Vintage Store Names: 950+ Chic Business Names and Ideas

Naming a vintage store is a very fun thing to do. However, the process can get intimidating especially if you are first time going to name a store.  Naming is a very important and crucial element of any business. A name can become the leading or falling factor for the success of your business.

The name holds the power to get you leads and to turn them into customers. However, you need to name your store very carefully as a bad name can be a devastating factor for your store. But you don’t need to worry about this as we have the best ideas and tips that’ll help you name your vintage store very easily.

The three basic things that you need to keep in mind is that the name should be:

  • Short
  • Easy
  • Memorable

If someone remembers your store’s name then it means there are a lot of chances that they’ll get back to your store. If your store’s name qualifies these three criteria then no matter what technique you use to name your store it’ll be considered good.

Here we have enough vintage store names and ideas to help you understand how to name your store and come up with new and unique ideas.

Vintage store names

Here are some of the cool vintage store names:

  • Goodwill Port Orchard
  • Bluesail Consignment
  • Vintage Closet
  • America’s Second Hand Store
  • Attic Addictions
  • Thrift Store City
  • Antique Post
  • Timely Treasures
  • Cargo Winds
  • Focus on the Past
  • Appeal Dots
  • My Little Treasures Antique Store
  • Mermaid’s Resale
  • Tip Top Thrift Shop Inc
  • Time Finds
  • Thrift For Kids
  • The Rag Machine
  • Between Friends
  • Antique Warehouse
  • Mr. Vintage
  • Vintage Age
  • Lifelong Thrift Store
  • Street Reuse Shop
  • Indian Summer
  • Lifelong
  • King of Vintage
  • The Rescue Ranch
  • Fusion Dots
  • Stickerfan
  • Mannygroove
  • Great Falls Gun and Antique Show
  • Vintage Attic
  • Singer Galleries
  • Steer Career Here
  • Elite Antique Restoration
  • Tango Tea Collectibles
  • Retro Relics Antiques
  • Right Here Resources
  • The Downtown Antique Mall
  • Crossroads Exchange
  • Emerald Hut
  • Comfy Treasures
  • Little Ante Store
  • Old School
  • Retro Luxury
  • Red Gallerie
  • First Prime
  • Process Specialist
  • Funky Jane’s
  • Faith, Hope, & Charity Antiques

Old store names

Check out the quality old store names and ideas:

  • Top Drawer Antiques
  • Vinylgamm Print
  • Old Memories Store
  • Peddlers Market Antiques
  • Old Miracles Store
  • Past gifts Store
  • Pulito Records
  • New & Again Consignment
  • Rocky Vinyl
  • Stone Age Antiques
  • Finders Seekers
  • Antique Street
  • Worldwide Antiques
  • Past Prime Antiques
  • Pandora Thrift
  • SAFE
  • West Coast Antiques
  • Crown Arts Collector
  • Help is on the Way
  • Oldest
  • Shuffle Things
  • Best Thrift
  • The China Doll
  • Somewhere in Time Fine Jewelry
  • Mighty Surfs
  • Buffalo Exchange
  • Good Treasure
  • The Talent Owners
  • Antiqued & More
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Time Trove Antiques
  • Ready Resources
  • Red White and Blue
  • Yeah Records
  • Vintage Finds
  • Karma’s Vintage Clothing
  • The Talent Pool
  • Wonder Honored
  • Discover Vintage
  • Retrorelics Antiques
  • Cabana Closet
  • Vintage Value
  • The Victorian Rose
  • Golden Oldies
  • Treasures Infinity
  • Fabulous Finds
  • Vintage Barn
  • Diamonds in the Stuff
  • Redmond Bargain
  • Hilltop Store
  • Pocket Clothing
  • Marine Land
  • Ageless Appeal
  • Colette’s Frocks
  • Off-Center

Vintage clothing brand names

Understand these vintage clothing brand names:

  • Recycled Cycles
  • Past Posh
  • Global Kindness
  • Oriental Decor
  • Grandma Vintage
  • Authentique
  • Felicity Sky
  • Tiny Huts Consignment
  • Sunshine Resale Shop
  • The Emporium Antiques
  • Matter Crest Antiques
  • Granny’s Attic
  • Past Caring
  • Blue Best Resale
  • Nearly New Shop
  • Carriage House Antiques
  • Coconuts Isle Consignment
  • Beautiful Things
  • Sacred Heart
  • Sellier Knightsbridge
  • VintaFiesta
  • Retro Matters
  • Precious Past Antiques
  • Indigo Quay
  • Missions Thrift Store
  • Grand Dub Records
  • Attic Appreciation
  • Preserved
  • Circa California
  • Vintage Warehouse
  • The Vintage Collector
  • British Red Cross
  • Attic Vendor Store
  • Editor Consignment
  • Gallery925
  • Re-In-Carnation
  • The Book Man
  • Trendy Blue
  • Savers
  • Valley of Roses
  • Butterfly Consignment
  • Hub
  • Great Trinkets Antiques
  • Simply Shabby
  • Clock Watch
  • Preserving Great
  • VintageLand
  • Key Away
  • Retro Thrill
  • Transitions Thrift store
  • Crimson Things
  • Vintage Rose
  • Red Lodge Antique Mall

Antique store names

Check out the below antique store names and ideas:

  • Junk on Broadway
  • Maxwell House Antiques
  • Bon Voyage Vintage
  • Eden Oasis Stores
  • Consignment Outhouse
  • Green Dew Consignment
  • Tiny Turtle Resale
  • All-Star Vinyl
  • Second Homes
  • Galan’s Antique
  • Talent Mgmt. Team
  • Goodwill Renton
  • Trendy You
  • Fabulous Freedom
  • Vintage House
  • Willow Glen Antiques
  • Attic The
  • Blue Sail Things
  • Glass Etc.
  • Dragonfly Resale
  • Crimson Things
  • Twosided
  • Recreative
  • Team Specialist
  • Keystone Chic
  • Appeal Dotes
  • Sellwood Antique Collective
  • The Antique Shop
  • Antique Aces
  • Bannerheap
  • Love From The Attic
  • Hunting Vintage
  • Rebel
  • Second Season Thrift
  • Jules Boutique
  • Out of the Chest
  • Prospects Thrift Store
  • Prudence Paired
  • Beyond Retro
  • Phase Two Interiors
  • Good Past Antiques
  • Love Link
  • Sprouts Boutique Resale
  • Thrift Culture Life Spring
  • Lotus Houses
  • Red Mirage
  • Vintage Wings
  • Perfect 10 Antiques
  • Renewed Rays Antiques
  • Iconic Signs
  • Old West Antiques
  • Golden Purge
  • Unclaimed Baggage
  • Whiskey Flat Antiques
  • Saturday’s Child
  • Set Free

Chic business names

The following are the best chic business names:

  • Fashion Times Thrift
  • Printox Vinyls
  • Earth glow Store
  • Vinylangels
  • Dischi Gloriosi
  • Warehouse 21
  • Smithstone Gallery
  • Topanga Vintage Market
  • Goode Ol’ Days Antiques
  • Colada Trends
  • Authentic History Store
  • Shelter
  • Sailor Jack
  • Purple Rabbit Vintage
  • Days of 49
  • Victory Vintage
  • Fabulous Finds
  • Isle Consign
  • Randolph Street Market
  • Wise Buys
  • Haven House Thrift Shop
  • Starting Stars
  • Old Town Auburn Antiques
  • Overt Stickers
  • The Vintage Flea
  • The Human Team
  • Pro Placement
  • Cow Vintage
  • Ancient memories Store
  • Samaritan Shops
  • Quality Control Team
  • Moon Gold Antiques
  • Red Lantern Antiques
  • Good Vintage
  • Celery Sky Shops
  • Helping Hands
  • Pearls of the Closet
  • Stageline Antiques
  • Lucky Arms
  • Liberty & Vine Country Store
  • James Thrift
  • Simple & Just
  • Living Room Store
  • Vintage Flair
  • Antique 2 Chic
  • Brick Store Antiques
  • Hutch Vintage and Handmade
  • Emilies Treasures
  • A New View Antiques
  • Deja Vu Antique Mall
  • Village Antique Mart
  • Old Treasure
  • Things Blessed
  • Great Treasure
  • Tritium Benefits
  • Military Kit
  • Fairlook Antiques
  • Twice Botform
  • Back Room Boutique

Antique shop names

Some of the good antique shop names are here:

  • I Stickers
  • Right Recruiting
  • Labor Relations
  • Throwback Treasures
  • Gather Thrift
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Red Barn Antiques
  • Azuse Things Consignment
  • Breezy Britches
  • MemRevive Antiques
  • By the Water Tower Antiques
  • Vintage Boutique
  • Strategic Advisors
  • Good Junk Shop
  • Softprints
  • Love Past Treasure
  • Antique Angel Store
  • Lucky Dog
  • Authentic Past Store
  • Legend Vintager
  • Synch Records
  • Goodwill Burien
  • Leon Antiques
  • Management & Consulting
  • Really Good Stuff
  • Vapor Thrift Store
  • Cargo Closet Consignment
  • Peddlers Station
  • Vintage Sagas Store
  • Back on the Rack
  • RetroStyle
  • Box Used Shop
  • Cheap Chickadee
  • Prime Past Antiques
  • Coastal Vintage Wares
  • My Unique Leftovers
  • Come Buy Again
  • Gurus and Hero’s
  • Ambit Neon
  • Crossroads Trading
  • GoodPast Antiques
  • Two Trading Tigers
  • Bargain Basement
  • Endless Shores
  • Fragile Design
  • Remember When Antiques
  • Resale wave
  • Green Furniture Hospital
  • Style Savvy
  • Help League
  • Better Bargains
  • Glad Rags
  • Deal and Steal
  • Vintage Apothecary

Vintage shop names

Here is how to name your vintage shop:

  • Angels Attic
  • Goodwill Woodinville
  • Funky Futures
  • Consignment Palace
  • Trinity Thrift Shop
  • Artsyheaven
  • Kids Resale
  • papaya Tree
  • Fusion Dots
  • Thrift Shop Lady
  • Second Story
  • The Rabbit Hole
  • Bottom Drawer
  • Memory Lane Antiques & Collectibles
  • People Elements
  • Warrior Consulting
  • Past & Present Antiques
  • Ladies of Charity
  • RetroBuy
  • Stylish Past
  • Antique Farm
  • Bargain Bucket
  • Blessed
  • Kakar House of Design
  • Crayons Children Resale
  • Dunbar Old Books
  • Flip Flopz
  • Cherry Picked Vintage & Antique Market
  • Imagnet Banners
  • Small Threads
  • ADOREaffordABLE
  • Butterfly Carry
  • Seamless Processes
  • Days Gone by Antiques
  • Finders Keepers
  • Priceless Past Antiques
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Bliss Consignment
  • Forgotten Furnishings
  • Afterlife Antiques
  • Economizing all
  • Valued Vintage
  • Cure Thrift Shop
  • Debra Charity
  • Key Away
  • My Unique
  • Endless Shores
  • Deals N’ Steals
  • 360 Degrees Vintage
  • Recruit Right
  • Tinker Thrift
  • Closet times
  • Gather Consignment
  • Merced Antique Mall
vintage store names

Old company names

These are inspiring old company names:

  • Isle Royal
  • Jack Club Antique Mall
  • VintageLovers
  • Something Special
  • Attic Resale Shop
  • Goodwill Capitol
  • Blackhollow Vinyl
  • A Step Above
  • 777 Consignments
  • Goodwill Edmonds
  • From the Pantry
  • Lazy Dog Antiques
  • Clovis Antique Mall
  • Cargo Closet
  • Star Rainbow
  • Dukes Cupboard
  • Love From Away
  • Scott Antique Market
  • Plush Tales Antiques
  • Oxford Hotel Antiques
  • Supply of Second Chances
  • Mr. Retro
  • Recess
  • Last Chance
  • Stacks Clothing Co.
  • From The Past
  • Place of Antiques
  • Isle Royal Brand
  • Barn Vintage Treasures
  • Emerald Things
  • Firestone and Parson
  • Cottage
  • A New Life Consignment
  • Hidden Treasures Shop
  • Flyby Past Antiques
  • Antique Andals Store
  • Hidden Junk
  • Vintage Secret
  • Lagorn Bay
  • Discount Boutique
  • Elsa’s Vintage Closet
  • Posh Past
  • West Groove
  • Flashy Pelican
  • Second Glance
  • Antique Appeal
  • Blessed Shop
  • Second Things
  • Just Outgrown Kids Resale
  • Treasures on 42nd
  • Twice Sold Tales
  • Consign of the Times
  • Discount Attic
  • Auxiliaries Thrift Store
  • Dover Jewelry & Diamonds
  • Epic Antique

Vintage usernames

Use these vintage usernames to inspire your ideas:

  • Vintage Journey
  • Red Light Vintage
  • Fabulous Freedom
  • Elsewhere Vintage
  • Country Pickins
  • Antique Society
  • West World Imports
  • Main Street Antiques
  • Antique Trove
  • Estate Store
  • Community Closet
  • Time And Dime
  • Antique Market and More
  • Colourinvaders
  • Roar Street Antiques
  • Value Village
  • Second-Hand Heaven
  • VintageBuy
  • A Checkered Past Antiques
  • All The Right Stuff Consignment
  • Pineapple Retro
  • Megabond Antiques
  • Loved Furniture & Designs
  • Old Gold
  • City Kids
  • Rediscoveries Vintage Clothing
  • Hoodoo Antiques & Design
  • Five & Dime Antique Mall
  • Stripes Vintage Modern
  • Blue Wave Consignment
  • The Barn Vintage Market Place
  • Lemon Frog Shop
  • Rummage Around
  • Desperate Housewares
  • Good As New Antiques
  • Twice nice
  • Stuffy Tales Antiques
  • Reruns Boutique
  • The Vintage Market
  • Green Door
  • Antick Hut Antiques
  • Ancient Miracles
  • TimeTrove Antiques
  • Creamery Antiques Mall
  • All The Right Stuff
  • Blisecond Consignment
  • Anything and Everything
  • Grandma treasure
  • Voyage Vintage
  • Your Friday Faves
  • My Kinde
  • LIfe Aspire
  • Vintage Palace
  • Inherit Ville
  • Modern Miracles
  • Yardsailor Antiques
  • Coast Stone

Victorian business names

Some of the great Victorian business names of all time are here:

  • Duke’s Antique Secondhand
  • Mini Chic
  • Out of the Closet
  • Archie Lime Bay
  • Pearl’s Value & Vintage
  • Crayons Toddlers and Toys Thrift
  • Attic Treasures
  • Vinylbuzz
  • Victorian Vintage
  • Off Center Thrift & Gift
  • Kid Around
  • WellKnown Vintage
  • Hopefully Yours
  • Ambition Store
  • Early California Antiques
  • Top Drawer Thrift
  • Breezy Life
  • Best Resale
  • Treasures Antique Mall
  • Repeating Pleasures
  • Antiquely
  • Pacific Galleries
  • King of Retro
  • Last Century
  • Emilie’s Treasures
  • Marie Curie
  • Very Vintage
  • Cottage Resale Shop
  • Midland Asker
  • Rapid Hires
  • Flip Kids
  • Afterlife Consignment
  • Attic Love
  • Goodwill Lynnwood
  • American Vintage
  • Fremont Vintage Mall
  • Kid to Kid
  • The Present Thrift
  • Goodwill Bellingham
  • Dinky Vintage
  • Pretty Parlor
  • Isle Royal Consignment
  • Proper Placements Team
  • Blessed Treasure
  • Second Image
  • Thred Up
  • Lifelong Store
  • Antiques Around Us
  • Cabana Closet
  • VintaLooms
  • Time On A Dime
  • MCC Thrift Store
  • Fresh Oasis

Vintage business names

All time cool vintage business names are enlisted here:

  • Upstairs Basement
  • Creekside Shops
  • Thrift Town
  • Put in the Ink
  • Still Fabulous
  • Timehop Treasures
  • Shufflestuff
  • Antique Plaza
  • Treasures of Ojai
  • Union Gospel
  • OddBalls Nifty Thrift
  • Tower Clock Shop
  • Throwback Thursdays
  • Flip Flop
  • From Here To Antiquity
  • Uniform Trading Company
  • Water Street Antiques & Interiors
  • Mary’s Living
  • Music City
  • Crow Trading
  • Nifty and Thrifty
  • Rore Street Antiques
  • Roselymeasow Prints
  • Antique House
  • Vintage and Rustic
  • Reign Vintage
  • Forget Me Not Antiques
  • US Thrift Supervision
  • Urbanite
  • The Attic
  • Consignment Magic
  • Inherit Ville
  • Stop ‘N Shop
  • Fashion Exchange
  • Yesteryears Antique Mall
  • Blue Rinse
  • Now and Then Antiques
  • Pentapress Prints
  • Saturnbright Vinyl
  • Secret Closet
  • Well Aged
  • Lucky Duck
  • Preloved Things
  • Consign Times
  • Out of the Attic
  • Barn Auctions
  • Pioneer Thrift
  • Grandma’s House Antiques
  • Human Relief Foundation
  • My Sister’s Closet
  • Hot Mom
  • Revolve Consignment
  • Black Dog Antiques
  • Station 8
  • Vintage Pursuits
  • Junk Deluxe
  • Great American Antiques

Retro business names

Find out a unique retro business name for your business:

  • Mozetta Prints
  • Twice Touched
  • Supportive Systems
  • Impeccable Vintage
  • VintageWorld
  • Cowboy Cabin
  • Green Bamboo Resellery
  • Gasoline Alley Antique
  • Modern Retold
  • Purplesky Vinyl
  • Snoopers Paradise
  • Jetwood Shop
  • One of a Kind
  • Help on the Way
  • Misty Island
  • Hangers of Deals
  • Flip Flop Consignment
  • Blue Sea Records
  • The Attic Thrift Store
  • Merry Go Round Antique Mall
  • Take Time
  • Prime Encounters
  • Closet Transfer
  • Stuffy Talez Antiques
  • Boutique Shop
  • Wings of Vintage
  • Very Very Old
  • Closet Purgers
  • Ready to Reach
  • Thrift Store USA
  • Wisdom Records
  • Recruitment Room
  • Bits Consignment
  • The Rusty Trunk
  • The Cloth House
  • The Treasure Chest
  • Bishop Coins
  • Half to Have It
  • Vision House
  • Deco Dreams
  • Gather Resale
  • Hope Store
  • Mid-Town Vintage
  • Light Switch
  • 4th Ave by the Tracks
  • BluSun Goods
  • Front & Company
  • Sunnyside
  • Hidden Treasures
  • Mercer Island Thrift Shop
  • Goodwill Kemi
  • Urban Barn

How to Name a Vintage Store

Here is how to name your vintage store:

1-  The name should reflect your services

Choose a name for your store that’ll tell people what they are going to get in your store. The best way to use this technique is to determine your goals before the naming process starts. Answer the questions like:

  • What services will we provide?
  • How do we want the store to be perceived by others?
  • What factors make our store unique?
  • As you have a vintage store, then to which decade you are going to get things from?
  • What will be the basic theme of your store?

Once you have determined your goals regarding the store then start brainstorming different names. Think of the keywords that define your services. Get a little creative here.

Make a list of all the names you have come up with. Then shortlist all the irrelevant names. Only keep those names that reflect your store’s theme. This is the best way to create a name for your business that reflects your services.

For example

There’s a popular vintage store called ‘Decade Vintage Company’. They sell vintage costume jewelry from the 1930-1950s. The name is not that creative but by reading the name people can eventually understand what they are going to get from it.

2-  Use a specific period

When you are going to name your vintage store refer to a specific period. It is the best way to give a more classy and specific name to your vintage store.

But make sure that you are using that period that is related to your products. If you are selling costumes from the Elizabethan era then you can use the Elizabethan era in the name of your store. Or mold the name more creatively by adding some more keywords in the name.

It is a very good technique to create a name that’ll impart a very good impression on your audience and the name will stick in their mind. If they’ll ever want to buy something from the Elizabethan period then they would know that they can easily find those things in your store. That means you can easily turn leads into customers by using these sorts of names.

For example

‘Glory Days’ is a popular store that sells vintage and retro wedding dresses from a period that was considered much pleasant and better than the present.

3-  Use your creativity

Use your creativity to come up with the best name for your vintage store. Use different creative techniques like:

  • Alliteration
  • Rhythms
  • Compounding (join two common words to come up with a unique word)
  • Misspelling ( misspell the usual words a bit to make them unique)

Using these sorts of techniques to name your vintage store is the best way to come up with a unique and memorable name. You can use many other ways to create a good and creative name. Just use your creative thinking and you’ll have the best name for your vintage store.

For example

There’s an online vintage clothing store ‘What goes around comes around’. The brand sells designer clothes. They have based their brand on the premise that these clothes have been used in the past and are now resurfaced for vintage fashion lovers.

4-  Focus on naming not describing

A big mistake that many business owners do is using too literal words to name their vintage store. You don’t need to describe the name that you are using rather use a name with deeper meaning.

If you have a vintage store then you don’t need to only use keywords like ‘Old’ and ‘Antique’. Go with the names that sound unique and also give the idea that it is the vintage store name.

For example

There’s a popular vintage store ‘Beyond Retro’. This name suggests that they’ll also send products other than retro. This name also suggests that this store will go above and beyond others in this industry.

5-  Do competitors analysis

Doing a competitor analysis will save you a lot of time and effort. The meaning of competitors’ analysis is to check how other vintage store owners have named their store. It’ll help you understand what names you should avoid and what names are trendy among vintage stores.

 While analyzing check:

What sort of names work best for other vintage stores?

Is there any specific trend to name vintage stores?

What names are already taken so you can give a unique name to your store?

What values or messages are conveyed through a vintage store name?

If you do competitor analysis the naming process will become easier for you.

6-  Get feedback

After deciding a name for your vintage store, get feedback from experts. It’ll help you make sure that the name will sound appealing to your audience. Avoid getting feedback from friends or family.

We suggest you get feedback from experts in this field. As your friends and family will obviously like a name that you’ll choose. Experts will give you more good advice on names. Clear all the things like:

Does the name reflect your services? By reading the name do they get the idea that it’s a vintage store name?

Is the name easy to spell and pronounce?

Can they easily remember the name?

For example

When people hear the name ‘ Past treasures’ they think that they’ll discover some hidden treasures in the store.

There’s another vintage store named ‘Retro kings’. This name made them feel that the store is dealing with experts in this field.


Naming can be a very difficult process but not in the case of vintage stores. As we have shared the best tips so you can easily come up with the best and creative name for your vintage store. Naming is an intimidating but very exciting process. You can name your business in whatever way you want to do.

However, there are certain things mentioned above that you need to keep in mind to make sure that the name only becomes a leading factor for your business, not a devastating factor.

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