220 Marvelous Boy Names Ending in L

If you’re looking for boy names ending in L, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got hundreds of ideas for you, ranging from the classic to the modern, from the traditional to the unique.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find something that you love on our list.
Some of our favorite boy names ending in L include:














Boy Names Ending in L

Some of the good boy names are Marcel, Vishal, Diesel, Emil, Maxwell.

Mikhail – “who is like God”

Latrell – “eager or noble”

Virgil – “staff bearer”

Azarel – “God helps”

Othniel – “lion of god, or strength of god”

Cordell – “rope maker”

Quintrell – “fifth”

Basil – “regal”

Axel – “father of peace”

Raul – “wolf counsel”

Raoul – “wolf-counsel”

Akhil – “ruler or king”

Jael – “mountain goat”

Kemual – “helper of God”

Adriel – “God is my master”

Gerrell – “rules by the spear”

Yariel – “lion of God”

Fadil – “generous”

Deval – “divine”

Mikhail – “who is like God?”

Emmanuel – “God is with us”

Aksel – “the father is peace”

Azriel – “God is my help”

Yadiel – “praise of God”

Jadiel – “one who will judge”

Abel – “breath”

Cael, Kael – “slender”

Jahziel – “God apportions”

Sobl – “sun”

What are boy names that end with L?

Some of the amazing boy names are Denzel, Eliel, Torquil, Markel, Ramiel.

Joel – “Jehovah is God”

Ansel – “with divine protection”

Kunal – “lotus”

Saul – “prayed for”

Abdiel – “servant of God”

Sorrel – “reddish brown”

Jaleel – “greatness”

Gil – “happiness”

Raphael – “God has healed”

Montrell – “mountain”

Loyal – “faithful, loyal”

Niall – “cloud”

Raul – “wolf counsel”

Khalil – “friend”

Royal – “royal”

Argel – “refuge”

Safal – “sensitive”

Lemuel – “devoted to God”

Conal – “strong wolf”

Montel – “mountain”

Virgil – “staff bearer”

Othniel – “strength of God”

Amiel – “God is with my people”

Abdul – “servant of Allah”

Carl – “free man”

Kamel – “unique”

Yadiel – “God has heard”

Michael – “who is like God?”

Aziel – “God is my strength”

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Baby Boy Names Ending in L

Some of the cool baby boy names are Cael, Faysal, Abiel, Feivel, Pawel.

Jamal – “beauty”

Mitchell – “who is like God”

Jasiel – “whom God made”

Praneel – “Shiva”

Wendell – “to travel, to proceed”

Hadriel – “splendor of Jehovah”

Basel – “brave”

Marshall – “one who looks after horses”

Halil – “honourable comrade”

Cashel – “castle, stone fort”

Errol – “nobleman”

Paul – “small or humble”

Cyril – “lordly”

Earl – “nobleman or warrior”

Leonel – “lion”

Daniel – “God is my judge”

Lionel – “young lion”

Mel – “council protector”

Axl, Axel – “my father is peace”

Yisrael – “contender with God”

Kentrell – “royal chieftain”

Gael – “Gaelic”

Pharrell – “a superior man or heroic”

Jamal – “handsome or beautiful”

Randall – “shield-wolf”

Lael – “belonging to God”

Samuel – “told by God”

Uriel – “God is my light”

Jubal – “rams horn”

What are the best L names?

Some of the best L names are Val, Neil, Ansel, Fidel, Pavel.

Yul – “beyond the horizon”

Jubal – “ram’s horn”

Pascal – “of the Passover; Easter”

Terrell, Tyrell – “to pull”

Yael – “to ascend”

Lowell – “young wolf”

Dougal – “dark stranger”

Sahil – “leader”

Gopal – “cowherd”

Neil – “cloud”

Nigel – “champion”

Marvell – “wonderful or extraordinary”

Israel – “he who struggles with God”

Denzel – “from the high stronghold”

Aakil – “intelligent, smart”

Neel – “sapphire blue”

Neel – “sapphire blue”

Steellike – “steel”

Rafael – “God has healed”

Azrael – “help of God”

Angel – “angel”

Kendall – “valley of the river Kent”

Marshall – “one who looks after horses”

Suhail – “level, even”

Reuel – “friend of God”

Gadiel – “God is my fortune”

Marcel – “little warrior”

Castiel – “my cover is God”

Miguel – “who is like God?”

Asbriel – “God is my help”

Boy Names Ending in L

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What are some good names for a boy?

Some of the good boy names are Nebil, Maxwell, Russell, Emmanuel, Jarell.

Cassiel – “angel of Saturday”

Audel – “old friend”

Mael – “chief or prince”

Percival – “pierce the valley”

Martel – “one who hammers”

Ferrell – “courageous”

Nigel – “dark, black-haired”

Will – “resolute protector”

Kamal – “lotus; perfect, perfection”

Bilal – “moisture”

Khalil – “friend”

Percival – “one who pierces the valley”

Nathanial – “gift of God”

Bramwell – “well where the gorse grows”

Emil – “rival”

Astrophel – “star lover”

Basil – “royal or king”

Herschel – “deer”

Vidal – “life or vitality”

Hannibal – “grace of Baal, god of fertility and fortune”

Misael – “as God is”

Haskell – “wisdom”

Ishmael – “God will hearThe Best Challah with Sarah Fischer”

Joel – “Jehovah is his God”

Randall – “shield wolf”

Cristobal – “Christ bearer”

Rodel – “famous ruler”

Bill – “resolute protection”

Diesel – “named after the fuel”

Russell – “redhead, fox-colored”


There are many great boy names ending in the letter L. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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