220 Delightful Boy Names That Start with “LUX”

Looking for a unique and standout name for your baby boy? Look no further than names that start with “Lux”.

Lux is a rare and unusual prefix that adds an air of luxury and sophistication to any name it precedes.

From ancient origins to modern trends, names starting with Lux exude elegance and charm.

In this article, we will explore a curated list of boy names that start with “Lux” and delve into their meanings and origins.

Whether you are drawn to the regal sound of Luxton, the celestial undertones of Luxor, or the modern flair of Luxley, there is sure to be a name on this list that resonates with your taste and style.

So if you are looking for a name that sets your little boy apart and leaves a lasting impression, consider a boy name that starts with “Lux”.

Let’s dive in and discover the unique world of Lux-inspired names for your bundle of joy.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “LUX”

Luxton – “town of light” (English)

Luxor – “the palaces” (Spanish)

Luxan – “shining star” (Greek)

Luxley – “meadow of light” (English)

Luxiano – “light of God” (Spanish)

Luxarios – “radiant warrior” (Greek)

Luxford – “ford of light” (English)

Luxberto – “bright and famous” (Spanish)

Luxandros – “man of shining” (Greek)

Luxley – “brightness in the meadow” (English)

Luxilio – “light-filled” (Spanish)

Luxidor – “gift of light” (Greek)

Luxstan – “stone of light” (English)

Luxello – “light from above” (Spanish)

Luxistratos – “army of light” (Greek)

Luxon – “radiant son” (English)

Luximo – “the most radiant” (Spanish)

Luxarion – “shining fire” (Greek)

Luxden – “valley of light” (English)

Luxvictor – “victorious light” (Spanish)

Luxander – “defender of light” (Greek)

Luxtonio – “light of the city” (English)

Luxezio – “bringer of light” (Spanish)

Luxocrates – “ruler of light” (Greek)

Luxdon – “hill of light” (English)

Luxalberto – “noble light” (Spanish)

Luxophon – “voice of light” (Greek)

Luxwell – “spring of light” (English)

Luxanastasio – “resurrection of light” (Spanish)

Luxidore – “gift of radiant light” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "LUX"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “LUX”

Luxtonio – “brilliant tone” (English)

Luxer – “light bearer” (Spanish)

Luxarian – “light of the dawn” (Greek)

Luxwellis – “well of light” (English)

Luxiano – “bright dawn” (Spanish)

Luxagoras – “glorious light” (Greek)

Luxwin – “victorious light” (English)

Luxmundo – “world of light” (Spanish)

Luxiphanes – “shining revelation” (Greek)

Luxmore – “greater light” (English)

Luxello – “shining one” (Spanish)

Luxandros – “man of light” (Greek)

Luxten – “tenth light” (English)

Luxberto – “illustrious light” (Spanish)

Luxophilos – “lover of light” (Greek)

Luxarius – “radiant warrior” (English)

Luxador – “adorable light” (Spanish)

Luxidemos – “people of light” (Greek)

Luxville – “town of light” (English)

Luxmarino – “marine light” (Spanish)

Luxagathon – “noble light” (Greek)

Luxwise – “wise light” (English)

Luxrico – “rich light” (Spanish)

Luxandron – “manly light” (Greek)

Luxnoble – “noble light” (English)

Luxmilo – “beloved light” (Spanish)

Luxos – “shining light” (Greek)

Luxfred – “peaceful light” (English)

Luxez – “essence of light” (Spanish)

Luxoros – “light bringer” (Greek)

Unique “LUX” Names for Boys

Luxarius – “bringer of brightness” (English)

Luxolo – “vision of light” (Spanish)

Luxetheus – “forethought of light” (Greek)

Luxran – “radiance of joy” (English)

Luxando – “gift of illumination” (Spanish)

Luxophron – “wise light” (Greek)

Luxen – “pure light” (English)

Luxaldo – “noble light” (Spanish)

Luxidios – “divine light” (Greek)

Luxifer – “bearer of light” (English)

Luxanno – “graceful light” (Spanish)

Luxagathos – “noble brightness” (Greek)

Luxavier – “bright journey” (English)

Luxanto – “endless light” (Spanish)

Luxephyrus – “gentle breeze of light” (Greek)

Luxarius – “brilliant guardian” (English)

Luxelio – “radiant light” (Spanish)

Luxiarch – “ruler of light” (Greek)

Luxorian – “shining essence” (English)

Luxaro – “golden light” (Spanish)

Luxetios – “eternal light” (Greek)

Luxavius – “bright life” (English)

Luxalio – “joyful light” (Spanish)

Luxidion – “divine brightness” (Greek)

Luxerion – “heavenly light” (English)

Luxello – “illuminated soul” (Spanish)

Luxoros – “bringer of dawn” (Greek)

Luxiano – “radiant spirit” (English)

Luxilio – “light-filled heart” (Spanish)

Luxidos – “light of the heavens” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “LUX”

Luxanor – “eternal light” (English)

Luxaros – “timeless brilliance” (Spanish)

Luxidios – “eternal radiance” (Greek)

Luxborn – “born of light” (English)

Luxoros – “timeless luminosity” (Spanish)

Luxikos – “enduring light” (Greek)

Luxleon – “lion of light” (English)

Luxello – “timeless illumination” (Spanish)

Luxoptimos – “best light” (Greek)

Luxfer – “forever bright” (English)

Luxendro – “eternal radiance” (Spanish)

Luxephron – “timeless wisdom” (Greek)

Luxus – “enduring splendor” (English)

Luxagoras – “eternal glory” (Spanish)

Luximachos – “eternal fighter” (Greek)

Luxorian – “timeless essence” (English)

Luxano – “forever bright” (Spanish)

Luxosthenes – “strength of light” (Greek)

Luxfield – “field of eternal light” (English)

Luxiliano – “eternal brightness” (Spanish)

Luxadon – “timeless lord” (Greek)

Luxward – “guardian of light” (English)

Luxdoro – “enduring gift” (Spanish)

Luxolios – “eternal journey” (Greek)

Luxwarden – “guardian of the light” (English)

Luxalberto – “eternal nobility” (Spanish)

Luxarchos – “timeless ruler” (Greek)

Luxland – “land of light” (English)

Luxemilio – “eternal love” (Spanish)

Luxophilos – “lover of light” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “LUX”

Luxanov – “new light” (Russian)

Luxeiro – “eastern light” (Japanese)

Luxmir – “peaceful light” (Arabic)

Luxao – “bright dawn” (Chinese)

Luxandre – “defender of light” (French)

Luxuan – “beautiful light” (Vietnamese)

Luxario – “golden light” (Italian)

Luxezar – “light of royalty” (Bulgarian)

Luxito – “little light” (Portuguese)

Luxim – “eternal light” (Persian)

Luxin – “radiant light” (Mandarin)

Luxelo – “celestial light” (Swedish)

Luxad – “glorious light” (Arabic)

Luxio – “enlightened” (Italian)

Luxiko – “sparkling light” (Japanese)

Luxondo – “gift of light” (Spanish)

Luxais – “noble light” (French)

Luxos – “brilliant sun” (Greek)

Luxmani – “jewel of light” (Sanskrit)

Luxerio – “illumination” (Portuguese)

Luxev – “radiant soul” (Russian)

Luxiro – “light of the sun” (Italian)

Luxant – “luminous star” (Turkish)

Luxorin – “bearer of light” (Romanian)

Luxagon – “bright protector” (Greek)

Luxiem – “shining dream” (Dutch)

Luxala – “sacred light” (Hawaiian)

Luxami – “beloved light” (Swahili)

Luxalia – “angelic light” (Latin)

Luxero – “golden glow” (Spanish)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “LUX”

Luxine – “sparkling water” (English)

Luxero – “bright spirit” (Spanish)

Luxidawn – “dawn of light” (English)

Luxanis – “eternal brightness” (Greek)

Luxaro – “golden light” (Spanish)

Luxian – “divine illumination” (English)

Luxos – “shining essence” (Greek)

Luxaris – “radiant love” (Spanish)

Luxify – “to make bright” (English)

Luxira – “heavenly light” (Spanish)

Luxent – “center of light” (English)

Luxiara – “radiant dawn” (Greek)

Luxal – “bright soul” (Spanish)

Luxique – “unique light” (English)

Luxira – “radiant aura” (Greek)

Luxand – “sparkling charm” (Spanish)

Luxifya – “illumination of life” (English)

Luxia – “divine brilliance” (Greek)

Luxalma – “soul of light” (Spanish)

Luxire – “fiery light” (English)

Luxidora – “gift of radiance” (Greek)

Luxema – “eternal flame” (Spanish)

Luxerra – “shining gem” (English)

Luxanto – “eternal radiance” (Greek)

Luxel – “brilliant spirit” (Spanish)

Luxora – “golden dawn” (English)

Luxio – “bright star” (Greek)

Luxida – “shining soul” (Spanish)

Luxelle – “radiant beauty” (English)

Luxica – “divine spark” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “LUX”

Luxangel – “angelic light” (English)

Luxdoro – “gift of God’s light” (Spanish)

Luxarios – “shining messenger” (Greek)

Luxfaith – “faith in light” (English)

Luxcristo – “Christ’s light” (Spanish)

Luxagape – “divine love” (Greek)

Luxgrace – “graceful light” (English)

Luxmanu – “God’s light” (Spanish)

Luxtheos – “God’s brilliance” (Greek)

Luxhope – “hopeful light” (English)

Luxsanto – “sacred light” (Spanish)

Luxtheodoros – “gift of God’s light” (Greek)

Luxbless – “blessed light” (English)

Luxsalvador – “savior of light” (Spanish)

Luxtheophanes – “manifestation of God’s light” (Greek)

Luxmercy – “merciful light” (English)

Luxsavior – “savior’s light” (Spanish)

Luxtheologos – “God’s word of light” (Greek)

Luxgrace – “graceful light” (English)

Luxsantis – “holy light” (Spanish)

Luxtheomachos – “fighter for God’s light” (Greek)

Luxdevine – “divine light” (English)

Luxsanto – “saintly light” (Spanish)

Luxtheophilus – “lover of God’s light” (Greek)

Luxfaith – “faithful light” (English)

Luxalma – “soul of light” (Spanish)

Luxtheotokos – “God-bearer of light” (Greek)

Luxblessing – “blessing of light” (English)

Luxcruz – “cross of light” (Spanish)

Luxprophetes – “prophet of light” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “LUX”

Lux Mundi

A renowned philosopher whose name translates to “Light of the World,” symbolizing enlightenment and wisdom.

Luxemburg Marx

A prominent economist and political theorist, known for his contributions to Marxist thought and analysis of capitalism.

Lux van Beethoven

A celebrated composer, famous for his groundbreaking symphonies and innovative musical techniques.

Lux de Vinci

A brilliant polymath of the Renaissance era, known for his exceptional contributions to art, science, and engineering.

Lux Hemingway

A distinguished author, revered for his mastery of prose and poignant storytelling, influencing generations of writers.

Lux Armstrong

An iconic jazz musician, recognized for his extraordinary trumpet skills and contributions to American music.

Lux Chaplin

A legendary actor and filmmaker, renowned for his timeless silent film performances and comedic genius.

Lux Picasso

A revolutionary artist of the 20th century, known for his pioneering role in the development of Cubism and modern art.

Lux Galileo

A pioneering astronomer and physicist, revered for his groundbreaking discoveries, including the phases of Venus and the moons of Jupiter.

Lux Newton

A visionary mathematician and physicist, famous for his laws of motion and universal gravitation, reshaping our understanding of the cosmos.

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