195 Inspiring Travel App Name Ideas

If you’re looking for the perfect name for your new travel app, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite travel app name ideas to help you get started.

From classic names like “Traveler’s Companion” to more unique options like “Wanderlust,” there’s sure to be something that fits your app perfectly. So what are you waiting for? Start brainstorming and see where inspiration takes you!

To start’ it’s important to have a name for your travel app that accurately represents the purpose of your software. The name should be short, sweet and to the point. If you’re creating a travel app that helps people find and book hotels, for instance, consider something like “Hotels Finder.

” If it’s an app that helps travelers plan their vacations by tracking their expenses, using the name “Vacation Tracker” is a good choice. In addition, it’s important to consider the name in relation to other travel apps.

Make sure your app has a unique name that distinguishes itself from other similar programs. If another travel app has already claimed the same title as yours, try coming up with a different one.

Travel App Name Ideas

Great Explorations

Nature Nuts

The Traveler

Travel Light

Mountain Top

Best Venture

A+ Adventures

Time For Travel

Wicked Wanderlust

Carefree Cruises

Travel Team

Out And Up

Hit the Runways

Flyway Travel

Global Travel

Relax And Unwind

Top Ten Travels

North Curves

Holiday Planners

Joyful Adventures

Travel Tours

Madison Ave.

Gateway Getaways

Merlin Cloud

Start To Finish

Transport App Names

USA Holidays

Finding Paradise

Underwater Treasures

Jovial Journeys

Wondrous Wandering

House of Travel


Vacation Awaits

Key To Travel

Barefoot Adventures

Travel Trust

Mr. Travel

Jet Set Go

Exodus Travels

Takeoff Treks

Total Trip

World Adventure

SkyBright Travels

LoveTravel Holidays

Liberty Travel


Hope Stone Travel

Lynx International

Guided Travel

InnerSea Discoveries

What are some good name for a travel app?

Creative Travel

Travel Micro

Travel To Live

Wander Lusters

Worldwide Jaunt

Expedition Go

Efficient Itineraries

Tangerine Travel

Generous Helping

Restore Holidays

Top Notch Travel

Open Road Travel

Road Less Traveled

Talisman Trips

Ever Onward


Sights To See

Howard Commercial

Happy Trails

Trip to Trip

Let’s Go Travel

Unpack And Relax

Travel Tricks

Gem Vacations

Travel and Tours

Travel App Name Ideas

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How to Come Up with Travel App Name Ideas

Your app name is your first impression on potential users – it’s got to be catchy, unique, and give some indication of what your app does.

Naming an app is hard, but we’ve got some tips (and examples!) to help you come up with the perfect name for your travel app.

Here we enlist few things to pick a perfect social app name ideas:

1.     Think about what the main feature of your app is and incorporate that into the title

If your app is about travel, then try to think of some more specific aspects of traveling that you can incorporate into the name. If your goal is to create an overall travel guide, then the name should reflect this.

Tempest Trips

Amity Expeditions

Skylink Globetrotters

Life of A Traveler

Tall Tale Travels

Travel Bug

Restful Trips

Awesome Abroad

Ready Runways

Frontier Finder

SightCity travel

Trek America

Conquest Voyages

Thorough Travel

G Adventures

2.     It s always good to have an intriguing name for your travel app

If it’s an information based app, then maybe you can name it something like Where To Go Now! or if you are creating a social app, then maybe you can name it something like Social Travel Guide or Trip Buddy.

You can also give your travel app a quirky name like Where Did I Go?

Ace Travel Services

On the Go Tours

Aurora Treks

Quest Query


Flight Blitz

Viva Travel

Back On The Road

Love in Bloom

Next Destination

Take A Trip

Vast Voyages

Terrific Travel


Up And Away

3.     Choose an app name idea that is memorable and easy to spell

Avoid using names that are too long or have numbers in them. This will make it harder to remember and they don t quite sound right. You want your app name to be catchy, short, clear and memorable.

On the Runway

Liberation Trips

Tremendous Trips

Just Fares

Island Dreams


Trips to Travel

Cruise One

Tranquil Treks

Miami Air & Sea

Budget Wonders

Dream Big Travel

Intrepid Travel

Adventure Travel

Fusion Flights

4.     Avoid using the same name as another travel app

At the end of the day, you should be able to identify your travel app by its name. So, if you are putting a lot of effort in creating your travel app, then don’t let it get lost in the crowd.

The name of your travel app should not be too similar to another brand or trademark.

Worldly Wanderer

Dreamland Travel

Leisure Life

Heaven Show

Leading Landings

Wayfaring Wanderer

Into Itineraries

Traveler’S Envy

Travel To Go

Travel Ready

Bolt Bus

Trusted Travel

Eden Voyages

Clipper Vacations

Autotral Travel

5.     Don’t be afraid to let your creativity roam free when choosing a name

It’s perfectly ok to have a name that is a little bit weird. Just make sure that it does not sound like the name of another travel app. Pick an icon for your travel app Don’t forget to pick an icon for your travel app.

Travel Haus

Thirst For Travel


Joy Crew Tours

Outside Outfitters

Making Memories

All Travel

Cache Travel

Global Quests

Fox Travels

Memory Travels

Destination Luxury

Homeward Holidays

Next Trip

Insider Voyages


In conclusion, when choosing a name for your travel app, make sure to consider your audience, your app’s purpose, and any keywords you want to target. Keep it simple, easy to remember, and unique. And most importantly, have fun!

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