220 Best Boy Names That Start with “BLU”

Looking for a unique and bold name for your baby boy? Look no further than boy names that start with “Blu.”

These names exude a sense of strength and individuality, making them the perfect choice for parents who want to give their son a name that sets him apart from the crowd.

From the modern and trendy “Blu” itself to more traditional names like “Bluford” and “Bluto,” there are plenty of options to choose from that start with this distinctive sound.

Whether you’re a fan of nature-inspired names or prefer something more classic, there is a “Blu” name out there that will perfectly suit your little boy.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most unique and handsome boy names that start with “Blu,” giving you plenty of inspiration when it comes to naming your new arrival.

So, read on to discover the perfect name for your little one that starts with “Blu.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “BLU”

Bluford – “blue ford” (English)

Bluth – “blue, loyal” (German)

Blucher – “blue” (German)

Bluford – “blue river crossing” (English)

Blufield – “blue field” (English)

Blume – “flower” (German)

Blufrost – “blue frost” (English)

Bluston – “blue stone town” (English)

Blufin – “blue fin” (English)

Blutide – “blue tide” (English)

Bluestar – “blue star” (English)

Blulake – “blue lake” (English)

Blumoon – “blue moon” (English)

Blugrove – “blue grove” (English)

Blumist – “blue mist” (English)

Blusky – “blue sky” (English)

Blueridge – “blue ridge” (English)

Bluspring – “blue spring” (English)

Blufalcon – “blue falcon” (English)

Blusun – “blue sun” (English)

Blumeadow – “blue meadow” (English)

Blulight – “blue light” (English)

Blubrook – “blue brook” (English)

Blufire – “blue fire” (English)

Blusea – “blue sea” (English)

Blureed – “blue reed” (English)

Bluwolf – “blue wolf” (English)

Blusnow – “blue snow” (English)

Bluthorn – “blue horn” (English)

Blumistral – “blue wind” (English)

Boy Names That Start with "BLU"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “BLU”

Blufinley – “blue fin meadow” (English)

Blusanto – “holy blue” (Spanish)

Blureo – “blue king” (Spanish)

Bluton – “blue town” (English)

Blustar – “blue star” (English)

Blutaurus – “blue bull” (Greek)

Bluzephyr – “blue west wind” (English)

Bluviento – “blue wind” (Spanish)

Blucosmo – “blue universe” (English)

Bludean – “blue valley” (English)

Blufalcono – “blue falcon” (Spanish)

Blusebastian – “venerable blue” (Spanish)

Blucero – “blue sky” (Spanish)

Blustello – “blue star” (Spanish)

Blusafari – “blue journey” (English)

Bluxander – “blue protector” (Greek)

Blumarin – “blue of the sea” (Spanish)

Blurex – “blue king” (English)

Bluthano – “blue god” (Greek)

Blusantiago – “blue saint” (Spanish)

Bluphilo – “lover of blue” (Greek)

Blufinn – “blue fin” (English)

Blutonin – “blue tone” (English)

Bludrian – “blue man” (Greek)

Blusandro – “blue defender” (Greek)

Bluterio – “blue earth” (Spanish)

Blugust – “blue august” (English)

Bluphotos – “blue light” (Greek)

Blulio – “blue warrior” (Spanish)

Blutano – “blue tan” (English)

Unique “BLU” Names for Boys

Blusilas – “blue forest” (Greek)

Bluvictor – “blue conqueror” (English)

Blucian – “blue light” (Greek)

Bludario – “blue gift” (Spanish)

Blutheo – “blue god” (Greek)

Blumero – “blue sea” (Spanish)

Bluxio – “blue warrior” (Greek)

Bludolph – “blue wolf” (English)

Bluregis – “blue king” (Greek)

Blucarlo – “blue man” (Spanish)

Blustav – “blue staff” (English)

Bluanthos – “blue flower” (Greek)

Blufabio – “blue bean” (Spanish)

Blucyrus – “blue leader” (Greek)

Bluthor – “blue thunder” (English)

Blusol – “blue sun” (Spanish)

Bludonis – “blue gift” (Greek)

Blumerick – “blue ruler” (English)

Bluleon – “blue lion” (Spanish)

Bluphron – “blue mind” (Greek)

Blufonso – “blue nobleman” (Spanish)

Blutimio – “blue honor” (Greek)

Blucruz – “blue cross” (Spanish)

Bluarcher – “blue bowman” (English)

Blumarius – “blue sailor” (Spanish)

Bludraco – “blue dragon” (Greek)

Bluferro – “blue iron” (Spanish)

Bluhermes – “blue messenger” (Greek)

Blustanis – “blue crown” (Spanish)

Bluryan – “blue descendant” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “BLU”

Blustein – “blue stone” (German)

Blusander – “blue defender” (Greek)

Blufred – “peaceful ruler” (English)

Blutonico – “blue tone” (Spanish)

Blusolomon – “peaceful blue” (English)

Blutriton – “blue messenger” (Greek)

Blusilvio – “blue forest” (Spanish)

Blutheodore – “gift of blue” (Greek)

Blumartín – “warrior of the sea” (Spanish)

Blufrank – “free man of blue” (English)

Bluleandro – “blue lion” (Spanish)

Bluchristo – “blue follower of Christ” (Greek)

Blusantino – “eternal blue” (Spanish)

Blugideon – “mighty warrior” (English)

Blupanagiotis – “all-holy blue” (Greek)

Blumaximilian – “greatest blue” (English)

Blulorenzo – “blue laurel” (Spanish)

Blutheon – “blue god” (Greek)

Blucalixto – “most beautiful blue” (Spanish)

Blusymeon – “listener of blue” (Greek)

Bludiego – “blue Santiago” (Spanish)

Blutitus – “honored blue” (Greek)

Bluhugo – “mindful of blue” (Spanish)

Blulucio – “blue light” (Spanish)

Blutheros – “beloved blue” (Greek)

Blumaximus – “greatest blue” (Latin)

Blucharles – “free man of blue” (English)

Blukyros – “blue lord” (Greek)

Blusoterios – “blue savior” (Greek)

Blumaximo – “greatest blue” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “BLU”

Blufeng – “blue wind” (Chinese)

Blukai – “ocean blue” (Hawaiian)

Blutariq – “morning star” (Arabic)

Blumir – “peaceful blue” (Russian)

Blukade – “blue warrior” (Japanese)

Bluvan – “blue sky” (Vietnamese)

Blutan – “blue dawn” (Mongolian)

Bluyama – “blue mountain” (Japanese)

Bludan – “blue fire” (Persian)

Blulio – “blue lion” (Italian)

Blusen – “blue sea” (German)

Blumirko – “little peaceful blue” (Czech)

Blusami – “blue sky” (Samoan)

Bluan – “blue wave” (Malay)

Blutari – “blue star” (Albanian)

Bluvanil – “blue vanilla” (Tamil)

Bluraj – “blue king” (Punjabi)

Bludar – “blue gift” (Serbian)

Blusandro – “defender of blue” (Portuguese)

Blutano – “blue dance” (Sanskrit)

Bluzar – “blue prince” (Kurdish)

Blufei – “blue flying” (Chinese)

Bludien – “blue valley” (Dutch)

Blumaro – “blue sea” (Italian)

Blutariq – “path of blue” (Turkish)

Blulian – “blue warrior” (Romanian)

Blukanto – “blue song” (Esperanto)

Bludarshan – “vision of blue” (Hindi)

Blusul – “blue soul” (Swahili)

Blufaruq – “distinguishing blue” (Somali)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “BLU”

Blufin – “blue fin” (English)

Blucielo – “blue sky” (Spanish)

Bludawn – “blue dawn” (English)

Blufrost – “blue frost” (English)

Bluvel – “blue veiled” (English)

Blumist – “blue mist” (English)

Blulyn – “blue lake” (English)

Blupaz – “blue peace” (Spanish)

Blumoon – “blue moon” (English)

Blusol – “blue sun” (Spanish)

Blutide – “blue tide” (English)

Blugale – “blue sea” (English)

Blustorm – “blue storm” (English)

Bluzephyr – “blue west wind” (English)

Bluver – “blue truth” (English)

Blumirage – “blue illusion” (English)

Bluskye – “blue sky” (English)

Bluhaze – “blue mist” (English)

Blurain – “blue rain” (English)

Bluson – “blue sound” (English)

Blucliff – “blue cliff” (English)

Blumistral – “blue wind” (English)

Bluplume – “blue flower” (French)

Bludream – “blue dream” (English)

Blutempest – “blue tempest” (English)

Bluray – “blue ray” (English)

Blucalm – “blue calm” (English)

Blusoul – “blue soul” (English)

Bluwhisper – “blue whisper” (English)

Bludusk – “blue dusk” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “BLU”

Blucharis – “blue grace” (Greek)

Blusanto – “holy blue” (Spanish)

Bludivino – “divine blue” (Spanish)

Blusimeon – “hearing blue” (Greek)

Blupaz – “blue peace” (Spanish)

Bluteofilo – “God’s friend” (Spanish)

Blufilipos – “friend of horses” (Greek)

Bluteofilo – “lover of God” (Spanish)

Bluepifanio – “bringer of light” (Greek)

Blusoterios – “savior in blue” (Greek)

Bluhector – “holding fast” (Greek)

Blufausto – “lucky blue” (Spanish)

Bluteofrasto – “carrying God” (Spanish)

Blutheophilos – “loving God” (Greek)

Blupedro – “rock” (Spanish)

Blumelquíades – “God’s messenger” (Spanish)

Bluguido – “forest” (Spanish)

Bluteófilo – “God’s friend” (Spanish)

Bluteógenes – “born of God” (Greek)

Blufacundo – “eloquent” (Spanish)

Blutheódoros – “gift of God” (Greek)

Blubasilio – “royal” (Spanish)

Bluporfirio – “purple” (Spanish)

Blutheócrito – “judgment of God” (Greek)

Blumelquiades – “God’s messenger” (Spanish)

Blubasílio – “kingly” (Spanish)

Bluteófanes – “manifestation of God” (Greek)

Blupedro – “rock” (Spanish)

Bluteodor – “gift of God” (Greek)

Blusotero – “savior” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “BLU”

Blue Ivy Carter

Daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, known for her notable presence in the music industry even at a young age.

Bluford Lewis

The first African American astronaut to travel to space, paving the way for diversity in space exploration.


A character in the Popeye comic strip, known for his brute strength and rivalry with Popeye over Olive Oyl’s affection.

Blue Demon

A Mexican luchador (professional wrestler) considered one of the greatest legends in Mexican wrestling history.

Blue Hamilton

American singer-songwriter and LGBTQ+ advocate, known for his contributions to the music industry and activism.

Blue Barron

American orchestra leader and pianist popular in the 1940s, known for his smooth and romantic style of music.

Blue Ranger (Billy Cranston)

A fictional character from the Power Rangers franchise, known for his intelligence and technical skills.

Blu Cantrell

American R&B singer-songwriter known for hits like “Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!)” and “Breathe”.

Bluto Blutarsky

A character portrayed by John Belushi in the film “Animal House,” known for his wild antics and rebellious behavior.

Blue Smith

Also known as “Lucky Blue Smith,” an American model and musician who gained fame for his unique appearance and style.

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