180 Marvelous Boy Names That Start With B

If you’re looking for boy names that start with B, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got hundreds of ideas for you, ranging from the classic to the modern, from the traditional to the unique.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find something that you love on our list.
Some of our favorite boy names that start with B include:










Boy Names That Start With B

Some of the adorable boy names are Bryant, Burr, Baker, Burhan, Barclay.

Barack – “blessed”

Bartholomew – “ploughman”

Benedict – “blessed”

Bishop – “a bishop”

Brett – “from Brittany”

Bonamy – “a good friend”

Bob – “bright, shining”

Brawley – “from the meadow at the slope of the hill”

Bomani – “warrior”

Brice – “the son of rice”

Bevis – “a beautiful view”

Byron – “a barn”

Brandon – “a raven”

Bongani – “grateful”

Branson – “son of brownhaired one”

Bale – “lives in the valley”

Bradley – “broad meadow”

Badiah – “amazing, admirable”

Bromley – “from the place where broom grows”

Bing – “from the kettle shaped hollow”

Bachelor – “unmarried man”

Bay – “born on a Saturday”

Braden – “broad hillside”

Brook – “at the brook or stream”

Blaine – “thin”

Unique Boy Names That Start With B

Some of the unique boy names are Butler, Brady, Benito, Brooks, Brenden.

Benji – “son of my right hand”

Barry – “spear”

Baird – “minstrel”

Bailey – “law enforcer, bailiff”

Byron – “from the barns”

Brantley – “fire or field”

Brecken – “freckled”

Blaze – “flame”

Bodhi – “understanding of true nature”

Bennett – “little blessed one”

Benicio – “benevolent one”

Blake – “fairhaired, dark”

Bryn – “a hill”

Barnaby – “son of consolation”

Bradley – “from the broad meadow”

Bray – “to cry out’

Billy – “resolute protection”

Bancroft – “from the bean field”

Booker – “beech tree”

Bowman – “the archer”

Brighton – “the one who is loved”

Brigham – “homestead by a bridge”

Bob – “famous, bright fame”

Brendan – “prince”

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Cool Boy Names That Start With B

Some of the cool boy names are Beckham, Barack, Blake, Bill, Briar.

Bae – “inspiration”

Bryan – “strong, virtuous and honourable”

Briar – “shrub or small tree”

Burke – “from the fortress”

Björn – “bear”

Brody – “broad eye or broad island”

Brennan – “sorrow”

Baylorone – “who delivers goods”

Bonamy – “good friend”

Bolton – “of the manor farm”

Barry – “fair headed”

Boniface – “doer of good”

Brice – “unknown”

Bryce – “woods”

Bharat – “universal monarch”

Branch – “extension”

Brady – “spirited”

Briggs – “dweller by the bridge”

Buster – “tough guy”

Bentley – “meadow with course grass”

Bergren – “mountain stream”

Burton – “a fortified farmstead”

Bruno – “brown”

Ben – “son of”

Bentley – “sweet person”

Country Boy Names That Start With B

Some of the country boy names are Buckley, Bret, Bear, Bottom, Bjorn.

Brandon – “from the broom hill”

Barney – “strong as a bear”

Benci – “blessed”

Burn – “stream”

Bowie – “blond”

Buddy – “friend”

Bodie – “messenger”

Berkeley – “where birches grow”

Balfour – “from the village by the pasture”

Beckett – “dweller by the brook”

Brian – “strong”

Brock – “badger”

Brody – “second son”

Billy – “helmet, protector”

Bronson – “strong, fierce one”

Benton – “bent grass enclosure”

Brennan – “descendent of the sad one”

Byron – “bear or cottage”

Benedick – “blessed”

Bond – “a peasant fanned”

Baxter – “baker”

Boyd – “yellow hair”

Basil – “kingly”

Boris – “glory in battle”

Bryson – “the son of Brice”

Boy Names That Start With B

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What are some good names for a boy that starts with B?

Some of the good boy names are Barnard, Bruce, Blaze, Brantly, Bhaskar.

Brinley – “burnt meadow”

Baptist – “to dip in water”

Broderick – “son of Roderick A renowned ruler”

Benedict – “son of my right hand”

Braden – “wide valley”

Baron – “a nobleman”

Baldwin – “bold friend”

Byron – “barn for cows”

Berlin – “borderline”

Brent – “a steep climb”

Bebe – “baby”

Boone – “a blessing”

Basim – “smile”

Bradley – “wide meadow”

Bishop – “overseer or guardian”

Bjorn – “bear”

Buck – “a lover of horses”

Bart – “hill, furrow”

Blaise – “someone from the blois region of France”

Birch – “at the Birch tree”

Bartram – “glorious raven”

Beck – “a brook or small stream”

Broderick – “brother”

Beck – “small brook or stream”

Bertram – “bright raven”


There are many great boy names that start with the letter B. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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