Anti Tobacco Slogans: 300+ Catchy Anti Smoking Sayings Ever

If you are looking for enchanting and unique slogans and taglines related to anti-tobacco, then don’t search more. Luckily! You are at the right place.

Anti Tobacco taglines and Slogans help to reduce the usage of cigarettes, cigars, marijuana, hookah, and bidis, etc., that makes your life perfect.

According to research, eight million people die every year due to tobacco. It destroyed the human organs badly. It consists of about more than 60 cancer-causing chemicals.

Now it is our right to run an anti-tobacco campaign to educate the people on how tobacco affects their bodies.

Anti Tobacco Slogans

Here is the list of slogans that motivate tobacco addicts to say no to drugs:

Stop this; it’s the ticket of death.

Smoking? It’s crap.

Don’t smoke and be brave.

Son, I love you! Cease bidis.

Throw it before it hunts you.

Marijuana? You must be bunter.

Cigar’s the biggest blunder.

Stay calm and stop tobacco.

Shhh! It’s secret of destruction.

Gutka is colorful, red teeth, black lungs.

It’s an enemy of self-control.

Its injure soul.

It’s distracting life.

People died because of addiction.

Unfortunately, your deadline starts.

Life hates smokers.

If you die, your child will cry.

Hate tobacco, love family.

Save your mouth to kiss your child.

Gym recovers your body and soul.

Life is chocolate So, enjoy it.

Far away to addiction.

Be careful life never comes again.

Addiction wastes time and money.

Drugs are shit of life.

Hands up and be drug-free.

Be kind of yourself.

Don’t burn yourself with a cigarette.

Drugs are the enemy of life.

When you use more, your countdown starts.

It’s an alarm of death.

If you are addicted, you are the biggest loser.

It’s the most significant war with yourself.

Drugs is a crime.

Drugs turn you the wrong way.

I don’t use drugs because I love my family.

Never compromise your health.

Chars? Are you out of senses?

Don’t blame anyone; it’s your fault.

It’s a disease, search for its cure.

Smoke is a cause of pollution.

Today take decisions makes future perfect.

No cigar. No problem.

Drugs hack your life.

Think you can do it.

Get rid of your life’s darkness.

Be a rare man; don’t use drugs.

Drugs kill if you use it.

Anti Smoking Slogans and Sayings

These are catchy no smoking slogans and sayings for posters:

If you addicted, you play your loved ones.

Don’t be proud it’s a false impression.

It’s an expensive death pill.

You can’t fly smoke; you fly your breath.

Recognize your importance.

Ones use drugs; it’s addicted forever.

If you can’t stop, then cancer can’t stop.

Smoke, shadow your heart.

You can’t see your generation.

Drugs are killers that travel in a pocket.

If you are addicted, you love loneliness.

It’s no solution to worries.

It’s a relaxing poison.

It’s not cool. It’s horrible.

Don’t fuck your life.

Save money, save health.

Gutka causes mouth cancer.

Left smoking before it left you on the bed of death.

Sincere friends can’t carry the habit of drugs.

Say no to Afiyoon.

Honesty starts with your self.

Listen to your loved one; they are weeping.

We wish a drugs free world.

Drugs kill our nation.

Good people fight with bad habits, not for humans.

Don’t use chars it’s kidding of life.

Friends also enjoy without drugs.

Don’t smoke, because I’m intelligent.

The best moment when you decided to quit.

More usage of drugs pays the penalty.

Be a star; throw lighter.

Spread joy, clean atmosphere, Say no to tobacco.

Promise yourself now, no life ruin with drugs.

Dare yourself no more Marijuana.

Broken hearts victim of drugs.

Be careful; it’s fake.

If you addicted, then you can’t survive with society.

Say goodbye to drugs.

Drugs make a failure.

Hates drugs, not drugs addicted.

Stay safe and denied.

Smoke doesn’t destroy only you; it destroys others also.

Huka thrill, but it’s harmful.

You burn your flower life.

Quit today, until its too late.

Usage of tobacco dug grave slowly.

Cigarette? No, don’t flirt me.

Smokers can’t enjoy old life.

Drugs are silent suicide.

Be brave! Defeat lame excuses.

If you are addicted, you lose everything.

Anti Vape Slogans

These are some of the most catchy anti vape slogans:

You lost your senses.

If you stop smoking, you are a good fighter.

It affects the ability to think.

Be aware of your family or friends.

Quit drugs are the best option.

Drugs cause violence.

Chars make you a beggar.

Marijuana reduces will power.

Be aware before ending the game of life.

Girls love cool boys, not smokers.

Standup flush your drugs.

Everyone likes healthy guys.

Observation is better than experience.

Life is not a film, and you are not a hero.

Face the reality of life.

Drugs don’t give you a second chance.

It makes you irritating.

Addiction makes you zero.

Fresh juice flavor is better than the Huka flavor.

I’m with you, but not your cigarette.

Select one, life, or drugs.

The excellent decision makes you durable.

Drugs? No, I’m not silly.

Chars users are the darkness of the world.

Be ashamed of the usage of afiyoon.

Leave this and recognize your worth.

Drugs call disability.

First, you enjoy it; then, drugs enjoy your body.

Determination removes impossibilities.

Bad habits leave their effects.

If you want to use it, then think about its effect.

Hit it before it hits you.

Drugs were not placed in your life.

Marijuana is not for you.

Love yourself.

Don’t lose hope.

Don’t hesitate to concern with the doctor.

Exercise improves health for addicted people.

Don,t be proud to take a pic with cigar its shameful action.

Stop to take risks of health.

Get the freedom of this dark cave.

Did you know your lungs on fire?

Stop chasing drugs.

How far can you breathe?

Get up and think about these disadvantages.

Feel the fear of death.

I eat healthy food but not chars.

You need help to family to prevent this.

Watch movies is a better option for drugs to release tension.

If you want to fulfill dreams, then leave Marijuana.

Don’t permit harmful products to interrupts your life.

Refuse to Cocaine.

Stop hookah. It’s a mess of you.

I am smart; don’t comes near.

Cocaine makes life dull.

You can’t achieve high grades if you use cocaine.

Listen to your pain voice.

The drug is in the top list of problems.

Stop drugs, save a marriage.

The chemistry lab is better than a meth lab.

If you love money, don’t waste it.

Drugs attract and attack the youngest more.

It’s a devil business.

Drug companies play with innocent humans.

Attract soon and damaging soon secretly.

Anti Tobacco Day Slogans And Sayings

These are the coolest anti-tobacco day slogans for posters:

Cocaine makes you duffer.

Stop the advertisement of tobacco.

Drug addiction to become social abuse.

Say no to tobacco mafia.

Tobacco is not a sweet dish.

Don’t underestimate the will power.

Tobacco loses the mind.

Drugs rock, you shock.

Please don’t use tobacco its takes away from happiness.

Tobacco cause throat irritation.

Don’t leave your loved one lonely.

Never die before your death.

Don’t put lips on the other side of the burning fire.

You’re bullshit if you think tobacco gives you peace.

You have no right to damage your body.

Your thirst is temporary, but damaging lungs is permanent.

It’s a pass of hell.

If you want to become a hero, then quit tobacco.

You think It gives satisfaction, but the reality is worst.

It’s not your matter; it’s a society matter.

Life is easy; don’t make it difficult.

Tobacco makes you weaker day by day.

Tobacco makes you a slave.

Be aware before the game is over.

Drugs deal with you in which ruins you.

Addiction hurts you more.

Declare you can get rid off tobacco.

Marijuana disappears your beauty.

Listen to your conscience.

Be rude to drugs.

Drugs turn you down day by day.

Stop drugs, start prevention.

Block drugs in your life.

Hug your mom is better than the use of a drug.

Rise like sun, not like smoke.

Firstly drugs give you wings to fly then cut it.

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