220 Adorable Boy Names That Start with “AB”

Are you on the lookout for a unique baby name for your little boy? Look no further than boy names that start with “AB.”

These names are not only distinctive but also hold a certain charm and grace. From traditional to modern, there is a wide range of options to choose from in this category.

Whether you have a specific cultural or religious background, or you simply want a name that is unique and uncommon, boy names that start with “AB” offer a diverse selection to explore.

From the timeless “Abel” to the strong “Abraham,” these names hold a special significance and bring a sense of individuality to your child.

In this article, we will delve into some of the most popular and lesser-known boy names that start with “AB.”

We will explore their meanings, origins, and cultural connections, providing you with a wealth of inspiration as you search for the perfect name for your little one.

So, let’s embark on a journey of discovery and explore the world of boy names that start with “AB.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “AB”

Abel – “Breath, Vapor” (Hebrew)

Abraham – “Father of Multitudes” (Hebrew)

Abram – “Exalted Father” (Hebrew)

Abner – “Father of Light” (Hebrew)

Abdiel – “Servant of God” (Hebrew)

Abdi – “My Servant” (Spanish)

Abelardo – “Noble and Resolute” (Spanish)

Abilio – “Skilled” (Spanish)

Abneris – “Father of Light” (Spanish)

Abimael – “My Father is God” (Spanish)

Abisai – “My Father is a Gift” (Spanish)

Abrahán – “Father of a Multitude” (Spanish)

Abhay – “Fearless” (Greek)

Abhiram – “Pleasing, Handsome” (Greek)

Abhijit – “Victorious” (Greek)

Abimelech – “My Father is King” (Hebrew)

Abidan – “My Father is Judge” (Hebrew)

Abnerio – “Father of Light” (Greek)

Abriam – “Father of a Multitude” (English)

Abraxas – “A Mystical Word” (Greek)

Abraam – “Father of a Multitude” (Greek)

Abidan – “Source of My Father” (Greek)

Abimael – “God is My Father” (Greek)

Abnar – “Radiant Father” (Spanish)

Abraão – “Father of Many” (Spanish)

Abilio – “Expert, Skillful” (Spanish)

Abenner – “Son of Light” (Spanish)

Abrios – “Strong” (Greek)

Abron – “Proud, Valiant” (Greek)

Abukar – “Noble” (Spanish)

Boy Names That Start with "AB"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “AB”

Abbott – “Father” (English)

Abnerio – “Brilliant Father” (Italian)

Abilio – “Skilled” (Spanish)

Abiel – “God is My Father” (Hebrew)

Absolon – “Father of Peace” (Greek)

Abelardo – “Noble and Resolute” (Spanish)

Abaris – “Son of the Prophet” (Greek)

Abidan – “My Father’s Judge” (Hebrew)

Abramis – “Exalted Father” (Greek)

Abrian – “Open, Aquatic” (Spanish)

Abielo – “God is My Father” (Spanish)

Abhijeet – “Victorious” (Spanish)

Abilio – “Expert, Skillful” (Spanish)

Abryus – “Swift” (Greek)

Absolon – “Father of Peace” (Greek)

Abidan – “Source of My Father” (Spanish)

Ablan – “Clear, Transparent” (English)

Abneris – “Radiant Father” (Spanish)

Absolon – “Father of Peace” (Greek)

Abidius – “Devoted Worshipper” (Latin)

Abnous – “Desire, Longing” (Greek)

Abyan – “Clear, Eloquent” (Spanish)

Abinadab – “My Father is Noble” (Hebrew)

Abaris – “Son of the Prophet” (Greek)

Abrios – “Strong” (Greek)

Absolom – “Father of Peace” (English)

Abien – “Born to Conquer” (Spanish)

Abilio – “Expert, Skillful” (Spanish)

Abramis – “Exalted Father” (Greek)

Abysal – “Deep, Profound” (English)

Unique “AB” Names for Boys

Abijay – “My Father is Joyful” (Hebrew)

Abexander – “Defender of the People” (English)

Abilio – “Skilled and Able” (Spanish)

Abryn – “Strong Bear” (English)

Abnerio – “Bright and Strong” (Italian)

Abiron – “Tall, Majestic” (Greek)

Abidan – “Judge of My Father” (Hebrew)

Ablan – “Clear, Transparent” (English)

Aberto – “Noble and Bright” (Spanish)

Abrastos – “Indestructible” (Greek)

Abidian – “Dedicated to My Father” (Latin)

Absolon – “Father of Peace” (Greek)

Abrego – “Warm Wind” (Spanish)

Abellion – “Strength of the Lion” (English)

Abythos – “Profound, Deep” (Greek)

Absalum – “Peaceful Father” (Hebrew)

Abilio – “Expert and Skillful” (Portuguese)

Abryn – “Radiant Bear” (English)

Abdonis – “Admirable” (Greek)

Abilio – “Gifted with Skill” (Spanish)

Abnoris – “Bright Honor” (English)

Abios – “Life-Giver” (Greek)

Ablaze – “Radiant, Bright” (English)

Abharan – “Jewel” (Sanskrit)

Abrios – “Robust and Vigorous” (Greek)

Abilian – “Son of the Noble One” (Latin)

Abrico – “Peach” (Spanish)

Abjorn – “Bear Warrior” (Norse)

Abderon – “Brave Man” (Greek)

Absalonis – “Fatherly Peace” (Latin)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “AB”

Abbott – “Father” (English)

Abriel – “God is My Strength” (Hebrew)

Abner – “Father of Light” (Hebrew)

Abidio – “Industrious” (Spanish)

Abacus – “Ancient Calculation Tool” (Greek)

Abelardo – “Noble and Brave” (Spanish)

Abimelek – “My Father is a King” (Hebrew)

Abilio – “Skilled” (Spanish)

Abidan – “My Father is Judge” (Hebrew)

Abrian – “Open, Aquatic” (Spanish)

Abiel – “God is My Father” (Hebrew)

Abran – “Father of Multitudes” (Spanish)

Abaris – “Son of the Prophet” (Greek)

Abneris – “Radiant Father” (Spanish)

Abbotton – “Little Father” (English)

Abhiram – “Pleasant” (Sanskrit)

Abilio – “Expert, Skillful” (Portuguese)

Ablastos – “Unfading” (Greek)

Abramis – “Exalted Father” (Greek)

Abrian – “Strong One” (English)

Abuelito – “Little Grandfather” (Spanish)

Absoluto – “Complete, Absolute” (Spanish)

Abnerio – “Bright Warrior” (Italian)

Abras – “Great One” (Greek)

Abilio – “Gifted with Skill” (Portuguese)

Absolon – “Father of Peace” (Greek)

Abry – “Bright Fame” (English)

Abuelo – “Grandfather” (Spanish)

Abrios – “Strong” (Greek)

Abilio – “Valiant” (Portuguese)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “AB”

Abidin – “Worshipper” (Arabic)

Abirio – “Strong One” (Italian)

Abayomi – “Bringer of Joy” (Yoruba)

Aboudi – “Servant of God” (Arabic)

Abhayendra – “Fearless King” (Sanskrit)

Abdelrahim – “Servant of the Compassionate” (Arabic)

Abasi – “Serious” (African – Igbo)

Aberforth – “From the River Ford” (English)

Abidemi – “Born at the Time of Father’s Absence” (Yoruba)

Abhimukh – “Facing Towards” (Sanskrit)

Abiola – “Born in Wealth” (Yoruba)

Abodunrin – “Born at the Festival” (Yoruba)

Abasiama – “God’s Love” (Ibibio)

Abhayankar – “Fearless” (Sanskrit)

Abidullah – “Servant of Allah” (Arabic)

Abhirath – “Fearless Charioteer” (Sanskrit)

Abukar – “Noble” (Somali)

Abneru – “Sturdy Tree” (Egyptian)

Abijith – “Fearless” (Sanskrit)

Abreham – “Father of a Multitude” (Amharic)

Aboudou – “Born on a Monday” (Akan)

Ablaye – “Born on a Tuesday” (Wolof)

Abhiraj – “Fearless King” (Sanskrit)

Abimbola – “Born to Be Wealthy” (Yoruba)

Abo – “Python” (Ibibio)

Abhish – “Fearless” (Sanskrit)

Abrahamu – “Father of a Multitude” (Hausa)

Abriyanto – “The Sun” (Indonesian)

Abduallah – “Servant of God” (Arabic)

Abhirup – “Handsome” (Sanskrit)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “AB”

Abey – “Fire” (English)

Abri – “Cloud” (Spanish)

Absol – “Light” (Greek)

Abriel – “Open, Secure” (English)

Abismo – “Abyss” (Spanish)

Ablaze – “Radiant, Bright” (English)

Abino – “White” (Spanish)

Absyn – “Essence” (Greek)

Abril – “April” (Spanish)

Able – “Capable” (English)

Abismo – “Abyss” (Spanish)

Absar – “Vision” (Arabic)

Abril – “Opening, Beginning” (Spanish)

Absin – “Essence” (Greek)

Abian – “Voyager” (English)

Abora – “Sky” (Spanish)

Abon – “Precious” (Greek)

Abuna – “Father” (Spanish)

Abysal – “Deep, Profound” (English)

Abora – “Sky” (Spanish)

Abro – “Growing” (Greek)

Absyn – “Essence” (English)

Abona – “River” (Spanish)

Absin – “Essence” (English)

Abys – “Depth” (Greek)

Abir – “Fragrance” (Arabic)

Abysm – “Abyss” (English)

Abispo – “Bishop” (Spanish)

Abilos – “Sun God” (Greek)

Abzu – “Deep Water” (Sumerian)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “AB”

Abednego – “Servant of the Lord” (Hebrew)

Abinadab – “Noble and Generous” (Hebrew)

Abdiel – “Servant of God” (Hebrew)

Abelardo – “Resolute and Noble” (Spanish)

Abilio – “Devoted to God” (Spanish)

Abrahim – “Father of Many Nations” (English)

Abramis – “Exalted Father” (Greek)

Abundio – “Abundant Blessings” (Spanish)

Abishai – “Gift of God” (Hebrew)

Abraão – “Father of Multitudes” (Portuguese)

Abdi – “My Servant” (Arabic)

Abishur – “My Father is a Wall” (Hebrew)

Abilio – “God’s Will” (Portuguese)

Abimelech – “My Father is King” (Hebrew)

Abiel – “God is My Father” (Hebrew)

Abundantius – “Abundant, Plentiful” (Latin)

Abishur – “My Father is Upright” (Hebrew)

Abrahamo – “Exalted Father” (Italian)

Abbot – “Fatherly” (English)

Abran – “Father of a Multitude” (Spanish)

Abilio – “God is My Will” (Portuguese)

Abjorn – “Bear of God” (Norse)

Abhijata – “Born of Noble Descent” (Sanskrit)

Abon – “Father” (Greek)

Abun – “Divine Father” (Akkadian)

Abilio – “Devoted to the Divine” (Spanish)

Abihu – “He is My Father” (Hebrew)

Abimelek – “My Father is King” (Hebrew)

Abyad – “White, Pure” (Arabic)

Abyaz – “Bright, Luminous” (Arabic)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “AB”

Abraham Jefferson:

A seasoned diplomat with a passion for cultural exchange and peace negotiations.

Abelard Fitzgerald:

An innovative tech entrepreneur and philanthropist, Abelard has pioneered several breakthroughs in sustainable energy solutions.

Abdul Malik Abbas:

A compassionate humanitarian leader, Abdul is dedicated to uplifting marginalized communities.

Abigail Morrison:

A charismatic actor renowned for his versatility and captivating performances.

Abner Santiago:

A brilliant astrophysicist contributing to our understanding of the cosmos.

Abram Rodriguez:

A fearless investigative journalist, Abram fearlessly exposes corruption and injustice.

Absalom Harper:

A prodigious young artist, Absalom’s avant-garde creations have garnered international acclaim.

Abigail Banks:

A dynamic business magnate, Abigail has transformed industries with her visionary leadership. Her ventures prioritize innovation, sustainability, and ethical business practices.

Abdullah Hassan:

A seasoned military strategist, Abdullah has played a pivotal role in maintaining global peace and security.

Abrielle Stone:

A charismatic motivational speaker and life coach, Abrielle empowers individuals to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential.

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