Boy Names That Start with “IC”

When it comes to choosing the perfect name for your baby boy, you might find yourself searching for something unique and meaningful.

If you’re intrigued by names starting with “IC,” you’re in for a treat.

Although “IC” might not be the most common starting letter for names, it opens up a world of possibilities that can make your son’s name truly special.

From timeless choices like Icarus, which embodies the spirit of adventure, to more contemporary options like Icaro, there’s a range of names to explore.

In this guide, we’ll delve into some of the best boy names that start with “IC” and uncover their unique meanings.

Whether you’re drawn to names with rich histories or ones that are refreshingly modern, there’s an “IC” name waiting to capture your heart.

So, sit back, relax, and let’s embark on a journey to discover the charm of boy names that start with “IC.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “IC”

Ichabod – “The glory is gone” (Hebrew)

Icarus – “Follower” (Greek)

Ichiro – “First son” (Japanese)

Icilio – “Unknown” (Italian)

Icy – “Cold” (English)

Icarion – “Strong and powerful” (Greek)

Icario – “Bright and shining” (Greek)

Ichika – “One thousand flowers” (Japanese)

Icthus – “Fish” (Greek)

Icky – “Diminutive of Ichabod” (Hebrew)

Icelyn – “Snowy and cold” (English)

Icelos – “Like a dream” (Greek)

Icie – “Cold” (English)

Icniv – “Brave and strong” (Unknown)

Icieon – “Bright and shining” (Unknown)

Icthusian – “Of the fish” (Greek)

Icarn – “Strong as iron” (Unknown)

Ickian – “Follower” (Unknown)

Icis – “Unknown” (Unknown)

Icyer – “Cold” (Unknown)

Icik – “Gift of God” (Yiddish)

Iccarion – “Strong and powerful” (Greek)

Icarioh – “Bright and shining” (Greek)

Ichil – “Intelligent and bright” (Unknown)

Icthan – “Follower” (Unknown)

Ickyus – “Cold” (Unknown)

Ician – “Healer” (Unknown)

Icari – “Bright and shining” (Greek)

Icbor – “Protector” (Unknown)

Icion – “Follower” (Unknown)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “IC”

Icaden – “Modern creation” (Unknown)

Icar – “Follower” (Greek)

Iceland – “From the land of ice” (English)

Icarius – “Follower” (Greek)

Icelyn – “Snowy and cold” (English)

Icelos – “Like a dream” (Greek)

Ician – “Healer” (Unknown)

Icthan – “Follower” (Unknown)

Icarioh – “Bright and shining” (Greek)

Icker – “Protector” (Unknown)

Icyer – “Cold” (Unknown)

Icylius – “Bright and shining” (Unknown)

Icianus – “Healer” (Unknown)

Icarion – “Strong and powerful” (Greek)

Icbor – “Protector” (Unknown)

Icen – “Ice-like” (English)

Icias – “Bright and shining” (Unknown)

Icaro – “Bright and shining” (Greek)

Iceny – “Snowy and cold” (English)

Ickerion – “Protector” (Unknown)

Ictheon – “Follower” (Greek)

Icir – “Bright and shining” (Unknown)

Ictheon – “Follower” (Greek)

Ician – “Healer” (Unknown)

Icarius – “Follower” (Greek)

Ictheus – “Like a fish” (Greek)

Icandor – “Brave” (Unknown)

Icis – “Bright and shining” (Unknown)

Ickan – “Protector” (Unknown)

Ictheon – “Follower” (Greek)

Unique “IC” Names for Boys

Icander – “Brave warrior” (Unknown)

Icelos – “Like a dream” (Greek)

Icylius – “Bright and shining” (Unknown)

Icarian – “Strong and powerful” (Greek)

Icarioh – “Bright and shining” (Greek)

Icemon – “Ice-like” (Unknown)

Ickor – “Protector” (Unknown)

Icius – “Bright and shining” (Unknown)

Ickan – “Protector” (Unknown)

Ictheon – “Follower” (Greek)

Icir – “Bright and shining” (Unknown)

Icander – “Brave warrior” (Unknown)

Icairus – “Follower” (Greek)

Icario – “Bright and shining” (Greek)

Icifer – “Bringer of light” (Unknown)

Icanthus – “Follower” (Unknown)

Icatius – “Healer” (Unknown)

Icaron – “Strong and powerful” (Greek)

Icelis – “Bright and shining” (Unknown)

Icairus – “Follower” (Greek)

Icillon – “Bright and shining” (Unknown)

Iciran – “Bright and shining” (Unknown)

Icelian – “Snowy and cold” (English)

Ician – “Healer” (Unknown)

Icarion – “Strong and powerful” (Greek)

Ickton – “Protector” (Unknown)

Icilus – “Bright and shining” (Unknown)

Ickter – “Protector” (Unknown)

Icetian – “Snowy and cold” (English)

Icander – “Brave warrior” (Unknown)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “IC”

Icarus – “Follower” (Greek)

Ichabod – “No glory” (Hebrew)

Icilio – “Light” (Italian)

Ico – “Warrior” (Slavic)

Icy – “Frozen” (English)

Icharus – “Graceful” (Invented)

Icario – “Of the sea” (Italian)

Icel – “Ice” (Old English)

Icelius – “Healer” (Latin)

Iceland – “Land of Ice” (English)

Icen – “Powerful” (Invented)

Icyk – “Gift of God” (Yiddish)

Icis – “Laughter” (Invented)

Iciman – “Wise leader” (Invented)

Iceton – “Town of Ice” (English)

Icil – “Star” (Invented)

Icarioh – “Champion” (Invented)

Icelle – “Peaceful” (Invented)

Icor – “Shining” (Invented)

Icio – “Beloved” (Invented)

Icius – “Victorious” (Latin)

Iclis – “Joyful” (Invented)

Iclys – “Bright” (Invented)

Ictus – “Moment” (Latin)

Icus – “Noble” (Invented)

Icium – “Precious” (Latin)

Icaius – “Strong” (Invented)

Icetonio – “Nobleman” (Invented)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “IC”

Icarios – “Of the sea” (Spanish)

Icelander – “From Iceland” (English)

Icarian – “Skybound” (Greek)

Ichigo – “Strawberry” (Japanese)

Icilio – “Light” (Italian)

Ichtaca – “Secret” (Nahuatl)

Icythius – “Fish-like” (Greek)

Icarino – “Little Icarus” (Italian)

Ichikawa – “One who lives by the river” (Japanese)

Ichtar – “Celestial” (Invented)

Icelius – “Of the Ice” (Latin)

Iccho – “First son” (Japanese)

Ichara – “Blessed” (Ethiopian)

Icetus – “Icy” (Latin)

Icaronte – “Sky traveler” (Spanish)

Ichirou – “Firstborn son” (Japanese)

Icetanos – “From Iced lands” (Spanish)

Icelander – “From Iceland” (English)

Ichibei – “Guardian” (Japanese)

Icafor – “Shining star” (Invented)

Icarui – “Sky hero” (Invented)

Ichtor – “Protector” (Invented)

Icelis – “Snow flower” (Invented)

Icarlo – “Skywalker” (Italian)

Ichuri – “Mystery” (Invented)

Ician – “Ice man” (Invented)

Icatus – “Ice warrior” (Invented)

Icart – “Strong one” (Invented)

Ichal – “Graceful” (Invented)

Icara – “Beautiful” (Invented)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “IC”

Icarus – “Follower” (Greek)

Icelyn – “Frozen water” (Modern English)

Icesis – “Goddess of magic” (Egyptian)

Iceton – “Settlement by ice” (Old English)

Icia – “Ice-like” (Modern English)

Iciris – “Eternal” (Greek)

Ickora – “Heart” (Invented)

Icelya – “Radiant ice” (Modern English)

Icel – “Bright ice” (Old English)

Ician – “Physician” (Latin)

Icla – “Clarity” (Latin)

Icina – “Pure ice” (Modern English)

Icyra – “Cool breeze” (Invented)

Icely – “Cold charm” (Modern English)

Icari – “High flyer” (Greek)

Icera – “Ice queen” (Modern English)

Iceris – “Full of ice” (Invented)

Icinia – “Winter beauty” (Invented)

Icelia – “Graceful ice” (Modern English)

Icerys – “Winter charm” (Invented)

Icelith – “Frozen light” (Invented)

Icora – “Heart of ice” (Invented)

Icinia – “Icy brilliance” (Invented)

Icryn – “Winter royalty” (Invented)

Icin – “Ice king” (Modern English)

Icen – “Cool” (Old English)

Icena – “Frozen river” (Modern English)

Icario – “Glittering ice” (Invented)

Iceron – “Frozen hero” (Invented)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “IC”

Icarus – “Follower” (Greek Mythology)

Ictinus – “Master builder” (Greek)

Iceland – “Land of ice” (Old Norse)

Iccus – “Faithful servant” (Greek)

Ichiro – “First son” (Japanese)

Icnarf – “God’s helper” (Invented)

Icshar – “Divine grace” (Invented)

Ictar – “Messenger of God” (Invented)

Icman – “Man of faith” (Invented)

Icadius – “God’s follower” (Invented)

Icael – “Angel of ice” (Invented)

Icahn – “Servant of the Lord” (Invented)

Icarios – “Of the Lord” (Invented)

Icsel – “Divine cold” (Invented)

Iceson – “Son of ice” (Invented)

Icrael – “Prince of God” (Invented)

Icsor – “Protector” (Invented)

Icram – “Peaceful” (Invented)

Icbert – “Bright faith” (Invented)

Icred – “Faithful warrior” (Invented)

Iclin – “Holy ice” (Invented)

Icrom – “Divine ruler” (Invented)

Icval – “God’s strength” (Invented)

Iceth – “Holy chill” (Invented)

Iccent – “Holy center” (Invented)

Icrad – “God’s grace” (Invented)

Iclan – “Holy tribe” (Invented)

Icnad – “God’s servant” (Invented)

Icran – “Holy fire” (Invented)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “IC”

Ice Cube (O’Shea Jackson Sr.)

American rapper, actor, and filmmaker, known for his pioneering role in gangsta rap and his performances in movies like “Boyz n the Hood” and “Friday.”

Ian McKellen

Esteemed English actor celebrated for his performances in “The Lord of the Rings” and “X-Men” film series.

Ian Somerhalder

American actor recognized for his portrayal of Damon Salvatore in the TV series “The Vampire Diaries.”

Iain Glen

Scottish actor famous for his roles as Ser Jorah Mormont in “Game of Thrones” and Dr. Alexander Isaacs in the “Resident Evil” film series.

Ian Fleming

English author best known for creating the character James Bond, featured in the iconic spy novels.

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