1100 Best Bike Company Name Ideas

Are you planning to start your own bike company and looking for the perfect name that stands out and captures the essence of your brand?

Choosing the right name is crucial for establishing your brand identity and attracting potential customers. A catchy and memorable name can make a significant impact on the success of your business.

Whether you specialize in custom-built bikes, high-tech e-bikes, or vintage bicycles, the name of your company should reflect your unique selling proposition and resonate with your target audience.

From clever and playful names to sophisticated and elegant ones, there are endless possibilities to consider.

In this article, we have compiled a list of Bike Company Names to inspire and guide you in the naming process.

Each suggestion has been carefully curated to spark creativity and help you find the perfect fit for your bike company.

So, get ready to brainstorm and find the perfect name that will set your bike business apart from the competition.

Tips for Bike Company Names (1)

Bike Company Names


Main Roll

Two Tires







Bike Barn

Hype Bike

Glow Bike

Bike Lube

Bike Base



The Water

Trek King


Hand Rims

The Shiny

Hiker Pro

The Front

Bike Guys


Bike Rush


Fair Bike


Cog Gears


Pole Ride


Cycle Pro

Old Hiker

Bike Riot



Fire Ride

Two Tired


Ride Roar

Urbn Tour

Bike Zone






Cycle Path


Play Video

Bike Shack

Bike Bliss

The Double


White Atom

Cycle Gear

Inch Gears

Woke Cycle

Retro Ride



Wheel Whiz

Road Amaze





Hot Wheels



Wide Cycle


Leaf Bikes

Bike & Run

Bike It Up

Spin Magic

Hype Bikes

Woke Pedal


Pedal Free


Bike Oasis

What Else!

Main Pedal

Gear Gurus

Ride Ready

Biking Bad

Urban Spin

Bike Beats

Velo Vibes

Cycle City

Gear Grind


Lion Cycle

North nova

Gear Gears

Bike Basin

Epic Pedal



Wide Works

Sassy Wags

Bike Works


City Cycle

Fuji Bikes


The Racing

Best Bike Company Name Ideas

Speed Bike

Trail Trek

Bike Style

Buy a Bike


Two Wheels


Pedal pals

Haro Bikes

Macho City

Pedal More


Tired Rack





Buzz Bikes


Y2K Cycles

Ride Haven

Big motion

Bike Champ


Hype Bikez

Hase Bikes

The Single

Big J Guns

Pedal Pros



Gear Guide

Cycle Time

Spot Bikes

Being Zing


Spin Style

Pedal Panic

Cycle Sleek

Pedal Pulse

Rodeo magic


Cycle Force

Btwin World


Dream alive


Biker Bikes


Pure Cycles

Sigma Pedal

Bike Escape


Cyclist Pro

City Surfer

Basso Bikes

Beloved Bmx

Gear Groove

The Massive

Cycle World

G & G Cycle

Woke Spokes

Focus Bikes


Steer Kings

Stif & Ruff

Bike Magpie

Spin Hubbub

Daily Dream

Nuvera Bike

Hobby Bikes

Pedals Bike

Rack N Road

Spin Wheels

Nitro Bikes


Ride Mingle

Wooden Wild

Bike Basics

Speed wheel


Santa Cruz.

Solo Season

Bike County

Bike Nation

Vegas To Go

Kids Kycles



Bike 4 Tyke


Trail Tales

Cycle Savvy

Derby Cycle

Wheel Power


Gear Genius

Bike Heaven

Gear Glider

Eddy Merckx

Big O Tires

Bike Fiesta


Road Riders


Cyclery USA


Pedal Craft

Best Bike Company Name Ideas (1)

Funny Bike Company Names

Bike Blokes

The Ancient

Cheap Ridez



Bike Palace


Gear Galaxy

On The Move

Wheel Wells

Just Cycles

Retro Rides

EZ Bicycles


Yeti Cycles

Spa Peloton

Pedal Power


Circle Seen

Trek Trends


Froggy Spot

Best Boater

Snap Wheels

Urban Cycle

Speed World

The Regular

Water Gears

Best Bobcat

Broad Gears



Better Bikes

Mad Mountain

Cycle Safari


Broken Bikes

Urban Bikers

Zoom Scooter

Urban Pedals

Ride Roamers

Custom Bikes


Two Wheelin’

Trendy Young

Urban Spokes

Cycle N More

Supine Bikes

Rocket Bikes


Strike Bikes

Speed Cycles

Bicycle Tech

Ferrari Cafe

Wok The Bike

The Day Bike

Bike Bonanza

Bolero Trail

Rusted Bikes

Cycl Passion

Ride Nirvana

Wheel Wizard

Giant Circle

The Battered

Fantasy Hops

Power Pedals


The Bike Box

The Enormous

Aussie Bikes

Cycle Sculpt

Tricycle Pro

Cycle Crafty

Veloci Pulse

Astro Cycles

Cycle Heaven

Spin Society

Spin Experts

Uptown Bikes

Wheel Around




Bass Bicycle


Better cross

Pedal Prince

Pedal People

Double Axels

Giant Boston

Uptown Cycle

Pedal Planet

Bike Bandits

Cycle Matter

Cooper Bikes

Urban Riders

Mike’s Bikes

Phantom Bike

Broken Biker

Ghost Cycles


Tours By Jet

Flanged Bike

Bicycle Boys

Cycle Fusion

Bike Buddies

Fenix Pedals

Hair Stylin’

Cycle Strive

Wheels R’ Us

Good Bike Company Names

Cycle Frenzy

Dawes Cycles

Rans Designs

Bicycle Riot

The Distance

Rack N’ Bolt

Flying Wheel

Spin Masters

Trek Traders


Best Burglar

Wheel Street

Malvern Star

Bike Balance


Time 4 Bikes

Amazing Bikes

Bicycle Buggy

Motion Cycles

Norman Cycles

Flying Pigeon

Trail Blazers

Hitch 4 Bikes

Colnago Bikes


Bargain Bikes

Bold Bicycles

Mountain Hunt

Rusty bicycle

Gear Shifters

Kyle Morgan’s

Pedals Galore

Nespoli Tires

Golden String

Ordinary Bike

Comic Cyclist

Inspire Bikes

Basso Bicycle

Bike Workshop

Bike Town USA

The Bike Lane

The Cycle Inn

Altra Calgary

Street Cycler

Laden Cyclist

The Bike Tire

Sister Cycles

KTM (Austria)

Pedals & More

Scooping Gear

Just Bicycles

Price Bicycle

Lavish Cycles

Ego Bike Race

Bicycle Champ

TNT Bike Shop

Road Warriors

Bike The Hill

The Big Wheel

Spin Momentum

Big Ole Bikes

On Two Wheels

Super Bicycle

Burley Design

The Bikestore

Curious Bikes

Beagle Rascal

Bike It Bikes

Branford Bike

Wheeled Cycle

Axel Bicycles

The Bike Barn

Street Cycles


Velocity Peak

Wheel Voyager

Gear Up Gurus

The Handlebar

The Dog Cycle

Bicycles Inc.

Boulder Bikes

The Undershot

Western Flyer

Nitro Bicycle

Cycle Central

McPlay parlor

Pop a Wheelie

Viking Cycles

Wheel Wonders

Skins On Main


Gear Galleria

The Bike Rack

Spartan Cycle


Stedman Wheel

The Bike Loft

The Bike Cart

Spin Splendor


Spare No Fear

Olympic Bikes

Brass Knuckle

Pedal Pallete

My Speed Bike

Art’s Cyclery

Voyager World

The Road Bike

Unique Bike Company Names

Bike Boutique

Cycler Heaven

The Beautiful

Pedal Pushers

Bike Brothers

Wheel Whisper


Crank Masters

Gear Up Cycle


Amazing Wheels


Mercian Cycles

The Bike Place

Poor Crosswalk

Spin Cycle Pro

The Pedal Shop

Roulette Wheel


Wild Dog Bikes

Humble Cyclist

Oracle Bicycle

Trail Trekkers


Woke Biketrail

Budget 4 Y Ker

Better Bicycle

Pedal’ N’ Bike

The Cycle Path

Excellent Bike

Toga Bike Shop

Melon Bicycles

Velocity Vista

The Locomotive

Gear Up Street

Spin Sensation

Hype Bike Hire

Cycle Symphony

Bicycle Palace

Devinci Cycles

Steering Wheel

The Fifth Bike

Longhill Hikes

The Bike Store

Electric Pedal

Cyclone Cycles

Undershot Roll

Pedal Paradise

Great Cycleway

Stupid Poppins

Racing Cyclist

Mountain Cycle

New Town Bikes

Pulse Bicycles

Mountain Green

The Gear Cycle

Country Wheels

Bicycle Mayhem

About the Bike

Resicycle Bike

Flaming Wheels

Driven Cyclist

The Brick Bike

Big Bicyclists

Bicycle Biking

Advanced Axels

Pashley Cycles

Procycle Group

Cumdas Dirties

Sunshine Hikes

Wheel Wardrobe

Battered Biker

Pedal Pioneers

Triple J Carts

Trail Trackers

Water Wheelset

Don’s Bicycles

Big Rock Cycle

Rollin’ Wheels

Racers Bicycle

Backyard Biker

Coalition Bike

Urban Commuter

Young Bike Pro

Big Boneshaker

Bumper Bicycle

Spoke To Steez

Amaziya parlor

The Fiery Rims

Racepath North

Careful Cycles

The Buggy Guyz

Liable Bicycle

Magic Tricycle

Armada Cycling

Bicycle Center

Chain Reaction

Biker’s Choice

Paradise Bound

Hobby Bicycles

Planet X Bikes

Discount Bikes

Above Category

The Occasional

Pegs Bike Shop

Climb On Bikes

Unique Bike Company Names (1)

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Bike Company Names Generator

Wheeler Cyclist

Cyclic Emporium

Race Zone Bikes

Savari Bicycles

The Bike People

Motorized Cycle

Better On Bikes

Bifocal Bicycle

Escape The Line

Phillips Cycles

Barefoot Cycles

Bicycle Habitat

Wooden Workings

FunRiver parlor

The Bike Clinic

Bracers Bicycle

Legacy Bicycles

The Cycle House

Goodyear Cycles

MoveMore parlor

Cameo Boathouse

Spokes ‘N’ More

Cycle Cityscape

Street Cruisers

Downtown Cycles

The Magic Bikes

Pocket Bicycles

US Bike Company

Best Bikers Pro

Mission Bicycle

All City Sports

Red Rock Cycles

Ride Revolution

Bike Connection

Vintage Cyclery

Pedal Bike Expo

Hampsten Cycles

Hills Bike Shop

Peak Bike Tours

Leeds Bike Shop

Your Connection

Precision Bikes

Grey Iron Bikes

Recumbent Wheel

Bicycles 4 Life

Big Hero Cycles

Wheels On Yonge

Allied Bicycles

Blissful Pedals

Wings on Wheels

Wheelies & More

Track And Trail

Back Road Bikes

Powerful Pedals

My Pedal Repair

Pedal Prospects

White Mountains

Active Bicycles

Kokopelli Cycle

Velocity Voyage

Cycle Solutions

Amazing Bicycle

The Happy Bikes

Pedal Biz Beatz

Wheelies N More

Beautiful Rides

Two-Wheel Tango

Bike To The Bus

Spokes Bicycles

Average Cyclist

Kogswell Cycles

Crowded Circuit

Brodie Bicycles

Recumbent Cycle

Coast Bike Shop

Handlebar Haven

Bike Rendezvous

Velocity Vision

Lapierre Cycles

Bike This Shops

Cruising Wheels

Big Dog Bicycle

Icicles Bicycle

Driving Bicycle

The Wheel House

Cycle Sculpture

Cycle Craftsmen

Uppadine Cycles

Urban Explorers

Beautiful Bikes


NYC Velo Hell’s

Horizontal Roll

The Stop And Go

Wheels On Wings

The Laden Wheel

Curious Bicycle

Bike Dirty Bike

Upland- Bicycle

Wheeled Wonders

Prestige Cycles

Big River Cycles

Universal Cycles

FlyingFUn parlor

Silk Road Cycles

Velocity Vantage

Santos Bike Shop

Water Whitewalls

Single Crosswalk

Mountain Bike Company Name Ideas

Speedy Sprockets

The Average Bike

Legend Bikes USA

Velocity Venture

Wide Wheelchairs

Wheel Innovators

Gendron Bicycles

Ivel Cycle Works

Barcelona Cycles

Arrow Bikes Shop

Alchemy Bicycles

The Bike Experts

Bikes And Things

The Hilltop Bike

Pedestrian Wheel

Possible Bicycle


The Cycle Shoppe

Comic Pedestrian

jadeSpace parlor

Speed Motorcycle

West Star Cycles

The Pedal People

Old Motorcyclist

The Silver Spoke

Red Dog Bicycles

YourEnjoy parlor

Urban Pedal Push

Choked Bull Bike

Bicycles Bicycle

Pedal Powerhouse

Bikeology Online

Reliable Bicycle

Boardman Bicycle

Fly Wheel Around

Farthing Cyclist

Big Dog Emporium

Cycle Connection

Firmstrong Bikes

City Cycle Scape


Bicycle Brothers

Handlebar Heaven

Ancient Tricycle

LightSpeed Bikes

Antarctica Bikes

Vibe Ultra Bikes

The Lazy Pedaler

Uptown Bike Shop

Woke’s Bike Shop

The Massive Rack

The Bike Village

Paint And Mirror

Dashing Bicycles

Occasional Pedal

The Second Cycle

The Bike Company

Spal Cycle World

Golden Pedal Pro

Wheel Wanderlust

Cycle Technology

Beautiful Cycles

Wheel Wonderland

Passable Bicycle

Wheel Town Bikes

Cycling Boutique

InCycle Bicycles

Big Dog Bicycles

Cycle Adventures

Adventure Cycles

Well Done Wheels

Wheelbase Cycles

Dreamtime Cycles

The Young Jogger

Prolite Bicycles

Bunny’s Bike Shop

Pedestrian Bikers

The Giant Bicycle

Move Over Cyclery

Fallen Motorcycle

Hype Bike Chicago

Huge Wheel Around

Cityparade parlor

Rock N Roll Pedal

Black Sheep Bikes

The First Cycling

Pro Motion Cycles

A Bicycle Odyssey

Wagga’s Bike Shop

Expensive Cyclist

West End Bicycles

Pedal Pandemonium

Lone Motorist Pro

Nibbles Bike Shop

Bicycle The Trail

Cupcake & Go Ride

Leo’s Cycle Works

Spin Cycle Studio

Horse Power Bikes

Black Diamond BMX

Psychical Bicycle

Bike-A-Bike Tours

Prime Cycle store

Best Bicycle Rack

Big Tex Bike Shop

Free Range Cycles

Golden Gate Rides

Linus Bike Venice

Farthing Cyclists

Inner City Cycles

Alpine Ridge Hops

Attractive Bike Company Names

Goodlife Bicycles

Sturdy Biking Pro

The Road Bike Co.

Race Zone Bicycle

Fifth Bicycle Pro

Championship Puls

West Marine Bikes

Bohemian Bicycles

Motorcycle Center

The Young Cyclist


The Dirty Cyclist

Take A Hike Bikes

Pedal Pulse Point

Toga Bicycle Shop

Pedalpower Cycles

Racing Pedestrian

Woke Bicycle Shop

The Upright Cycle

Steel Bike Studio

Really Good Bikes

All-Pedal Cyclery

Ironmountain Cycle

O’Sullivan’s Bikes

Wild Wolf Bicycles

Spoke Fixinshooter

Stelber Cycle Corp

The Wheels Advisor

Electric Bike Shop

Kilroy’s Bike Shop

Impossible Bicycle

Bloke’s Wheel Shop

Le Stellung Steuer

Bicycle Superstore

Ruff & Tuff Cycles

Beautiful Bicycles

Trek Bicycle Store

Cycle Bike Toronto

Peloton Outfitters

Race Pace Bicycles

MacFun Cycle Store

Outdoors On Wheels

Switchback Cyclery

The Little Cyclery

Tyrannical Bicycle

The Hub Cycle Cafe

Green Iron Bicycle

The Undershot Rack

Wooden Wiper Motor

The Cycle Junction

Uptown Cycle Store

Champs Cycle Tours

SvR Design Company

The Only Bike Shop

Deer Valley Cycles

Front Wheel Around

Historical Bicycle


Boutique Bike Shop

Genuine Motorworks

Strout Cycle Store

The New Sport Bike

Contender Bicycles

Leeds Bicycle Shop

Bikes 4 Pittsburgh

Pedal To The Metal

We Bike Pittsburgh

Echelon Bike Tours

Ace Dirt Bike Shop

Urban Trailblazers

Big Wheel Bicycles

The Driven Tricycle

Big Dog’s Bike Shop

Tiny Roulette Wheel

Horsepower Bicycles

Jenson USA Bicycles

City Bikes Aventura


Cleveland Bike Shop

Iron Horse Bicycles

Spencer’s Bike Shop

JadeMad Cycle Store

Olive Wheel Company

The Distance Jogger

The Asian Bike Shop

The Edge Cycleworks

Bigger Boy’s Cycles

Trail Magic Bicycle

My Fit Bike Toronto

Bike Repairs Direct

City Slicker Cycles

Giant Cactus Cycles


Lifetime Bike Store

Bar Code Bike Tours

Champion Cycle Werx

Sprint Store Online

GTA-Pro Racing Bike

R&A Cycles Brooklyn

13.Wheels In Motion

Black Bicycle Haven

Bike Hire Las Vegas

Performance Bicycle

Expensive Pedal Pro

The Folding Cyclists

European Cycle Sport

Attractive Bike Company Names (1)

Bike Shop Name Ideas

Mini Motorcycle Shop

EquiGood Cycle Store

Fusion Pro Bike Shop

Enthusiastic Cyclist

Hertz Ride For Tykes

Spencer’s Sports Bar

Single Crosswalk Pro

Kelborne Motorcycles

West Bicycle Company

Revolution Bike Shop

Secondhand Cycle Pro

Spin Bike Scottsdale

The Bigdog Bike Shop

The Ubiquitous Pedal

Shelby Cycle Company

Expensive Motorcycle

Funriver Cycle Store

Mathematical Bicycle

Firefox Bike Station

MadMoist Cycle Store

MidCourt Cycle Store

Barnes Cycle Company

Wheel World Bicycles

Escotten Cycle Store

Toronto Bicycle Shop

Wright Cycle Company

Missing Link Bicycle

Lift House Bike Shop

Fiery Roulette Wheel

Speed Cycles Company

DayGlaze Cycle Store

Pierce Cycle Company

The Indian Bike Shop

Superton Cycle Store

Spare Roulette Wheel

Spinning Wheel Bikes

Australian Bike Shop

Best Horseback Rider

Alki Bicycle & Board

The Custom Bike Shop

Outer Steering Wheel

Fun Pedals Bike Shop

Riverside Cyclery USA

Campion Cycle Company

Happy Riders Discount

Electric Bike Company

TebloTrex Cycle Store

Let’sPlay Cycle Store

American Star Bicycle

HappyStar Cycle Store

EagleRider Motorcycle

TablePlay Cycle Store

Conventional Cyclists

The Bike Shop Wicklow

New Zealand Bike Shop

The Good Bicycle Shop

State Bicycle Company

The Excellent Cyclist

Newington Cycle Store

JostJerry Cycle Store

Hey!Buddy Cycle Store

Beloved Bicycle Wheel

Supreme Cycle Company

The Cycle Specialists

Cogged Roulette Wheel

JazzBungy Cycle Store

PearlClub Cycle Store

Golden Steering Wheel

Orange Mountain Bikes

Smaller Roulette Wheel

The Wheeled Motorcycle

Cityparade Cycle Store

Spinning Spoke Bicycle

The Distance Crosswalk

Urbancrest Cycle Store

Serious Pedestrian Pro

The Japanese Bike Shop

NeonCurves Cycle Store

Inky’s Bicycle Company

Wilderness Trail Bikes

CityMiddle Cycle Store

Rainbow Bicycle Company

Orange Mountain Bicycle

Rocky Mountain Bicycles

The Little Bike Company

Revolution Bicycle Shop

Chicago Bicycle Company

The Lightweight Cycling

Heavy Metal Bicycle Shop

Lightning Cycle Dynamics

The Spare Roulette Wheel

Conventional Cyclists Pro

Turner Suspension Bicycles

Undershot Wheel Around Pro

The Little Bicycle Company

Waterford Precision Cycles

The Pedestrian Skateboarder 

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Tips for Naming Your Bike Company

Research and Analysis

Background Research: Conduct thorough research on existing bike companies and their names. Understand industry trends, popular keywords, and successful naming strategies.

Competitor Analysis: Analyze the names of your competitors. Identify gaps and opportunities to differentiate your brand.

Target Market Study: Understand your target market. Consider their preferences, language, and cultural nuances that might influence name choices.

Target Audience Considerations

Demographic Alignment: Ensure that your bike company name resonates with your target audience’s demographics, including age, gender, and location.

Psychographic Fit: Consider the lifestyles, values, and preferences of your audience. The name should align with their interests and aspirations.

Emotional Connection: Aim for a name that evokes positive emotions and creates a strong connection with your audience.

Future Expansion and Adaptability

Scalability: Choose a name that allows for future growth and expansion. Avoid names that might limit your business to a specific niche.

Flexibility: Ensure the name can adapt to changes in your product line, services, or market focus. A versatile name provides room for evolution.

Legal and Trademark Checks

Trademark Availability: Before finalizing a name, conduct thorough checks to ensure it’s not already trademarked. This helps you avoid legal complications and brand conflicts.

Domain Availability: Check the availability of the corresponding domain name for your business website. Consistency across online platforms is crucial.

Feedback and Testing

Gather Feedback: Seek opinions from potential customers, friends, and industry experts. Consider their reactions to the name and any associations they might have.

Test the Name: Before making a final decision, test the name in small focus groups or surveys. Evaluate its impact and resonance to make data-driven decisions.

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing Bike Company Name

Cluttered and Complex Names

Overcomplication: Avoid names that are excessively long, complicated, or difficult to pronounce. A simple and clear name is more memorable and user-friendly.

Too Many Elements: Steer clear of incorporating too many ideas or themes into your name. A cluttered name can confuse customers and dilute your brand message.

Lack of Originality

Generic Terms: Avoid using generic terms or common phrases that don’t distinguish your brand. Strive for a name that sets your bike company apart from competitors.

Copying Competitors: Resist the temptation to imitate successful competitors. A copied name can undermine your brand’s authenticity.

Unintended Associations

Cultural Sensitivity: Be mindful of cultural connotations and potential misunderstandings. A name that unintentionally offends or creates negative associations can harm your brand’s reputation.

Double Meanings: Ensure that your chosen name doesn’t have unintended or unfavorable double meanings in different languages or contexts.

Ignoring Cultural Sensitivity

Global Appeal: If your company has international aspirations, consider the cultural implications of your name. What works well in one culture may have a different impact elsewhere.

Local Relevance: Conversely, ensure that the name is relevant and resonates with your local target audience.

Overlooking Online Presence:

Domain Availability: Check the availability of the domain corresponding to your company name. Having a consistent online presence is crucial for brand visibility.

Social Media Handles: Ensure that the name is available on major social media platforms to maintain brand consistency across online channels.


Choosing the right name for your bike company is more than a formality; it’s a strategic decision that influences brand identity and market perception.

As we wrap up our exploration, remember the key considerations: make it memorable, relevant, unique, adaptable, and culturally sensitive.

A strong name contributes to brand image, market positioning, and customer connection, paving the way for long-term success.

Invest thoughtfully in your company’s identity, and may your bike company ride to success with a name that resonates globally.

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