220 Cute Boy Names That Start with “BAT”

Choosing a unique name for your baby boy can be an exciting and daunting task.

If you’re looking for a name that is not only distinctive but also starts with “BAT,” then you’ve come to the right place.

The letter “B” is often associated with strength, resilience, and determination, making it a popular choice for baby boys’ names.

Adding “AT” to the mix creates a blend of modern and timeless charm. In this article, we’ll explore a variety of boy names that start with “BAT” and their meanings.

Whether you’re drawn to traditional names or more modern and unconventional ones, there’s something for everyone on this list.

From classic favorites like “Baxter” to more unique and contemporary choices like “Batwin,” there are plenty of options to consider.

So if you’re on the hunt for a name that stands out and starts with “BAT,” keep reading for some inspiration and ideas.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “BAT”

Bates – “Son of Bartholomew” (English)

Batista – “Baptist” (Spanish)

Batokas – “Village in Greece” (Greek)

Batten – “Flat grassy land” (English)

Bautista – “Baptist” (Spanish)

Batrachos – “Frog-like” (Greek)

Battler – “One who battles” (English)

Batres – “High rock” (Spanish)

Batyr – “Hero” (Greek)

Batterson – “Son of Bartholomew” (English)

Batto – “Blessed” (Spanish)

Batron – “Son of Bartholomew” (Greek)

Battis – “Son of Bartholomew” (English)

Batz – “Son of the small land” (Spanish)

Batrinos – “Strong as a warrior” (Greek)

Batwin – “Friend’s settlement” (English)

Batzel – “God is my strength” (Spanish)

Batalis – “Warrior” (Greek)

Batwell – “Good well” (English)

Batzo – “God is my strength” (Spanish)

Batrion – “Son of Bartholomew” (Greek)

Batwick – “From the village near the bay” (English)

Bauta – “Helmet” (Spanish)

Batzios – “Son of the small land” (Greek)

Batworthy – “Worthy battalion” (English)

Batya – “Daughter of God” (Spanish)

Batrinos – “Strong as a warrior” (Greek)

Batrell – “Strong, virtuous” (English)

Batzion – “Son of Zion” (Spanish)

Batis – “Son of Bartholomew” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "BAT"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “BAT”

Batalon – “Brave” (English)

Batique – “Artistic” (Spanish)

Batronas – “Strong ruler” (Greek)

Batwinson – “Son of a good friend” (English)

Batano – “Bold” (Spanish)

Batrios – “Heroic” (Greek)

Batridge – “Ridge of the warrior” (English)

Batello – “Beautiful” (Spanish)

Batronikos – “Victorious ruler” (Greek)

Batleigh – “Meadow of the bats” (English)

Batico – “Quick and nimble” (Spanish)

Batrionis – “Son of a strong man” (Greek)

Batstone – “Stony place of the bats” (English)

Batelloso – “Courageous” (Spanish)

Batzaros – “Warrior-like” (Greek)

Batford – “River crossing of the bats” (English)

Batierra – “Earthly” (Spanish)

Batrionos – “Noble warrior” (Greek)

Batcrest – “Summit of the bats” (English)

Baticio – “Energetic” (Spanish)

Batridos – “Son of a warrior” (Greek)

Batwellis – “Wise friend” (English)

Batelloso – “Daring” (Spanish)

Batzionos – “Son of Zion” (Greek)

Battridge – “Ridge of the brave” (English)

Baticiano – “Noble” (Spanish)

Batronides – “Descendant of a strong ruler” (Greek)

Batsmith – “Skilled craftsman of the bats” (English)

Batigual – “Graceful” (Spanish)

Batronakis – “Noble leader” (Greek)

Unique “BAT” Names for Boys

Batheon – “Bold protector” (English)

Batario – “Adventurous” (Spanish)

Batros – “Strong voice” (Greek)

Batfield – “Open land of the bats” (English)

Batanoth – “Visionary” (Spanish)

Batrosius – “Leader of strength” (Greek)

Batcliff – “Cliff of the bats” (English)

Batellero – “Skilled boatman” (Spanish)

Batyrion – “Warrior king” (Greek)

Batonix – “Innovative thinker” (English)

Batarro – “Swift” (Spanish)

Batheos – “Deep thinker” (Greek)

Batglen – “Valley of the bats” (English)

Batalento – “Musical” (Spanish)

Batronyx – “Noble defender” (Greek)

Batstone – “Solid as a rock” (English)

Batellaro – “Boatman” (Spanish)

Batryos – “Brave protector” (Greek)

Batshade – “Mysterious” (English)

Batallero – “Warrior” (Spanish)

Batryphos – “Guardian of secrets” (Greek)

Batwhisper – “Soft-spoken” (English)

Batierra – “Grounded” (Spanish)

Batronixis – “Noble strategist” (Greek)

Batquill – “Quirky intellect” (English)

Batrillo – “Joyful” (Spanish)

Batrionas – “Son of a strong man” (Greek)

Batblaze – “Energetic fire” (English)

Bataluz – “Bringer of light” (Spanish)

Batisis – “Baptized” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “BAT”

Batwin – “Friend in battle” (English)

Batista – “Baptized” (Spanish)

Batrakos – “Blessed” (Greek)

Battleridge – “Warrior’s ridge” (English)

Bautista – “Baptizer” (Spanish)

Batronis – “Son of strength” (Greek)

Batwell – “Good companion” (English)

Batolero – “Boatman” (Spanish)

Batrosus – “Noble strength” (Greek)

Batfield – “Field of the bats” (English)

Batonio – “Gracious” (Spanish)

Batrionis – “Noble son” (Greek)

Batclifford – “Ford of the bats” (English)

Batisco – “Baptized” (Spanish)

Batryas – “Brave guardian” (Greek)

Battongue – “Tongue of the brave” (English)

Batellano – “Skilled warrior” (Spanish)

Batzoros – “Son of the small land” (Greek)

Batstone – “Solid as a rock” (English)

Batiziano – “Son of Baptiste” (Spanish)

Batrionyx – “Noble defender” (Greek)

Batshire – “Shire of the bats” (English)

Batelloso – “Daring and adventurous” (Spanish)

Batrionikos – “Noble leader” (Greek)

Batwald – “Bold ruler” (English)

Batiano – “Blessed one” (Spanish)

Batsaris – “Son of a hero” (Greek)

Batthorn – “Thorny path” (English)

Batelmo – “Resolute” (Spanish)

Batroclis – “Glory of the people” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “BAT”

Batuk – “One who brings joy” (Sanskrit)

Batou – “Warrior” (Japanese)

Batiq – “Clever” (Tatar)

Batukhan – “Master of joy” (Mongolian)

Batrani – “Old” (Romanian)

Batoula – “The blessed one” (African)

Batsarai – “Victorious” (Mongolian)

Batouros – “Bold and strong” (Czech)

Batislav – “Glorious battle” (Slavic)

Batista – “Baptizer” (Portuguese)

Batukai – “Joyful” (Lithuanian)

Batir – “Hero” (Turkish)

Batanda – “One who grows” (African)

Batram – “Bright raven” (Old English)

Batoni – “Lord” (Georgian)

Batanes – “From the mountains” (Filipino)

Batur – “Brave” (Indonesian)

Batana – “Wise” (African)

Batsalai – “Pure” (Mongolian)

Bato – “Brave warrior” (Serbo-Croatian)

Batomir – “Peaceful battle” (Slavic)

Batuhan – “Soul of the Saka” (Turkic)

Batisse – “Baptizer” (French)

Batsarai – “Conqueror” (Mongolian)

Batukhan – “Joyful ruler” (Turkic)

Batian – “Bright” (Maasai)

Batwinas – “Friend of the brave” (Lithuanian)

Batuan – “Rock” (Tagalog)

Batuvshin – “Eternal light” (Mongolian)

Batyrkhan – “Noble hero” (Kazakh)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “BAT”

Battan – “Valley dweller” (English)

Batel – “God is my oath” (Spanish)

Batros – “Wise companion” (Greek)

Baton – “Son of Bartholomew” (English)

Batali – “Valiant” (Spanish)

Batonik – “Noble one” (Greek)

Batara – “Brave ruler” (English)

Batsel – “God is my rock” (Spanish)

Batis – “Son of Bartholomew” (Greek)

Batley – “Meadow of the bats” (English)

Batino – “Blessed” (Spanish)

Batrion – “Son of a strong man” (Greek)

Batsworth – “Worthy bat” (English)

Batira – “Adventurous” (Spanish)

Batrionyx – “Noble defender” (Greek)

Batwyn – “Friend in battle” (English)

Batello – “Beautiful” (Spanish)

Batrionis – “Noble son” (Greek)

Batstone – “Solid as a rock” (English)

Batisco – “Baptized” (Spanish)

Batrios – “Brave protector” (Greek)

Batwell – “Good companion” (English)

Batiano – “Blessed one” (Spanish)

Batrosus – “Noble strength” (Greek)

Batwing – “Winged creature of the night” (English)

Batico – “Quick and nimble” (Spanish)

Batrinos – “Strong as a warrior” (Greek)

Batwhisper – “Soft-spoken” (English)

Batisis – “Baptized” (Spanish)

Batrillion – “One in a million” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “BAT”

Bataniel – “God is my strength” (English)

Batildeo – “Bold in faith” (Spanish)

Batheologos – “Theologian” (Greek)

Batwellius – “Godly companion” (English)

Batísimo – “Baptized” (Spanish)

Batagoras – “Worshipper of God” (Greek)

Baticon – “God’s covenant” (English)

Batío – “Devout” (Spanish)

Battheophanes – “Manifestation of God” (Greek)

Batris – “Devoted to God” (English)

Batisai – “Holy” (Spanish)

Batzorios – “God’s gift” (Greek)

Baturion – “Devotee of God” (English)

Batselmo – “Resolute for God” (Spanish)

Batheokritos – “Judge of God” (Greek)

Bateliel – “God is my God” (English)

Batsael – “God has heard” (Spanish)

Batsarion – “Son of a prayerful one” (Greek)

Bathezekiel – “God strengthens” (English)

Batisidoro – “God’s gift” (Spanish)

Batheologios – “Student of God” (Greek)

Batelijah – “God is my Lord” (English)

Batólico – “Catholic” (Spanish)

Batthanasios – “Immortal God” (Greek)

Baticaius – “Pious one” (English)

Batarón – “Blessed” (Spanish)

Batisophocles – “Wisdom from God” (Greek)

Batthew – “God’s gift” (English)

Batsamuel – “Heard by God” (Spanish)

Batheophilos – “Lover of God” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “BAT”

Batman (Bruce Wayne):

Fictional superhero created by DC Comics, known for his detective skills and crime-fighting prowess as the Dark Knight of Gotham City.

Batu Khan:

Mongol military leader and grandson of Genghis Khan, played a key role in the expansion of the Mongol Empire.

Bartolomé de las Casas:

Spanish Dominican friar, historian, and missionary who became known for his defense of the indigenous people of the Americas.

Balthasar Neumann:

German architect known for his Baroque and Rococo masterpieces, including the Würzburg Residence.

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo:

Spanish Baroque painter, renowned for his religious and genre scenes, such as “The Immaculate Conception.”

Batsheva Dance Company (Ohad Naharin):

Israeli dance company founded by Ohad Naharin, a renowned choreographer known for developing the “Gaga” movement language.

Battista Farina (Pininfarina):

Italian automobile designer and founder of the Pininfarina design house, known for iconic car designs for Ferrari and others.

Basil Rathbone:

English actor best known for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in the 1930s and 1940s film adaptations.

Bat Masterson:

American Old West lawman, gambler, and sports editor, known for his role in the wild and lawless frontier.

Bartolomeo Cristofori:

Italian musical instrument maker credited with inventing the piano, revolutionizing the world of keyboard instruments.

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