180 Tennis Tournament Names Ideas That are Perfect

Tennis tournament names are always fun to come across. They are great for creating buzz around your event and getting people excited about it. But how do you pick a tournament name that is both memorable and catchy? Here are a couple of questions you should ask yourself first.

Do you want to come up with a tournament that is all about sportsmanship? Or maybe you want to focus more on the entertainment aspect of the game? Whatever kind of tournament you’d like to host, you need to decide on a theme that will set the tone for your tournament.

Tennis Tournament Names

  • Hobart International
  • Morocco Open
  • One Hit Championship
  • Highly Strung Tournament
  • Love Brokers Tournament
  • Play it Forward Tournament
  • Hitman Championship
  • Mixed Nuts Tournament
  • Grand Prix Hassan II
  • Hot Shots Tournament
  • Tournoi de Québec
  • Monte-Carlo Masters
  • Called To Serve Tournament
  • Madrid Open
  • Memphis International
  • Match Points Tournament
  • Net Setters Tournament
  • No Love Guru Tournament
  • Hashtag Championship
  • Dare Doubles Tournament

What are some good tennis tournament names?

  • High Fives Tournament
  • Monterrey Open
  • Tennis Angels Tournament
  • Grand Slammers Tournament
  • Volley Girls Tournament
  • Charleston Open
  • Whaqued Tournament
  • Korea Open
  • String Nation Tournament
  • Connecticut Open
  • Hit and Run Tournament
  • Sydney International
  • Deepers Championship
  • Australian Open
  • smack down
  • Ball Whackers Tournament
  • Paris Masters
  • No Faults Tournament
  • Ace Bandages Tournament
  • Halle Open
Tennis Tournament Names

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How to name a tennis tournament?

Now, the question is how do you name a tennis tournament? The short answer…

  1. Try to convey the purpose of the tournament within the name
  2. Be concise and clear with your choice of words – choose unique over over-used
  3. Think about leaving a lasting impression or image in the minds of your players

Now, the long answer…

1) Pick a name that describes what the tournament is about.

When picking a name for your tournament, you need to consider several things. First, you need to figure out what type of tournament you are running. Then, you need to find a name that best fits the type of tournament you are holding. Finally, you need to determine whether the name you picked is appropriate for your event.

  • Beer Nets Tournament
  • Abierto Zapopan
  • Net Prophets Tournament
  • Serve It, Smash It, Win It, Love It
  • Ball Busters Tournament
  • Tough Love Tournament
  • Vienna Open
  • Estoril Open
  • Tennis Addicts Tournament
  • ATP Finals
  • Wise Aces Tournament
  • Senioritas Tournament

2) Try something different and unusual

Sometimes, tennis tournament names are very similar to each other. For example, the same tournament might be named “The U.S. Open Golf Championship.” However, you can still come up with a unique tournament name by combining two or three words.

For example, you could combine the word “golf” with “championship” to create a tournament name such as “The USGA Golf Championship.”

  • Ladies Open Lausanne
  • Cincinnati Open
  • Topspinners Tournament
  • The Netminders Tournament
  • Croatia Open
  • You Got Served Tournament
  • Not My Fault Tournament
  • Scared Hitless Tournament
  • Serve-Aces Tournament
  • Balls Deep
  • Danish Open
  • Andre Championship

3) Use personalities

Think about famous personalities. Who are some athletes, actors, musicians, politicians, etc., whose names you’d like to incorporate into your tournament name? Maybe you could use the names of celebrities to inspire your tournament name. After all, people often associate certain celebrities with specific events.

  • Unmatchables Tournament
  • Big Hitters Tournament
  • Thailand Open
  • Ball Buster Championship
  • Brussels Open
  • WTA Elite Trophy
  • Swinging Singles Tournament
  • Net Results Tournament
  • Mexican Open
  • Kinky Sets Tournament
  • French Open
  • Love Hurts Tournament

4) Choose words with interesting meanings.

Choosing a name for a tennis tournament is not easy. There are thousands of words available to you and choosing just a few can be overwhelming when they are also supposed to fit with each other well. However, there are some words that are more suitable than others.

The following are the tennis tournament names that help you brainstorm more ideas:

  • Hamburg European Open
  • Hot Drops Tournament
  • Net Assets Tournament
  • Fine Whines Tournament
  • In Crowd Tournament
  • Cincinnati Masters
  • Dubai Tennis Championships
  • Love-Handlers Tournament
  • Alley Gators Tournament
  • Ace Kickers Tournament
  • Star liners
  • LOVE Tournament

5) Avoid using any words that have negative connotations.

If you use a word that has a negative connotation, such as “cheap,” “shoddy,” “inexpensive,” etc., you may lose audience who feel uncomfortable with the tournament name.

  • Hall of Fame Open
  • Pingers Championship
  • Copa Colsanitas
  • Internationaux de Strasbourg
  • Ace Holes Tournament
  • Luxembourg Open
  • Shanks-a-Lot Tournament
  • Festiva Championship
  • Tightly Strung Tournament
  • Pan Pacific Open
  • Mid-Court Crisis Tournament
  • Open Sud de France

6) Think about the location where the tournament takes place.

If the tournament is held in a city, consider naming the tournament after the city. For example, if the tennis tournament is held in New York City, you could call the tournament “NY Memorial Tournament.”

  • Deuce Bags Tournament
  • Bricks smash
  • Wimbledon
  • One Hit Wonders Tournament
  • Strung too Tight Tournament
  • Miss Hits Tournament
  • Grip n’ Rip Tournament
  • Alley Oops Tournament
  • Laver Cup
  • Supreme Court Tournament
  • Aqua build Championship
  • Winners Open

7) Choose a name that is easy to pronounce.

When naming a tournament, you want to make sure the name is easy to remember and spell. This means that the tournament name must be easy to write down. If you’re having trouble coming up with a name, try writing it down on paper and see if you can figure it out. Writing down the name helps you get a better sense of how it sounds and looks. Once you know how it sounds and looks, you can come up with a more fitting name.

  • BNP Paribas Open
  • Deuces! Tournament
  • Court Jesters Tournament
  • Heaven Championship
  • Aspire Championship
  • Drop Shots Tournament
  • Hall of Framers Tournament
  • Indian Wells Open
  • Shot Sisters Tournament
  • Qatar Open
  • Rosmalen Open
  • Winston-Salem Open

8) Be creative!

If you can’t think of anything, try this: Go to a local library and look through magazines and catalogs. Look for tennis tournaments that have unusual names. Or go to an art gallery and see what kind of names they use.

Don’t limit yourself to just one idea. Try different ideas until you find one that works best for you.

  • Ace Whuppers Tournament
  • Love Me Nots Tournament
  • Over Served Tournament
  • Hit for Brains Tournament
  • WTA Finals
  • Rotterdam Open
  • Super Shots Tournament
  • Asphalt nova
  • Net Nuts Tournament
  • Penn Pals Tournament
  • Dornier Championship
  • Hit Men Tournament

9) Involve other people

One of the biggest challenges is choosing a good name for your tennis tournament. If you want to avoid headaches later on down the road, it’s better to find a name that is catchy and memorable. This means you don’t just come up with a name, then hope no one else has already thought of it. Instead, you should involve other people in the process. They may have ideas they haven’t considered yet.

You can also ask friends, family members, and colleagues for their opinion. They may have suggestions that you hadn’t thought of. The more input you get, the better off you’ll be.

  • Queen’s Club Championships
  • US Men’s Clay Court Championship
  • Terminetters Tournament
  • US Open
  • Love Stinks Tournament
  • WTP Finals
  • Kiss My Ace Tournament
  • Slice Girls Tournament
  • Budapest Grand Prix
  • Delray Beach Open
  • Smart Aces Tournament
  • Natural Guts Tournament

10) Do not use long names

Long tournament names are not always bad. In fact, they can be very good. However, there are times when long names are just too much. If you want to have a successful tennis tournament, then you must keep in mind that short names are better than long ones. This is especially true if you are trying to market yourself online. People love short names, and they are easier to remember. So, if you are looking to get more traffic on your website, then you should consider using short names.

  • Anti-Strokes Tournament
  • Aces Tournament
  • Nice Aces Tournament
  • Double Shots Tournament
  • Stockholm Open
  • Screw Balls Tournament
  • The Heatstrokes Tournament
  • We’ve Got Balls Tournament
  • Portugal Open
  • Smash Girls Tournament
  • Shenzhen Open
  • 10s Nuts Tournament

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