275 Inspiring Baby Names Ending in Ley

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Some of our favorite baby names that end in Ley include:









Ailey Light












Baby Names Ending in Ley

Some of the adorable baby names are Ripley, Bramley, Blakeley, Pearley, Quinnley.

Hadley – “heather field”

Audley – “from the old meadow”

Billey – “will or desire”

Everly – “wild boar in woodland clearing”

Berley – “meadow with the cow barn”

Eiley – “Beautiful and Shining”

Keeley – “slender”

Arley – “Meadow of the Hares”

Henley – “high meadow”

Kinnley – “Fair Haired”

Ashley – “dweller near the ash tree meadow”

Ensley – “one’s own meadow”

Denaley – “the Great One”

Haizley – “From Hayes”

Caley – “dog, dog-like devotion to God”

Isley – “blacksmith”

Crosley – “dweller at the cross”

Ansley – “hermitage field”

Brinsley – “from Brinsley”

Kinzley – “Kings Meadow”

Kingsley – “King’s meadow”

Bradley – “wide meadow”

Branley – “from the raven’s meadow”

Earley – “eagle wood”

Sibley – “seer, oracle”

Bosley – “grove of trees”

Huntley – “meadow of the hunter”

Chadley – “ceadda’s field”

Brantley – “dweller on a burned clearing”

Langley – “long meadow”

Briley – “descendant of Roghallach”

Cranley – “from the meadow of cranes”

Greeley – “pock-marked face, scarred”

Daineley – “a man from Denmark”

Oakley – “oak wood or clearing”

Charley – “Husband and Manly”

Myley – “Shining”

Ainsley – “one’s own meadow”

Haley – “Ingenious or Scientific”

Thornley – “from the clearing of the thorns”

Pressley – “of Priestley”

Valley – “Vigorous and Handsome”

Barkley – “birch tree clearing”

Radley – “reed meadow”

Coakley – “from the charcoal meadow”

Fernley – “fern meadow”

Wesley – “The West Meadow”

Briley – “briar wood”

Harley – “hare’s meadow”

Sherley – “variant of Shirley”

Names Ending Ley

Some of the rare baby names are Crosley, Zayley, Chandley, Seeley, Ridley.

Hartley – “stag meadow”

Wesley – “western meadow”

Anzley – “My Own Meadow”

Bentley – “from the bent-grass clearing”

Riley – “courageous or valiant”

Bradley – “Wide Forest Clearing”

Bailey – “of the Law and Castle Wall”

Quinley – “descendant”

Wesley – “west meadow”

Aisley – “from the ash-tree meadow”

Ainsley – “wood”

Bartley – “son of Talmai”

Burley – “wooden fort”

Bromley – “broom clearing”

Roley – “renowned land”

Seeley – “blessed, happy”

Billey – “will, desire”

Caley – “slender”

Kelley – “Church and Monastery”

Finley – “fair-haired hero”

Daneley – “a man from Denmark”

Bailey – “berry cleaning or bailiff”

Corley – “carefree”

Riley – “rye clearing; courageous”

Brantley – “sword or fiery torch; field”

Yardley – “wood clearing”

Ansley – “One’s Meadow and Wood”

Carmeley – “fruit garden”

Waverley – “meadow of quivering aspens”

Bayley – “bailiff”

Mckinley – “Son of Finley”

Brynnley – “Strong and Vigilant”

Brinnley – “Burnt Clearing”

Brandley – “dweller on a burned clearing”

Barcley – “birch tree clearing”

Corley – “carefree, cheery, benevolent”

Ashley – “ash meadow”

Kelley – “strife or war”

Findley – “A variation of Finley”

Adaley – “Juridical and Yahweh is Just”

Bailey – “bailiff, berry wood”

Hawley – “From the hedged meadow”

Presley – “forest clearing”

Galley – “seagoing vessel with sails and oars”

Chesley – “meadow of the camp”

Everley – “Boar Meadow”

Astley – “starry field”

Barcley – “birch tree meadow”

Loxley – “glade by the lake”

Adley – “Variation of Hadley”

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Unique Baby Names Ending in Ley

Some of the unique baby names are Ainsley, Doley, Paisley, Chimalley, Astley.

Kingsley – “from the king’s wood”

Bailley – “bailiff, berry wood”

Reilley – “descendant of Raghallach”

Cawley – “cow meadow”

Aysley – “from the ash-tree meadow”

Halley – “one who lived at”

Hailey – “Clearing and Hay Woods”

Charley – “free man”

Loxley – “Locc’s meadow”

Morley – “a clearing in the woods”

Wheatley – “from the wheat field”

Wiley – “From the Water Meadow”

Sulley – “south meadow”

Sisley – “blind”

Berkeley – “where birches grow”

Beasley – “bent grass clearing”

Emberley – “Ember and Burned Coal”

Presley – “Wood”

Blakeley – “dark, fair”

Donley – “dark courage”

Findley – “fair-haired courageous one”

Kahley – “beautiful or lovely”

Chilley – “one who is cold”

Coley – “black, swarthy”

Kinsley – “king’s meadow”

Kayley – “slim and fair”

Stanley – “Stone Meadow”

Huxley – “From Hughs Meadow”

Bradley – “broad meadow”

Amaley – “work”

Zayley – “From the Hay Clearing”

Farley – “fern wood”

Farley – “fern clearing”

Cyneley – “from the royal meadow”

Kentley – “From the Meadows Edge”

Brockley – “badger”

Dudley – “people’s field”

Tinley – “Dennis’ field”

Adley – “Yahweh is just”

Ackerley – “division of land”

Westley – “west wood”

Hailey – “Hay’s meadow”

Marley – “marshy meadow”

Conley – “hero”

Harley – “hare clearing”

Mckinley – “son of the fair hero”

Kimberley – “meadow of the royal fortress”

Bridgeley – “meadow near a bridge”

Alley – “little rock”

Hayley – “hay field”

Citlaley – “star”

Baby Names Ending in Ley Sound

Some of the Ley sound names are Kinley, Maeley, Greenley, Bailey, Huxley.

Bailey – “law enforcer, bailiff”

Quigley – “from the mother’s side”

Quigley – “strong”

Kenley – “the king’s meadow”

Crowley – “fiddler”

Bentley – “meadow with coarse grass”

Ripley – “strip of clearing in the woods”

Beverley – “beaver meadow”

Wrigley – “historic ballpark”

Brinley – “burnt meadow”

Lesley – “Variation of Leslie”

Marley – “meadow near the lake”

Atley – “Yahweh is just”

Lynley – “lake or pool”

Brentley – “dweller on a burned clearing”

Darnley – “grass”

Kiley – “boomerang”

Dichaley – “he speaks often”

Chesley – “camp in a clearing”

Brynley – “hill”

Salley – “Princess”

Addley – “Juridical”

Arley – “from the rabbit meadow”

Whaley – “habitational name from Whalley”

Gormley – “blue spearman”

Baxley – “baker”

Arley – “hare meadow”

Wiley – “resolute protection; from Wylye”

Shelley – “Clearing on a Bank and Ewe”

Brantley – “Brant and Lee”

Lesley – “Joy”

Stanley – “stony meadow”

Culley – “the meadow”

Waverley – “from the brushwood field”

Lindley – “Lime Tree Wood”

Marley – “pleasant seaside meadow”

Coley – “Coal and People’s Victor”

Conley – “Prudent Fire”

Kaisley – “Reed”

Linley – “Modern invented name”

Yeardley – “fenced meadow”

Charley – “man”

Lesley – “holly garden”

Dorley – “a generation”

Asterley – “starry field”

Whitley – “white meadow”

Paisley – “church, cemetery”

Haley – “Hay Meadow”

Hurley – “sea tide”

Hartley – “stag meadowThe Best Challah with Sarah Fischer”

Baby Names Ending in Ley

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