Animation Studio Names: 550+ Anime Name Ideas for Studios

Naming is an important part of a business and the same is the case with animation businesses. If you are about to start an animation business, you would need to find the best name for it. Although the naming is a little hectic process but not in the animation business.

As you can use your creativity to create a name for your business the process gets a bit easier for you. However, you need to consider a few very important things while naming any business, the name should be:

  • Easy
  • Catchy
  • Memorable

These three are basic qualities of a good name. If your business name fulfills these three requirements then it’s considered one of the best names.

Animation studio names

Here is the list of catchy animation studio names for you:

  • Brainy Skills
  • Fullbloom pictures
  • Clever Creations
  • Thrive 3D
  • Pentscenes studios
  • Lighthouse animations
  • Stop Go Graphics
  • Future Ready
  • Granted Graphics
  • Digital Ink
  • Best Animator
  • Digital Peanut
  • Visual Animator
  • Bluevalley animations
  • The Filmmaker
  • Whiteboard Wizards
  • Picture Sequence
  • Global Store
  • Digital Generation
  • Video Animation
  • Art Industry
  • Inspired Image
  • Creative School
  • Animated Images
  • Unveil developers
  • Cradlebridge studios
  • Neptune Post
  • Animation Study
  • Toon Builders
  • David Marcus Films
  • Forward Media
  • Giggle Animation Studio
  • Capitol Productions
  • Humor Spirits
  • Anime Tutorial
  • Bad Robot Production
  • Wilderbeast Production
  • Image World
  • Action Labor
  • Ad Campaign
  • Mutual Film
  • Logical Production
  • Three Dimension films
  • Ozone Productions
  • Rusty Yankie Productions
  • The Continental Players
  • Half Moon Entertainment
  • Charlie Uniform Tango
  • IT Hub
  • South Coast Film & Video
  • Beyond International Ltd
  • TLC Film Productions
  • Airbag Productions
  • Pixar Movie
  • Guardian Media Group
  • Castle Rock Entertainment
  • Quality Film and Video
  • Digital Tape
  • Shine America
  • All for One Theater
  • Smart Studio
  • Supporting Wall Films
  • Reality Check Systems
  • Auteur Productions
  • The Cow Company
  • ACE Productions
  • Mangusta Productions LLC
  • Filmy Cube
  • Animation Zing
  • Warped Films
  • Nineteen Twenty Post
  • Sandstone Films
  • Fantasy Life
  • Drawing Movie
  • Kinetic Media

Names for an animation company

Check out these name ideas for your animation company:

  • Foray visions
  • Green Street Films
  • Creative Cartoons
  • Tech Illusion
  • Accurate Animation
  • Banana Two Productions
  • Stunt Plan
  • Big Screen
  • Life Givers Group
  • Create & Animate
  • Game Developer
  • Gaming Deal
  • American Family Publishers
  • A World Apart Films
  • Working Title Films
  • Image Story
  • Film Frame
  • Solar Superstorm Productions
  • Design Hip
  • iFilms
  • Passionate Path
  • Flip Book
  • Cinema Mode
  • Imaginative Character
  • Jerico Pictures
  • Photo Actors
  • Advance Drive
  • Grand Studio
  • Mad FX Studio
  • Bird House Productions Inc.
  • Moving Picture
  • Dupree Film Production
  • Digital Designs
  • Black Screen
  • The Animated Pixel
  • Pixeldragom studios
  • Sequence Studios
  • Boss Media
  • Mini Moves
  • E-learning bits
  • Wrecking Ball Studios
  • Virtual Loop
  • Motion Imagery
  • Paperbag Productions
  • Flash Imagery
  • Story Board
  • Presentation Record
  • Digital Entertainment
  • Game Craze
  • Moving Image
  • True 2 Life Animations
  • Animated Ability

3d animation names

Here are the creative animation names for your inspiration:

  • Fairyland creations
  • Global Art
  • Digital Distinction
  • Computer Imagery
  • Art Passion
  • Automated Animation
  • Moving Pixels
  • Feature Presentation
  • Flash Animation
  • Shadow Pond Films
  • Sketch Pep
  • Providd
  • Tomahawk Theatre Company
  • Cartoon Break
  • Creative Movie
  • Playground Entertainment
  • The Brown Eagle
  • Wordcrawl Productions
  • Great Image
  • Drawing Life
  • Artistic Image
  • April Sky Studios
  • Comic Sketch
  • 44 Blue Productions
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Digisaver
  • Laser Studios
  • Lonely planet
  • RetroAnimate
  • Architect Factor
  • Double Down Design
  • Image planet
  • Embed Code
  • Four Times Film
  • Big Scene
  • Fly Animation
  • Doodle Moves
  • Animation Talks
  • Apple Rain Studios
  • Comic Life
  • Motion Masters
  • Next scene
  • Animation Station
  • Data Goals
  • Animation Queue

Anime usernames ideas

Find out Anime usernames ideas for you Instagram:

  • Create Animate
  • Animotion
  • Golden Thread Productions
  • Champion Entertainment
  • Puppet Model
  • Toon Doodlers
  • Apple Tree Productions
  • Motion Record
  • Clever Cartoons
  • Broadcast Media
  • Boom Cartoons
  • Sequence Animation
  • Fortnight pictures
  • Animated Storytelling
  • Fine Film Production
  • American Movie Classics
  • Thinking bird
  • Tech Punch
  • Gifter Animator
  • Black Mountain Films
  • Art Portrait
  • Animation Resource
  • Big Yellow Duck
  • Electronic Media
  • Film Projector
  • CBS Sports
  • Dream watching
  • Fresher World
  • Off Book Productions
  • Inventive Graphics
  • 51 Minds Entertainment
  • Original Story
  • Fresh lime soda
  • Vapor Film Company
  • Fremantle Media
  • Think Big Productions
  • Digital Footprint
  • Professional Value
  • American Urban Radio Networks
  • Cloud Zee
  • Gannett Company
  • White bright
  • Key Frame
  • Creative Splash
  • Image Sequence
  • Design Future
  • Stick Figure Guys
  • Animation Adventures
  • Game Racket
  • Stick Figures
  • Vivaanimations magic
  • Creative Design
  • Antique Animate
  • Cineast Productions
  • Action Animation
  • Artistic Animate
animation studio names

Here Is the four-step process of naming your business:

1-  Brainstorm Ideas

The first step of the naming process is to brainstorm different ideas of names. Think of different keywords that best define your services. But before choosing keywords determine your goals like:

What sort of services will your business provide? How do you want it to get perceived by others? Determining your goals will help you find the best keywords for your business name. Start making the lists of all the names you have come up with.

Here are some tips and ideas that’ll help you in brainstorming ideas:

Choose a name that is appealing to the audience

The name of your business is for your audience, not for you. Therefore, naming your business the way it appeals to your audience is very important. A name is appealing to your audience when it reflects your services. It should tell people what services or solutions you are providing for your audience.

For example, for your animation business, you can use keywords like: ‘create’, ‘draw’, or ‘design’. It is the best way to create a relatable and trustworthy name for your business. You can name your animation business as:

  • Animaker’s
  • Strive 3D
  • Flash animation
  • Live creations
  • Animation foundation

However, make sure that you are choosing a relevant name for your business. Only choose those keywords that best defines the services that your animation business is providing

Create a memorable name

It is very important to make your business name memorable. If you want to turn your visitors into regular customers you need to create an easily memorable name.

For creating a memorable name you need to create a name that is easy to spell and easy to pronounce. Only then people can easily remember your business name. Another way to make your business name stick in people’s minds is to create an attractive name. Use keywords that will eventually attract your audience’s attention.

You can also use different techniques to create a catchy name such as Alliterations, rhythms, or compounding. Here are some examples of easy and catchy names:

  • Creative cartoons
  • Move it doodle
  • Active animations
  • Anidoodle
  • Cartoonimation
  • A plus animation
  • Moving cartoons
  • Drove doodle

Use name generators

There are many name generators available online. And you can use them for free. A good thing about online generators is that you don’t need to do any work. You get a good name in a few minutes and effortlessly. You can use a name generator to find a good name for your animation service business. And if you don’t want to choose a name then you can simply take ideas.

Just enter relevant keywords and press the search button.

The generator will display a long list of different names. You can take names from there. Or a good way is to learn how they have used your keywords to create a name. Then you can create a name yourself using keywords and following their technique.

Thorough internet research

Do proper research on the internet. Research about certain things including what kind of keywords work best for animation businesses and how people choose names for their businesses. Thorough internet research can play a big role in helping you find the best name for your animation service business.

Also, research that the name you are going to use is not already taken and is available for registration. Make sure your business name is unique. If you’ll take someone else’s business name it can hurt your market reputation. Online research will also help you learn some more tips and techniques for naming a business

Keep it Short and Simple

No matter what sort of name you are using, funny, creative, professional always make sure that it is short. Some people might think that short names sound unprofessional but that’s not true. There are many world-famous companies with short names. For example, ‘Google’ and ‘Apple’. You can think of one-word names but make sure that the name is a perfect reflection of your services.

However, if you think that your services can’t be described in one word then you can make word-combinations of two or three words. But make sure they are easy to spell and pronounce. Here are some examples of short and easy names of an animation service business:

  • Presentmation
  • Boom cartoon
  • A+ Animation
  • 2D developers
  • Toon times
  • Moving pixels
  • Cartoonies
  • Cartoon club
  • Cartoon creations

2-  Shortlist your ideas

The second step of the naming process is shortlisting the ideas.

When you finally have a list of names start shortlisting your ideas. Keep names that are relevant, catchy, and easy. Remove those names that are hard to spell and pronounce. Also, make sure that the names you are keeping in your list are relevant, catchy, and sound professional.

3-  Get Feedback

Once you have shortlisted the names to 3-4, get feedback on them. You can get feedback from your friends and family. Ask questions like:

  • Is the name descriptive?
  • Does it sound professional?
  • Is it easy to spell and pronounce?
  • Can they remember the name easily?
  • Does the name tell you that it is an animation service business’s name?

It is a very good trick to find a name that will appeal to your audience. As you’ll choose the name that your friends have chosen. This means the name will also appeal to your audience. You can also ask some experts to give feedback on the name. They will help you better compare professional and unprofessional names.

4-  Check availability of the name

This is the last but most important step of the naming process. If you name your business without checking its availability it can destroy all your efforts. Giving your business a name that is already used by someone else can devastate your business reputation. Therefore, when you have chosen a name make sure that it is not already taken and is available for registration. If it’s available only then you can give that name to your business.


The world of animation is growing with time. A lot of people are now involved in combining their creativity with computers. Therefore, the best way to stand out in this big industry is to give your business the best name.

Using your creativity and some powerful techniques you can find the best name for your animation business. For your ease, we have compiled all these ideas and tips. If you’ll follow all these steps and tips mentioned above you can easily find a perfect name for your animation business.

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I am the founder of NamesFrog. Focused on startups, naming businesses and brands, and marketing. I am always learning and love to help.

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