220 Cute Boy Names That Start with “SCA”

Choosing a name for your baby boy is an important decision that can set the tone for his entire life.

If you’re looking for a name that is both unique and distinctive, consider exploring the world of boy names that start with “SCA.”

These names have a certain charm and mystique to them, making them perfect for parents who want something out of the ordinary.

From traditional names with a modern twist to more unconventional options, there is a wide range of choices to explore.

Whether you’re drawn to names that are strong and powerful or ones that evoke a sense of adventure and excitement, there is sure to be a name on this list that resonates with you.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a truly special name for your little one, look no further than the world of boy names that start with “SCA.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “SCA”

Scato – “Shield bearer” (English)

Scanlon – “Little trapper” (English)

Scarborough – “Fortified place by the rocky hill” (English)

Scipio – “Staff bearer” (Latin)

Scandar – “Defender of men” (Greek)

Scylla – “Sea monster” (Greek)

Sciprian – “From the city of Skopje” (Greek)

Scander – “Defender of mankind” (Greek)

Scirocco – “Warm wind” (Greek)

Scyllis – “Wandering” (Greek)

Scarus – “Light” (Latin)

Scandrikos – “Defender of the crown” (Greek)

Scio – “From the island of Chios” (Greek)

Scyllas – “Shadow” (Greek)

Scyllon – “Little sea monster” (Greek)

Scarpio – “Wounded” (Latin)

Scandarion – “Defender” (Greek)

Sciro – “Swift” (Greek)

Scion – “Descendant” (English)

Scardel – “Bold protector” (English)

Scamander – “River god” (Greek)

Scavullo – “Lover of beauty” (Italian)

Scyros – “Island” (Greek)

Scamden – “From the valley of the wild garlic” (English)

Scandarikos – “Defender of men” (Greek)

Scyllius – “Wandering” (Greek)

Scarpus – “Sharp” (Latin)

Sciron – “Bandit” (Greek)

Scopas – “Seer” (Greek)

Scyrus – “Uncertain, variable” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "SCA"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “SCA”

Scalero – “Escalator” (Spanish)

Scarn – “Battle-ready” (English)

Scafidi – “Mountain dweller” (Italian)

Scalon – “Challenger” (English)

Scandor – “Brave defender” (English)

Scador – “Protector of shadows” (English)

Scalvo – “Bald” (Spanish)

Scaber – “Rough, rugged” (Latin)

Scanco – “Exploration” (Spanish)

Scagli – “Spearman” (Italian)

Scabius – “Wounded warrior” (Latin)

Scancio – “Explorer” (Spanish)

Scarr – “Bold and determined” (English)

Scandel – “Adventurous spirit” (English)

Scavello – “Curved path” (Italian)

Scampi – “Mischievous” (Italian)

Scander – “Brave protector” (Greek)

Scarnio – “Battle cry” (Spanish)

Scarnick – “Victorious in battle” (English)

Scabbard – “Sword sheath” (English)

Scaldo – “Bard, poet” (Italian)

Scavio – “Intrepid explorer” (Spanish)

Scandiano – “Defender of the sacred” (Italian)

Scaducci – “Brave leader” (Italian)

Scarmo – “Fearless” (Spanish)

Scaglione – “Stone thrower” (Italian)

Scapoli – “Bachelor” (Italian)

Scabio – “Sharp-witted” (Spanish)

Scapino – “Playful mischief-maker” (Italian)

Scannio – “Observant” (Spanish)

Unique “SCA” Names for Boys

Scath – “Shadow warrior” (English)

Scarrow – “Swift messenger” (English)

Scarpio – “Fearless leader” (Italian)

Scavero – “Adventurous wanderer” (Spanish)

Scionis – “Descendant of nobility” (Latin)

Scalino – “Step, progression” (Italian)

Scaldo – “Inspired poet” (Italian)

Scarnato – “Brave protector” (Spanish)

Scaramis – “Mysterious warrior” (Greek)

Scaderno – “Bold guardian” (Italian)

Scaldio – “Warm-hearted” (Italian)

Scamor – “Curious explorer” (Spanish)

Scafael – “Heavenly protector” (English)

Scapetti – “Artistic soul” (Italian)

Scanderon – “Defender of the people” (Greek)

Scarmundo – “Worldly wise” (Spanish)

Scathio – “Brave adventurer” (Greek)

Scalo – “Harbor, refuge” (Spanish)

Scarton – “Courageous heart” (English)

Scario – “Bright light” (Spanish)

Scavaro – “Seeker of truth” (Italian)

Scandaris – “Guardian of honor” (Greek)

Scalvo – “Courageous bald one” (Italian)

Scaldos – “Fiery spirit” (Spanish)

Scipios – “Skilled tactician” (Greek)

Scarmio – “Fearless warrior” (Spanish)

Scattus – “Quick and agile” (Latin)

Scapos – “Escape artist” (Greek)

Scanderi – “Valiant defender” (Greek)

Scarmelo – “Beloved protector” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “SCA”

Scandoros – “Guardian of treasures” (Greek)

Scadwin – “Friend of warriors” (English)

Scapin – “Crafty trickster” (French)

Scaevius – “Left-handed” (Latin)

Scardus – “Bold protector” (Latin)

Scarnold – “Strong leader” (English)

Scantos – “Brave defender” (Greek)

Scabian – “Sword bearer” (English)

Scalius – “Noble descent” (Latin)

Scatlan – “From the land of shadows” (English)

Scaglione – “Brave fighter” (Italian)

Scamar – “Fearless warrior” (Spanish)

Scardino – “Courageous protector” (Italian)

Scaluso – “Gentle soul” (Italian)

Scavent – “Adventurous spirit” (English)

Scipionis – “From the family of Scipio” (Latin)

Scato – “Protector of the shield” (Spanish)

Scallus – “From the elevated place” (Latin)

Scavino – “Wise counselor” (Italian)

Scantrell – “Courageous traveler” (English)

Scadwin – “Friend of warriors” (English)

Scarnato – “Defender of the realm” (Italian)

Scalis – “Swift runner” (Greek)

Scalonis – “Honorable warrior” (Latin)

Scavitus – “Wise leader” (Latin)

Scandero – “Protector of the homeland” (Italian)

Scaptos – “Free-spirited” (Greek)

Scavio – “Clever strategist” (Latin)

Scardello – “Little brave one” (Italian)

Scarius – “Bold adventurer” (Latin)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “SCA”

Scazimir – “Protector of peace” (Polish)

Scarabon – “Warrior of the Nile” (Egyptian)

Scagur – “Brave wanderer” (Mongolian)

Scavio – “Wise leader” (Italian)

Scadrik – “Warrior of the shadows” (Norwegian)

Scarpio – “Courageous leader” (Italian)

Scabrous – “Tough and resilient” (Latin)

Scario – “Daring adventurer” (Italian)

Scafi – “Navigator” (Italian)

Scaglio – “Rock” (Italian)

Scandro – “Defender of men” (Italian)

Scallion – “Brave warrior” (Irish)

Scahra – “Moonlight” (Persian)

Scaliger – “Descendant of the ladder” (German)

Scarman – “Man of courage” (German)

Scampolo – “Little rascal” (Italian)

Scapula – “Shoulder” (Latin)

Scardam – “Protector of the realm” (Arabic)

Scarboro – “Bright fortress” (English)

Scardan – “Valiant defender” (Irish)

Scabell – “Noble protector” (German)

Scavullo – “Wise counselor” (Italian)

Scarbrough – “From the rough hill” (English)

Scaeva – “Left-handed” (Latin)

Scarioth – “Brave warrior” (Irish)

Scalis – “Swift runner” (Greek)

Scantle – “Brave and noble” (English)

Scafron – “Knight’s helmet” (French)

Scarlette – “Little warrior” (French)

Scarrick – “Bold and daring” (Irish)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “SCA”

Scandal – “Controversy, rumor” (English)

Scalin – “Scale, balance” (Spanish)

Scaprio – “Adventurous spirit” (Spanish)

Scarni – “Mysterious” (Italian)

Scanda – “Shame, disgrace” (Latin)

Scalen – “Musical scale” (English)

Scavo – “Excavation” (Italian)

Scarro – “Brave soul” (Spanish)

Scapho – “Boat, vessel” (Greek)

Scando – “To climb” (Latin)

Scavara – “Explorer” (Spanish)

Scanty – “Limited, scarce” (English)

Scarno – “Hidden, secretive” (Spanish)

Scapita – “Feminine form of Scapio” (Latin)

Scalon – “Hill, slope” (Spanish)

Scardino – “Fearless” (Italian)

Scastra – “Wild, untamed” (Latin)

Scapira – “Spy, scout” (Spanish)

Scaria – “From the river Skaras” (Greek)

Scatia – “From the island of Skadia” (Greek)

Scandina – “From Scandinavia” (English)

Scaen – “Stage, theater” (Latin)

Scabra – “Rough, rugged” (Latin)

Scindro – “To cut, divide” (Greek)

Scardon – “Strong and courageous” (Spanish)

Scamaro – “Mystic, enigmatic” (Spanish)

Scamia – “Shadow, darkness” (Latin)

Scalita – “Little stair” (Italian)

Scafito – “Mold, form” (Italian)

Scapola – “Shoulder blade” (Italian)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “SCA”

Scandor – “Servant of God” (English)

Scapulio – “Devotee of the Virgin Mary” (Spanish)

Scaro – “Sacred” (Spanish)

Scaparius – “Bearer of the cross” (Latin)

Scarnel – “God’s gift” (English)

Scalabros – “Holy warrior” (Greek)

Scapho – “Divinely inspired” (Greek)

Scaldito – “Little disciple” (Spanish)

Scapulius – “Wearer of the sacred garment” (Latin)

Scartan – “Faithful follower” (English)

Scalius – “Devoted to God” (Latin)

Scarioth – “Devoted to prayer” (Greek)

Scandrius – “Servant of the Lord” (Greek)

Scapulo – “Bearer of burdens” (Spanish)

Scaspio – “Chosen by God” (Spanish)

Scartius – “Follower of Christ” (Latin)

Scaelius – “Heavenly messenger” (Greek)

Scatius – “God’s grace” (Latin)

Scavio – “Believer in the divine” (Spanish)

Scarian – “Guardian of faith” (English)

Scandus – “Pious, devout” (Greek)

Scadito – “God’s servant” (Spanish)

Scavo – “Saved by faith” (Italian)

Scariano – “Faithful protector” (Spanish)

Scabio – “Blessed by God” (Spanish)

Scapilius – “Bearer of the sacred staff” (Latin)

Scapelin – “Servant of the Holy Trinity” (English)

Scardian – “Devoted worshipper” (English)

Scardus – “Child of God” (Latin)

Scattor – “Devoted follower” (English)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “SCA”

Scaevola Mucius

Legendary Roman hero who bravely attempted to assassinate an enemy king.

Scatman John

American musician known for his unique blend of scat singing and dance music.

Scanlan Shorthalt

Fictional character from the popular web series “Critical Role,” a charismatic and witty gnome bard.

Scatman Crothers

American actor and musician remembered for his roles in iconic films like “The Shining” and “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

Scat Cat

Fictional character from Disney’s “The Aristocats,” a cool jazz-loving alley cat with a knack for scat singing.


The Scaliger family, rulers of Verona during the 13th and 14th centuries, known for their patronage of arts and culture.


Fictional character known for his wit and swordsmanship, popularized in literature and theater, including the opera “Scaramouche” by Rafael Sabatini.


Nickname of American gangster Al Capone, infamous for his involvement in organized crime during the Prohibition era.

Scandal Savage

Fictional character from DC Comics, daughter of the immortal villain Vandal Savage, known for her cunning intellect and strategic mind.

Scat Springs

American blues musician and vocalist celebrated for his powerful performances and soulful voice.

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