Boy Names That Start with “STAR”

Choosing a name for your baby boy is an exciting journey, and finding a name that is both unique and meaningful can make this experience even more special.

If you’re searching for a name that truly stands out, why not consider names that start with “STAR”?

While “STAR” might not be the most common beginning for a name, it offers a range of distinctive and memorable options that can make your son shine.

From names like Starling, which evokes images of beauty and freedom, to more modern and unique choices like Stark, there are plenty of possibilities to explore.

In this article, we will dive into some of the best boy names that start with “STAR” and uncover their meanings.

Whether you’re drawn to names that are classic or prefer something a bit more unique, there’s a “STAR” name out there that is perfect for your little one.

So, sit back, relax, and let’s embark on the journey to discover the charm of boy names that start with “STAR.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “STAR”

Starrick – “Strong and Brave Leader” (English)

Starman – “One who is like a Star” (English)

Stark – “Powerful and Bold” (English)

Starley – “Meadow of Stars” (English)

Starius – “Bright Star” (Latin)

Starlin – “Little Star” (English)

Starson – “Son of the Stars” (English)

Starling – “Graceful and Agile” (English)

Starken – “Fierce and Resolute” (English)

Starreon – “A Stellar Visionary” (English)

Starvyn – “Luminous and Ethereal” (English)

Starcus – “Radiant and Distinguished” (English)

Starwell – “Healthy and Prosperous Star” (English)

Starkeith – “Warrior of the Stars” (English)

Starwin – “Victorious Star” (English)

Starreon – “Brilliant and Resilient” (English)

Starlyn – “Noble and Bright Star” (English)

Starcott – “Courageous and Tenacious” (English)

Starrold – “Wise Leader of the Stars” (English)

Starcher – “Guardian of the Stars” (English)

Starbert – “Shining and Beloved” (English)

Starvell – “Star of Good Fortune” (English)

Stargil – “Noble Protector of Stars” (English)

Starmont – “Mountain of Stars” (English)

Stargus – “Majestic and Radiant” (English)

Starvus – “Bright and Vigorous” (English)

Starroth – “Strength of the Stars” (English)

Stargen – “Born of the Stars” (English)

Starwell – “Healthy and Prosperous Star” (English)

Starmane – “Mane of Stars” (English)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “STAR”

Starcade – “Strategic and Modern” (English)

Starvex – “Visionary and Bold” (English)

Starion – “Pioneering and Innovative” (English)

Starnex – “Next-Generation Star” (English)

Stardron – “Dynamic and Tech-Savvy” (English)

Starmark – “Marked by Stardom” (English)

Starnet – “Connected to the Stars” (English)

Starbrite – “Shining and Brilliant” (English)

Stargaze – “Gazing at the Stars” (English)

Starlink – “Linking to the Stars” (English)

Starex – “Excelling like a Star” (English)

Starmix – “Mix of Stellar Qualities” (English)

Starfizz – “Energetic and Sparkling” (English)

Starvox – “Voice of the Stars” (English)

Stardust – “Glimmering and Magical” (English)

Starlane – “Lane Leading to the Stars” (English)

Starlight – “Illuminated by Stars” (English)

Starrush – “Swift and Determined” (English)

Starhawk – “Fierce and Visionary” (English)

Starcraze – “Crazed for the Stars” (English)

Starcore – “Essence of a Star” (English)

Starmind – “Sharp and Intuitive” (English)

Starshine – “Radiant and Positive” (English)

Starmoon – “Moonlit Star” (English)

Starquake – “Epic and Powerful” (English)

Starecho – “Echo of the Stars” (English)

Starnova – “Explosion of Stardom” (English)

Starblaze – “Blazing with Star Power” (English)

Starrise – “Rising like a Star” (English)

Starglide – “Glide among the Stars” (English)

Unique “STAR” Names for Boys

Starnival – “Festive Atmosphere of Stars” (English)

Starviento – “Wind of the Stars” (Spanish)

Starcadian – “Citizen of the Star System” (English)

Starlume – “Luminous Star” (English)

Starlance – “Lance of the Stars” (English)

Starknight – “Knight of the Stars” (English)

Starfalcon – “Swift and Regal Bird of Stars” (English)

Starmist – “Misty and Enigmatic Star” (English)

Stargazer – “Contemplator of the Stars” (English)

Stardale – “Dale Illuminated by Stars” (English)

Starphoenix – “Phoenix Rising from the Stars” (English)

Starfrost – “Frosty Sparkle of Stars” (English)

Starrunner – “Runner of the Starlit Paths” (English)

Starmyst – “Mysterious and Mystic Star” (English)

Starbloom – “Blossom of the Stars” (English)

Starcrown – “Crown Adorned with Stars” (English)

Starquake – “Epic and Powerful” (English)

Starlighter – “Bearer of Starlight” (English)

Starmoon – “Moonlit Star” (English)

Starflame – “Flame Ignited by Stars” (English)

Starhound – “Hound Tracking the Stars” (English)

Starlark – “Lark Singing under the Stars” (English)

Starlance – “Lance of the Stars” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “STAR”

Stellan – “Calm” (Scandinavian)

Starling – “Bird” (English)

Stark – “Strong” (German)

Starbuck – “Star deer” (English)

Stardust – “Particles of stars” (English)

Starke – “Brave” (German)

Stardale – “From the valley of stars” (English)

Starwell – “Healthy star” (English)

Starward – “Heading towards the stars” (English)

Starlin – “Small star” (English)

Stargazer – “One who gazes at the stars” (English)

Starman – “Man of the stars” (English)

Starkey – “Bright star” (English)

Starworth – “Worthy of the stars” (English)

Starley – “From the star meadow” (English)

Starren – “Resolute star” (English)

Starmont – “Mountain of stars” (English)

Starborne – “Born from the stars” (English)

Starlight – “Light of the stars” (English)

Starnold – “Strong like a star” (English)

Starven – “Eager for the stars” (English)

Starvin – “From the star field” (English)

Starmane – “Proud as a star” (English)

Starvex – “Victorious star” (English)

Starcross – “Crossing stars” (English)

Starvine – “Vine of the stars” (English)

Starpoint – “Pointing towards the stars” (English)

Starshard – “Fragment of a star” (English)

Stardale – “Valley of stars” (English)

Starby – “Living near stars” (English)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “STAR”

Sitara – “Star” (Hindi)

Steren – “Star” (Breton)

Sitarah – “Star” (Arabic)

Sitaran – “Like a star” (Persian)

Estrella – “Star” (Spanish)

Estevao – “Star” (Portuguese)

Esteban – “Crowned with laurels” (Spanish)

Sitaris – “Of the stars” (Greek)

Asterios – “Star-like” (Greek)

Hoshi – “Star” (Japanese)

Hoshiro – “Bright star” (Japanese)

Estevan – “Star” (Spanish)

Estian – “Star” (Basque)

Etoile – “Star” (French)

Seraphim – “Fiery ones” (Hebrew)

Seren – “Star” (Welsh)

Astrophel – “Star lover” (English)

Estell – “Little star” (Old French)

Aster – “Star” (Greek)

Stiarna – “Star” (Irish)

Estevam – “Crown” (Portuguese)

Esten – “Star” (Scandinavian)

Stern – “Star” (German)

Estellon – “Star” (French)

Estius – “Star” (Latin)

Sterenly – “Like a star” (English)

Estevon – “Star” (Spanish)

Estanislao – “Glory of the stars” (Spanish)

Estiven – “Crown” (Spanish)

Etoilus – “Star” (French)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “STAR”

Starling – “Bird” (English)

Stardust – “Particles of stars” (English)

Starkey – “Bright star” (English)

Starlet – “Little star” (English)

Starling – “Little star” (English)

Starwise – “Wise as the stars” (English)

Starry – “Covered in stars” (English)

Starcross – “Crossing stars” (English)

Starline – “Line of stars” (English)

Starwell – “Healthy star” (English)

Starbloom – “Blossoming star” (English)

Starglow – “Glow of the stars” (English)

Starla – “Star” (English)

Starlyn – “Star” (English)

Stargaze – “Gazing at the stars” (English)

Stardale – “Valley of stars” (English)

Starfire – “Fire of the stars” (English)

Starwind – “Wind of the stars” (English)

Starnight – “Night of stars” (English)

Starwise – “Wise as the stars” (English)

Starsea – “Sea of stars” (English)

Starlight – “Light of the stars” (English)

Starpool – “Pool of stars” (English)

Starflame – “Flame of the stars” (English)

Starcove – “Cove of stars” (English)

Starrise – “Rise of the stars” (English)

Starshade – “Shade of stars” (English)

Starcry – “Crying for the stars” (English)

Starrunner – “Running like a star” (English)

Starbound – “Bound to the stars” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “STAR”

Staril – “Radiant Star” (Slavic)

Stardust – “Magical Particles from Stars” (English)

Starion – “Shining Star” (Greek)

Starman – “Man of the Stars” (English)

Starlight – “Brightness of a Star” (English)

Starling – “Little Star” (English)

Starius – “Belonging to the Stars” (Latin)

Starus – “Guided by Stars” (Latin)

Starwyn – “Friend of Stars” (English)

Starello – “Brilliant Star” (Italian)

Starvos – “Star-like” (Greek)

Starzell – “Star at Heart” (English)

Starix – “Starry Eyes” (Greek)

Staran – “From the Stars” (Celtic)

Starwin – “Winner like a Star” (English)

Starfield – “Vast Expanse of Stars” (English)

Starionel – “Bright Star of God” (Hebrew)

Starhawk – “Majestic Star” (English)

Stardale – “Valley of Stars” (English)

Staryn – “Star Warrior” (English)

Starkeen – “Keen like a Star” (English)

Starziel – “Guiding Star” (Hebrew)

Starlock – “Secure as a Star” (English)

Starven – “Star of Blessing” (English)

Starnix – “Star of Night” (Latin)

Starvian – “From the Stars” (Latin)

Starionis – “Son of the Stars” (Latin)

Starley – “Meadow of Stars” (English)

Starvell – “Luminous Star” (English)

Starionel – “Messenger of the Stars” (Hebrew)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “STAR”

Star Jones

American lawyer, journalist, television personality, fashion designer, and women’s advocate, best known as a co-host of the ABC talk show “The View” from 1997 to 2006.

Star Wars Kid (Ghyslain Raza)

Became an internet sensation in the early 2000s after a video of him wielding a makeshift lightsaber went viral.

Star-Lord (Peter Quill)

Fictional character from Marvel Comics and a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Stanton Friedman

Nuclear physicist and ufologist known for his research and advocacy concerning UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

Stark Sands

American actor known for his roles in Broadway productions such as “American Idiot” and “Kinky Boots,” as well as TV shows like “Generation Kill” and “Minority Report.”

Stardust (David Bowie)

English musician and actor known for his eclectic style and influential contributions to music, film, and fashion.

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