90 Names That Mean Business and More

Names That Mean Business is an article that explores baby names with strong and powerful meanings.

These names are not only suitable for business-minded individuals but also for parents who want to instill ambition and determination in their children.

Choosing a name for your baby is an important decision, as it can shape their identity and influence their future.

Names That Mean Business offers a curated list of names that exude strength, confidence, and success.

Whether you’re looking for a name for your baby boy or baby girl, this article provides a range of options that convey a sense of professionalism and drive.

From traditional names with historical significance to modern names with a contemporary edge, Names That Mean Business has something for every parent’s taste.

By selecting a name that means business, you’re setting your child up for a lifetime of ambition and determination.

Explore the possibilities and find the perfect name that will inspire your little one to reach for the stars.

Baby Names That Mean Business

Victoria – “victory” (Latin)

Ethan – “strong, firm” (Hebrew)

Sophia – “wisdom” (Greek)

William – “resolute protector” (Germanic)

Isabella – “devoted to God” (Hebrew)

Leonardo – “brave lion” (Italian)

Amelia – “industrious” (Latin)

Xavier – “bright, splendid” (Arabic)

Audrey – “noble strength” (English)

Sebastian – “venerable” (Latin)

Nadia – “hope” (Slavic)

Felix – “fortunate, successful” (Latin)

Clara – “clear, bright” (Latin)

Hugo – “mind, intellect” (Germanic)

Valentina – “strong, vigorous” (Latin)

Owen – “noble born” (Welsh)

Aria – “air; melody” (Italian)

Julian – “youthful” (Latin)

Vivian – “full of life” (Latin)

Adrian – “sea” (Latin)

Maya – “illusion” (Sanskrit)

Elijah – “my God is Yahweh” (Hebrew)

Camilla – “young ceremonial attendant” (Latin)

Ethan – “firm, strong” (Hebrew)

Natalia – “birthday” (Latin)

Leo – “lion” (Latin)

Seraphina – “fiery ones” (Hebrew)

Maxwell – “great spring” (Old English)

Names That Mean Business

Boy Names That Mean Business

Xavier-“bright, splendid” (Arabic)

Dominic-“belonging to the Lord” (Latin)

Garrett-“spear strength” (German)

Nolan-“champion” (Irish)

Victor-“conqueror” (Latin)

Adrian-“wealthy” (Roman)

Ezekiel-“God strengthens” (Hebrew)

Owen-“noble, warrior” (Welsh)

Leo-“lion” (Latin)

Marcus-“warlike” (Latin)

Calvin-“bald, hairless” (French)

Bennett-“blessed” (Latin)

Miles-“soldier” (Latin)

Quentin-“fifth” (Latin)

Desmond-“gracious defender” (Irish)

Wyatt-“brave in war” (English)

Felix-“fortunate, happy” (Latin)

Hugo-“mind, intellect” (German)

Spencer-“steward” (English)

Warren-“protector” (German)

Grant-“great” (English)

Theo-“divine gift” (Greek)

Harrison-“son of Harry” (English)

Cole-“victory of the people” (English)

Curtis-“courteous, polite” (French)

Dorian-“gift” (Greek)

Lawrence-“from Laurentum” (Latin)

Damian-“to tame, subdue” (Greek)

Girl Names That Mean Business

Abigail-“father’s joy”(Hebrew)

Bianca-“white, pure”(Italian)

Carla-“free woman”(German)


Elena-“bright, shining light”(Greek)

Farida-“unique, precious gem”(Arabic)

Gemma-“precious stone”(Latin)

Helena-“bright, shining one”(Greek)

Ingrid-“beautiful, beloved”(Scandinavian)

Jocelyn-“happy and cheerful”(French)





Odette-“wealthy, prosperous”(French)

Petra-“rock, stone”(Greek)

Quinn-“wise, intelligent”(Irish)

Rhea-“flowing stream”(Greek)

Serena-“calm, serene”(Latin)


Uma-“flax, linen”(Sanskrit)

Valeria-“strong, healthy”(Latin)

Wren-“small bird”(English)

Xena-“hospitable, welcoming”(Greek)

Yara-“water lady”(Arabic)



Fiona-“white, fair”(Gaelic)

Isolde-“ice ruler”(Welsh)

Winona-“firstborn daughter”(Native American)

Unisex Names That Mean Business

Morgan-“bright sea” (Welsh)

Taylor-“cutter of cloth” (English)

Alex-“defender of the people” (Greek)

Casey-“vigilant” (Irish)

Jordan-“flowing down” (Hebrew)

Cameron-“crooked nose” (Scottish)

Riley-“courageous” (Irish)

Avery-“ruler of the elves” (English)

Blair-“field” (Scottish)

Quinn-“counsel” (Irish)

Spencer-“house steward” (English)

Dana-“wise” (Irish)

Morgan-“circle” (Welsh)

Jamie-“supplanter” (English)

Riley-“valiant” (Irish)

Jordan-“to descend” (Hebrew)

Casey-“brave in battle” (Irish)

Cameron-“crooked stream” (Scottish)

Taylor-“cutter of the cloth” (English)

Avery-“ruler of the elves” (English)

Alex-“defender of the people” (Greek)

Blair-“dweller on the plain” (Scottish)

Quinn-“wise” (Irish)

Dana-“from Denmark” (English)

Morgan-“seaside hill” (Welsh)

Jamie-“supplanter” (English)

Spencer-“steward” (English)

Casey-“watchful” (Irish)

Riley-“courageous” (Irish)

Jordan-“flowing down” (Hebrew)

Names That Mean Business

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Concept of Baby Names That Mean Business

Choosing a name for your baby is an important decision that holds great significance. It not only shapes their identity but also influences how they are perceived by others.

One emerging trend in baby naming is opting for names that exude a sense of professionalism and success – names that mean business.

Names that mean business are carefully selected to convey a strong and confident image.

These names often have a professional and sophisticated sound, giving the impression that the individual is destined for success in their chosen field.

By choosing a name that means business, parents hope to instill qualities associated with professionalism, ambition, and leadership in their child from an early age.

These names are believed to set a positive tone for their future endeavors and may even provide a subtle advantage in the competitive world.

The significance of names that mean business lies in the power of perception.

Just as a well-tailored suit or a polished resume can make a lasting impression, a strong and professional name can create a positive first impression in various aspects of life, including education, career, and personal relationships.

Furthermore, names that mean business often carry a sense of authority and command respect.

They can help individuals stand out in a crowd and be taken seriously, which can be particularly advantageous in professional settings.

Symbolically, names that mean business represent the aspirations and dreams parents have for their child.

They reflect the desire to raise a confident and accomplished individual who will thrive in their chosen path.

These names serve as a reminder of the values and qualities parents hope to instill in their child, such as determination, resilience, and a strong work ethic.

While the concept of names that mean business may not be for everyone, it offers an alternative approach to baby naming that emphasizes professionalism and success.

It is a way for parents to make a deliberate choice in shaping their child’s future and setting them on a path towards achievement.

Ultimately, the decision to choose a name that means business is a personal one, driven by the desire to give your child the best possible start in life.

It is a reflection of the hopes and aspirations parents have for their little one, as they envision a future filled with success, confidence, and the ability to make a lasting impact in the world.

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