Back To School Slogans: 150+ Catchy Slogans For Welcoming

How do you come up with a catchy back to school slogan? It isn’t as easy as it sounds. Coming up with a slogan that is memorable, and persuasive is quite a difficult task.

There are many things you should consider when writing a back to school slogan or tagline.

If you are interested but don’t know where to begin, the guidelines and ideas here will help you to write some cool back to school slogans that are catchy and memorable.

Catchy School Slogans

Here are the catchy slogans for school:

  • Don’t be a fool, come to school
  • Eat your words!
  • An honest heart is a kingdom in itself
  • Reaching for the Stars
  • We teach your kids so you don’t have to
  • Get plugged into the world
  • Through thorns into the sky
  • Everyone Is an Achiever
  • Missing school = Missing out
  • We are the Best!
  • Everyone succeed every day
  • Art imitates nature
  • Enabling Our Students To Learn
  • Knowledge is delicious!
  • Welcome back to the universe of learning
  • Don’t Mess with The Best!
  • Where Students Are Achievers
  • Hand in Hand We Learn
  • It’s that time of year again
  • Everyone Successful Everyday
  • New class, new faces, embraces a new year
  • Committed to Excellence in Education
  • Ace shows when it makes sense
  • School: Living cool
  • Knowledge is delicious!
  • A Quality School
  • Greatest Kids in America
  • A Great Place for Education
  • Don’t Be A Fool, Stay in School
  • The business school for the world
Catchy School Slogans

Welcome Slogans

Check out these slogans for welcome:

  • We teach, you learn, the world benefits!
  • You should fear, back to class is here!
  • Learning rules, get it at school
  • Academy Attitude, Positive Attitude
  • You can get all An’s and still fail life.
  • Home Of Quality Schools
  • Art is either plagiarism or revolution
  • Work together to accomplish more
  • Time to shed a tear, back to class is here
  • All art requires courage
  • Hooked On Learning
  • I strive for the best
  • New class, fresh faces, one more year grass
  • Welcome back to the city of learning
  • The Way to Stop Thinking for Yourself!
  • Learn well today, live well tomorrow!
  • We enter to learn, leave to accomplish
  • The more you know, the more you dare
  • Everyone Is An Achiever
  • Find a buddy to help you study
  • Everyone Successful Every day
  • It’s weather once again
  • Hooked on learning. Oh, and also crack
  • Greatest Kids In America
  • Making lives better
  • Play, Learn and Grow Together
  • Children First
  • Charge Up for a Victory!

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How to Come up With Back to school Slogans Ideas

1.      Initial Brainstorming

Since slogans are generally used as advertising, they should be catchy and persuasive. Brainstorm and make a list of ideas.

Check out these great back to school slogans we came with:

  • Art is the only truth
  • School, just do it
  • Expect the Best
  • You Can Do It!!
  • Next stop!  School
  • Back in class looking cool
  • Welcome back to the sweet recollections
  • A Great Place to Learn
  • Scared time is close, back to class
  • A Family of Learning
  • Education Is Our Business
  • Centers for Excellence
  • Learn globally, graze locally
  • Keep quiet and Welcome back to class
  • Play Learn and grow together
  • Back to school and looking cool
  • A great place to learn
  • The house of change
  • Eat your words!
  • Excellence through learning

2.      Use Slogans Generator

Now that you’ve some back to school slogans on the list, you’ll want to add more ideas. Use the slogans generator and pick some ideas from there if you find them fascinating.

Try out these two popular slogans generator:

  1. Shopify Slogans Generator
  2. Oberlo Slogans Ideas Generator

Below are the generated slogans that you may like:

  • Education Your Door to The Future
  • Creating Our Children’s Future
  • Be young, have fun, learn at school
  • Home of Quality Schools
  • Committed to excellence in education
  • Want more, I want school
  • Education Is the Fruit of All Knowledge
  • The arts is what connects us all
  • Enabling Our Students to Learn
  • Business in a whole new light
  • Knowledge expands your horizons
  • A Partnership in Discovery
  • For a new school year 
  • Committed to Excellence in Education
  • A better place to think about business
  • above the call of duty
  • A Partnership in Discovery
  • Back to class and looking cool
  • How hot is the heat, we are back in our classes

3.      Be Short

You have probably seen a lot of slogans in your life, but can you listen to each of them carefully? Slogans should be short. If it is too long, people will not listen to it carefully.

Here is the list of cute, short, and simple back to school slogans:

  • Art for art’s sake
  • School: The smart choice
  • Expect Success
  • Touching Lives Forever
  • Above and beyond the call of duty
  • Education Is Our Business
  • Aim for A Victory!
  • Nature is the art of God
  • Creating a community of learners
  • Imagine Greatness
  • Achieving Excellence Together
  • It Ain’t Cool, With No School
  • Hard Work = A Life Time Career
  • Can’t hide our pride
  • The feared time is close, back to class is here
  • Go back to school and look cool
  • Keep calm and welcome back to class
  • Knowledge Learn to Love it
  • In the world, for the world
  • Art is timeless

4.      Be Unique

A slogan is something that describes a company’s image. It’s how consumers recognize the company. You’ll want to have your own identity.

Would you copy someone’s idea or image? It is neither fair nor good for your business.

The following are the most creative back to school slogans of all time:

  • Educating for human greatness
  • Participation in discovery
  • Open the book to life
  • Above and Beyond the Call of Duty
  • A Tradition of Excellence
  • Fear Our Power!
  • Lift your career beyond expectations
  • We enter to learn, we leave to rece
  • Take it to the Limit!
  • Gather to learn
  • Leading through innovation
  • The feared time is near, back to school is here
  • A Tradition of Pride
  • You should be afraid, it is back in class!
  • Touching Lives Forever
  • Everyone Is an Achiever
  • Let’s give spring a big joy 
  • A Great Place to Be
  • It’s that season once more

You can add related words to back to school, such as these:

  • Academy
  • Department
  • Faculty
  • Hall
  • Institute
  • Institution
  • Seminary
  • University
  • Blackboard
  • College

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