175 Lovely Girl Names That Start With B

If you’re looking for girl names that start with B, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got hundreds of ideas for you, ranging from the classic to the modern, from the traditional to the unique.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find something that you love on our list.
Some of our favorite girl names that start with B include:











Girl Names That Start With B

Some of the cute girl names are Basia, Betsie, Baylor, Brycen, Berwyn.

Bertha – “shining”

Bertha – “Bright one”

Baji – “joyful”

Blythe – “Cheerful, or Pleasant”

Blessing – “A gift from the heavens”

Brooke – “Water, or Stream”

Bailey – “steward”

Blythe – “happy”

Bethany – “house of welcome”

Belen – “house of bread”

Bertha – “Bright One”

Braya – “Brave”

Bonnie – “Pretty, or Attractive”

Beryl – “Crystal, or Gemstone”

Bessie – “bringer of joy”

Belmira – “Beautiful woman”

Blaise – “to stutter”

Brenda – “sword”

Berenice – “Bringer of victory”

Bay – “Berry”

Brenda – “Sword, or Torch”

Buena – “excellent”

Blanca – “White”

Brinley – “Burnt Meadow”

Unique Names That Start With B

Some of the unique girl names are Bea, Breeze, Blanche, Bina, Brianna.

Betsy – “god is my oath”

Basima – “Smiling”

Bambi – “Little Child”

Beulah – “Married”

Briar – “small tre”

Briony – “To Sprout”

Brenna – “little drop of water”

Bristol – “site off the bridge”

Brylee – “Noble, or Strong”

Bailee – “bailiff”

Barbara – “Foreign, or Strange”

Bernadette – “brave as a bear”

Bianca – “White”

Blair – “Meadow”

Bruna – “Of the Dark Hair, or Brown”

Britt – “High Goddess”

Bindi – “butterfly”

Belle – “beauty”

Birdie – “little bird”

Babita – “stranger”

Bracha – “A blessing”

Beyonce – “Beyond Others”

Bedelia – “Strength”

Blossom – “Flower, or Bloom”

Bella – “beautiful”

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Pretty Girl Names That Start With B

Some of the pretty girl names are Biddy, Boipelo, Brady, Brielle, Baylor.

Brittany – “from Britain”

Bellamy – “Beautiful friend”

Bianca – “white”

Beckett – “Dweller by the Brook”

Birdie – “little bird”

Basilia – “Royal, or Regal”

Bernice – “Bearer of Victory”

Blake – “white”

Belia – “God’s Promise”

Bijou – “Jewel”

Baha – “Brilliant, magnificent”

Braelyn – “Honourable”

Bexley – “A Woodland Clearing”

Beyoncé – “beyond others”

Brona – “Sorrow”

Biddy – “The High One”

Brooklyn – “broken land”

Breigh – “noble or exalted”

Bathilda – “Female Warrior”

Britney – “a person from Great Britain”

Brynn – “Hill”

Blake – “Dark Haired”

Bitsy – “Pledged to God”

Bristol – “Meeting Place by the Bridge”

Bethel – “House of God”

What are some cool B names?

Some of the cool girl names are Beulah, Bevin, Beatrice, Bindy, Bryony.

Bridget – “power”

Bonnie – “pretty girl”

Bliss – “Perfect Gift”

Becky – “Captivating”

Bahati – “luck or fortune”

Brina – “From The River Severn”

Becky – “captivated or captivating”

Babette – “God is my oath”

Bokang – “Praise and rejoice”

Bobbie – “Foreign, Traveller, or Strange”

Belinda – “beautiful one”

Bronwyn – “Fair, White, or Blessed”

Basma – “Smile”

Beatrice – “bringer of joy”

Beatrix – “Blessed”

Bronwyn – “Fair breast”

Brie – “powerful”

Badriya – “like the full moon”

Bridget – “exalted one”

Blossom – “to bloom”

Brianna – “noble”

Becky – “to tie firmly”

Belinda – “beautiful”

Berkley – “a meadow of birch trees”

Bridley – “Wise”

Girl Names That Start With B

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What are some rare names that start with B?

Some of the rare girl names are Bronia, Baria, Badia, Bambi, Brooklyn.

Beverly – “From the Beaver Stream”

Bella – “Beautiful”

Brielle – “god is my strength”

Belle – “Beautiful”

Bader – “full moon”

Bali – “Strength, or Soldier”

Buthayna – “beautiful woman”

Bradley – “broad clearing”

Brandice – “Brandy”

Birdie – “Bringing Victory”

Bettina – “blessed”

Basha – “Daughter of a Promise”

Bryonie – “A climbing plant”

Blanche – “White”

Bonita – “pretty”

Berri – “light green semiprecious gemstone”

Bretta – “From Britain”

Bobbie – “bright fame”

Becca – “To Tie, To Bind”

Brynlee – “burnt meadow”

Bethan – “God is my Oath”

Bexleigh – “Woodland clearing”

Blythe – “Happy”

Brenna – “Drop of Water”

Beatrice – “She Who Brings Happiness”


There are many great girl names that start with the letter B. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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