220 Adorable Boy Names That Start with “VEN”

When it comes to naming your baby boy, finding a unique and standout name can be a daunting task.

If you are looking for a name that starts with “VEN” that stands out from the crowd, look no further.

From vintage classics to modern favorites, boy names that start with “VEN” offer a diverse range of options for parents seeking something special for their little one.

These names exude strength, charisma, and individuality, making them perfect for a boy who is destined to make a mark on the world.

Whether you are drawn to traditional names like Vennard or Veniamin, or prefer more contemporary choices like Venicio or Venzel, there is a “VEN” name out there to suit every taste and style.

In this article, we will explore a curated list of boy names that start with “VEN” and delve into the meanings and origins behind these unique monikers.

Stay tuned for some inspiration and discover the perfect name for your baby boy!

Popular Boy Names That Start with “VEN”

Vincent – “Conquering” (English)

Venicio – “Hunt” (Spanish)

Veniamin – “Son of the right hand” (Greek)

Venator – “Hunter” (Latin)

Venicio – “Beloved” (Spanish)

Venedict – “Blessed” (English)

Venancio – “Hunting” (Spanish)

Venizelos – “Bringer of victory” (Greek)

Venusto – “Charming” (Spanish)

Venerando – “Revered” (Spanish)

Ventura – “Fortune” (Spanish)

Venizas – “Victorious” (Greek)

Venerio – “Worshipper” (Spanish)

Vencel – “Victory” (English)

Venusto – “Graceful” (Spanish)

Venancio – “Hunting” (Spanish)

Venerio – “Revered” (Spanish)

Venedicto – “Blessed” (Spanish)

Venicio – “Dear” (Spanish)

Venancio – “Hunt” (Spanish)

Venceslao – “Glory” (Spanish)

Venustiano – “Charming” (Spanish)

Venanzio – “Worthy of admiration” (Italian)

Venero – “Revered” (Spanish)

Venecio – “Victorious” (Spanish)

Venceslao – “Crown” (Spanish)

Venero – “Blessed” (Spanish)

Venancio – “Luck” (Spanish)

Venustiano – “Beloved” (Spanish)

Venedicto – “Blessed” (Spanish)

Boy Names That Start with "VEN"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “VEN”

Venson – “Son of Vincent” (English)

Venroy – “Royal friend” (English)

Venicio – “Victorious” (Spanish)

Venaldo – “Bold protector” (Spanish)

Venicio – “Fair” (Spanish)

Vennard – “Strong defender” (English)

Venito – “Divinely fair” (Spanish)

Venzel – “Protected ruler” (English)

Venildo – “Gentle friend” (Spanish)

Vensan – “Consecrated to Mars” (English)

Vennar – “Leader of men” (English)

Venrico – “Powerful ruler” (Spanish)

Venolan – “Youthful” (English)

Venito – “Conqueror” (Spanish)

Venay – “Beloved” (Spanish)

Venver – “True friend” (English)

Venildo – “Strong and wild” (Spanish)

Venzio – “Victorious” (Spanish)

Vendale – “From the valley” (English)

Veniro – “Peaceful” (Spanish)

Vensan – “Healthy and strong” (Spanish)

Venardo – “Courageous” (Spanish)

Venolan – “Ruler of the people” (English)

Vendar – “Valiant defender” (Spanish)

Vennon – “Brave” (English)

Vento – “Wind” (Spanish)

Vensley – “Meadow with a stream” (English)

Venar – “The hunter” (Spanish)

Venven – “Full of life” (Spanish)

Vensel – “God is gracious” (English)

Unique “VEN” Names for Boys

Venry – “Ruler’s advisor” (English)

Vencio – “Triumphant” (Spanish)

Venmir – “Peaceful sea” (English)

Venor – “Gift of Venus” (English)

Venio – “Desire” (Spanish)

Venakis – “From Venus” (Greek)

Venco – “Brave warrior” (Spanish)

Venfry – “Peaceful ruler” (English)

Venidor – “Golden gift” (Spanish)

Venakis – “Beloved of Venus” (Greek)

Venlon – “Lion’s friend” (English)

Venoso – “Full of life” (Spanish)

Vengis – “Spear of victory” (Greek)

Venridge – “Ruler of the bridge” (English)

Venius – “Divine healer” (Latin)

Vensan – “Sanctified” (Spanish)

Vencliff – “From the cliff” (English)

Vensio – “Vigorous” (Spanish)

Vensan – “From the holy mountain” (Spanish)

Vengor – “Brave in battle” (English)

Venara – “Guardian of peace” (Spanish)

Venser – “Protector of men” (English)

Vennos – “Divine messenger” (Greek)

Vender – “Enduring” (Spanish)

Venkis – “Champion of victory” (Greek)

Venward – “Guardian of progress” (English)

Venver – “True friend” (English)

Venikos – “From victory” (Greek)

Venaros – “Gifted warrior” (Spanish)

Venvic – “Conqueror of life” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “VEN”

Venwell – “Healthy and strong” (English)

Vengar – “Sword bearer” (Spanish)

Vencel – “Victory” (Hungarian)

Vennard – “Courageous defender” (English)

Venetus – “Eternal” (Latin)

Venico – “Friend” (Spanish)

Venford – “From the marsh ford” (English)

Vennus – “Love” (Latin)

Venicio – “Citizen of Venus” (Italian)

Venris – “Strong counselor” (English)

Venfred – “Peaceful journey” (English)

Venzio – “Conqueror” (Italian)

Vennor – “Northern wind” (English)

Venaric – “Ruler of men” (Greek)

Venfield – “From the pasture land” (English)

Veniero – “Victorious” (Italian)

Venly – “From the meadow” (English)

Vendaris – “Son of Venus” (Greek)

Venley – “Peaceful meadow” (English)

Venzi – “Life-giving” (Greek)

Venhart – “Strong and courageous” (English)

Vensio – “Healthy and lively” (Spanish)

Venhart – “Brave protector” (English)

Venlin – “Beautiful waterfall” (English)

Veneros – “Blessed by the gods” (Greek)

Venman – “Man of the woods” (English)

Vensan – “Holy” (Spanish)

Venmar – “Famous friend” (English)

Venwin – “Blessed friend” (English)

Vencio – “Triumphant” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “VEN”

Veniam – “Mercy” (Armenian)

Venko – “Victorious” (Bulgarian)

Venecio – “He who conquers” (Portuguese)

Venko – “Victory” (Macedonian)

Vencelj – “Victory” (Slovenian)

Venel – “Heavenly” (Albanian)

Venzel – “Protected ruler” (German)

Vencel – “Victory” (Hungarian)

Venatius – “Hunter” (Latin)

Venit – “Arrival” (Latin)

Venko – “Victory” (Serbian)

Venjamin – “Son of the right hand” (Russian)

Vennel – “Moon” (Telugu)

Venanzio – “Bringer of good news” (Italian)

Venediktas – “Blessed” (Lithuanian)

Venkata – “Lord Venkateshwara” (Telugu)

Venish – “God’s Grace” (Hindi)

Veno – “Wine” (Swahili)

Venancio – “Hunting” (Portuguese)

Veniero – “Bringing victory” (Italian)

Venimir – “Peaceful sea” (Croatian)

Venancio – “Fortunate” (Portuguese)

Venedicto – “Blessed” (Filipino)

Veniero – “To come” (Italian)

Venichka – “Victorious” (Russian)

Venustiano – “Charming” (Portuguese)

Veneciano – “From Venice” (Spanish)

Venetian – “From Venice” (English)

Venoj – “Invincible” (Tamil)

Veniamin – “Son of the right hand” (Russian)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “VEN”

Venley – “Peaceful meadow” (English)

Venzo – “Victorious” (Spanish)

Venlynn – “Beautiful waterfall” (English)

Venaris – “Son of Venus” (Greek)

Venko – “Victory” (Bulgarian)

Vensley – “Meadow with a stream” (English)

Venit – “Arrival” (Latin)

Vennaro – “Springtime” (Spanish)

Venor – “Gift of Venus” (English)

Vencio – “Triumphant” (Spanish)

Venmar – “Famous friend” (English)

Venlen – “From the marsh” (English)

Veniko – “Tender” (Greek)

Vennis – “Beloved” (Greek)

Venaro – “Brave one” (Spanish)

Vensar – “Sent by God” (Spanish)

Venex – “Explorer” (English)

Venaro – “Golden” (Spanish)

Vena – “Love” (Spanish)

Vener – “Respected one” (Spanish)

Venko – “Victorious” (Macedonian)

Venzi – “Life-giving” (Greek)

Venca – “Victor” (Spanish)

Venin – “Mysterious” (Spanish)

Venzo – “Conqueror” (Spanish)

Venni – “Bringer of victory” (English)

Venzie – “From Venus” (English)

Venros – “Rose” (Spanish)

Vensan – “Holy” (Spanish)

Vene – “Grace” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “VEN”

Venerius – “Sacred” (Latin)

Venir – “Messenger of God” (English)

Vencio – “God’s victory” (Spanish)

Venach – “God’s chosen one” (Hebrew)

Vensan – “Holy” (Spanish)

Vencel – “Divinely victorious” (Hungarian)

Venak – “Servant of God” (Arabic)

Venard – “God’s courageous defender” (English)

Venios – “Divine healer” (Greek)

Venedor – “Gift from God” (Spanish)

Venirio – “Divinely blessed” (Spanish)

Venas – “Sacred grove” (Greek)

Venedius – “Belonging to God” (Latin)

Venay – “God’s grace” (Spanish)

Venro – “God’s peace” (Spanish)

Venias – “Gift of God” (Greek)

Venex – “God’s explorer” (English)

Venero – “God’s reverent one” (Spanish)

Venacio – “Divinely triumphant” (Spanish)

Vensin – “Holy presence” (Spanish)

Venikos – “God of victory” (Greek)

Venerio – “Devoted to God” (Spanish)

Venver – “God’s true friend” (English)

Venecio – “God’s conqueror” (Spanish)

Venios – “God’s chosen one” (Greek)

Vencent – “God’s conqueror” (Spanish)

Venniel – “God’s messenger” (English)

Vensor – “God’s defender” (Spanish)

Vensan – “Sanctified by God” (Spanish)

Venator – “Hunter of truth” (Latin)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “VEN”

Venkatraman Ramakrishnan

Renowned Indian-American structural biologist, awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2009 for his work on the structure and function of the ribosome.

Venu Srinivasan

Esteemed Indian industrialist and Chairman of TVS Motor Company, recognized for his contributions to the automotive industry.

Vengalil Krishnan Krishna Menon

Distinguished Indian diplomat and politician who served as the High Commissioner for India to the United Kingdom and later as India’s Minister of Defence.

Venustiano Carranza

Prominent Mexican revolutionary leader and the President of Mexico from 1917 to 1920, known for his role in drafting the Mexican Constitution of 1917.

Venerable Bede

Influential English monk and scholar, recognized as one of the most important figures in early English literature and history for his works on the early Christian church in England.

Venance Konan

Renowned Ivorian journalist and author, known for his insightful writings on social and political issues in Africa.

Veniamin Kaverin

Acclaimed Russian/Soviet novelist and journalist, celebrated for his literary works exploring themes of adventure, love, and patriotism.

Vennira Aadai Nirmala

Respected Indian actress known for her significant contributions to Tamil cinema during the 1960s and 1970s.

Venki Ramakrishnan

Accomplished Indian-born British-American structural biologist, awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2009 for his research on the structure and function of the ribosome.

Venkatesh Prasad

Former Indian cricketer and cricket coach, recognized for his successful career as a fast-medium bowler and his contributions to Indian cricket as a coach and mentor.

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