220 Charming Boy Names That Start with “FLO”

Looking for a unique and distinctive boy name starting with “Flo”? You’re in luck! While names beginning with “Flo” may not be as common as some other letters, they certainly have a special appeal.

From classic and traditional choices to more modern and trendy options, the selection of boy names that start with “Flo” is vast and varied.

Whether you prefer a name with historical significance or a more modern moniker, there is sure to be a “Flo” name that resonates with you.

So if you’re on the hunt for a one-of-a-kind name for your little one, look no further.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most captivating and charming boy names that start with “Flo” to inspire you in your search for the perfect name for your baby boy.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “FLO”

Florian – “flowering” (English)

Florentino – “flowering” (Spanish)

Florentius – “blossoming” (Latin)

Floyd – “gray-haired” (English)

Florencio – “prosperous, flourishing” (Spanish)

Florent – “flowering” (French)

Floro – “flower” (Spanish)

Florin – “flower” (Romanian)

Floriano – “flowering” (Italian)

Florus – “flower” (Latin)

Florentin – “flowering” (French)

Florenciano – “flourishing” (Spanish)

Flóros – “flower” (Greek)

Florio – “flowering” (Italian)

Flórentios – “blooming” (Greek)

Florentijn – “flowering” (Dutch)

Floreal – “flowery” (French)

Floréal – “flowering” (French)

Florentiusz – “flourishing” (Polish)

Florestan – “flourishing” (German)

Florindo – “blooming” (Portuguese)

Floriberto – “bright flower” (Spanish)

Florus – “flower” (Dutch)

Florán – “flower” (Hungarian)

Florentino – “flowering” (Italian)

Flórian – “flowering” (Hungarian)

Florel – “flower” (Spanish)

Floriano – “flowering” (Italian)

Floris – “flower” (Dutch)

Flórent – “blossoming” (Hungarian)

Boy Names That Start with "FLO"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “FLO”

Flotan – “flowing water” (English)

Florante – “flourishing” (Spanish)

Flotar – “to float” (Spanish)

Florestes – “forest dweller” (Greek)

Flotón – “big wave” (Spanish)

Florijan – “flowering” (Spanish)

Florendo – “blooming” (Spanish)

Florinel – “tender flower” (Spanish)

Florentus – “flourishing” (Latin)

Florio – “floral” (Spanish)

Florisanto – “sacred flower” (Spanish)

Florelan – “flower” (Spanish)

Florenzio – “prosperous” (Spanish)

Florius – “blooming” (Spanish)

Florindo – “flower” (Spanish)

Floricel – “little flower” (Spanish)

Flotis – “flowing” (Greek)

Florisandro – “defender of flowers” (Spanish)

Florencio – “flourishing” (Spanish)

Florencia – “flowering” (Spanish)

Floritos – “little flowers” (Spanish)

Florejano – “blossoming” (Spanish)

Flotador – “floater” (Spanish)

Florik – “flourishing” (Spanish)

Florenziano – “prosperous” (Spanish)

Floriton – “ton of flowers” (Spanish)

Floriano – “flowering” (Spanish)

Florimundo – “world of flowers” (Spanish)

Florián – “flowering” (Spanish)

Floten – “floats” (Spanish)

Unique “FLO” Names for Boys

Flolyan – “free spirit” (English)

Flovian – “beloved flower” (English)

Flonidas – “brave flower” (Greek)

Florizel – “blossoming prince” (English)

Flovander – “adventurous flower” (English)

Florius – “flourishing” (Latin)

Flovianos – “floral” (Spanish)

Florestán – “forest dweller” (Spanish)

Flodyn – “dynamic flower” (English)

Flodias – “gift of flowers” (Greek)

Florando – “blossoming” (Spanish)

Flozion – “zenith of flowers” (English)

Florinio – “flowering” (Spanish)

Flovento – “wind of flowers” (Spanish)

Flornelio – “unique flower” (Spanish)

Flozent – “center of flowers” (English)

Flostello – “star flower” (Spanish)

Flozario – “golden flower” (Spanish)

Florrison – “son of flowers” (English)

Flotario – “rising flower” (Spanish)

Flolyn – “graceful flower” (English)

Florando – “blooming” (Spanish)

Flozander – “defender of flowers” (English)

Florolo – “joyful flower” (Spanish)

Flokian – “mysterious flower” (English)

Florijano – “flourishing” (Spanish)

Flodoro – “gift of the gods” (Greek)

Florioso – “flowering” (Spanish)

Flovantos – “adventurous spirit” (English)

Flostefano – “crowned with flowers” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “FLO”

Floryn – “flourishing” (English)

Florisio – “flowery” (Spanish)

Floroc – “blooming” (Greek)

Florentino – “prosperous” (Spanish)

Florox – “fragrant flower” (English)

Florentiano – “blossoming” (Spanish)

Florex – “floral” (Greek)

Florenzio – “flourishing” (Spanish)

Floron – “flowering” (English)

Florenciano – “flourishing” (Spanish)

Florikos – “of flowers” (Greek)

Florencio – “flourishing” (Spanish)

Floros – “blossoming” (Greek)

Florestan – “flourishing” (Spanish)

Flovios – “flowering” (Greek)

Floreto – “flourishing” (Spanish)

Flovian – “floral” (English)

Floreto – “blossoming” (Spanish)

Floxan – “flowering” (English)

Florisco – “flourishing” (Spanish)

Floxis – “blossoming” (Greek)

Floriel – “floral” (English)

Florkos – “blooming” (Greek)

Florcel – “of flowers” (English)

Florio – “flowering” (Spanish)

Floreus – “flourishing” (Latin)

Flormar – “flowering” (English)

Florimond – “flowering” (French)

Flovano – “floral” (Spanish)

Florellan – “flourishing” (English)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “FLO”

Flóki – “long-haired” (Norse)

Florentín – “flourishing” (Czech)

Florínio – “flowering” (Portuguese)

Floryan – “flourishing” (Polish)

Florentí – “flourishing” (Catalan)

Florentij – “blossoming” (Slovenian)

Floriánus – “flowering” (Hungarian)

Flórentin – “flowering” (Romanian)

Florentijin – “flourishing” (Dutch)

Flóridas – “flowery” (Lithuanian)

Florijan – “blossoming” (Croatian)

Florentínius – “flourishing” (Latin)

Florijn – “flowering” (Dutch)

Florenzio – “flourishing” (Italian)

Flórik – “flowering” (Slovak)

Florints – “blossoming” (Latvian)

Flóris – “flower” (Hungarian)

Floriano – “flowering” (Italian)

Flóra – “flower” (Icelandic)

Florjan – “flowering” (Slovenian)

Florisel – “flowering” (Spanish)

Florencin – “prosperous” (Czech)

Florín – “flowering” (Czech)

Florimond – “flourishing defender” (French)

Flóriánus – “floral” (Hungarian)

Florisindo – “flourishing” (Portuguese)

Flórian – “flowering” (Slovak)

Florinello – “little flower” (Italian)

Florençio – “flourishing” (Portuguese)

Floriano – “floral” (Italian)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “FLO”

Floris – “beloved” (Dutch)

Florel – “flower” (English)

Florique – “flourishing” (Spanish)

Florencia – “blossoming” (Spanish)

Florimel – “honey flower” (English)

Floramie – “beloved flower” (Spanish)

Florindo – “beautiful flower” (Spanish)

Florismar – “marvelous flower” (Spanish)

Florizelle – “flower of the sea” (English)

Floryn – “flowering” (Greek)

Floribell – “beautiful flower” (Spanish)

Florin – “flower” (Romanian)

Floriano – “flowering” (Spanish)

Flora – “flower” (Latin)

Florinio – “floral” (Spanish)

Flormar – “flowering” (Spanish)

Florentin – “flowering” (French)

Floro – “flower” (Spanish)

Floren – “flowering” (Spanish)

Floriana – “flowering” (Italian)

Flory – “flower” (English)

Florent – “flowering” (French)

Flor – “flower” (Spanish)

Flórien – “flowering” (Hungarian)

Florie – “flower” (English)

Florencia – “flourishing” (Spanish)

Florisca – “little flower” (Spanish)

Flórian – “blossoming” (Hungarian)

Florenz – “flourishing” (German)

Florentine – “flowering” (French)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “FLO”

Floridan – “flowery” (English)

Florentin – “flourishing” (French)

Florimond – “world of flowers” (French)

Floreal – “flowering” (French)

Florentino – “flowering” (Spanish)

Florián – “flowering” (Spanish)

Floriano – “flowering” (Italian)

Florentinus – “flourishing” (Latin)

Florent – “flowering” (French)

Florin – “flower” (Romanian)

Florencio – “flourishing” (Spanish)

Floris – “flower” (Dutch)

Florentius – “flowering” (Latin)

Flórian – “flowering” (Hungarian)

Flóris – “flower” (Hungarian)

Flórin – “flower” (Hungarian)

Florizel – “blossoming prince” (English)

Florisvaldo – “valiant flower” (Spanish)

Floribert – “shining flower” (German)

Florentij – “blossoming” (Slovenian)

Flóriánus – “floral” (Hungarian)

Florendo – “blooming” (Spanish)

Florentinian – “flowering” (Latin)

Florínez – “floral” (Spanish)

Florenciano – “flourishing” (Spanish)

Flory – “flower” (English)

Floryn – “flourishing” (Greek)

Flóris – “flower” (Hungarian)

Florellus – “flower” (Latin)

Floryan – “flowering” (Polish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “FLO”

Florence Nightingale

Known as the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale’s pioneering work during the Crimean War laid the foundation for professional nursing.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

A legendary boxer with an undefeated professional record, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is considered one of the greatest boxers of all time.

Flo Rida

A popular American rapper known for hits like “Low” and “My House”, Flo Rida has achieved international success with his catchy tunes.

Florian Munteanu

A Romanian-German actor and boxer, Florian Munteanu gained fame for his role as Viktor Drago in the movie “Creed II”.

Florentino Pérez

A Spanish businessman and president of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez is widely recognized for his influence in the football world.

Florentino Fernández

A Spanish comedian and actor, Florentino Fernández has entertained audiences with his humor and versatility on both television and film.

Florent Malouda

A retired French footballer, Florent Malouda enjoyed a successful career playing for top clubs like Chelsea and Lyon, as well as the French national team.

Florian Thauvin

A French professional footballer known for his skillful play and versatility on the field, Florian Thauvin has represented France internationally and played for clubs like Marseille and Newcastle United.

Florent Ibenge

A Congolese football manager and former player, Florent Ibenge has coached various African national teams and clubs, earning respect for his tactical acumen.

Florent Pagny

A French singer-songwriter and actor, Florent Pagny has enjoyed a long and successful career in the French music industry, known for his distinctive voice and emotional performances.

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