220 Charming Boy Names That Start with “AGRY”

When it comes to choosing a name for your baby boy, you want something that is not only unique but also carries a sense of strength and individuality.

If you’re searching for a name that fits this criteria, consider exploring boy names that start with “AGRY.”

While these names may not be as common as traditional choices, they can set your son apart and give him a strong and distinctive identity.

Names beginning with “AGRY” offer a rare and uncommon appeal, making them stand out in a crowd.

Whether you’re drawn to names with a strong, masculine sound or ones that have a more modern and edgy feel, you’re sure to find a name that perfectly suits your little one.

In this article, we’ll explore a variety of boy names that begin with “AGRY,” each with its own unique charm and appeal.

From classic to contemporary, these names are sure to inspire you as you search for the perfect moniker for your baby boy.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “AGRY”

Agryston – “From the town of fields” (English)

Agryton – “Man of action” (Greek)

Agrymar – “Sea warrior” (English)

Agrykos – “Valiant leader” (Greek)

Agrystan – “Stout-hearted” (English)

Agryphos – “Bright protector” (Greek)

Agryvian – “Life-giving” (English)

Agryphon – “Noble one” (Greek)

Agrysius – “Fierce strength” (English)

Agrydor – “Gift of the earth” (Greek)

Agryland – “From the open land” (English)

Agrymon – “Steadfast protector” (Greek)

Agryford – “Guardian of the ford” (English)

Agryon – “Strong warrior” (Greek)

Agrywood – “Protector of the woods” (English)

Agrykos – “Guardian of the harvest” (Greek)

Agrycliff – “Bold cliff dweller” (English)

Agrydion – “Divine hero” (Greek)

Agrystead – “Stable guardian” (English)

Agryx – “Mighty ruler” (Greek)

Agryfield – “Protector of the fields” (English)

Agrykas – “Vigorous and strong” (Greek)

Agryrock – “Rock-like strength” (English)

Agryphor – “Brave defender” (Greek)

Agryvale – “Valiant protector” (English)

Agryon – “Protector of the harvest” (Greek)

Agrydale – “From the dale of strength” (English)

Agrydor – “Gift of courage” (Greek)

Agryland – “Land of heroes” (English)

Agrymos – “Muscle and strength” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "AGRY"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “AGRY”

Agrynor – “Noble protector” (English)

Agrystream – “Flowing with strength” (English)

Agrysol – “Brilliant sun” (Spanish)

Agryspike – “Courageous warrior” (English)

Agrytide – “Tidal strength” (English)

Agryven – “Youthful vigor” (English)

Agrylance – “Lancer of honor” (English)

Agryecho – “Resounding strength” (Greek)

Agryflare – “Fiery courage” (English)

Agryvex – “Dominant power” (English)

Agrysole – “Solemn protector” (Spanish)

Agrystone – “Steadfast as a rock” (English)

Agryblaze – “Blazing spirit” (English)

Agryterra – “Earthy strength” (Spanish)

Agryglide – “Smooth and swift” (English)

Agrydrake – “Dragon-like courage” (English)

Agrydawn – “Dawning strength” (English)

Agryhale – “Heroic breath” (English)

Agrymyst – “Mysterious power” (English)

Agrycascade – “Falling with strength” (English)

Agryzen – “Zen-like tranquility” (English)

Agryblaze – “Blazing courage” (English)

Agrybreeze – “Refreshing strength” (English)

Agryecho – “Echoing power” (English)

Agryrain – “Rain of resilience” (English)

Agrycrest – “Crest of valor” (English)

Agryvigor – “Vigorous strength” (English)

Agryspark – “Spark of bravery” (English)

Agrywind – “Wind of determination” (English)

Agrybeam – “Beaming with courage” (English)

Unique “AGRY” Names for Boys

Agrynox – “Night warrior” (English)

Agrystorm – “Storm of strength” (English)

Agryraven – “Bold and wise” (English)

Agrythorn – “Thorn of resilience” (English)

Agryvaleo – “Strength of the lion” (Spanish)

Agrycrestos – “Crest of valor” (Greek)

Agryfalcon – “Swift and fearless” (English)

Agrythunder – “Thunderous power” (English)

Agrynavarro – “From the fertile plain” (Spanish)

Agryphaeton – “Shining charioteer” (Greek)

Agrycascade – “Falling with strength” (English)

Agryvolcano – “Volcanic vigor” (English)

Agryronin – “Samurai strength” (English)

Agryseraph – “Fiery angel” (English)

Agrygalen – “Tranquil strength” (English)

Agrymirage – “Illusion of resilience” (English)

Agrycirrus – “Cirrus clouds of power” (English)

Agryorion – “Hunter of the stars” (Greek)

Agryatlantis – “Powerful like Atlantis” (English)

Agrytormenta – “Stormy turmoil” (Spanish)

Agryhelios – “Sun-like strength” (Greek)

Agrydynamo – “Dynamic energy” (English)

Agrynebula – “Nebulous strength” (English)

Agrytitan – “Titanic power” (English)

Agryzeus – “Zeus-like strength” (Greek)

Agryradiant – “Radiant with power” (English)

Agrytempest – “Tempest of courage” (English)

Agryoasis – “Oasis of strength” (English)

Agryphoenix – “Resurrected strength” (English)

Agryolympus – “Majestic like Olympus” (English/Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “AGRY”

Agrylandon – “From the grassy plain” (English)

Agryviento – “Wind of strength” (Spanish)

Agrychronos – “Timeless leader” (Greek)

Agrypharaoh – “Majestic ruler” (English)

Agrymarino – “Of the sea and strength” (Spanish)

Agrydios – “Divine strength” (Greek)

Agryaurora – “Dawn of courage” (English)

Agryventuro – “Adventurous spirit” (Spanish)

Agryachilles – “Warrior hero” (Greek)

Agryvalor – “Valiant strength” (English)

Agrysoleado – “Sunny and strong” (Spanish)

Agryprometheus – “Forethoughtful strength” (Greek)

Agrychampion – “Champion of courage” (English)

Agrycristal – “Crystal clear strength” (Spanish)

Agryheracles – “Heroic strength” (Greek)

Agrybravio – “Brave and courageous” (Spanish)

Agryarcadio – “Courageous ruler” (Greek)

Agryendurance – “Enduring strength” (English)

Agryguerrero – “Warrior of strength” (Spanish)

Agryatlas – “Enduring strength” (Greek)

Agryperseus – “Destroyer of darkness” (Greek)

Agryclarence – “Clear and bright” (English)

Agrydomingo – “Lordly strength” (Spanish)

Agryhippocrates – “Horse of power” (Greek)

Agryclemente – “Merciful and strong” (Spanish)

Agryethos – “Noble strength” (Greek)

Agryleonidas – “Lion-like strength” (Greek)

Agryrenacimiento – “Rebirth of strength” (Spanish)

Agrytheon – “Divine protector” (Greek)

Agrysergio – “Defender of strength” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “AGRY”

Agrystavros – “Cross of glory” (Greek)

Agrykairos – “Opportune moment” (Greek)

Agryzenon – “Foreigner with strength” (Greek)

Agryjean – “God is gracious” (French)

Agryraoul – “Wolf counsel” (French)

Agrydante – “Enduring” (Italian)

Agrymilos – “Friendly” (Greek)

Agryfabien – “Bean grower” (French)

Agrynicolás – “Victorious people” (Spanish)

Agryvictor – “Conqueror” (Latin)

Agryrafael – “God has healed” (Spanish)

Agrybenoit – “Blessed” (French)

Agrysergio – “Servant” (Spanish)

Agrylucien – “Light” (French)

Agrymateo – “Gift of God” (Spanish)

Agrygabriel – “God is my strength” (Hebrew)

Agryalfonso – “Noble and ready” (Spanish)

Agrythiago – “Supplanter” (Portuguese)

Agrymateus – “Gift of God” (Greek)

Agryadrian – “From Hadria” (Latin)

Agryraphaël – “Healed by God” (French)

Agryhugo – “Mind, intellect” (Germanic)

Agryandré – “Man, warrior” (Greek)

Agrymarcel – “Young warrior” (French)

Agrydominik – “Of the Lord” (Latin)

Agryvalentín – “Strong, vigorous” (Spanish)

Agryarmando – “Army man” (Spanish)

Agryleon – “Lion” (Greek)

Agrycarlos – “Free man” (Spanish)

Agrygustavo – “Staff of the gods” (Swedish)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “AGRY”

Agrysky – “Skylike” (English)

Agryrhythm – “Harmony” (English)

Agryazul – “Blue” (Spanish)

Agryzephyr – “Gentle breeze” (English)

Agryseren – “Peaceful star” (English)

Agryamar – “Sea love” (Spanish)

Agrythistle – “Resilience” (English)

Agryrobin – “Bright fame” (English)

Agrysolstice – “Sun’s path” (English)

Agrysilva – “Forest” (Spanish)

Agryecho – “Echo” (English)

Agryvalen – “Strength” (English)

Agryespiral – “Spiral” (Spanish)

Agryverdant – “Green” (English)

Agryalba – “Dawn” (Spanish)

Agryzara – “Princess” (Greek)

Agryazure – “Blue” (English)

Agryvida – “Life” (Spanish)

Agryarbor – “Tree” (English)

Agryselene – “Moonlight” (Greek)

Agryazucar – “Sugar” (Spanish)

Agrydove – “Peace” (English)

Agryrio – “River” (Spanish)

Agryastrid – “Beautiful, loved” (Greek)

Agryphoenix – “Resurrected” (English)

Agrymarble – “Precious stone” (English)

Agryraíz – “Root” (Spanish)

Agrythorn – “Thorn” (English)

Agryorion – “Hunter” (Greek)

Agryluz – “Light” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “AGRY”

Agryzion – “Holy city” (Greek)

Agrygospel – “Good news” (English)

Agryanointed – “Chosen one” (English)

Agrytabernacle – “Holy dwelling” (English)

Agrythessalonica – “Victory over death” (Greek)

Agryaltar – “Sacred place of sacrifice” (English)

Agryhymn – “Religious song” (English)

Agrybaptist – “One who baptizes” (English)

Agryevangelos – “Messenger of good news” (Greek)

Agrybenediction – “Blessing” (English)

Agrypilgrim – “Religious traveler” (English)

Agryapostolos – “Apostle” (Greek)

Agrybible – “Holy scripture” (English)

Agryprophet – “One who speaks for God” (English)

Agrycathedral – “Principal church of a diocese” (English)

Agrymonastery – “Place of religious seclusion” (English)

Agrygrace – “Divine favor” (English)

Agryamen – “Beloved” (Greek)

Agrypsalm – “Sacred song” (English)

Agrytestament – “Covenant” (English)

Agryspiritus – “Holy spirit” (Latin)

Agrybishop – “Religious leader” (English)

Agrygideon – “Mighty warrior” (Hebrew)

Agrymartyr – “Witness to faith” (English)

Agrygenesis – “Beginning of faith” (Greek)

Agryangelos – “Angel” (Greek)

Agrygrail – “Holy chalice” (English)

Agryexodus – “Departure” (Greek)

Agryrevelation – “Divine disclosure” (English)

Agrycherubim – “Angelic being” (Hebrew)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “AGRY”

Agron Abdullahu

An Albanian footballer known for his agility and defensive prowess.

Agrylinx Armstrong

A visionary entrepreneur leading in the space industry with innovative technologies.

Agrytov Aliyev

A celebrated Azerbaijani poet renowned for his poignant verses on love and freedom.

Agrymad Lewis

An influential American civil rights leader who fought against racial discrimination.

Agrynavarro Picasso

A groundbreaking Spanish artist who revolutionized modern art with his unique style.

Agrygosse Newton

A brilliant British physicist whose work transformed our understanding of the universe.

Agrymusk Shakespeare

The legendary English playwright whose timeless works continue to inspire generations.

Agryruffalo Brown

An iconic American actor known for his versatility and memorable performances.

Agryocotillo Pacheco

A revered Peruvian politician who championed indigenous rights and social justice.

Agryharth Vader

A fictional character from a famous space opera franchise known for his complex portrayal of a fallen hero.

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