220 Best Boy Names That Start with “GRAY”

When it comes to choosing a name for your little one, many parents are on the hunt for a unique moniker that stands out.

If you’re on the lookout for a distinctive and trendy name for your baby boy, then look no further than the list of names that start with “Gray.”

Gray names are not only stylish and modern, but they also exude a sense of sophistication and charm.

In recent years, the name Gray has gained popularity as a first name for boys, and it has paved the way for a whole host of similar-sounding names that are equally as chic.

From traditional picks like Grayson and Graham to more unique options like Grayden and Grayson, there are plenty of enticing choices to consider when naming your little one.

Whether you’re in search of a name with a strong and powerful meaning or simply want something trendy and eye-catching, the list of boy names that start with “Gray” has something for every parent’s style and taste.

So, let’s explore some of the hip and fashionable names that are making waves in the world of baby boy names.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “GRAY”

Grayson – “Son of the Steward” (English)

Graydon – “Son of the Gray-haired Man” (English)

Grayling – “Little Gray One” (English)

Graysonio – “Son of the Steward” (Spanish)

Graydonio – “Son of the Gray-haired Man” (Spanish)

Graycio – “Son of the Gray-haired” (Spanish)

Graylingo – “Little Gray One” (Spanish)

Graydonikos – “Son of the Gray-haired Man” (Greek)

Graycios – “Son of the Gray-haired” (Greek)

Graydor – “Gift of Grace” (Greek)

Graylio – “Gray-haired Youth” (Greek)

Graycianos – “Son of the Gray-haired” (Greek)

Graynell – “Gray Cloud” (English)

Grayto – “Gray Haired” (Spanish)

Graykianos – “Son of the Gray-haired” (Greek)

Graytoño – “Gray Haired” (Spanish)

Grayicus – “Son of the Gray-haired” (Greek)

Graymundo – “Protector of the Gray-haired” (Spanish)

Grayfios – “Son of the Gray-haired” (Greek)

Grayberto – “Bright Gray” (Spanish)

Graymitrios – “Son of the Gray-haired” (Greek)

Graymilo – “Soldier of the Gray-haired” (Spanish)

Grayventura – “Gray Adventure” (Spanish)

Graydox – “Gray Haired Leader” (English)

Grayxander – “Defender of the Gray-haired” (English)

Grayximilian – “Greatest of the Gray-haired” (English)

Grayrlos – “Gray-haired Warrior” (Spanish)

Graytheon – “Gray God” (English)

Grayesteban – “Crown of the Gray-haired” (Spanish)

Graykleitos – “Renowned Son of the Gray-haired” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "GRAY"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “GRAY”

Grayton – “Town of the Gray-haired” (English)

Graylan – “Land of the Gray” (English)

Grayven – “Enchanting Gray” (English)

Graylex – “Defender of the Gray” (English)

Graylinio – “Graceful Gray” (Spanish)

Graydrian – “Admirable Gray” (English)

Grayvante – “Gray Adventurer” (Spanish)

Graytino – “Little Gray One” (Spanish)

Grayminos – “Son of the Gray” (Greek)

Graykell – “Gray-haired Warrior” (English)

Graymos – “Mighty Gray” (Greek)

Graytus – “Loyal Gray” (English)

Grayvid – “Wise Gray” (English)

Graytero – “Strong Gray” (Spanish)

Grayvenio – “Gray Wind” (Spanish)

Graylius – “Noble Gray” (Greek)

Graykos – “Respected Gray” (Greek)

Grayvian – “Belonging to the Gray” (English)

Graydero – “Gray Leader” (Spanish)

Graykairos – “Favored by the Gray-haired” (Greek)

Grayleno – “Graceful Gray” (Spanish)

Graymundo – “World of the Gray-haired” (Spanish)

Graykon – “Bold Gray” (English)

Grayanto – “Gray Defender” (Spanish)

Graytinus – “Pious Gray” (Greek)

Graylexis – “Defender of the Gray” (Greek)

Graymir – “Wonderful Gray” (English)

Grayantoño – “Gray Defender” (Spanish)

Graytheonix – “Majestic Gray God” (English)

Grayfesto – “Gray-haired Festival” (Spanish)

Unique “GRAY” Names for Boys

Graylinx – “Mysterious Gray” (English)

Grayvenzo – “Victorious Gray” (Spanish)

Grayrion – “Ruler of the Gray” (English)

Grayzar – “Bright Star of Gray” (English)

Graydoros – “Gift of the Gray” (Greek)

Graytique – “Unique Gray” (English)

Grayvino – “Vineyard of Gray” (Spanish)

Graystavo – “August Gray” (Spanish)

Grayvianos – “Gray Victory” (Greek)

Graythos – “Noble Gray” (Greek)

Grayvonte – “Eternal Gray” (English)

Graymirio – “Miraculous Gray” (Spanish)

Graytarius – “Adventurous Gray” (English)

Graydrik – “Ruler of the Gray” (English)

Grayellio – “Radiant Gray” (Spanish)

Grayzephyr – “West Wind of Gray” (English)

Graylucio – “Light of Gray” (Spanish)

Graydrianos – “Endearing Gray” (Greek)

Graythius – “Divine Gray” (Greek)

Grayvolo – “Flying Gray” (English)

Graymaro – “Warrior of Gray” (Spanish)

Graykrios – “Lordly Gray” (Greek)

Grayelix – “Charming Gray” (English)

Grayvinoño – “Little Gray Wine” (Spanish)

Grayphios – “Serpent of Gray” (Greek)

Graytalon – “Talon of the Gray” (English)

Graylito – “Little Gray One” (Spanish)

Graynosis – “Wise Gray” (Greek)

Graytalonio – “Little Gray Talon” (Spanish)

Grayvernos – “Eternal Gray” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “GRAY”

Grayland – “Land of the Gray” (English)

Graymore – “Great Gray” (English)

Graylius – “Distinguished Gray” (Latinized Greek)

Grayford – “Ford of the Gray-haired” (English)

Graytus – “Venerable Gray” (Latinized Greek)

Graylo – “Beloved Gray” (English)

Grayrios – “Resolute Gray” (Greek)

Graythor – “Thor of the Gray” (English)

Grayvictor – “Conqueror of the Gray” (Spanish)

Graycius – “Ancient Gray” (Latinized Greek)

Grayonix – “Noble Gray” (English)

Graydoros – “Gift of the Gray” (Greek)

Graylejandro – “Defender of the Gray” (Spanish)

Grayfesto – “Festive Gray” (Spanish)

Graytrick – “Ruler of the Gray” (English)

Graytonio – “From the Gray Town” (Spanish)

Graythanas – “Immortal Gray” (Greek)

Graycero – “Protector of the Gray” (Spanish)

Graydolph – “Noble Gray Wolf” (English)

Graynikos – “Victorious Gray” (Greek)

Graygus – “Vigilant Gray” (English)

Grayxen – “Hospitable Gray” (English)

Grayelio – “Sun-like Gray” (Spanish)

Graynando – “Bold Gray” (Spanish)

Grayper – “Traveler of the Gray” (English)

Grayfonso – “Noble Gray” (Spanish)

Grayvitas – “Dignified Gray” (Latinized Greek)

Grayliver – “Loyal Gray” (English)

Grayvanko – “Bright Gray” (Spanish)

Graypolis – “City of the Gray” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “GRAY”

Graymin – “Moonlight Gray” (Celtic)

Grayashi – “Morning Sun of Gray” (Japanese)

Graylen – “Graceful Gray” (Irish)

Graydar – “Gift of the Gray” (Arabic)

Grayvani – “Water of Gray” (Sanskrit)

Graytaro – “First Son of Gray” (Japanese)

Graykai – “Ocean of Gray” (Hawaiian)

Grayito – “Little Gray” (Italian)

Graycito – “Tiny Gray” (Spanish)

Grayfeng – “Wind of Gray” (Chinese)

Grayrio – “River of Gray” (Italian)

Grayvon – “Hope of Gray” (German)

Grayjin – “Silver Gray” (Korean)

Graynaldo – “Bold Gray” (Portuguese)

Grayvadis – “Spring of Gray” (Persian)

Graynato – “Born at Nightfall, Gray” (Spanish)

Grayeko – “Child of Gray” (Japanese)

Grayiko – “Forever Young Gray” (Greek)

Graylindo – “Beautiful Gray” (Spanish)

Graymani – “Jewel of Gray” (Hindi)

Grayciano – “Heavenly Gray” (Italian)

Grayrav – “Sun God of Gray” (Sanskrit)

Graytarius – “Adventurous Gray” (Latin)

Graylanz – “Land of the Gray” (German)

Grayvanko – “Courageous Gray” (Russian)

Graykios – “Shining Gray” (Greek)

Grayaro – “Eagle of Gray” (Native American)

Grayleo – “Lion of Gray” (Italian)

Grayelius – “Radiant Gray” (Swedish)

Graytuan – “Cloud of Gray” (Vietnamese)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “GRAY”

Grayden – “Valley of the Gray-haired” (English)

Grayro – “Visionary Gray” (Spanish)

Graylark – “Song of the Gray” (English)

Grayli – “Gentle Gray” (Spanish)

Grayzen – “Zen Gray” (English)

Graymie – “Beloved Gray” (English)

Grayora – “Golden Gray” (Spanish)

Graylen – “Mild Gray” (English)

Graylon – “Solitary Gray” (English)

Grayzaro – “Bright Star of Gray” (Spanish)

Graylynx – “Mysterious Gray” (English)

Grayko – “Little Gray” (Greek)

Graycian – “Heavenly Gray” (Spanish)

Grayline – “Boundary of the Gray” (English)

Graytho – “Noble Gray” (Greek)

Graysha – “Graceful Gray” (English)

Grayrota – “Rose of Gray” (Spanish)

Grayphos – “Shining Gray” (Greek)

Grayflame – “Fiery Gray” (English)

Grayvante – “Adventurous Gray” (Spanish)

Grayora – “Golden Gray” (Greek)

Graymoon – “Moonlit Gray” (English)

Grayzel – “Pure Gray” (Spanish)

Graythos – “Divine Gray” (Greek)

Grayrai – “Rays of Gray” (English)

Grayoni – “Wave of Gray” (Spanish)

Graylexis – “Defender of the Gray” (Greek)

Grayven – “Enchanted Gray” (English)

Grayfin – “Finest Gray” (Spanish)

Grayxi – “Lively Gray” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “GRAY”

Grayson – “Son of Grace” (English)

Graywell – “Wellspring of Grace” (English)

Graydon – “Gift of Grace” (English)

Grayvin – “Blessed Wine” (English)

Grayziel – “God’s Grace” (English)

Graylito – “Little Grace” (Spanish)

Graymano – “Gift of God” (Spanish)

Grayito – “Divine Grace” (Spanish)

Graytheon – “God’s Gift” (English)

Grayvid – “Beloved of God” (English)

Grayel – “God is My Strength” (English)

Graylberto – “Bright Grace” (Spanish)

Graygios – “Godly Gray” (Greek)

Grayvano – “God’s Blessing” (Spanish)

Graythanas – “Eternal Grace” (Greek)

Graybar – “Son of Prayer” (English)

Graynez – “God’s Miracle” (Spanish)

Grayfil – “God’s Love” (English)

Graykairos – “God’s Perfect Timing” (Greek)

Grayrodor – “Gift of the Lord” (Spanish)

Graymundo – “World of God’s Grace” (Spanish)

Graymon – “Believer in God” (English)

Grayxander – “Defender of the Faith” (English)

Grayciano – “God’s Light” (Spanish)

Graycianos – “Son of God’s Grace” (Greek)

Graynuel – “God is with Us” (Spanish)

Grayfito – “God’s Devotion” (Spanish)

Graytheonix – “Divine Gray God” (English)

Graykios – “God’s Victory” (Greek)

Graymir – “Wonder of God” (English)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “GRAY”

Gray Davis

Former Governor of California, known for energy crisis.

Grayson Perry

British artist, renowned for ceramic and tapestry works.

Gray Maynard

American mixed martial artist, UFC lightweight contender.

Gray O’Brien

Scottish actor, famous for Coronation Street role.

Grayson Allen

Professional basketball player in the NBA, Utah Jazz.

Grayson Russell

American actor, portrayed Fregley in Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Gray Gibbs

Hollywood producer, worked on iconic films like “Caddyshack.”

Grayson McCouch

American actor, known for roles in soap operas.

Gray Frederickson

Academy Award-winning film producer, known for “The Godfather.”

Gray Cook

Physical therapist and strength coach, co-founder of FMS.

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