Boy Names That Start with “STR”

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy is an exciting journey that can reflect unique qualities and meaningful traditions.

If you’re searching for a name that stands out and has a strong, distinctive sound, why not consider names that start with “STR”?

Though not a common starting letter, “STR” offers a selection of names that are sure to give your son a memorable identity.

From traditional names like Straton, which means “army” or “camp,” to more modern and unique options like Strider, there are numerous possibilities to consider.

In this article, we will explore some of the best boy names that start with “STR” and uncover their rich meanings.

Whether you prefer classic names or something more unique, there’s a “STR” name that will perfectly suit your little one.

So, get ready to be inspired by the strength and charm of boy names that start with “STR.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “STR”

Stratton – “Settlement on the Roman road” (Old English)

Stroman – “Strong, powerful” (German)

Strider – “One who strides” (English)

Strom – “Stream, current” (Swedish)

Strat – “Army” (Greek)

Stratford – “Ford of the Roman road” (Old English)

Strachan – “Valley of the River Strachan” (Scottish)

Strother – “Dweller by the marsh” (Old English)

Stroud – “From the marshy land” (Old English)

Strephon – “Turning” (Greek)

Stromer – “Stream” (German)

Strathmore – “Large valley” (Scottish)

Strahan – “Mini valley” (Scottish)

Stroker – “One who stirs” (English)

Strang – “Strong” (Old English)

Strelitz – “Of the starling” (German)

Stratman – “Dweller on the street” (German)

Strohm – “Stream” (German)

Strath – “Valley” (Scottish)

Stradley – “From the street meadow” (English)

Stratler – “Street dweller” (German)

Stravos – “Cross” (Greek)

Streeter – “Street dweller” (English)

Stroudley – “From the marshy land” (Old English)

Strathearn – “Valley of the Earn river” (Scottish)

Stroman – “River man” (German)

Strassen – “From the street” (German)

Stratford – “Ford at the Roman road” (Old English)

Strider – “One who strides” (English)

Stromm – “River” (German)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “STR”

Straven – “Innovative and strong” (Modern English)

Stravenik – “New strength” (Modern Invented)

Strellan – “Bright and strong” (Modern English)

Strexon – “Forceful leader” (Modern English)

Stradan – “Modern warrior” (Modern Invented)

Strevon – “Creative strength” (Modern English)

Strion – “Visionary leader” (Modern Invented)

Strellar – “Star-like” (Modern English)

Stravian – “Strong and noble” (Modern Invented)

Strellis – “Resilient and bright” (Modern English)

Stredan – “Bold and strong” (Modern Invented)

Strinell – “Unique strength” (Modern English)

Stredon – “Bold warrior” (Modern Invented)

Strellin – “Resilient leader” (Modern English)

Strevan – “Strong vision” (Modern Invented)

Strivor – “Striving for greatness” (Modern English)

Strelson – “Son of strength” (Modern Invented)

Strevin – “Strong and innovative” (Modern English)

Stralin – “Courageous leader” (Modern Invented)

Strentyn – “Strong and resilient” (Modern English)

Strival – “Determined and strong” (Modern Invented)

Strexton – “Creative and strong” (Modern English)

Strannin – “Bold and noble” (Modern Invented)

Strevic – “Strong-willed” (Modern English)

Stradan – “Warrior” (Modern Invented)

Strevor – “Visionary strength” (Modern English)

Stradon – “Mighty leader” (Modern Invented)

Strexor – “Forceful and innovative” (Modern English)

Stravik – “Noble strength” (Modern Invented)

Stralan – “Bright leader” (Modern English)

Unique “STR” Names for Boys

Strayson – “Son of strength” (Unique Invented)

Strenik – “Unique strength” (Unique Invented)

Strelvin – “Inventive and strong” (Unique Invented)

Strakar – “Strong and unique” (Unique Invented)

Strandon – “New strength” (Unique Invented)

Strelvor – “Creative strength” (Unique Invented)

Stravic – “Strong vision” (Unique Invented)

Stremon – “Bold and unique” (Unique Invented)

Strenel – “Bright and strong” (Unique Invented)

Stregan – “Unique warrior” (Unique Invented)

Strevinik – “Strong innovator” (Unique Invented)

Stralion – “Courageous and unique” (Unique Invented)

Streval – “Inventive strength” (Unique Invented)

Strenor – “Unique leader” (Unique Invented)

Stralvin – “Bright innovator” (Unique Invented)

Strevlar – “Strong and visionary” (Unique Invented)

Strevanik – “Noble strength” (Unique Invented)

Stravis – “Innovative leader” (Unique Invented)

Strelvinor – “Creative warrior” (Unique Invented)

Stremik – “Unique vision” (Unique Invented)

Strenison – “Bold innovator” (Unique Invented)

Stralvon – “Resilient and strong” (Unique Invented)

Strevinor – “Inventive leader” (Unique Invented)

Strenvar – “Unique and bold” (Unique Invented)

Stralvic – “Visionary strength” (Unique Invented)

Stremor – “Creative and unique” (Unique Invented)

Strevinel – “Strong and resilient” (Unique Invented)

Stralvik – “Noble innovator” (Unique Invented)

Strenivor – “Unique leader” (Unique Invented)

Strevalin – “Bright and strong” (Unique Invented)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “STR”

Strachan – “Vally of the River” (Scottish)

Stratford – “Street at the Ford” (English)

Stratos – “Army” (Greek)

Stratton – “Settlement on the Street” (English)

Stroud – “Thicket” (Old English)

Strom – “Stream” (Scandinavian)

Strider – “One who Walks Swiftly” (Old English)

Strath – “Large Valley” (Scottish Gaelic)

Stratos – “Layer” (Greek)

Stromberg – “Mountain Stream” (German)

Strathmore – “Large Valley” (Scottish)

Strachan – “Valley” (Scottish)

Strathairn – “Valley of the River Earn” (Scottish)

Stroudley – “From the Thicket” (Old English)

Stroman – “Stream Man” (German)

Strother – “Dweller by the Marsh” (English)

Strang – “Strong” (Old Norse)

Stratos – “Upper Layer of the Atmosphere” (Greek)

Strohm – “Stream” (German)

Strephon – “Turning” (Greek)

Strangford – “Strong Ford” (Irish)

Stromfield – “Field by the Stream” (English)

Strode – “From the Marshy Place” (Old English)

Stratford – “Street at the Ford” (Old English)

Strathem – “Homestead on the Street” (English)

Stross – “Bridge” (German)

Stravos – “Cross” (Greek)

Stradford – “Street by the Ford” (English)

Streit – “Contention” (German)

Strachan – “Valley of the River” (Scottish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “STR”

Strelitz – “Of the Guards” (Russian)

Stromboli – “Large” (Italian)

Stratis – “Army” (Greek)

Stromov – “Of the Stream” (Czech)

Stratos – “Army” (Greek)

Stroian – “Of the Stream” (Romanian)

Strezimir – “One Who Protects Peace” (Slavic)

Strahinja – “Fearless” (Serbian)

Strezis – “Of the Stars” (Greek)

Stroganov – “Of the Stroganovs” (Russian)

Strohmeier – “Stream Farmer” (German)

Strogan – “From the Stream” (Russian)

Strefan – “Crown” (Bulgarian)

Strato – “Army” (Latin)

Strojimir – “Order and Peace” (Slavic)

Stratoslav – “Glory of the Army” (Slavic)

Stravinski – “Of the Streams” (Russian)

Strahilo – “Strong” (Bulgarian)

Stratos – “Of the Army” (Greek)

Strellan – “Bright” (Cornish)

Stralman – “Man of Strength” (Swedish)

Striatos – “Layered” (Greek)

Strobos – “Whirling” (Greek)

Strato – “Army” (Greek)

Stravko – “Steadfast” (Slovenian)

Stratos – “Air Layer” (Greek)

Stromonos – “Of the Mountains” (Greek)

Stresimir – “Bringer of Peace” (Serbian)

Stratian – “From the Army” (Latin)

Stroim – “Builder” (Russian)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “STR”

Strata – “Layers” (Latin)

Stree – “Woman” (Hindi)

Strider – “Walker” (English)

Strella – “Star” (Latin)

Stratos – “Layer” (Greek)

Striker – “Vigorous” (English)

Stroma – “Foundation” (Greek)

Struve – “Sturdy” (German)

Stresa – “Calm” (Italian)

Stria – “Line” (Latin)

Strind – “Forest” (Swedish)

Strimon – “River” (Thracian)

Stross – “Strong” (German)

Struve – “Vigorous” (German)

Strada – “Street” (Italian)

Strim – “Stream” (Scandinavian)

Streak – “Swift” (English)

Struan – “Stream” (Scottish)

Strelka – “Arrow” (Russian)

Strahan – “Little stream” (Irish)

Stroan – “Stream” (Scottish)

Stroud – “Marshy ground” (Old English)

Struen – “Flow” (Gaelic)

Stracey – “Warrior” (Old English)

Striat – “Streaked” (Latin)

Strum – “Musical” (English)

Strath – “Broad valley” (Scottish)

Strez – “Calm” (Slavic)

Streit – “Controversy” (German)

Stria – “Groove” (Latin)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “STR”

Straton – “Army” (Greek, Christian context)

Strathmore – “Wide valley” (Scottish, Christian context)

Stratonike – “Victorious army” (Greek, Christian context)

Strom – “Stream” (German, Christian context)

Stratos – “Layer of protection” (Greek, Christian context)

Stratis – “Army” (Greek, Christian context)

Struan – “Stream” (Scottish, Christian context)

Stredrick – “Steady ruler” (Germanic, Christian context)

Strephon – “Twisting” (Greek, Christian context)

Struan – “Little stream” (Scottish, Christian context)

Strosberg – “Mountain of strength” (German, Christian context)

Stratford – “Street ford” (Old English, Christian context)

Strevin – “Stream” (Old English, Christian context)

Streit – “Argument” (German, Christian context)

Striver – “One who strives” (Old English, Christian context)

Strahan – “Little stream” (Irish, Christian context)

Straghn – “Warrior” (Irish, Christian context)

Strang – “Strong” (Scottish, Christian context)

Strat – “Army” (Greek, Christian context)

Strelitz – “Archer” (German, Christian context)

Stratos – “Layer” (Greek, Christian context)

Stratis – “Army” (Greek, Christian context)

Streb – “Sturdy” (German, Christian context)

Strenton – “Settlement” (Old English, Christian context)

Strend – “Shore” (Old English, Christian context)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “STR”

Stephen King

Prolific author known for his horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, and fantasy novels, including “It,” “The Shining,” and “Carrie.”

Strom Thurmond

Long-serving U.S. Senator from South Carolina and one-time presidential candidate, known for his pro-segregation stance early in his career.


Belgian musician, rapper, and singer-songwriter known for his hit songs like “Alors on danse” and “Papaoutai.”

Stratford Johns

South African-born British actor best known for his role as Detective Inspector Charlie Barlow in the TV series “Z-Cars.”

Stravinsky, Igor

Renowned Russian composer, pianist, and conductor, widely considered one of the most important and influential composers of the 20th century.

Strom Thurmond Jr.

U.S. Attorney and son of the late Senator Strom Thurmond, known for his legal career and public service.

Stross, Charles

British author of science fiction and fantasy, known for his works such as the “Laundry Files” series and “Accelerando.”

Strauss-Kahn, Dominique

French economist, politician, and former Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

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