220 Adorable Boy Names That Start with “OLI”

If you’re expecting a baby boy and on the hunt for a unique name that stands out, look no further than boy names that start with “OLI”.

From Oliver to Olli, there are plenty of charming and distinctive options to choose from. These names have a rich history and are sure to make your little one stand out.

Whether you’re looking for something classic or modern, there’s a name on this list that’s bound to catch your eye.

In this article, we’ll dive into the world of boy names that start with “OLI”, exploring their meanings, origins, and popularity.

You’ll find a variety of options, from traditional choices like Oliver to more unusual picks like Olin.

Whether you want a name with a strong and powerful meaning or something more uncommon and innovative, there’s a name beginning with “OLI” that’s perfect for your little boy.

So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at some of the most enchanting and unique boy names that start with “OLI”.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “OLI”

Oliver – “olive tree” (English)

Olin – “holly” (English)

Ollie – “elf warrior” (English)

Olimpio – “Olympian” (Spanish)

Olivo – “olive tree” (Spanish)

Oliander – “healer” (Greek)

Olimacos – “from Mount Olympus” (Greek)

Oligo – “few” (Greek)

Olisto – “best” (Greek)

Olicer – “famous warrior” (Greek)

Olimpias – “of Olympus” (Greek)

Olindo – “gentle” (Italian)

Oliviano – “olive tree” (Italian)

Olivio – “olive tree” (Italian)

Olimpus – “Olympian” (Spanish)

Olimpo – “Mount Olympus” (Spanish)

Oliu – “olive tree” (Catalan)

Olivos – “olive trees” (Spanish)

Olindo – “he who loves” (Portuguese)

Olinde – “gentle” (French)

Olinthos – “one who is like a lion” (Greek)

Olivo – “olive tree” (Italian)

Ollin – “movement” (Nahuatl)

Oligo – “few” (Greek)

Olisipo – ancient name for Lisbon (Portuguese)

Oliwa – “olive” (Polish)

Olim – “heavenly” (Hungarian)

Olier – “elf army” (English)

Olivet – “olive tree” (French)

Olimar – “famous for his ancestral heritage” (Portuguese)

Boy Names That Start with "OLI"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “OLI”

Oliander – “strong like an olive” (English)

Olivian – “descendant of the olive tree” (English)

Oliston – “town of olives” (English)

Oliman – “olive man” (English)

Olisar – “warrior of the olive tree” (English)

Olimarco – “keeper of Mount Olympus” (Spanish)

Olinas – “from the land of olives” (Spanish)

Oliviano – “youthful olive” (Spanish)

Oliso – “harmony and peace” (Greek)

Olixon – “son of the olive tree” (English)

Olivas – “olive groves” (Spanish)

Olimpio – “Olympian strength” (Spanish)

Olikos – “glorious warrior” (Greek)

Olidian – “son of the olive branch” (English)

Olivato – “devoted to the olive tree” (Italian)

Olimpoz – “Olympian victory” (Spanish)

Olirio – “scent of olives” (Spanish)

Oliberto – “bright olive” (Italian)

Olikos – “descendant of the olive tree” (Greek)

Olizon – “son of the olive” (English)

Olifaro – “bringer of peace” (Spanish)

Olisos – “harmony and strength” (Greek)

Olizian – “gift of the olive tree” (English)

Olistan – “from the olive farm” (English)

Olivito – “little olive” (Spanish)

Olimero – “Olympian hero” (Greek)

Oliber – “bright warrior” (English)

Olithos – “strong as an olive” (Greek)

Olidoro – “golden olive” (Italian)

Oliberto – “olive tree warrior” (Italian)

Unique “OLI” Names for Boys

Olicon – “one who is skilled” (English)

Olimaros – “rose of Olympus” (Greek)

Olisius – “divine strength” (Greek)

Oliven – “son of the olive tree” (English)

Olistair – “air of the olive tree” (English)

Oligon – “wise one” (Greek)

Olimpozio – “Olympian fire” (Spanish)

Olivion – “lion of the olive” (English)

Olixar – “protector of olives” (English)

Olibro – “bright olive” (Spanish)

Olidus – “sweet scent of olives” (Spanish)

Olixen – “excellent warrior” (English)

Olimbas – “son of the mountain” (Greek)

Olicent – “center of strength” (English)

Olimaris – “ocean of Olympus” (Greek)

Olivro – “strong as an olive” (Spanish)

Olikonos – “wise ruler” (Greek)

Olibex – “explorer of olives” (English)

Olimadis – “disciple of Olympus” (Greek)

Oliaro – “warrior of the olive” (Italian)

Olithan – “graceful olive” (English)

Olidianos – “son of the olive grove” (Greek)

Olimpex – “Olympian conqueror” (Spanish)

Olipher – “bearer of olive branches” (English)

Olistone – “stone of the olive” (English)

Olivique – “unique olive” (Spanish)

Olimvus – “powerful mountain” (Greek)

Oliferus – “fertile olive” (Latin)

Olimaris – “rising from Olympus” (Greek)

Olizius – “divine protector” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “OLI”

Olivero – “olive tree” (Spanish)

Olimachus – “warrior from Olympus” (Greek)

Oliston – “settlement of olives” (English)

Olibius – “wise advisor” (Greek)

Olivar – “olive grove” (Spanish)

Olimandros – “man of Olympus” (Greek)

Olineo – “moonlight” (Spanish)

Olikaros – “gift of the olive” (Greek)

Olito – “little olive” (Spanish)

Olindros – “strong as an olive” (Greek)

Oliviano – “evergreen” (Spanish)

Olitheos – “divine presence” (Greek)

Olimarion – “descendant of the Olympian” (English)

Olisandro – “defender of men” (Spanish)

Oligent – “gentle one” (English)

Oliphus – “son of Olympus” (Greek)

Olivius – “olive tree protector” (Latin)

Olixandro – “helper of men” (Spanish)

Olissan – “son of the olive tree” (English)

Olimatias – “gift from Olympus” (Greek)

Olivon – “bearer of peace” (Spanish)

Olinex – “explorer of wisdom” (English)

Olimandro – “man of Olympus” (Spanish)

Oligios – “godly strength” (Greek)

Olimundo – “worldly Olympian” (Spanish)

Olinor – “light of Olympus” (English)

Olivetis – “divinely blessed” (Greek)

Oliburn – “stream where olives grow” (English)

Oliphar – “guardian of Olympus” (Spanish)

Olinexis – “wisdom from Olympus” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “OLI”

Olimar – “floral fragrance” (Japanese)

Olikai – “ocean traveler” (Hawaiian)

Oliwier – “olive tree” (Polish)

Olivio – “olive tree” (Italian)

Olindo – “beautiful” (Italian)

Oliba – “elf army” (Catalan)

Olistanu – “from the olive grove” (Corsican)

Olimon – “eternal” (Latin)

Olivaras – “groves of olives” (Spanish)

Olianto – “fragrant” (Italian)

Oliviano – “olive tree” (Portuguese)

Olixo – “refined” (Spanish)

Olisun – “sunshine” (Turkish)

Olion – “lion-like” (Welsh)

Olimanos – “from the mountain” (Greek)

Oligar – “eagle” (Hungarian)

Oliviquez – “unique olive” (Filipino)

Olibero – “free” (Italian)

Olinar – “light” (Slovenian)

Olivianu – “olive tree” (Sicilian)

Olimpo – “Olympus” (Portuguese)

Olisio – “he who is blessed” (Spanish)

Olimir – “greatness” (Russian)

Olistein – “stone of the olive” (Norwegian)

Olionel – “young lion” (French)

Oliko – “treasure” (Japanese)

Olimor – “peaceful” (Irish)

Oliben – “blessed” (Basque)

Olixar – “brilliant” (Arabic)

Olivand – “growing olive” (Dutch)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “OLI”

Olin – “ancestor’s heir” (English)

Oliwen – “fair moon” (English)

Olima – “sensitive soul” (Spanish)

Olibre – “free spirit” (English)

Olivus – “peaceful olive” (Latin)

Olikai – “ocean traveler” (Hawaiian)

Olistar – “star of harmony” (English)

Olimesa – “mesmerizing essence” (Spanish)

Olinex – “explorer of wisdom” (English)

Oliren – “tender soul” (Spanish)

Olivon – “bearer of peace” (Spanish)

Olicent – “center of strength” (English)

Olivaro – “adventurous spirit” (Spanish)

Olimax – “maximal joy” (English)

Olibex – “expansive freedom” (English)

Olimaris – “rising from Olympus” (Greek)

Oliara – “song of the wind” (English)

Olivan – “lively spirit” (Spanish)

Olimoon – “moonlit Olympus” (Greek)

Olisto – “harmonious flow” (Greek)

Olifre – “free-thinking” (English)

Olibra – “balanced energy” (English)

Olivin – “gem of peace” (Spanish)

Olimba – “blossoming soul” (Spanish)

Oliko – “treasure” (Greek)

Olival – “living by the olive tree” (Spanish)

Olixis – “wisdom and strength” (Greek)

Olimesa – “mesmerizing essence” (Spanish)

Olivex – “explorer of experiences” (English)

Oliris – “iris of the olive” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “OLI”

Olibeth – “dedicated to God” (English)

Olivius – “devoted to the olive tree” (Latin)

Olimand – “God’s man” (English)

Olistair – “altar of peace” (English)

Olimon – “faithful one” (English)

Oliben – “blessed by God” (English)

Olivian – “follower of the olive tree” (Latin)

Olibro – “sacred brightness” (Spanish)

Oligen – “chosen by God” (English)

Olivianos – “son of the olive tree” (Greek)

Olivaros – “groves dedicated to God” (Spanish)

Oligos – “godly strength” (Greek)

Olimonico – “devotion to the divine” (Spanish)

Olison – “son of the holy one” (English)

Olivico – “sacred olive tree” (Spanish)

Olibez – “blessed and pure” (English)

Olivonos – “servant of the divine” (Greek)

Olimel – “God’s honey” (English)

Olinovio – “sacred life” (Spanish)

Olistian – “devoted to the altar” (English)

Olimpha – “sacred flame” (Greek)

Olibos – “God’s gift” (Greek)

Olimarco – “God’s keeper” (Spanish)

Olidus – “sacred sweetness” (Spanish)

Olivarno – “devoted to God’s vineyard” (Italian)

Olimonos – “son of the divine” (Greek)

Olisandro – “defender of God” (Spanish)

Olifero – “bearing God’s blessings” (Italian)

Olikin – “God’s family” (English)

Olivendo – “devotion to the divine” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “OLI”

Olivier Giroud

French footballer known for his skillful play and prolific goal-scoring ability.

Oliver Stone

American filmmaker and director, celebrated for his impactful and often controversial movies.

Oliver Reed

English actor recognized for his powerful performances in classic films like “Gladiator.”

Oliver Sacks

Renowned British neurologist and author, known for his captivating books on neuroscience and human experiences.

Oli Herbert

Late American guitarist, co-founder of the metal band All That Remains.

Olivier Assayas

French film director, screenwriter, and critic, acclaimed for his contributions to the world of cinema.

Oliver Hardy

American comedian and actor, one half of the iconic comedy duo Laurel and Hardy.

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

Distinguished American jurist and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, known for his influential legal opinions.

Olivier Martinez

French actor known for his roles in international films and his charismatic presence on screen.

Oli Sykes

British musician and lead vocalist of the popular rock band Bring Me the Horizon, recognized for his distinctive voice and stage presence.

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