Boy Names That Start with “PEE”

Are you on the hunt for a unique and uncommon name for your baby boy? Look no further than boy names that start with “PEE.”

These names may not be as common as others, but they certainly pack a punch in terms of individuality and distinctiveness.

From traditional to modern, there is a wide range of options to choose from in the world of boy names that start with “PEE.”

Whether you’re a fan of classic names or are leaning towards something more trendy, there is sure to be a name on this list that will catch your eye.

In this article, we’ll explore a variety of boy names that start with “PEE” and delve into their meanings and origins.

So, if you’re ready to discover a name that is truly one-of-a-kind for your little one, read on to find the perfect fit for your new arrival.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “PEE”

Pedro – “rock” (Spanish)

Perry – “pear tree” (English)

Pegasus – “mythical winged horse” (Greek)

Pepe – “God will add” (Spanish)

Percy – “pierce valley” (English)

Pericles – “surrounded by glory” (Greek)

Peer – “companion” (English)

Penrose – “from the hill near the marsh” (English)

Pepito – “God will add” (Spanish)

Petros – “rock” (Greek)

Pearce – “son of Piers” (English)

Perseo – “to destroy” (Spanish)

Pellegrino – “pilgrim” (Italian)

Peleus – “muddy” (Greek)

Perryman – “pear tree worker” (English)

Perez – “son of Pero” (Spanish)

Pericles – “far-famed” (Greek)

Petronio – “rock” (Italian)

Petrosyan – “son of Petros” (Armenian)

Peirce – “rock” (English)

Peio – “rock” (Basque)

Pelagio – “of the sea” (Italian)

Peck – “to pick” (English)

Pelayo – “from the field” (Spanish)

Peirithoos – “anger” (Greek)

Penn – “enclosure” (English)

Pedroso – “stone” (Portuguese)

Perseus – “to destroy” (Greek)

Peterkin – “little rock” (English)

Peadar – “rock” (Irish)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “PEE”

Peek – “to glance quickly” (English)

Pelegrin – “pilgrim” (Spanish)

Pegasus – “winged horse” (Greek)

Peerless – “without equal” (English)

Peirce – “son of Piers” (English)

Pelonio – “of the sun” (Spanish)

Perseon – “warrior” (Greek)

Peavy – “peaceful” (English)

Pello – “stone” (Spanish)

Peirce – “rock” (English)

Pelias – “far-famed” (Greek)

Peeler – “one who peels” (English)

Peluso – “hairy” (Spanish)

Peleas – “mud” (Greek)

Pecan – “type of nut” (English)

Pelayas – “royal” (Spanish)

Perseas – “to destroy” (Greek)

Peckham – “homestead by the peak” (English)

Pelito – “small stone” (Spanish)

Pehr – “rock” (Greek)

Peony – “flowering plant” (English)

Pelo – “hair” (Spanish)

Perseon – “to pierce” (Greek)

Peeta – “rock” (English)

Peloro – “from the mountain” (Spanish)

Perseon – “son of Perseus” (Greek)

Peelton – “town with a paling fence” (English)

Peñalver – “green peak” (Spanish)

Petron – “rock” (Greek)

Peeta – “rock” (English)

Unique “PEE” Names for Boys

Peirce – “Son of Piers” (English)

Peregrine – “Traveler” (Latin)

Peretz – “Breach, break forth” (Hebrew)

Perrin – “Traveler” (French)

Peverell – “Piper” (English)

Pellam – “Percival’s father” (Arthurian legend)

Peabody – “Peacock town” (English)

Petron – “Stone” (Greek)

Pericles – “Surrounded by glory” (Greek)

Petey – “Rock” (English)

Pellegrino – “Pilgrim” (Italian)

Pell – “Rock” (Italian)

Peder – “Rock” (Danish)

Penn – “Enclosure” (English)

Peeta – “Rock” (Native American)

Percy – “Pierces the valley” (French)

Pendleton – “Enclosed hill” (English)

Peyton – “Warrior’s town” (English)

Pedro – “Rock” (Spanish)

Perry – “Pear tree” (English)

Peter – “Rock” (Greek)

Peterson – “Son of Peter” (English)

Peleg – “Division” (Hebrew)

Pendragon – “Chief dragon” (Arthurian legend)

Pelle – “Fortunate” (Swedish)

Pegasus – “Mythical winged horse” (Greek)

Pendle – “Hill with a sloping top” (English)

Peregrin – “Traveler” (English)

Peretz – “Breach” (Hebrew)

Peverell – “Piper” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “PEE”

Patrick – “Nobleman” (Latin)

Perry – “Pear tree” (English)

Percy – “Pierce valley” (French)

Peyton – “From the warrior’s town” (English)

Pedro – “Rock” (Spanish)

Perry – “Wanderer” (English)

Philip – “Lover of horses” (Greek)

Pierce – “Rock” (English)

Penn – “Enclosure” (English)

Percival – “Pierced valley” (French)

Perseus – “Destroyer” (Greek)

Perry – “Dweller near the pear tree” (English)

Pell – “Skin” (Welsh)

Peirce – “Rock” (English)

Perry – “Pear tree” (English)

Pellam – “Father of Pelles” (Arthurian legend)

Petro – “Rock” (Greek)

Perez – “Burst forth” (Hebrew)

Petronius – “Rock” (Latin)

Perrin – “Rock” (French)

Pepin – “Speaks with a high voice” (French)

Peleg – “Division” (Hebrew)

Petar – “Rock” (Slavic)

Pembroke – “Headland” (English)

Pele – “Goddess of fire” (Hawaiian)

Pervis – “Sprinkling of rain” (English)

Peirson – “Son of Peter” (English)

Pelayo – “Meadow” (Spanish)

Perkins – “Little Pierre” (English)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “PEE”

Peer – “Noble” (Scandinavian)

Pericles – “Surrounded by glory” (Greek)

Pekka – “Rock” (Finnish)

Penha – “Rock” (Portuguese)

Peio – “Stony” (Basque)

Peretz – “Breach, break forth” (Hebrew)

Petru – “Rock” (Romanian)

Pepillo – “God will add” (Spanish)

Petrus – “Rock” (Dutch)

Peder – “Rock” (Danish)

Petrov – “Son of Peter” (Russian)

Peebles – “People’s village” (Scottish)

Petya – “Rock” (Russian)

Peder – “Stone” (Swedish)

Perri – “Rock” (Italian)

Pedro – “Rock” (Portuguese)

Percival – “Pierce valley” (French)

Pellegrino – “Pilgrim” (Italian)

Petre – “Rock” (Romanian)

Petrov – “Rock” (Bulgarian)

Pehr – “Stone” (Swedish)

Pelle – “Stone” (Swedish)

Pekko – “Patron god of crops” (Finnish)

Perico – “Rock” (Spanish)

Petros – “Rock” (Greek)

Pepin – “Speaks with a high voice” (French)

Pepe – “God will add” (Spanish)

Pepito – “God will add” (Spanish)

Peros – “Little rock” (Greek)

Pell – “Rock” (Welsh)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “PEE”

Perry – “Pear tree” (English)

Peyton – “From the warrior’s town” (English)

Perrin – “Rock” (French)

Pen – “Headland” (Cornish)

Petrel – “Little Peter” (English)

Pebble – “Small stone” (English)

Peony – “Flower” (Greek)

Pepper – “Spicy” (English)

Pema – “Lotus” (Tibetan)

Perran – “Little rock” (Cornish)

Penrose – “Headland of the cross” (Cornish)

Peri – “Fairy” (Persian)

Persia – “Land of the Persians” (Latin)

Perigee – “Closest point to Earth in orbit” (English)

Perry – “Traveler” (English)

Peren – “Fair” (Cornish)

Petal – “Flower petal” (English)

Peale – “Peaceful” (English)

Pera – “Rock” (Turkish)

Pep – “God will add” (Spanish)

Pemma – “Jewel” (Greek)

Pema – “Lotus” (Tibetan)

Perris – “Traveler” (English)

Pema – “Lotus” (Tibetan)

Pepe – “Rock” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “PEE”

Peter – “Rock” (Greek)

Peregrine – “Pilgrim” (Latin)

Peregrinus – “Traveler” (Latin)

Pelethites – “Courageous” (Hebrew)

Peleg – “Division” (Hebrew)

Pelet – “Escape” (Hebrew)

Peleth – “Escape” (Hebrew)

Peniel – “Face of God” (Hebrew)

Peninnah – “Pearl” (Hebrew)

Peor – “Opening” (Hebrew)

Perazim – “Bursting Forth” (Hebrew)

Pergamos – “Marriage” (Greek)

Perida – “Separation” (Hebrew)

Perizzites – “Villagers” (Hebrew)

Pethahiah – “Opening of the Lord” (Hebrew)

Phallu – “Distinguished” (Hebrew)

Pharaoh – “Great House” (Egyptian)

Pharez – “Breach” (Hebrew)

Pharisees – “Separated Ones” (Greek)

Phenice – “Crimson” (Greek)

Phichol – “Mouth of All” (Hebrew)

Philetus – “Amiable” (Greek)

Phinehas – “Oracle” (Hebrew)

Phlegon – “Burning” (Greek)

Phrygia – “Dry, barren” (Greek)

Phurah – “Bud, splendor” (Hebrew)

Phuvah – “Mouth, persuasion” (Hebrew)

Pilate – “Armed with a dart” (Latin)

Pithom – “Mouth of the cleft” (Hebrew)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “PEE”

Peter Jackson

Renowned film director, best known for his work on “The Lord of the Rings” film trilogy.

Paul McCartney

Legendary musician and songwriter, a member of the iconic band The Beatles.

Pablo Picasso

Celebrated Spanish painter and sculptor, one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.

Pierce Brosnan

Accomplished actor, notably recognized for his portrayal of James Bond in several films.

Patrick Stewart

Esteemed actor, widely known for his roles as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and Professor X in the “X-Men” film series.

Peter Dinklage

Emmy-winning actor, renowned for his portrayal of Tyrion Lannister in the television series “Game of Thrones.”

Peter Sellers

Versatile actor and comedian, acclaimed for his roles in films like “Dr. Strangelove” and “The Pink Panther” series.

Pedro Almodóvar

Award-winning Spanish filmmaker, recognized for his distinctive style in films like “All About My Mother” and “Talk to Her.”

Pee Wee Herman (Paul Reubens)

Iconic comedic character portrayed by actor Paul Reubens, known for his self-titled television show and films.

Pete Sampras

Retired professional tennis player, regarded as one of the greatest players in the sport’s history, winning numerous Grand Slam titles.

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