Boy Names That Start with “AME”

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy is an exciting journey filled with possibilities.

If you’re seeking a name that exudes charm and uniqueness, why not explore those beginning with “Ame”?

Though it might not be the most common starting syllable for names, “Ame” presents an array of distinctive options that carry both tradition and modern flair.

From timeless classics like Amos, meaning “carried by God,” to more contemporary choices like Amery, there’s a wealth of names to consider.

In this guide, we’ll delve into some of the most endearing boy names that start with “Ame” and uncover their meanings, origins, and potential significance.

Whether you’re drawn to names with deep historical roots or prefer those with a touch of novelty, there’s a “Ame” name waiting to capture your heart.

So, join us on this journey as we explore the allure and charm of boy names that begin with “Ame.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “AME”

Amelia – “Industrious” (Latin)

Ameer – “Prince” (Arabic)

Amir – “Commander” (Arabic)

Amadeus – “Love of God” (Latin)

Amos – “Carried” or “Strong” (Hebrew)

Amias – “Loved” (Latin)

Amedeo – “God’s Love” (Italian)

Amadeo – “Lover of God” (Spanish)

Amancio – “Loving” (Spanish)

Amery – “Industrious Leader” (Germanic)

Amelio – “Industrious” (Latin)

Ammon – “Faithful” (Hebrew)

Amiri – “Princely” (Swahili)

Amadei – “Love of God” (Italian)

Amin – “Trustworthy” (Arabic)

Amancay – “Flower” (Mapuche)

Amery – “Ruler of Work” (Germanic)

Amadi – “Free Man” (Igbo)

Amed – “Valuable” (Turkish)

Amil – “Worker” (Arabic)

Amado – “Beloved” (Spanish)

Amish – “Honest” (Sanskrit)

Amilcar – “Prince of Work” (Phoenician)

Amaury – “Work Ruler” (French)

Amando – “Loving” (Spanish)

Amish – “Honest” (Sanskrit)

Aminadab – “My People Are Generous” (Hebrew)

Amil – “Hopeful” (Arabic)

Amadou – “Thankful” (African)

Amiracle – “A Miracle” (English)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “AME”

Amell – “Power of an Eagle” (German)

Amend – “Valuable Friend” (German)

Ameth – “Trustworthy” (Arabic)

Ameon – “Divine” (English)

Ameron – “Strong Leader” (English)

Amereon – “Eternal Leader” (English)

Amellio – “Brave” (German)

Ameon – “Faithful” (English)

Ameth – “True” (Arabic)

Amiron – “Eternal” (English)

Ameron – “Resolute” (English)

Amereon – “Enduring” (English)

Amethy – “Precious Stone” (English)

Amechi – “Who Knows Tomorrow” (Igbo)

Ameron – “Everlasting” (English)

Amiron – “Unyielding” (English)

Ameret – “Life” (Amharic)

Amelio – “Strong” (German)

Ameen – “Faithful” (Arabic)

Americk – “Forever Strong” (English)

Ameso – “You Are Loved” (Luo)

Amo – “Affectionate” (Japanese)

Amire – “Leader” (English)

Amethyst – “Precious Stone” (Greek)

Amemba – “The One Who Builds” (African)

Amias – “Loved” (Latin)

Amiir – “Royal” (Somali)

Amiracle – “Miraculous” (English)

Amias – “Friend of God” (Latin)

Amelio – “Ambitious” (German)

Unique “AME” Names for Boys

Amzi – “Strong” (Hebrew)

Aminon – “Trustworthy” (Hebrew)

Amadi – “One who is loved” (Igbo)

Amayo – “Joyful” (Japanese)

Aminu – “Faithful” (Hausa)

Amichai – “My People Live” (Hebrew)

Amaechi – “Who knows tomorrow?” (Igbo)

Ameretat – “Immortal” (Persian)

Amalric – “Work Ruler” (Germanic)

Amichai – “My People Are Alive” (Hebrew)

Amadou – “Thankful” (African)

Amarande – “Immortal” (French)

Amirault – “Royal” (French)

Amo – “Sun” (Akan)

Ammon – “Faithful” (Hebrew)

Amadioha – “God of Thunder” (Igbo)

Amrak – “Strong” (Native American)

Amali – “Hope” (Native American)

Amani – “Peace” (Swahili)

Amhar – “Proud” (Amharic)

Amor – “Love” (Spanish)

Amok – “Peaceful” (Cambodian)

Amorey – “Industrious Leader” (Germanic)

Amori – “Love” (Latin)

Ambar – “Sky” (Sanskrit)

Amaran – “Immortal” (Tamil)

Amarin – “Eternal” (Thai)

Amasa – “Burdensome” (Hebrew)

Amavi – “Beloved” (Esperanto)

Amane – “Sound of the Waves” (Japanese)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “AME”

Amos – “Carried” (Hebrew)

Amias – “Loved” (Latin)

Amadeus – “Love of God” (Latin)

Amedeo – “Lover of God” (Italian)

Amery – “Industrious Leader” (German)

Amiel – “God of my people” (Hebrew)

Amir – “Prince” (Arabic)

Ammon – “Faithful” (Hebrew)

Amory – “Industrious Leader” (German)

Amadeo – “Beloved of God” (Italian)

Amiran – “Prince” (Georgian)

Amram – “Exalted Nation” (Hebrew)

Amery – “Ruler of Home” (German)

Amir – “Prosperous” (Arabic)

Ammon – “Faithful” (Hebrew)

Amory – “Industrious Leader” (German)

Amadis – “Love of God” (Spanish)

Amedeo – “God’s Love” (Italian)

Amir – “Commander” (Arabic)

Amiel – “People of God” (Hebrew)

Amadeus – “Lover of God” (Latin)

Amory – “Industrious Leader” (German)

Amias – “Loved” (Latin)

Ames – “Friend” (English)

Amir – “Leader” (Arabic)

Ammon – “Faithful” (Hebrew)

Amadeo – “God’s Love” (Italian)

Amos – “Burdened” (Hebrew)

Amir – “Prince” (Arabic)

Amory – “Industrious Leader” (German)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “AME”

Amadeo – “Beloved of God” (Italian)

Amias – “Loved” (Latin)

Amil – “Hope” (Arabic)

Amaru – “Snake” (Quechua)

Amir – “Prince” (Arabic)

Amal – “Hope” (Arabic)

Amr – “Life” (Arabic)

Amory – “Industrious Leader” (German)

Amedeo – “God’s Love” (Italian)

Amin – “Trustworthy” (Arabic)

Amjad – “Magnificent” (Arabic)

Amrullah – “Life from God” (Arabic)

Amitabh – “Immeasurable Splendor” (Sanskrit)

Amiri – “Prince” (Swahili)

Amaziah – “Strength of God” (Hebrew)

Amish – “Honest” (Hindi)

Amirul – “Prince” (Arabic)

Ameer – “Prince” (Arabic)

Amor – “Love” (Spanish)

Ames – “Friend” (English)

Amari – “Strength” (African)

Amos – “Burdened” (Hebrew)

Amjad – “Splendid” (Arabic)

Amed – “Hope” (Arabic)

Amedeo – “Love of God” (Italian)

Amjad – “Greatness” (Arabic)

Amiri – “Prosperous” (Swahili)

Amor – “Love” (Spanish)

Ammon – “Faithful” (Hebrew)

Amory – “Industrious Leader” (German)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “AME”

Amari – “Eternal” (African)

Amory – “Industrious Leader” (Latin)

Amery – “Work Ruler” (English)

Ames – “Friend” (French)

Amell – “Hardworking” (German)

Amey – “Beloved” (English)

Ameka – “Power of God” (African)

Ameryn – “Strong, Brave” (Irish)

Amellin – “Leader” (German)

Amelle – “Industrious” (German)

Ameth – “Determined” (French)

Amellis – “Loved One” (Latin)

Amerie – “Rebellious” (English)

Ameni – “Peace” (African)

Ameryll – “Flower” (English)

Ametha – “Life” (African)

Amedy – “Loved” (English)

Amerys – “Princess” (English)

Amein – “Faithful” (Hebrew)

Amethys – “Precious Gemstone” (English)

Amiel – “God of My People” (Hebrew)

Amele – “Industrious” (German)

Ameythyst – “Precious Gemstone” (English)

Amerey – “Beloved” (English)

Amelo – “Industrious” (German)

Ameir – “Rich” (Arabic)

Amenia – “Brave” (Greek)

Amerya – “Ruler” (German)

Ameinah – “Trustworthy” (Arabic)

Amellee – “Hardworking” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “AME”

Amiel – “People of God” (Hebrew)

Amed – “Praise to God” (Arabic)

Amesh – “God of Life” (Indian)

Ameni – “The Hidden One” (Egyptian)

Amer – “Richness” (Arabic)

Ames – “Burdensome” (Hebrew)

Ameth – “Truth” (Hebrew)

Amein – “Faithful” (Hebrew)

Amell – “Servant of God” (English)

Amellis – “God’s Promise” (Latin)

Amellon – “God’s Gift” (Latin)

Ameran – “Strong” (Arabic)

Amery – “Industrious Ruler of the Home” (English)

Amey – “God’s Gift” (English)

Ameryn – “Beloved of God” (Irish)

Amellin – “God’s Protector” (English)

Amerie – “Beloved of the Gods” (English)

Ameythyst – “God’s Jewel” (English)

Amela – “People’s Work” (Hebrew)

Ameinah – “God’s Trust” (Arabic)

Amellis – “God’s Grace” (Latin)

Ameya – “Divine” (Sanskrit)

Ameshwar – “Lord of the Gods” (Indian)

Amet – “Truthful” (Arabic)

Ameya – “Boundless” (Sanskrit)

Amel – “Work of God” (Hebrew)

Amell – “God’s Servant” (English)

Ameryll – “God’s Strength” (English)

Amerys – “God’s Gift” (English)

Ameythyst – “God’s Gift of Strength” (English)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “AME”

Amedeo Avogadro

Italian scientist known for Avogadro’s law, which states that equal volumes of gases, at the same temperature and pressure, contain the same number of molecules.

Amerigo Vespucci

Italian explorer and navigator who played a vital role in the exploration and mapping of the Americas, which were named after him.

Amelie Mauresmo

Former French professional tennis player, who achieved the World No. 1 ranking and won multiple Grand Slam titles in singles and doubles.

Amélie Nothomb

Belgian author known for her distinctive style of writing, characterized by surrealism and wit, with works translated into numerous languages.

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