300 Inspiring Baby Names Ending in L

If you’re looking for baby names that start with dash, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got hundreds of ideas for you, ranging from the classic to the modern, from the traditional to the unique.

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Some of our favorite baby names that start with dash include:





















Baby Names Ending in L

Some of the amazing baby names are Marcel, Russell, Amael, Cheryl, Val.

Gael – “Gaelic”

Jewel – “generic gemstone”

Maxwell – “great stream”

Carol – “free man”

Rapunzel – “rampion; lamb’s lettuce”

Lowell – “young wolf”

Amal – “hope, inspiration”

Bramwell – “well where the gorse grows”

Wendell – “to travel, to proceed”

Randall – “shield wolf”

Raysel – “rose”

Lil – “lily”

Rafael – “God has healed”

Rachel – “ewe”

Montrell – “mountain”

Israel – “he who struggles with God”

Christabel – “fair Christian”

Maral – “deer”

Terrell, Tyrell – “to pull”

Niall – “cloud”

Herschel – “deer”

Arianell – “silver”

Bethel – “house of God”

Nouvel – “new”

Aziel – “God is my strength”

Dariel – “dear one, beloved”

Neil – “cloud”

Amiel – “God is with my people”

Jamal – “beauty”

Channel – “variation of Chanel”

Cashel – “castle, stone fort”

Gadiel – “God is my fortune”

Neil – “cloud’

Auriel – “gold”

Nathanial – “gift of God”

Sahil – “leader”

Minahil – “fountain, spring”

Suhail – “level, even”

Audel – “old friend”

Cyril – “lordly”

Vidal – “life or vitality”

Dougal – “dark stranger”

Batel – “daughter of God”

Earl – “nobleman or warrior”

Kemual – “helper of God”

What are some good names for L?

Some of the good baby names are Nicol, Torquil, Ariel, Bluebell, Bel.

Gail – “my father rejoices”

Azul – “blue”

Estel – “star”

Lemuel – “devoted to God”

Katell – “pure”

Hadriel – “splendor of Jehovah”

Denzel – “from the high stronghold”

Farrell – “courageous”

Latrell – “eager or noble”

Jubal – “ram’s horn”

Abel – “breath”

Hazel – “the hazelnut tree”

April – “to open”

Aksel – “the father is peace”

Darrell – “dear one, beloved”

Raul – “wolf counsel”

Avigail – “Variation of Abigail my father is joyful”

Opal – “gem”

Castiel – “my cover is God”

Dell – “shaded valley”

Marisol – “Mary of Solitude”

Errol – “nobleman”

Bristol – “Dancing With The Stars”

Bilal – “moisture”

Mael – “chief or prince”

Ishmael – “God will hearThe Best Challah with Sarah Fischer”

Azarel – “God helps”

Marcel – “little warrior”

Maribel – “drop of the sea, bitter”

Emil – “rival”

Jahel – “mountain goat”

Cheryl – “darling”

Merrill – “sea-bright”

Gretel – “pearl”

Joel – “Jehovah is God”

Samuel – “told by God”

Avril – “variation of April”

Sobl – “sun”

Cristobal – “Christ bearer”

Kunal – “lotus”

Angel – “angel”

Percival – “pierce the valley”

Mitchell – “who is like God”

Miel – “honey”

Liesl – “pledged to God”

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Names Ending in El

Some of the catchy baby names are Zimal, Mirabel, Mitchell, Avaril, Koral.

Yul – “beyond the horizon”

Azriel – “God is my help”

Lionel – “young lion”

Rosamel – “rose and honey”

Rebel – “rebel”

Eshaal – “kindled”

Mikhail – “who is like God?”

Raphael – “God has healed”

Mikhail – “who is like God”

Abihail – “father of might”

Jezebel – “not exalted”

Sol – “sun’

Gopal – “cowherd”

Campbell – “crooked mouth”

Armel – “bear princeThe Best Challah with Sarah Fischer”

Carl – “free man”

Sorrel – “reddish brown”

Kentrell – “royal chieftain”

Joel – “Jehovah is his God”

Saul – “prayed for”

Zabel – “Armenian form of Isabel”

Laurel – “laurel tree”

Kamal – “lotus; perfect, perfection”

Hannibal – “grace of Baal, god of fertility and fortune”

Meryl – “Variation of Muriel via Meriel”

Bluebell – “blue bell”

Yariel – “lion of God”

Safal – “sensitive”

Marvell – “wonderful or extraordinary”

Jamal – “handsome or beautiful”

Loyal – “faithful, loyal”

Pearl – “pearl”

Mariel – “drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved”

Axel – “father of peace”

Oriel – “golden”

Quill – “scribe, writer with a quill pen”

Aakil – “intelligent, smart”

Azrael – “help of God”

Katriel – “my crown is GodThe Best Challah with Sarah Fischer”

Yael – “to ascend”

Carmel – “garden”

Virgil – “staff bearer”

Abdiel – “servant of God”

Domitian – “tamed”

Adriel – “God is my master”

What are the best L names?

Some of the best baby names are Lulubell, Koel, Mishal, Rebel, Neil.

Ansel – “with divine protection”

Nigel – “dark, black-haired”

Dearbhail – “true desire”

Mehitabel – “God rejoices”

Halil – “honourable comrade”

Neel – “sapphire blue”

Ariel – “lion of God”

Akhil – “ruler or king”

Marshall – “one who looks after horses”

Othniel – “strength of God”

Noel – “Christmas”

Jubal – “rams horn”

Daniel – “God is my judge”

Gerrell – “rules by the spear”

Undomiel – “evening star”

Petal – “leaf”

Conal – “strong wolf”

Ethel – “noble maiden”

Asbriel – “God is my help”

Paul – “small or humble”

Pascal – “of the Passover; Easter”

Axl, Axel – “my father is peace”

Kamel – “unique”

Aysel – “moon flood”

Percival – “one who pierces the valley”

Abital – “my father is dew”

Diesel – “named after the fuel”

Montel – “mountain”

Madrigal – “song for unaccompanied voices”

Claribel – “bright and beautiful”

Basil – “royal or king”

Deval – “divine”

Neal – “cloud”

Marivel – “marvel”

Sybil – “prophetess”

Dael – “Dutch variation of Dale”

Basil – “regal”

Leonel – “lion”

Jonquil – “reed”

Fennel – “Vegetable and herb name”

Bill – “resolute protection”

Jasiel – “whom God made”

Argel – “refuge”

Fadil – “generous”

Chanel – “dweller near the canal”

Baby Names Ending in L

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What are some unique L names?

Some of the unique baby names are Janel, Ronal, Rydell, Fishel, Pearl.

Khalil – “friend”

Gittel – “good”

Randall – “shield-wolf”

Basel – “brave”

Isobel – “pledged to God”

Soul – “soul, spirit”

Sorrell – “reddish brown”

Gull – “long-winged swimming birds”

Emmanuel – “God is with us”

Martel – “one who hammers”

Pharrell – “a superior man or heroic”

Coral – “Nature name”

Raquel – “variation of Rachel”

Reuel – “friend of God”

Jahziel – “God apportions”

Jael – “mountain goat”

Abdul – “servant of Allah”

Xochitl – “flower”

Gael – “wild”

Clytemnestra – “famous courter”

Abbigail – “my father is joyful”

Bonnibel – “cheerful, beautiful”

Jadiel – “one who will judge”

Cassiel – “angel of Saturday”

Kendall – “valley of the river Kent”

Amabel – “lovable”

Abrial – “open, secure, protected”

Galadriel – “maiden crowned with a radiant garland”

Russell – “redhead, fox-colored”

Othniel – “lion of god, or strength of god”

Mabel – “lovable”

Astrophel – “star lover”

Raizel – “rose”

Quintrell – “fifth”

Uriel – “God is my light”

Misael – “as God is”

Yadiel – “praise of God”

Miguel – “who is like God?”

Gil – “happiness”

Rodel – “famous ruler”

Michael – “who is like God?”

Raoul – “wolf-counsel”

Haskell – “wisdom”

Isabel – “pledged to God”


There are many great baby names that start with the letter dash. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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