170 Cool Boy Names That End in Er

If you’re looking for boy names that end in Er, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got hundreds of ideas for you, ranging from the classic to the modern, from the traditional to the unique.

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Some of our favorite boy names that end in Er include:











Boy Names That End in Er

Some of the amazing boy names are Zander, Jasper, Archer, Joyner, Yasser.

Kaiser – “Emperor”

Kooper – “one who works with copper”

Parker – “park-keeper”

Javier – “castle”

Olliver – “Oliver”

Kiefer – “barrel maker; pine”

Carter – “transporter of goods by cart”

Peter – “stone or rock”

Olander – “one from the island of Öland”

River – “English word for a river”

Chester – “fortress, walled town”

Fisher – “one who fished for a living”

Carter – “transports goods”

Kyzer – “king”

Skyler – “scholar”

Porter – “gatekeeper”

Haider – “lion”

Rayner – “army counsel”

Kasper – “bringer of treasure”

Fisher – “fishermanThe Best Challah with Sarah Fischer”

Tanner – “leather tanner”

Wilder – “a wild person”

Thayer – “tailor”

Xander – “defending men”

Chester – “fortress or walled town”

Denver – “based on the state”

Tucker – “cloth to soften it”

Colter – “colt herder”

Rainer – “wise army”

Turner – “one who makes small objects”

What are the most badass names for a boy?

Some of the most badass boy names are Didier, Tiger, Denver, Archer, Spencer.

Wynter – “Alternative spelling of Winter”

Jupiter – “King of the Roman gods”

Evander – “bow warrior; strong man”

Lucifer – “light-bearer”

Elmer – “noble”

Alexander – “defending men”

Petter – “stone or rock”

Gomer – “to complete”

Hunter – “one involved in hunting”

Abner – “God is light”

Cooper – “from the island of Cyprus”

Ranger – “forest guardian”

Abeer – “scent, perfume”

Asher – “fortunate, blessed”

Rainier – “wise army”

Striker – “would measure grain”

Thatcher – “a roof thatcher”

Hunter – “one who hunts”

Baxter – “Baker”

Casper – “bringer of treasure”

Parker – “park keeper”

Chester – “fortress”

Booker – “someone involved with books”

Homer – “security, pledge”

Peter – “rock”

Walter – “power and army”

Adler – “eagle”

Bridger – “living near a bridge”

Kristopher – “Christbearer”

Lysander – “liberator”

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Cute Boy Names That End in Er

Some of the cute boy names are Fowler, Xzavier, Jaiveer, Mortimer, Iker.

Luther – “army peopleThe Best Challah with Sarah Fischer”

Archer – “bowman”

Greger – “to be watchful/awake”

Veer – “brave”

Xavier – “new house”

Mercer – “a merchant”

Walter – “army ruler sounds”

Meyer – “mayor”

Grover – “lives near a grove of trees”

Granger – “worker of the granary”

Gunner – “bold warrior”

Turner – “works with a lathe”

Sylvester – “wooded”

Ryker – “rich”

Xavier – “X-Men”

Casper – “treasurer”

Nasser – “granter of victory”

Booker – “scribe”

Zander – “short for Alexander”

Sayer – “woodcutter or reciter”

Foster – “someone who looked after a forest”

Palmer – “one who holds a palm”

Ryder – “knight”

Homer – “pledge”

Conner – “lover of wolves”

Aster – “star”

Miller – “occupational names for a miller”

Olivier – “olive tree planter”

Sawyer – “one who sawed wood”

Tolliver – “to cut iron”

Unique Boy Names That End in Er

Some of the unique boy names are Fraser, Juniper, Porter, Oliver, Christopher.

Harper – “harp player”

Meyer – “landlord, farmer”

Walter – “army ruler”

Luther – “people”

Asher – “happy”

Tyler – “maker of tiles”

Yasher – “one who lives a long life”

Rumer – “a gypsy”

Allister – “came from Alexander”

Evander – “strong man”

Ebenezer – “stone of the help”

Vesper – “evening star”

Mercer – “occupational name for a merchant”

Adler – “eagle”

Jasper – “treasurer”

Dexter – “dyer, right-handed”

Bridger – “lives near the bridge”

Gulliver – “goulafre”

Sander – “defending men”

Lysander – “liberator”

Kyler – “bowman, archer”

Gulliver – “glutton”

Chandler – “candle maker”

Mortimer – “dead pond”

October – “Gregorian Calendars”

Abner – “father of light”

Alexzander – “protector/defender of men”

Walker – “cloth-walker”

Warner – “guard”

Olivier – “olive tree”

Rajveer – “hero of the land”

Calder – “rocky water”

Roger – “famous warrior”

Dexter – “dyer of cloth’

Gunther – “battle warrior”

Boy Names That End in Er

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There are many great boy names that end in the letter Er. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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