280 Amazing and Cool Vegetarian Blog Names Ideas

If you’re thinking of starting a blog, one of the first decisions you’ll have to make is what to name your blog. The Spoiler! I will suggest some great vegetarian blog names giving you brainstorming help.

A good blog name is both memorable and searchable. You want people to be able to find your blog easily when they search for information on the topics you write about, but you also want to be able to come up with a name that is short and easy to remember. A blog name that’s too long and complicated is likely to be forgotten.

What makes a good blog name? The most important part is that it has to be relevant to your blog so that it reflects what people will expect to find on your blog. Your blog name should also be memorable and easy to spell.

Vegetarian Blog Names

Checkout these creative vegetarian blog names ideas:

  • The Veggie Dude
  • Flexitarians
  • Green Gourmet
  • Veggie-fied
  • Veggies for Life
  • Conscious Vegetarian
  • Flamingo Vegetarian
  • Vegetarian Island
  • Trucker Kitchen
  • Food Forage
  • Vegan Counter-Revolution
  • Purest Nature
  • Jazzy Vegetarian
  • Fruit & Veg Garden
  • Tacos in the Park
  • Vegetarian Divas
  • Vegetarian Epoch
  • Plant Prestige
  • Vegetarian Jump
  • The Foodie Dietitian
  • Deals Steals and Meals
  • Naturally Ella
  • Veggie Mercy
  • Humble Food
  • The Vegan Kitchen
  • Dinner Venue
  • Veggie Blawg
  • Area Vegetarian
  • Vegetable Love
  • Veggie Chicks
  • Cookie and Kate
  • Advisor Vegetarian
  • The Vegetable Garden
  • Vegetable Rainbow
  • Veggie Chronicles
  • Kids Vegetarian Adventures
  • Bunny Kitchen
  • Archana’s Kitchen
  • Glenns Garden
  • The Healthy Hackers
  • Veggie Truths
  • Coconut and Quinoa
  • The Unpretentious Vegan
  • PlantPure Nation
  • Love and Lemons
  • Front Page Vegetable
  • Vegan Zeal
  • Good Life Vegan
  • Gourmet Hour
  • The Plant Philosophy
  • The Wimpy Vegetarian
  • Kitchen Construct
  • Foodies Paradise
  • Delicious Donor
  • The Lazy Vegetarian
  • Chubby Vegetarian
  • Sprouted Kitchen
  • Vegan Factor
  • Veggies Brief
  • Veg Kitchen
Vegetarian Blog Names

Vegan Food Blog Names

Below are some catchy and good vegan food blog names list:

  • Vegetarian Focus
  • Apple Vegetable
  • No Meat Athlete
  • The Green Garden
  • Dishin’ Up the Dirt
  • Taurus Veggies
  • Naturally Vegan
  • Fun Foods Unlimited
  • The Simple Vegan
  • Woman in Real Life
  • Easy Cheesy Vegetarian
  • Valley Veggie
  • Let’s Eat Smart
  • The Tofu Sisters
  • The Veggie Stop
  • The Rockstar Tomato
  • Vocabulary Veggie
  • Odyssey Veggie
  • Charity Vegetarian
  • Just the Food
  • Vegan Aisle
  • The Humane Veggie Grill
  • Veggie Num Num
  • Courtesy Veggies
  • The Vegetable Rainbow
  • Vegetariantarctica
  • The Veg Space
  • Mighty Meat-less Cuisine
  • Veggie Spree
  • Vegetarian Tuition
  • Yup, It’s Vegan
  • Galaxy Veggies
  • Veggie Lovin
  • Fresh Food Finder
  • Green Living
  • A Vegan Adventure
  • Cooking Simply
  • Molly Vegetarian
  • Vegetarian Mud
  • Veggie Agility
  • The Planter’s Kitchen
  • Sweet on Veg
  • Recipes Reliable
  • Vegetarian Cognition
  • Vegetarian Zine
  • Fruitarian Explore
  • Veggie Halls
  • Live Plant Strong
  • Alt-Meat Magazine
  • Veggie Mama
  • Manjula’s Kitchen
  • Pack Vegetarian
  • Two Peas & a Pod
  • Plate full of salad
  • Food From Plants
  • Healing Tomato
  • Vocal Delicious
  • Origin Vegetarian
  • Strict Picks
  • Sweet N Savory Platter

More Blog Names:

How to Name a Vegetarian Blog

Here are some quick ideas and tips to help you name your vegetarian blog:

1) Choose a name that is relevant to your blog.

Most often, it will be the same as your business name. However, if it is not, it is always a good idea to pick a name for your vegetarian blog that is relevant to vegetarian.

It might come to your mind to consider a general name. That is not a good choice when you have a specific business, and you are building a blog for that specific purpose.

If you’ve other plans in the future for your blog, then definitely general name would do. A far relevant name would work the best in this scenario.

Check out these cool vegetarian blog names to get an idea:

  • Raw Till Whenever
  • Recipes Intrigue
  • Only Plants
  • Vegetable Growth
  • Family Vegetarian Life
  • Veggie Desserts
  • Creations of Green
  • Veggie Daisies
  • Green BBQ Blog
  • Explosion Vegetarian
  • Vegetarian Titan
  • A Vegan Influence
  • Delicious Pavilion
  • Pupil Vegetarian
  • Sprouted Life
  • Berry Ripe
  • My Foodie Lifestyle
  • A Plant Based Diet
  • Veggies Victor
  • Organic Bricks
  • Dietitian Debbie Dishes
  • Journey To Veganism
  • Vegetarian Rises
  • Cook Republic
  • The Veggie Queen
  • Veggie Belly
  • Eco Vegetable
  • Plant Nanny
  • Vegetarian Pica
  • The Vegetarian Ranch
  • Vegetarian Analysis
  • Vegetarian Carpet
  • Organic Blitz
  • Healthy Veggie Habits
  • Veggies Spicy
  • Cooking Ability
  • Yummy Mummy Kitchen
  • Veggie-fied
  • Joyful Gourmet
  • Healthy Girl’s Kitchen
  • Kitchen Crocodile
  • Kitchen Therapy
  • Plant-Powered Diet
  • Too Yummy Tummy
  • Lazy Cat Kitchen
  • Vegetable Zilla
  • Vegetarian Mara
  • Recipes Spunky
  • Plants and Places
  • Simply Vegan

2) Choose a name that is memorable and easy to spell.

People look for ease. A short, simple, and memorable vegetarian blog name is what they would love. If you choose a hard to spell and hard to pronounce blog name, people will not remember. They will not be able to recommend to others, even if they would want to.

In addition to this, short and simple names are result-oriented in marketing and advertising. That will decrease your marketing expenses too.

Here are some of the best vegetarian blog names to help you brainstorm more:

  • Crazy Sexy Life
  • Plants and Pickles
  • Deep Fried Vegetable
  • Kitchen Crayon
  • Perfect Pantry
  • Vegan Optimal
  • Vegan-xplorer
  • For The Vegan
  • Brightside Vegetarian
  • Lettuce Narratives
  • Vegetarian Freckle
  • Non-Native Vegan
  • The Joy of Plants
  • Veggies Reverie
  • The Alkaline Sisters
  • Modern Food Trends
  • The Tofu Diaries
  • Bright Side Vegetarianism
  • Veggie Pique
  • The Planter Blog
  • A Vegetarian’s World
  • Front Page Vegetable
  • Vegetarian Ranch
  • Accuracy Veggies
  • Valiant Vegan
  • Eves Veggies
  • The Food Gallery
  • Mediterranean salad platter
  • The Life of Plants
  • The Carrot Hugger
  • Vegetarian Delights
  • Vegetarian Zen
  • Veggies Pivot
  • Opus Vegetarian
  • Veggies Cozy
  • Veggie Secretary
  • Gallant Delicious
  • Celery Sisters
  • A Couple of Cooks
  • Herbivoracious
  • Vegan View
  • Mixed Greens
  • Therapy Veggie
  • Vegetarian Mint
  • Monsoon Spice
  • A Veggie Venture
  • Vegetarian Ventures
  • Naturally Made
  • Poppy tomato
  • Valhalla Vegetarian

3) Choose a name that is not too long.

Too long vegetarian blog names are often a bad choice. They may work well for local businesses with no plans of spreading their network. However, they are not for entrepreneurs.

4) Choose a name that is not copyrighted.

Being original is what would make you unique. Therefore, take your time. Understand what’s a good vegetarian blog name would look like. Find out whether it’s available or not.

Making your own identity is one of the tough things you would do as a business owner. A good and original name is the first step.

Here are some unique and creative vegetarian blog name ideas to help you out:

  • Vegetarian Fortune
  • The Conscious Vegetarian
  • Vegetable Forst
  • Vegetarian Reflection
  • Vegetarian Pus
  • Chitra’s Food
  • Veggie Cake
  • Veggie Feasts
  • Vegan Utopia
  • Humane Grill
  • VegBlogger
  • Vegetarian Evidence
  • Forks and Knife
  • Vegan Explorer
  • 101 Cookbooks
  • Lifelong Diet
  • I Eat Grass
  • Connoisseurs Veg
  • Veggie Time
  • Recipes Poly
  • The Vegan Dudette
  • Vegetarian Pupil
  • Veggie Plenty
  • Director Veggie
  • Veggie Munchies
  • Delicious Drilled
  • My Meatless Life
  • Veggie Guys
  • Vegetarian ‘Ventures
  • Glenn’s Garden
  • Plenty Foodie
  • Veggies Fairies
  • Vegetarian Rapids
  • Veggie Forums
  • Green Living Centre
  • The Vegan Alliance
  • Venom Veggies
  • Veggie Tales
  • Veggie Baby
  • Vegetarian Once
  • Recipes Economy
  • Vegetariandah
  • Leva Vegetarian
  • Rug Vegetarian
  • Vegan Wonder
  • My Vegan Victory
  • Nebula Vegetarian
  • Organic Kitsch
  • Plant-Based Pros
  • Jack Monroe

Consider using these related words while naming your blog:

  • vegan
  • fruitarian
  • herbivorous

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