220 Charming Boy Names That Start with “TRIN”

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy can be a daunting task, but finding a unique and meaningful name that starts with “Trin” can make the decision a lot easier.

From classic to modern, “Trin” names offer a variety of options for your little one. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best boy names that start with “Trin” and their origins, meanings, and popularity.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional name with a twist or a trendy moniker that stands out, there are plenty of “Trin” names to consider.

From Trinston to Trindon, these names have a distinctive sound and a rich history behind them.

Some “Trin” names may have Celtic, Greek, or even Latin origins, giving them a unique and timeless appeal.

So if you’re on the hunt for the perfect boy name that starts with “Trin,” look no further. We’ve got you covered with a list of the best “Trin” names for your little bundle of joy.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “TRIN”

Trinton – “Town by the Tree” (English)

Trinian – “Triumphant” (English)

Trinell – “Triple Victory” (English)

Trindon – “Triple Hill” (English)

Tristen – “Tumult” (English)

Trinaeus – “Divinely Inspired” (Greek)

Trintonio – “Town by the Tree” (Spanish)

Trindoro – “Triple Gift of God” (Spanish)

Trinico – “Triumphant” (Spanish)

Tristán – “Tumult” (Spanish)

Trintan – “Triumphant Stone” (English)

Trinianos – “Triumphant” (Greek)

Tristenio – “Tumultuous Sea” (Spanish)

Trindell – “Triple Meadow” (English)

Trinico – “Triple Gift” (Spanish)

Trinikos – “Triumphant” (Greek)

Trintonius – “Town by the Three Springs” (Latin)

Trinelle – “Triple Light” (English)

Trindoro – “Triumphant Gift of God” (Spanish)

Tristakis – “Tumultuous” (Greek)

Trinacio – “Triumphant Leader” (Spanish)

Trisandros – “Tumultuous Man” (Greek)

Trindero – “Triumphant Gift” (Spanish)

Trinovio – “Triumphant Conqueror” (Latin)

Tristiano – “Tumultuous One” (Spanish)

Trinellius – “Triple Light” (Latin)

Trineste – “Triumphant Star” (Spanish)

Tristakis – “Tumultuous” (Greek)

Trindarios – “Triumphant” (Greek)

Trinellus – “Triple Light” (Latin)

Boy Names That Start with "TRIN"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “TRIN”

Trinovate – “Innovative Leader” (English)

Trinsolo – “Solitary Triumph” (Spanish)

Trinkairos – “Modern Glory” (Greek)

Trinique – “Unique Triumph” (English)

Trinspire – “Inspiring Victory” (English)

Trinicoast – “Triumphant Coast” (Spanish)

Trinxios – “Xios Triumph” (Greek)

Trindellis – “Modern Light” (English)

Trinexus – “Triumph Nexus” (English)

Trinolito – “Triumphant Stone” (Spanish)

Trinflare – “Triumphant Flame” (English)

Trincero – “Bold Triumph” (Spanish)

Tringlow – “Glowing Triumph” (English)

Trinosiris – “Triumphant Ruler” (Greek)

Trinquest – “Quest for Triumph” (English)

Trinsolado – “Triumphant Sun” (Spanish)

Trincadeus – “Triumphant Deity” (Greek)

Trinvale – “Valley of Triumph” (English)

Trinazure – “Azure Triumph” (English)

Trinsero – “Serene Triumph” (Spanish)

Trinellis – “Modern Light” (Spanish)

Trinfleet – “Triumphant Fleet” (English)

Trinoros – “Triumphant Mountain” (Greek)

Trinmira – “Miraculous Triumph” (English)

Trinlume – “Luminous Triumph” (English)

Trinphos – “Triumphant Light” (Greek)

Trindream – “Dream of Triumph” (English)

Trinmarino – “Triumphant Sea” (Spanish)

Trinspire – “Inspiring Triumph” (English)

Trinvox – “Triumphant Voice” (Latin)

Unique “TRIN” Names for Boys

Trinover – “Overcoming Triumph” (English)

Trinflame – “Flaming Triumph” (English)

Trinomos – “Nomadic Triumph” (Greek)

Trincanto – “Enchanting Triumph” (Spanish)

Trinlance – “Lancing Triumph” (English)

Trinharbor – “Harbor of Triumph” (English)

Trinolite – “Lithic Triumph” (English)

Trindigo – “Indigo Triumph” (Spanish)

Trinscribe – “Inscribed Triumph” (English)

Trinpulse – “Pulsating Triumph” (English)

Trinzero – “Zeroing in on Triumph” (English)

Trinzenith – “Zenith of Triumph” (English)

Trinkin – “Kingly Triumph” (Spanish)

Trinnex – “Nexus of Triumph” (English)

Trinlucid – “Lucid Triumph” (English)

Trinseraph – “Celestial Triumph” (Greek)

Trinfuse – “Infusing Triumph” (English)

Trincipher – “Cipher of Triumph” (English)

Trinsurge – “Surging Triumph” (English)

Trinopal – “Triumphant Oasis” (Spanish)

Trinvertex – “Vertex of Triumph” (English)

Trintide – “Tidal Triumph” (English)

Trinacumen – “Clever Triumph” (Latin)

Trindove – “Dove of Triumph” (English)

Trinsolstice – “Triumphant Solstice” (English)

Trinvista – “Vista of Triumph” (Spanish)

Trinellion – “Elysian Triumph” (English)

Trinlyric – “Lyric of Triumph” (English)

Trinstellar – “Stellar Triumph” (English)

Trinorion – “Triumphant Oracle” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “TRIN”

Trinworth – “Worthy Triumph” (English)

Trinblade – “Blade of Triumph” (English)

Trinvalor – “Valorous Triumph” (Spanish)

Trinsolace – “Solace in Triumph” (English)

Trinharmony – “Harmony in Triumph” (English)

Trinreverie – “Reverie of Triumph” (English)

Trincourage – “Courageous Triumph” (English)

Trinlegacy – “Legacy of Triumph” (English)

Trinillum – “Illuminating Triumph” (English)

Trinsaga – “Epic Triumph” (Spanish)

Trinmuse – “Muse of Triumph” (English)

Trinserenade – “Serenade of Triumph” (English)

Trinnoble – “Noble Triumph” (English)

Trindawn – “Dawn of Triumph” (English)

Trinforte – “Strong Triumph” (Italian)

Trinmirth – “Mirthful Triumph” (English)

Trinspire – “Inspiring Triumph” (English)

Trinrhapsody – “Rhapsody of Triumph” (English)

Trinradiance – “Radiance of Triumph” (English)

Trinveer – “Veer into Triumph” (English)

Trinfaith – “Faithful Triumph” (English)

Trinpride – “Pride in Triumph” (English)

Trinseraphim – “Celestial Triumph” (Greek)

Trinfable – “Fable of Triumph” (English)

Trinverity – “Triumphant Reality” (English)

Trinlunar – “Lunar Triumph” (English)

Trinoracle – “Oracle of Triumph” (English)

Trinethos – “Eternal Triumph” (Greek)

Trinadore – “Adorned Triumph” (Spanish)

Trinprosper – “Prosperous Triumph” (English)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “TRIN”

Trinovio – “Triumphant Life” (Italian)

Trinika – “Triumphant Spirit” (Swahili)

Triniko – “Triumphant Warrior” (Japanese)

Trinelo – “Triumphant Sky” (Portuguese)

Trinavi – “Triumphant Vision” (Sanskrit)

Trinsiro – “Triumphant Song” (Turkish)

Trinara – “Triumphant Fire” (Hindi)

Trindale – “Triumphant Valley” (French)

Trinoku – “Triumphant Hope” (Finnish)

Trintaro – “Triumphant Star” (Japanese)

Trinézio – “Triumphant Zenith” (Italian)

Triniko – “Triumphant Child” (African)

Trinzar – “Triumphant Blossom” (Arabic)

Trinoros – “Triumphant Mountain” (Greek)

Trinoveer – “Triumphant Brave” (Dutch)

Trindara – “Triumphant Earth” (Sanskrit)

Trinhiro – “Triumphant Fire” (Japanese)

Trinamir – “Triumphant Prince” (Persian)

Trindale – “Triumphant Moon” (Spanish)

Trinara – “Triumphant Light” (Hindi)

Triniko – “Triumphant Joy” (Japanese)

Trinaveer – “Triumphant Voyager” (Dutch)

Trinzel – “Triumphant Wisdom” (German)

Trinika – “Triumphant Wisdom” (Swahili)

Trinoso – “Triumphant Dream” (Spanish)

Trinelo – “Triumphant Ocean” (Portuguese)

Trinmira – “Triumphant Miracle” (Arabic)

Trinocte – “Triumphant Night” (Latin)

Trinópolis – “Triumphant City” (Greek)

Trinkai – “Triumphant Ocean” (Japanese)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “TRIN”

Trinley – “Triumphant Meadow” (English)

Trinari – “Triumphant Air” (Italian)

Trinven – “Triumphant Venture” (English)

Trinora – “Triumphant Aura” (Spanish)

Trinaxis – “Triumphant Axis” (Greek)

Trinara – “Triumphant Essence” (English)

Trintide – “Triumphant Tide” (English)

Trinélan – “Triumphant Horizon” (Spanish)

Trinazure – “Triumphant Treasure” (English)

Trinario – “Triumphant Reality” (Spanish)

Trinsol – “Triumphant Sun” (English)

Trinelle – “Triumphant Light” (English)

Trindigo – “Triumphant Indigo” (Spanish)

Trinlume – “Triumphant Luminescence” (English)

Trinkai – “Triumphant Ocean” (Japanese)

Trinobel – “Triumphant Noble” (English)

Trinetic – “Triumphant Energy” (English)

Trinario – “Triumphant Path” (Spanish)

Trinnex – “Triumphant Nexus” (English)

Trinflect – “Triumphant Reflection” (English)

Trinara – “Triumphant Joy” (Spanish)

Trinova – “Triumphant Wave” (English)

Trinkora – “Triumphant Heart” (Spanish)

Trinixis – “Triumphant Harmony” (Greek)

Trinvalor – “Triumphant Valor” (English)

Trinara – “Triumphant Angel” (Spanish)

Trinique – “Triumphant Unique” (English)

Trinikon – “Triumphant Icon” (Greek)

Trinrova – “Triumphant Rover” (English)

Trinesta – “Triumphant Star” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “TRIN”

Trinmanuel – “Triumphant God is with us” (English)

Trinbenedict – “Triumphant Blessing” (Latin)

Trinsavior – “Triumphant Savior” (English)

Trinangelus – “Triumphant Angel” (Latin)

Trinseraphim – “Triumphant Seraphim” (Greek)

Trinraphael – “Triumphant God has healed” (Hebrew)

Trindaniel – “Triumphant of God” (Hebrew)

Trintheos – “Triumphant God” (Greek)

Trinfaith – “Triumphant Faith” (English)

Trinhope – “Triumphant Hope” (English)

Tringlorious – “Triumphant and Glorious” (English)

Trincovenant – “Triumphant Covenant” (English)

Trinbaptiste – “Triumphant Baptizer” (French)

Trincross – “Triumphant Cross” (English)

Trinsanctus – “Triumphant and Holy” (Latin)

Trinmartyr – “Triumphant Martyr” (English)

Trinpsalm – “Triumphant Psalm” (English)

Trinblessed – “Triumphant Blessed” (English)

Trindoxios – “Triumphant Glory of God” (Greek)

Trinprophet – “Triumphant Prophet” (English)

Trinfaithful – “Triumphant and Faithful” (English)

Tringospel – “Triumphant Gospel” (English)

Trincorpus – “Triumphant Body” (Latin)

Trinthankful – “Triumphant and Thankful” (English)

Trinsermon – “Triumphant Sermon” (English)

Trinatonement – “Triumphant Atonement” (English)

Tringrace – “Triumphant Grace” (English)

Trinliturgy – “Triumphant Liturgy” (Greek)

Trinfaithful – “Triumphant Faithful” (English)

Trineucharist – “Triumphant Eucharist” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “TRIN”

Trinidad James

American rapper, known for “All Gold Everything.”


Portuguese footballer, rising star for FC Barcelona.

Trinidad Silva

Actor, famous for “UHF” and “Colors.”

Trinity Taylor

Drag queen, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” finalist.

Trindon Holliday

NFL speedster, specializing in kick returns.

Trinidad Alfonso

Spanish businessman, philanthropist supporting sports and culture.

Trinh Xuan Thuan

Vietnamese-American astrophysicist and author.

Trinidad “Trini” Lopez

Singer and actor, known for “If I Had a Hammer.”

Trinidad Jiménez

Spanish politician and former Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Trinidad and Tobago – Twin-island nation in the Caribbean.

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