220 Best Boy Names That Start with “EAST”

Choosing a name for your baby boy is an exciting task that requires careful consideration and thought.

If you are looking for a name that stands out from the crowd and has a hint of uniqueness, then boy names that start with “EAST” might be just what you are looking for.

These names not only have a cool and trendy sound but also evoke a sense of adventure and exploration.

From traditional to modern, there is a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to boy names starting with “EAST”.

Whether you are inspired by the geographical direction or simply want a name that symbolizes new beginnings, this list is bound to have something that resonates with you.

So, if you want to give your little boy a name that sets him apart and makes him feel special, keep reading to discover some incredible boy names that start with “EAST”.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “EAST”

Easton – “From the East town” (English)

Eastman – “From the East; man” (English)

Eastwood – “From the East forest” (English)

Eastonico – “East one; victorious” (Spanish)

Eastias – “Eastward; noble” (Greek)

Eastcott – “East cottage” (English)

Eastar – “Rising sun; from the East” (English)

Eastlyn – “East meadow” (English)

Eastario – “Eastern ruler” (Spanish)

Eastangelo – “East angel; messenger from the East” (English/Spanish)

Eastward – “Toward the East” (English)

Eastor – “Eastern man” (English)

Eastin – “From the East settlement” (English)

Eastoniel – “God is my East; divine from the East” (English/Hebrew)

Eastivo – “Lively from the East” (Spanish)

Eastwardo – “Eastern guardian” (Spanish)

Eastov – “From the Eastern slope” (English)

Eastanos – “From the East; noble” (Greek)

Eastarion – “Bright star from the East” (English)

Eastavio – “From the East; life” (Spanish)

Eastmir – “East peace” (English)

Eastovar – “East spring” (English)

Eastikos – “Eastern strength” (Greek)

Eastonius – “East noble; illustrious” (English/Latin)

Eastino – “From the East; holy” (Spanish)

Eastaros – “Eastern gift” (Greek)

Eastaldo – “Noble from the East” (Spanish)

Eastwin – “East friend; beloved companion” (English)

Eastorian – “East wind” (English)

Eastimos – “Highly esteemed from the East” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "EAST"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “EAST”

Eastrian – “From the East; noble” (English)

Eastocean – “East sea; ocean from the East” (English)

Eastaro – “Strong from the East” (Spanish)

Eastarion – “Visionary from the East” (English)

Eastorico – “Rich from the East” (Spanish)

Eastellis – “East god; noble” (English/Greek)

Eastian – “Belonging to the East” (English)

Eastoros – “Eastern gift; treasure” (Greek)

Eastabian – “From the East; son of the East” (English/Spanish)

Eastonus – “Favorable from the East” (Greek)

Eastarino – “Pure from the East” (Spanish)

Eastinian – “From the East; victorious” (English)

Eastanosio – “Eastern healer” (Spanish)

Eastolphus – “Noble wolf from the East” (English/Greek)

Eastalio – “East strength” (Spanish)

Eastianos – “From the Eastern land; noble” (Greek)

Eastiris – “From the East; rainbow” (English/Greek)

Eastarto – “Brave from the East” (Spanish)

Eastoncio – “From the East; clever” (Spanish)

Eastaris – “Beloved from the East” (Greek)

Eastarosio – “Eastern guardian” (Spanish)

Eastiasio – “Eastern savior” (Spanish)

Eastilo – “From the East; stylish” (Spanish)

Eastios – “Divine from the East” (Greek)

Eastorico – “Richness from the East” (Spanish)

Eastianis – “From the Eastern land; brave” (Greek)

Eastorosio – “Eastern gift; divine” (Spanish)

Eastano – “From the East; noble” (Spanish)

Eastidian – “From the East; judge” (English)

Eastagon – “Mighty from the East” (English)

Unique “EAST” Names for Boys

Eastidianos – “From the East; divine judge” (Spanish/Greek)

Eastaricus – “Eastern ruler; powerful leader” (English/Latin)

Easteliad – “Noble son of the East” (English/Greek)

Eastorino – “From the East; adventurous spirit” (Spanish)

Eastiose – “Eastern strength; robust” (Greek)

Eastalios – “From the East; courageous” (Spanish/Greek)

Eastaberto – “Bright from the East; intelligent” (Spanish)

Eastarino – “Visionary from the East” (Spanish)

Eastorius – “Eastern origin; distinguished” (English/Latin)

Eastaphon – “Resounding from the East; majestic” (English)

Eastarazo – “East conqueror; triumphant” (Spanish)

Eastilios – “From the East; graceful” (Spanish/Greek)

Eastangelo – “Angel from the East; divine messenger” (Spanish/Greek)

Eastavios – “From the East; full of life” (Spanish)

Eastorosios – “From the East; divine gift” (Spanish/Greek)

Eastadius – “From the East; wise counselor” (English/Latin)

Eastariose – “Noble from the East; dignified” (Spanish/Greek)

Eastorico – “Riches from the East; prosperous” (Spanish)

Eastathan – “From the East; enduring” (English)

Eastandro – “Manly from the East; strong” (Spanish)

Eastidas – “From the East; steadfast” (English/Greek)

Eastarrin – “From the East; adventurous” (English)

Easticor – “Heart of the East; loving” (Spanish)

Eastaliose – “From the East; glorious” (Spanish/Greek)

Eastorosius – “From the East; noble gift” (Spanish/Latin)

Eastorianos – “From the Eastern land; distinguished” (Spanish/Greek)

Eastandroso – “From the East; brave defender” (Spanish/Greek)

Eastangelo – “Messenger from the East; heavenly” (Spanish/Greek)

Eastovin – “From the East; victorious friend” (English)

Eastomio – “Beloved from the East; cherished” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “EAST”

Eastmond – “Protector from the East” (English)

Eastario – “Noble one from the East” (Spanish)

Eastrios – “Strong like the East wind” (Greek)

Eastaros – “From the East; a gift” (Spanish/Greek)

Eastwick – “Settlement in the East” (English)

Eastiano – “Belonging to the East” (Spanish)

Eastropos – “Eastern traveler” (Greek)

Eastaldo – “Noble and strong from the East” (Spanish)

Eastarius – “Heroic from the East” (English)

Eastias – “From the land of the rising sun” (Greek)

Eastmundo – “Worldly from the East” (Spanish)

Eastonidas – “From the Eastern land; noble” (Greek)

Eastarosio – “Gifted from the East” (Spanish)

Eastello – “Beautiful like the East sunrise” (Spanish)

Eastwardos – “Moving towards the East” (English)

Eastoros – “Eastern helper; supporter” (Greek)

Eastavios – “Living with zest like the East” (Spanish)

Eastorian – “From the Eastern territory” (English)

Eastinos – “From the Eastern land; holy” (Greek)

Eastaldo – “From the East; noble and brave” (Spanish)

Eastolo – “Loyal to the East” (Spanish)

Eastheros – “Heroic like the rising sun” (English)

Eastorico – “Prosperous from the East” (Spanish)

Eastalon – “Wise and strong like the East” (English)

Eastromos – “Eastern traveler; wanderer” (Greek)

Easturio – “From the Eastern region; royal” (Spanish)

Eastorias – “Born in the East; auspicious” (Greek)

Eastiasio – “Divinely inspired from the East” (Spanish)

Eastorianos – “Nobleman from the East” (Spanish/Greek)

Eastonico – “From the East; victorious” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “EAST”

Eastan – “Sunrise” (Persian)

Eastir – “Eastern light” (Irish)

Eastor – “Sunrise; daybreak” (French)

Eastal – “From the East; rising” (Arabic)

Eastaro – “Sunrise; dawn” (Japanese)

Eastin – “Eastern origin” (Scottish)

Easto – “Eastern star” (Italian)

Eastian – “Belonging to the East” (Portuguese)

Eastrios – “East wind” (Romanian)

Eastar – “Rising from the East” (Korean)

Eastani – “From the East; celestial” (Persian)

Easton – “Eastern town” (German)

Eastanno – “Eastern sky” (Italian)

Eastali – “Eastern traveler” (Turkish)

Eastab – “From the East; beginning” (Dutch)

Eastaris – “Eastern gift” (Russian)

Eastomo – “Morning from the East” (Japanese)

Eastaros – “Eastern light” (Greek)

Eastarto – “Eastern strength” (Indonesian)

Eastinio – “Eastern wisdom” (Spanish)

Eastav – “From the East; alive” (Swedish)

Eastiro – “Sunrise; dawn” (Mongolian)

Eastik – “From the East; new” (Danish)

Eastino – “Sunrise; new day” (Maltese)

Eastilo – “From the East; style” (Norwegian)

Eastarai – “Sunrise; first light” (Japanese)

Eastimo – “Eastern origin” (Finnish)

Eastalio – “From the East; bright” (Latin)

Eastarisu – “Eastern star” (Japanese)

Eastarin – “Rising sun” (Thai)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “EAST”

Eastlyn – “From the East; lake” (English)

Eastriel – “Eastern spirit; messenger” (English)

Eastley – “East meadow” (English)

Eastarling – “Beloved one from the East” (English)

Easten – “From the East; prosperous” (English)

Eastanoa – “Divine from the East” (Spanish)

Eastlynis – “From the East; noble” (English)

Eastaroa – “From the East; joyful” (Spanish)

Eastianis – “Belonging to the East; courageous” (Greek)

Eastavian – “From the East; bird-like” (English)

Eastorion – “Eastern constellation” (English)

Eastily – “East wind; gentle” (English)

Eastanis – “From the East; graceful” (Greek)

Eastalin – “Belonging to the East; serene” (English)

Eastarion – “Bright star from the East” (English)

Eastiloa – “From the East; stylish” (Spanish)

Eastandro – “Strong from the East” (Spanish)

Eastaris – “Eastern gift; precious” (Greek)

Eastorian – “From the Eastern land; noble” (Spanish)

Eastalio – “From the East; radiant” (Spanish)

Eastelis – “East god; noble” (English/Greek)

Eastonias – “From the East; victorious” (English/Greek)

Eastorionis – “From the East; celestial” (Spanish/Greek)

Eastoniel – “God is my East; divine” (English)

Eastarinos – “From the East; beloved” (Spanish)

Eastalonis – “From the East; wise” (Greek)

Eastarys – “From the East; gentle” (English)

Eastarisio – “From the East; peaceful” (Spanish)

Eastellin – “From the East; bright” (English)

Eastoros – “Eastern gift; blessing” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “EAST”

Eastius – “Devoted to the East; faithful” (Latin)

Eastarzio – “Blessed from the East” (Spanish)

Eastalio – “From the East; sacred” (Spanish)

Eastarion – “Divinely inspired from the East” (English)

Eastanuel – “Gift from God from the East” (Spanish/Hebrew)

Eastianos – “God’s grace from the East” (Greek)

Eastigios – “Pious from the East” (Greek)

Eastavio – “God-given life from the East” (Spanish)

Eastariel – “God’s messenger from the East” (English)

Eastorico – “Rich in faith from the East” (Spanish)

Eastilian – “Servant of God from the East” (English)

Eastianuel – “God’s grace from the East” (Spanish/Hebrew)

Eastantos – “Holy from the East” (Greek)

Eastariel – “God’s lion from the East” (Spanish/Hebrew)

Eastidoro – “Gift of God from the East” (Spanish)

Eastorius – “Blessed by God from the East” (Latin)

Eastalian – “God’s strength from the East” (English)

Eastafel – “Angelic from the East” (Spanish/Hebrew)

Eastilos – “God’s light from the East” (Greek)

Eastaniel – “God’s gift from the East” (Spanish/Hebrew)

Eastavios – “God’s life from the East” (Spanish)

Eastirio – “Divine from the East” (Spanish)

Eastaros – “God’s gift from the East” (Greek)

Eastorian – “God’s peace from the East” (Spanish/Greek)

Eastanto – “Holy servant from the East” (Spanish)

Eastathos – “Blessed from the East” (Greek)

Eastaron – “Divinely inspired from the East” (English)

Eastevan – “God’s grace from the East” (Spanish)

Eastiago – “God’s supplanter from the East” (Spanish/Hebrew)

Eastarios – “God’s gift from the East” (Spanish/Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “EAST”

Easton Corbin

American country music singer known for hits like “A Little More Country Than That” and “Roll With It”.

Eastwood Anaba

Ghanaian pastor and author, known for his motivational teachings and leadership.

Eastman Johnson

American painter known for his realistic depictions of American life in the 19th century.

Easton Ellis

American author famous for controversial novels like “American Psycho” and “Less Than Zero”.

Easton Wood

Australian rules footballer who captained the Western Bulldogs to an AFL premiership in 2016.

Easton LaChappelle

American inventor and entrepreneur known for developing affordable prosthetic limbs using 3D printing technology.

East St. Louis Toodle-Oo

Duke Ellington’s signature tune, marking his early success in the jazz music scene.

Easton Chin

Hong Kong-born Canadian actor known for his roles in films like “Rumble in the Bronx” and “Shanghai Noon”.

Easton Neston

British architecturally significant country house designed by Nicholas Hawksmoor in the late 17th century.

Easton & Main

American indie rock band known for their energetic live performances and catchy melodies.

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