Boy Names That Start with “MB”

When it comes to selecting the perfect name for your baby boy, you might be on the lookout for something distinct yet meaningful.

If you’re intrigued by names starting with “MB,” you’re in for a delightful journey of exploration.

While “MB” may not be the most common starting letter for boy names, it opens the door to a fascinating array of options that can give your son a unique identity.

From timeless choices like “Miles,” meaning “soldier” or “merciful,” to more contemporary selections like “Mason,” there’s a plethora of possibilities to consider.

In this guide, we’ll delve into some of the finest boy names that start with “MB” and unravel their significance.

Whether you’re inclined towards traditional names or seeking something more distinctive, you’re sure to find a name starting with “MB” that resonates with you and your family.

So, sit back, relax, and let’s embark on a journey to discover the allure of boy names that start with “MB.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “MB”

Mbenge – “Gift of God” (African)

Mbala – “Rock” (African)

Mbali – “Flower” (Zulu)

Mbatha – “Herdsman” (Zulu)

Mbele – “Spear” (Swahili)

Mbili – “Two” (Swahili)

Mbizo – “Hunter” (Shona)

Mboma – “Strong” (African)

Mbope – “Eagle” (African)

Mbungo – “Mountain” (African)

Mbizi – “Fish” (Shona)

Mbogo – “Buffalo” (Swahili)

Mbona – “To See” (Swahili)

Mbudi – “Counselor” (African)

Mbuyi – “First Born” (African)

Mbura – “Rain” (African)

Mbuso – “King” (Zulu)

Mbuto – “Seed” (Swahili)

Mbwana – “Master” (Swahili)

Mbega – “Animal” (Swahili)

Mbingu – “Heaven” (Swahili)

Mbuto – “Fruit” (Swahili)

Mbona – “Healer” (African)

Mbulwa – “Blessing” (African)

Mbura – “Leader” (African)

Mbyana – “Warrior” (African)

Mburu – “Protector” (African)

Mbizi – “Survivor” (Shona)

Mbogi – “Champion” (Swahili)

Mbizi – “Helper” (Shona)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “MB”

Mbari – “Community” (Swahili)

Mbali – “Rose” (Modern African)

Mbenge – “Bright” (Modern African)

Mbiti – “Strong-Willed” (Modern African)

Mbulwa – “New Beginning” (Modern African)

Mbasa – “Gift” (Modern African)

Mbishi – “Innovative” (Modern African)

Mbila – “Creative” (Modern African)

Mboto – “Defender” (Modern African)

Mbole – “Adventurous” (Modern African)

Mbara – “Intellectual” (Modern African)

Mbegu – “Visionary” (Modern African)

Mbogo – “Fearless” (Modern African)

Mbuzo – “Wise” (Modern African)

Mbaku – “Brave” (Modern African)

Mbuka – “Ambitious” (Modern African)

Mbisi – “Optimistic” (Modern African)

Mbaya – “Loyal” (Modern African)

Mbilo – “Determined” (Modern African)

Mbolo – “Charismatic” (Modern African)

Mbeka – “Dynamic” (Modern African)

Mboti – “Gentle” (Modern African)

Mbule – “Kind” (Modern African)

Mbakwe – “Generous” (Modern African)

Mbega – “Pioneer” (Modern African)

Mbeki – “Strategist” (Modern African)

Mbuno – “Innovator” (Modern African)

Mbusi – “Protector” (Modern African)

Mbelo – “Enthusiastic” (Modern African)

Unique “MB” Names for Boys

Mbakara – “Strength” (Igbo)

Mbali – “Flower” (Zulu)

Mbaya – “Bad” (Swahili)

Mbizi – “Water” (Shona)

Mbogo – “Buffalo” (Swahili)

Mbuli – “Messenger” (Swahili)

Mbulelo – “Thankfulness” (Xhosa)

Mbumba – “Fighter” (Congo)

Mbwana – “Master” (Swahili)

Mbisa – “Wealth” (Swahili)

Mbolongo – “Love” (Luo)

Mboya – “Leader” (Kikuyu)

Mbaliwe – “Beautiful Flower” (Zulu)

Mbovu – “Excellent” (Swahili)

Mbwiri – “Spirit” (Kikuyu)

Mbira – “Thumb Piano” (Shona)

Mbaliwethu – “Our Flower” (Zulu)

Mbande – “Warrior” (Zulu)

Mbaluka – “Comfort” (Kikuyu)

Mbale – “Brother” (Luo)

Mbayo – “Adventurer” (Swahili)

Mbenge – “Hunter” (Kikuyu)

Mbizi – “Swift” (Shona)

Mbo – “Great” (Nguni)

Mbewu – “Seed” (Zulu)

Mbane – “Lightning” (Zulu)

Mbika – “Protector” (Igbo)

Mbuya – “Elder” (Shona)

Mbala – “Wing” (Luba)

Mbazange – “Peacemaker” (Zulu)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “MB”

Miles – “Soldier” (Latin)

Maxwell – “Great stream” (Scottish)

Malachi – “My messenger” (Hebrew)

Micah – “Who is like the Lord?” (Hebrew)

Milton – “Settlement with a mill” (English)

Marshall – “Horse servant” (Old French)

Morgan – “Sea defender” (Welsh)

Mason – “Worker in stone” (English)

Morris – “Dark-skinned” (Latin)

Marvin – “Friend of the sea” (Welsh)

Malcolm – “Devotee of Saint Columba” (Scottish)

Murray – “Settlement by the sea” (Scottish)

Marlon – “Little falcon” (Old English)

Melvin – “Chief” (Irish)

Merlin – “Sea fortress” (Welsh)

Moses – “Drawn out of the water” (Egyptian)

Marcel – “Young warrior” (French)

Mordecai – “Servant of Marduk” (Hebrew)

Manuel – “God is with us” (Spanish)

Matthias – “Gift of God” (Greek)

Maverick – “Independent” (American)

Mervin – “Sea friend” (Welsh)

Murray – “Mariner” (Scottish)

Melville – “Settlement by the mill” (English)

Malcolm – “Disciple of Saint Columba” (Scottish)

Marquis – “Nobleman” (French)

Merle – “Blackbird” (French)

Morrissey – “Son of Morris” (English)

Merrick – “Fame ruler” (English)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “MB”

Mbali – “Flower” (Zulu)

Mbatha – “Counselor” (Zulu)

Mbemba – “God knows” (African)

Mbonisi – “Uplifted by God” (Zulu)

Mbwana – “Ruler” (Swahili)

Mbamba – “Sailor” (African)

Mbatia – “Savior” (Swahili)

Mbeki – “Pebble” (Swahili)

Mbunde – “Warrior” (Swahili)

Mbuzi – “Goat” (Swahili)

Mbizi – “Antelope” (Swahili)

Mbogho – “Fisher” (Swahili)

Mboa – “Palm tree” (African)

Mboga – “Vegetable” (Swahili)

Mbeke – “Strong” (Swahili)

Mburu – “Bull” (Kikuyu)

Mboka – “Homeland” (Lingala)

Mbele – “Forward” (Swahili)

Mbenji – “Rainbow” (Chichewa)

Mbunga – “African tree” (Swahili)

Mbunda – “Trader” (Tumbuka)

Mbona – “Why?” (Swahili)

Mbani – “Welcome” (Yoruba)

Mbasa – “Leader” (Swahili)

Mboga – “Vegetable” (Swahili)

Mbari – “Family” (Yoruba)

Mbegu – “Seed” (Swahili)

Mbuka – “Journey” (Kamba)

Mbonu – “To see” (Igbo)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “MB”

Mbare – “Honorable” (African)

Mbezi – “Calm” (Swahili)

Mbili – “Second” (Swahili)

Mbuso – “Grace” (Zulu)

Mbololo – “Joyful” (African)

Mbandu – “Beloved” (African)

Mbwana – “Leader” (Swahili)

Mbali – “Flower” (Zulu)

Mbaya – “Bad” (Swahili)

Mbele – “Forward” (Swahili)

Mbasa – “Resilient” (African)

Mbinguni – “Heavenly” (Swahili)

Mbalenhle – “Beautiful flower” (Zulu)

Mbitha – “Blessed” (African)

Mbizi – “Fast” (Shona)

Mboma – “Chief” (African)

Mbiliwa – “Fertile” (African)

Mburuka – “Adventurous” (African)

Mburu – “Noble” (Kikuyu)

Mbatha – “Guiding” (Zulu)

Mbira – “Musical” (Shona)

Mbuyi – “Firstborn twin” (Kikongo)

Mbogeni – “Loved” (Zulu)

Mbeki – “Becoming” (Xhosa)

Mbongwa – “Respect” (Zulu)

Mburu – “Brave” (Kikuyu)

Mbona – “Survivor” (African)

Mbungo – “Creative” (African)

Mbaya – “Free” (Swahili)

Mbidi – “Strong” (Zulu)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “MB”

Mbarek – “Blessed” (Arabic)

Mbarka – “Blessing” (Arabic)

Mbuyi – “Firstborn twin” (Kikongo)

Mbizi – “Gift from God” (Shona)

Mbalenhle – “Beautiful flower” (Zulu)

Mbongeni – “Thankful” (Zulu)

Mbali – “Flower” (Zulu)

Mbali – “Gift” (African)

Mbinguni – “Heavenly” (Swahili)

Mbazi – “Peaceful” (African)

Mbizi – “God’s grace” (Shona)

Mbuso – “Grace” (Zulu)

Mbiko – “Faithful” (African)

Mbele – “Hope” (Swahili)

Mbaba – “Father” (African)

Mbanga – “Prayerful” (African)

Mbarek – “Holy” (Arabic)

Mbazi – “Merciful” (African)

Mbongeni – “Grateful” (Zulu)

Mbala – “Devout” (African)

Mbizi – “Blessed by God” (Shona)

Mbingu – “From heaven” (Swahili)

Mbwana – “Master” (Swahili)

Mbasa – “Favored” (African)

Mbali – “Gift from God” (Zulu)

Mbeki – “Gifted” (Xhosa)

Mboma – “Chosen” (African)

Mbai – “Leader” (Kikuyu)

Mbaliwe – “Blessed one” (Zulu)

Mboneni – “Seen by God” (Zulu)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “MB”

Morgan Freeman

Legendary actor known for his roles in iconic films such as “The Shawshank Redemption,” “Driving Miss Daisy,” and “Million Dollar Baby.”

Mark Zuckerberg

Co-founder and CEO of Facebook, one of the world’s largest social media platforms, and a prominent figure in the tech industry.

Michael Bay

Film director and producer known for his work on blockbuster action films such as the “Transformers” series, “Armageddon,” and “Bad Boys.”

Mike Tyson

Former professional boxer and undisputed heavyweight champion, known for his ferocious fighting style and controversial personal life.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Iconic civil rights leader and activist, known for his role in the advancement of civil rights through nonviolent civil disobedience.

Mario Balotelli

Professional footballer known for his time playing for various clubs including Manchester City, AC Milan, and Liverpool, as well as for the Italian national team.

Michel Barnier

French politician and diplomat who served as the European Union’s Chief Negotiator for the United Kingdom Exiting the European Union (Brexit).

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