion – “Mountain of Strength” (Welsh)

Rhila – “Ewe” (Greek)

Rhivan – “Brilliant” (Unknown)

Rhiko – “Gift of God” (Japanese)

Rhiala – “Of the Clouds” (Unknown)

Rhysa – “Laughter” (Welsh)

Rhiantha – “Abundant Grace” (Welsh)

Rhilina – “Goddess” (Unknown)

Rhilah – “Innocent” (Unknown)

Rhiven – “Peaceful” (Unknown)

Rhylie – “Beloved” (English)

Rhilana – “Light” (Unknown)

Rhiax – “Protector” (Unknown)

Rhistina – “Christ-bearer” (Greek)

Rhinley – “From the Raven’s Meadow” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “RHI”

Rhishabh – “Lord Vishnu” (Hindu)

Rhitvik – “One who performs religious rituals” (Sanskrit)

Rhitayan – “Ascetic” (Sanskrit)

Rhidhaan – “Giver of Wealth” (Hindu)

Rhik – “Man with a soft heart” (Sanskrit)

Rhidhiman – “Intellectual” (Sanskrit)

Rhikshit – “The Great Ruler” (Sanskrit)

Rhineesh – “Lord of the Gods” (Hindu)

Rhivat – “Son of Daksa” (Sanskrit)

Rhibhukshan – “Conqueror of enemies” (Sanskrit)

Rhishit – “The Best” (Sanskrit)

Rhishank – “Moon” (Sanskrit)

Rhigved – “Hymns of the Rigveda” (Sanskrit)

Rhiyash – “One who is full of emotions” (Sanskrit)

Rhikesh – “Lord Shiva” (Sanskrit)

Rhiyansh – “Part of a King” (Sanskrit)

Rhimay – “Intelligent” (Sanskrit)

Rhinav – “Lord Vishnu” (Sanskrit)

Rhinanth – “Conqueror of battles” (Sanskrit)

Rhiv – “Sun” (Sanskrit)

Rhilay – “The Pleasing One” (Sanskrit)

Rhishav – “Saintly” (Sanskrit)

Rhikshit – “Protector” (Sanskrit)

Rhivansh – “Part of Lord Shiva” (Sanskrit)

Rhiyash – “Emotions” (Sanskrit)

Rhimanth – “Conqueror of the heart” (Sanskrit)

Rhigvan – “A wise person” (Sanskrit)

Rhibhushan – “One who is adorned with gold” (Sanskrit)

Rhishav – “One with great desire and wish” (Sanskrit)

Rhiransh – “Part of Lord Vishnu” (Sanskrit)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “RHI”

Rhiannon Giddens

An American musician known for her work as a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, blending folk, country, blues, and more.

Rhys Ifans

A Welsh actor known for his roles in films such as “Notting Hill,” “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1,” and “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

Rhett McLaughlin

Co-host of the popular YouTube channel “Good Mythical Morning” alongside Link Neal, known for their comedic content, challenges, and taste tests.

Rhiannon Fish

An Australian actress and singer known for her roles in TV shows like “Neighbours,” “Home and Away,” and “The 100.”

Rhian Sugden

A British glamour model and actress known for her appearances in magazines such as Maxim, Zoo, and Nuts.

Rhi Burns

An Australian actor known for his roles in TV shows like “Shortland Street” and “Power Rangers Dino Charge.”

Rhian Ramos

A Filipino actress and singer known for her work in Filipino television dramas and films.

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