220 Best Boy Names That Start with “KRA”

Are you searching for a unique and unconventional name for your baby boy? Look no further, as we have compiled a list of boy names that start with “KRA” for you to consider.

Naming your child is a big decision and choosing a name that stands out can be exciting, especially when it starts with such a rare combination of letters.

The “KRA” sound is not commonly found in many traditional boy names, making these options truly one-of-a-kind.

Whether you are drawn to names with a strong and powerful meaning, or ones that have a more modern and trendy feel, there is sure to be a name on this list that resonates with you.

From traditional favorites to more modern and innovative options, these “KRA” names are perfect for parents who want to give their son a name that sets him apart from the crowd.

So, if you are on the hunt for an uncommon and special name, keep reading to discover some fantastic boy names that start with “KRA”.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “KRA”

Krayton – “From the town with the signpost” (English)

Kraig – “Rock or rugged” (Scottish)

Kratos – “Strength, power” (Greek)

Kranos – “Helmeted one” (Greek)

Kraven – “Bold, courageous” (English)

Kralis – “Strong leader” (Greek)

Kraios – “Strong, mighty” (Greek)

Krayden – “Bold clan” (English)

Kraesus – “Golden-haired” (Greek)

Kraylor – “Vigorous, full of life” (English)

Krasis – “Mixture, blend” (Greek)

Krane – “Crane, bird” (English)

Kralon – “Royal one” (English)

Kratos – “Strong, powerful” (Greek)

Krayce – “Alert, vigilant” (English)

Kramus – “Brave in battle” (English)

Krayven – “Hunter” (English)

Kranix – “Master of time and space” (English)

Kraon – “Master of the household” (Greek)

Krayson – “Son of Krai” (English)

Krastian – “Follower of Christ” (English)

Kraneus – “Crane, bird” (Greek)

Krazon – “Born with strength” (English)

Kraystos – “Christ-like” (Greek)

Krathon – “Strong, powerful” (Greek)

Kraylon – “Royal lion” (English)

Kraystianos – “Follower of Christ” (Greek)

Kraynor – “Noble one” (English)

Kraystoforos – “Bearer of Christ” (Greek)

Kravos – “Bold, daring” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "KRA"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “KRA”

Kravian – “Gift of wisdom” (English)

Krandor – “Valiant defender” (English)

Krasteo – “Crowned with glory” (Greek)

Kraevon – “Visionary leader” (English)

Krazio – “Bold and daring” (Spanish)

Krathonos – “Eternal strength” (Greek)

Kralix – “Majestic ruler” (English)

Kravianos – “Noble soul” (Greek)

Kravik – “Vigorous and strong” (English)

Kradonis – “God’s gift” (Greek)

Kralius – “Regal and noble” (English)

Kralexis – “Defender of the people” (Greek)

Kravento – “Energetic and lively” (Spanish)

Kranar – “Warrior’s honor” (English)

Kraion – “Bright and shining” (Greek)

Kranikos – “Conqueror of the enemy” (Greek)

Kraviano – “Vibrant life” (Spanish)

Krasius – “Courageous and strong” (English)

Kralondo – “Adventurous spirit” (Spanish)

Krazonix – “Mysterious and powerful” (English)

Kravanto – “Enthusiastic and passionate” (Spanish)

Kramiro – “Wise counselor” (Spanish)

Krayvus – “Versatile and adaptable” (English)

Kragos – “Bold and fearless” (Greek)

Kravento – “Lively and spirited” (Spanish)

Kranthos – “Eternal flame” (Greek)

Kravilio – “Lover of life” (Spanish)

Kramos – “Majestic and noble” (English)

Kravento – “Enduring strength” (Spanish)

Kralisio – “Glorious leader” (Greek)

Unique “KRA” Names for Boys

Kravonos – “Guardian of the harvest” (Greek)

Kralidian – “Eternal wanderer” (English)

Kravilar – “Skilled craftsman” (English)

Krazalon – “Lion-hearted warrior” (Spanish)

Kraphilos – “Lover of wisdom” (Greek)

Kravilion – “Enigmatic traveler” (English)

Kranthios – “Visionary thinker” (Greek)

Kraedon – “Daring and adventurous” (English)

Kravirius – “Mystical seer” (Greek)

Krazalon – “Brave and courageous” (Spanish)

Kramirus – “Messenger of peace” (English)

Kralithos – “Noble and wise” (Greek)

Kraegon – “Defender of the realm” (English)

Kravios – “Energetic and lively” (Greek)

Krasidon – “Skilled warrior” (English)

Kralindor – “Protector of the land” (Spanish)

Kravylon – “Adventurous spirit” (English)

Kranthius – “Wise and insightful” (Greek)

Kralixus – “Bold and fearless” (English)

Krazalon – “Radiant and glorious” (Spanish)

Kravendo – “Enduring strength” (English)

Kraphonos – “Guardian of the hearth” (Greek)

Kraeston – “Resolute and determined” (English)

Kravionel – “Champion of the people” (Spanish)

Kralixios – “Eternal ruler” (Greek)

Kradonius – “Gifted with strength” (English)

Krazario – “Adventurous explorer” (Spanish)

Kravalonius – “Noble and honorable” (Greek)

Kramidian – “Mysterious traveler” (English)

Krasidor – “Guiding light” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “KRA”

Kraigus – “Wise and knowing” (English)

Kralos – “Timeless leader” (Greek)

Kravenius – “Enduring strength” (English)

Krasimos – “Eternal beauty” (Greek)

Krathonius – “Keeper of time” (English)

Kraleon – “Timeless warrior” (Greek)

Kravonus – “Everlasting spirit” (English)

Kramius – “Time-honored wisdom” (Greek)

Krastian – “Ancient follower of Christ” (English)

Kratios – “Timeless strength” (Greek)

Krandon – “Timeless protector” (English)

Kralion – “Eternal lion” (Greek)

Kravenos – “Guardian of eternity” (English)

Krathonios – “Timeless courage” (Greek)

Kralionel – “Eternal champion” (English)

Kraystos – “Timeless follower of Christ” (Greek)

Krayvian – “Timeless explorer” (English)

Kratosius – “Eternal power” (Greek)

Kralonix – “Timeless ruler” (English)

Kranthius – “Ancient thinker” (Greek)

Kravianos – “Timeless soul” (English)

Krystianos – “Timeless follower of Christ” (Greek)

Kramiel – “Timeless messenger” (English)

Krastor – “Eternal guardian” (Greek)

Kralios – “Timeless strength” (English)

Krantheon – “Eternal deity” (Greek)

Kraedius – “Time-honored wisdom” (English)

Kranthos – “Timeless visionary” (Greek)

Kravios – “Everlasting energy” (English)

Kratian – “Timeless one” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “KRA”

Kratimir – “Peaceful ruler” (Slavic)

Kralin – “Pure gold” (Albanian)

Krajin – “Bringer of joy” (Czech)

Kravish – “Beloved” (Sanskrit)

Kraonel – “Eagle of the sun” (Albanian)

Kramirov – “Famous and glorious” (Slavic)

Krashan – “Ambitious and determined” (Sanskrit)

Kralinov – “Golden king” (Russian)

Kravek – “Courageous defender” (Czech)

Kravikar – “Warrior of the vineyard” (Sanskrit)

Krapol – “Little warrior” (Polish)

Kravuno – “Thunderous and powerful” (Italian)

Krajimir – “Peaceful ruler” (Slavic)

Kravenco – “Brave companion” (Spanish)

Kraxian – “Mysterious wanderer” (Unknown origin)

Kraomir – “Famous and peaceful” (Slavic)

Kradimir – “Peaceful and strong” (Bulgarian)

Kravindo – “Daring conqueror” (Spanish)

Kralux – “Shining king” (Latin)

Krakar – “Bold and strong” (Czech)

Kraviano – “Adventurous spirit” (Italian)

Krajinus – “Born leader” (Unknown origin)

Kranthar – “Visionary thinker” (Sanskrit)

Kravinoth – “Eternal conqueror” (Unknown origin)

Kralitus – “Noble and virtuous” (Latin)

Krayvenko – “Royal conqueror” (Ukrainian)

Krandoni – “Timeless protector” (Albanian)

Krapelio – “Graceful and elegant” (Italian)

Kraulio – “Courageous lion” (Spanish)

Krantharos – “Visionary ruler” (Unknown origin)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “KRA”

Kraylen – “Pure and clear” (English)

Kravell – “Enchanting melody” (English)

Kranixi – “Harmony and balance” (Greek)

Kranell – “Gentle and kind” (English)

Kravado – “Courageous and daring” (Spanish)

Kramble – “Sweet and charming” (English)

Kraysta – “Follower of Christ” (Greek)

Kradley – “Meadow of the cranes” (English)

Kralin – “Soft and delicate” (English)

Kraven – “Adventurous soul” (English)

Kraya – “Graceful and elegant” (English)

Kranquil – “Tranquil and peaceful” (English)

Kravell – “Beautiful sound” (English)

Kryston – “Radiant and bright” (Greek)

Kramble – “Gentle and charming” (English)

Kravano – “Bold and fearless” (Spanish)

Kralix – “Harmony and balance” (English)

Krayden – “Creative thinker” (English)

Kraystian – “Belonging to Christ” (English)

Kramio – “Mysterious and intriguing” (Spanish)

Kralis – “Soft and tender” (English)

Kraniko – “Peaceful soul” (Greek)

Kravoni – “Energetic and vibrant” (Spanish)

Kramelle – “Sweet melody” (English)

Kraysto – “Christ-like” (Greek)

Kranden – “Calm and serene” (English)

Kraluna – “Moonlit beauty” (Spanish)

Kravio – “Life-loving spirit” (Spanish)

Kranova – “New beginning” (English)

Krastel – “Crystal clear” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “KRA”

Kratios – “Faithful servant” (Greek)

Kranthius – “Devout thinker” (Greek)

Kravanto – “God’s grace” (Spanish)

Kraedonos – “Pious and enduring” (Greek)

Kralen – “Devotee of Christ” (English)

Krastiano – “Follower of Christ” (Spanish)

Krastianos – “Christian, follower of Christ” (Greek)

Kralixios – “Faithful ruler” (Greek)

Kravanto – “Devoted to God” (Spanish)

Krayel – “God’s chosen one” (English)

Kratios – “Devout and righteous” (Greek)

Kravianto – “God’s blessing” (Spanish)

Kramiel – “Messenger of God” (Spanish)

Krastophos – “Bearer of Christ” (Greek)

Kraedon – “Faithful and enduring” (English)

Kravion – “Divinely inspired” (Greek)

Kralio – “Pious and devout” (Spanish)

Krastanto – “Blessed by Christ” (Spanish)

Krantheon – “Altar of God” (Greek)

Kravilo – “Devotee of God” (Spanish)

Kralonios – “Devout ruler” (Greek)

Kravideo – “God’s vision” (Spanish)

Krastianos – “Follower of Christ” (Greek)

Kratian – “Dedicated to God” (English)

Kravios – “God’s strength” (Greek)

Krastiano – “Christian, follower of Christ” (Spanish)

Krantharos – “Visionary of God” (Greek)

Kralicio – “Holy and sacred” (Spanish)

Krastonios – “Devoted to Christ” (Greek)

Kraelon – “Godly and virtuous” (English)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “KRA”

Kramer Robertson

American baseball player known for his versatility and exceptional fielding skills.

Kraft Lawrence

A fictional character, the traveling merchant in the anime and light novel series “Spice and Wolf,” known for his shrewd business acumen.

Kranidiotis, Nikos

Greek diplomat and politician, served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece, known for his diplomatic contributions.

Kraig Urbik

Former American football player, an offensive lineman recognized for his strength and durability.

Krayzie Bone

American rapper, member of the Grammy Award-winning group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, known for his unique and rapid-fire delivery.

Krav Maga Founder – Imi Lichtenfeld

Israeli martial artist, creator of Krav Maga, a practical self-defense system used by military and law enforcement worldwide.

Kraigg Brathwaite

West Indian cricketer, opening batsman, and former captain of the West Indies Test team.

Kralahome (Krom Phra Rajawang Bovorn Sathanmongkhon)

A character in the musical “The King and I,” depicted as the King of Siam’s prime minister, known for his wit and intelligence.

Krafla Caldera

While not a person, it’s worth mentioning. Krafla is a volcanic caldera in Iceland known for its geothermal activity and stunning landscapes.

Krzysztof Kieślowski

Renowned Polish film director, known for his critically acclaimed films like the “Three Colors” trilogy and “The Double Life of Veronique.”

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