1000 Best Tattoo Shop Name Ideas

Choosing a name for your tattoo shop is a crucial decision that can greatly impact its success.

The right name can attract potential customers and set your business apart from the competition, while a bland or generic name may struggle to stand out in a crowded market.

When brainstorming tattoo shop names, it’s important to consider factors such as brand identity, target audience, and the overall vibe of your shop.

A creative and memorable name can not only pique the interest of potential clients but also reflect the unique style and personality of the artists working within your shop.

Whether you’re aiming for something edgy and bold or something more elegant and sophisticated, the right name can help you communicate the essence of your tattoo shop to the world.

In this article, we will explore some cool and unique tattoo shop name ideas to help inspire you as you embark on this exciting journey of naming your business.

Tattoo Shop Name Ideas

Tattoo Shop Names

Body Art

Lash Fix

Ink Envy

Loco Ink

Ink Inc.

Boho Ink

Got Ink?


Dr Lakra

Idol Ink

Ink Fuel

Brow Fix

Fish Boy


Ink Spot

Dan Henk

Ink Lore

Evol Ink

Ink City

Get Inked

Alloy Ink

Alan Dean

Nomad Ink

Mark Bode

Greg Kulz

Pierce Me

Skin Deep


Ink Spark

Sonic Ink

Tattoo Me

Ink Works

Chill Ink

Fluid Ink

Black Ink

Snake Ink

Funky Ink

Ink Stars

Amy James

Body Gems

Tit 4 Tat

Rebel Ink

Jason Cruz

Ink My Way

Ink it Out

Saints Ink

Legacy Ink

Covert Ink

Tattoo You

Young More

Greg Irons

Ink Avatar

Wild Paint

Uptown Ink

Zen Tattoo


Red Letter

Ink Theory

Inked Rose

No Regrets

Modern Ink

Iconic Ink

Ink Street

Ink Wonder



Enigma Ink

Ignite Ink

Ink Wolves

Shadow Ink

Mystic Ink

Ink Design

Dragon Art


Anchor Ink

Glow Glitz

Beyond Ink

Empire Ink

VIP Tattoo

Art of Ink

Paul Booth

Red Degree

Henry Hate

Ink Staple

Sea of Ink

Divine Ink

Sacred Ink

Flashy Ink

Tattoos XYZ

Lush Lashes

Tattoo Anew

Chronic Ink

Mission Ink

Just Ink It

Tattoo Guru

The Inkshop

Ink Masters

Axel Tattoo

Hitlist Ink

Hot Rod Ink

Best Tattoo Shop Names

The Pen Pro

Body Murals

Ink Finesse

Jason Jones

Radical Ink

Ink Culture

Anarchy Ink

Custom Skin

Ink To Love

Aces Tattoo

Ink Blender

Eternal Ink

Star Tattoo

Tattoo City

Forever Ink

City of Ink

Samurai Ink

Ink Addicts

Alex Binnie

Ink Effects

Ink Doodles

Best In Ink

The Inkspot

Endless Ink

Tattoo Spot

No Erasures

Black Thumb

Guru Tattoo

Tattoo Envy

Namaste Ink

Rampage Ink

Liberty Ink

Yoji Harada

Red Thunder

Tattoo Call

Phil Andros

Nikole Lowe

Tatu Tattoo

Face Allure

Kiko Tattoo

Eclipse Ink

Tattoo Love

Tattoo Cafe

Tit for Tat

Rainbow Ink

Ink Wrapped

Body Canvas

Soulful Ink

Second Skin

Ink Society

Vice Tattoo

Skin Design

Synergy Ink

True Tattoo

Eden Tattoo

Live Tattoo

The Tat Cat

Salon Glitz

Ink Voltage

Lovely Lips

Iris Tattoo

Captain Ink

Black Horse

Tattoo Café

Exotic Inks

Tattoo Glory



Infinite Ink

Pinpoint Art

Tattoo Works

Tattoo Rodeo

Image of Ink

Red 5 Tattoo

Decadent Ink

Tattoo Squad

Ink About It

Tattoo Fever

Let it Bleed

Hardcore Ink

Darkstar Ink

Myra Brodsky

Color Theory

Darren Brass

Smile & Wink

Don Ed Hardy

Valhalla Ink

Flipside Ink

Tattoo Craft

Boneface Ink

Lucky Tattoo

Rage Tattoos

Needle Works

Skin Palette

The Inkstain

Ink Of Fancy

Solid Tattoo

Fame Tattoos

Tattoo Fancy

All Good Ink

Best Tattoo Shop Names

Funny Tattoo Shop Names

Shotsie Gorman

Exquisite Eyes

The Tattoo Den

Futuristic Ink

Studio 219 Ink

Make Mine Nice

Gallery Of Ink

Destiny Tattoo

The Ink Doctor

Classic Tattoo

Skin Art Sense

Tattoo Wonders

Mister Cartoon

Bizarre Bazaar

Marked Studios

Tuesday Tattoo

Blackheart Ink

Brows To Boast

Whiskey Tattoo

California Ink

Ammunition Ink

Tattoo Hustler

Circus Tattoos

Maru Farrarons

Name with flag

Tapout Tattoos

Name with leaf

Liberty Tattoo

Tattoo Network

All Out Tattoo

Beauty In Dots

Tribal Tattoos

Needle And Ink

Tattoo Weavers

Chronic Tattoo

Illuminate Ink

The Ink Broker

West Coast Ink

Street Art Ink

Fantasy Thread

Big Cat Tattoo

Tattoos By Lou

Faultless Face

Dragonborn Ink

Medusa Tattoos

Fiery Piercing

Bearcat Tattoo

Kingdom Tattoo

Blackhouse Ink

Paint Slingers

Lineage Tattoo

A Touch Of Ink

Tattoo Artists

Ink My Muscles

Tattoo Factory

No Fade Beauty

Needle Notions

Kingdom of Ink

InkSane Asylum

The Ink Factor

Noodles Tattoo

Adal Hernandez

Tattoo Company

Tattoo Gallery

Atomic Tattoos

Dagos Body Art

Tattoo Exposed

Casablanca Ink

Ink Attraction

Affliction Ink

Alchemy Tattoo

Tattoo Horizon

Lasting Lashes

Tattoo Machine

Misfits Tattoo

I-Drive Tattoo

Tattoo Masters

Totally Tattoo

Paragon Tattoo

Texas Body Art

Wicked Tattoos

8th Day Tattoo

Elegant Tattoos

Picture Machine

Piercing Beauty

Herbert Hoffman

Insignia Tattoo

The Ink Arsenal

Lasting Tattoos

Body Architects

True Fit Tattoo

Lips To Die For

Focused Tattoos

The Pain Doctor

Tattoos For Fun

Inertia Tattoos

Only You Tattoo

Boneshakers Ink

Flawless Beauty

Prohibition Ink

Badass Tattoo Shop Names

The Reef Tattoo

The Tattoo Cure

Tattoo Fixation

Why Not Tattoo?

The Skin Canvas

Body De-Jeweled

Timeless Tattoo

Forever Tattoos

Fanatics Of Ink

Be Inked Safely

American Tattoo

Sanctity Tattoo

Avant Garde Ink

The Jungle Zone

All Aces Tattoo

Tattoo For Life

My Pride Tattoo

Wolfpack Tattoo

Rainbow Tattoos

Get Your Ink On

Happily Pierced

Ready, Set, Ink

Addicted to Ink

The Ink Advisor

Awesome Tattoos

Random Piercing

Big Dogs Tattoo

Under Your Skin

Tattoo A-Frenzy

Blackout Tattoo

Passion for Ink

1st Edition Ink

Insight Studios

Bad Baby Tattoo

Momentum Tattoo

Tattoo Paradise

Tattoo My Brows

No Ordinary Ink

Bullseye Tattoo

Blindman Tattoo

Cool Tattoo Art

Sleevey Tattoos

Stingray Tattoo

Body Embroidery

Revelations Ink

One Shop Tattoo

Up the Ante Ink

Name with arrow

Funhouse Tattoo

Thinking Of Ink

Underground Art

The Tattoo Tech

Tattoo Boogaloo

Red Lion Tattoo

Studio 8 Tattoo

Mermaids Tattoo

Body Adornments

Ironclad Tattoo

Destination Ink

Dreaming of Ink

Sin City Tattoo

Sunrise Tattoos

Royalty Tattoos

Mobile Piercing

Eternium Tattoo

Tattoo A-Plenty

Euphoria Tattoo

George Burchett

Winning Tattoos

Mary Jane Haake

Everlasting Ink

2 Chairs Tattoo

Tattooing Haven

Rockstar Tattoo

Wildly Tattooed

Tattoo Goodness

Dovetail Tattoo

Memorial Tattoo

Continental Ink

Downtown Tattoo

Permanent Paints

True Art Tattoos

Time-out Tattoos

Tattoo N’ Tapers

Collision Tattoo

Sin Inkorporated

Gaslight Gallery

Diversity Tattoo

HydrosTATic Tats

Tattoos To Amaze

Fine Ink Studios

Flash Me Tattoos

Boldly Bejeweled

Signature Tattoo

Timeless Tattoos

The Tattoo Tribe

Name with a dove

Big Shots Tattoo

Lions Den Tattoo

Live For Tattoos

Tattoo Shop Names Ideas

Be Pierced By Us

Art Skin Fanatic

True Blue Tattoo

Puncture Perfect

Incognito Tattoo

Muscles With Art

Love Our Tattoos

Idle Hand Tattoo

Ascension Tattoo

Lone Star Tattoo

True Love Tattoo

Grape Ape Tattoo

Wolf Head Tattoo

West Town Tattoo

Ink For Pleasure

Tattoo Detailing

High Caliber Ink

Needle Grind Ink

Peacock’s Tattoo

Wolf City Tattoo

Architect of Ink

Bold Ink Details

Southside Tattoo

Tattoos For Mama

Speakeasy Tattoo

Cover Up Tattoos

High Tide Tattoo

Scorpion Studios

Fast Lane Tattoo

Dark Hose Tattoo

Inked To Be Pink

Third Eye Tattoo

The Ink Junction

Torn Arts Tattoo

Toned up Tattoos

Lashes To Allure

Touchdown Tattoo

Fine Line Tattoo

Amazing Body Art

Live Free Tattoo

Atom Bomb Tattoo

Tattoos Knocking

Illusions Tattoo

Flashy Firm Face

Born For Tattoos

Tattoo Knockouts

The Power of Ink

Stunning Tattoos

Hannah Aitchison

Daredevil Tattoo

Old Town Tattoos

Big City Tattoos

Piercing For Fun

Tattoo Scenarios

The Painted Lady

Stay Gold Tattoo

Dark Side Tattoo

Star Tattoo Shop

Cool Tattoo Shop

Gate City Tattoo

Stilettos Tattoo

X Marks the Spot

Beauty Fixations

Ink Incorporated

True Grit Tattoo

Professor Tattoo

Paramount Tattoo

Paint Me Body Art

Eye of the Needle

Tenacious Tattoos

Lips & Brows Anew

Seamless Piercing

Glam Tattoo Works

All About the Ink

Be Inked Anywhere

Be Merry With Ink

Artistic Behavior

Rise Above Tattoo

Big Guys’ Needles

Absolutely Tattoo

Apocalypse Tattoo

Eagle Tattoo Shop

Always Chic Brows

Body Armor Tattoo

Texas Made Tattoo

Taboo Tattoo Shop

Rock Star Studios

The Skin Sculptor

Art & Soul Tattoo

Into the Void Ink

Modern Art Tattoo

Pink Tattoo Salon

Hidden Gem Tattoo

The Needle Groove

Redemption Tattoo

Me And My Tattoos

Exhibition Tattoo

Eyebrow Tattooing

The Tattoo Expose

Whimsical Tattoos

Tattoo Shop Names Ideas

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2nd Degree Tattoo

Salvation Tattoos

Well-Done Tattoos

UnHoly Ink Tattoo

Needles Of Luxury

Guilty Cat Tattoo

Painful Pleasures

Tattoos With Care

Fearless Piercing

Metamorphosis Ink

Name with a whale

The Tattoo Tailor

Heavenly Piercing

Noteworthy Tattoo

Tattoo Art Attack

Pigment Addiction

Powers Of Tattoos

Cyclists’ Tattoos

Daredevils Tattoo

Inkman (or woman)

Bliss In Body Art

Name with the sun

Koolsville Tattoo

Iron Palm Tattoos

Sun & Moon Tattoo

Correct Thy Flaws

Silver Fox Tattoo

Acme Art & Tattoo

Berserkers Tattoo

Just INK About It

Revolution Tattoo

Blue Devil Tattoo

Big Deluxe Tattoo

Vincent Castiglia

Inked Out Tattoos

Psychedelic Shack

Stunning Features

Broken Art Tattoo

Generation Tattoo

Reclaimed Tattoos

Curvaceous Lashes

Afterthoughts Ink

Third Eye Tattoos

Best Tattoos Ever

Perfect Punctures

Tattoo Excitement

Siren Tattoo Shop

Red Rocket Tattoo

The Piercing Code

Grand Prix Tattoo

Tattoo Highlights

All is One Tattoo

Game Face Tattoos

Tattoo Revolution

Divine Eye Tattoo

Stigma Tattoo Bar

Motor City Tattoo

Good Times Tattoo

Black Hive Tattoo

Name with a cross

Fire & Ice Tattoo

Brush & Easel Ink

Elm Street Tattoo

All Saints Tattoo

Black Owl Tattoos

Marvelous Tattoos

Sword & Crown Ink

Polished Piercing

Gold Dust Tattoos

Three Fates Tattoo

Mean Street Tattoo

Muscled & Tattooed

Rose Tattoo Parlor

West Anchor Tattoo

Yellow Rose Tattoo

Hidden Gem Tattoos

Gorgeous Eyelashes

Wacky Tattoo World

Masters In Ink Art

Chapter One Tattoo

Awesome Tattoo Art

Tattoos I Boast Of

GrimmWerks Studios

Winking Ink Makers

Lover with a heart

Tattoos To Cherish

Art On You Studios

Machine Age Tattoo

Artistic Fantasies

Art History Tattoo

Black Serum Tattoo

Julia Mage’au Gray

Sabbath Ink Studio

3rd Generation Ink

Sensible Tattooing

Tattoos With Grace

High Glory Tattoos

Tattoos To Attract

Body Manipulations

A Galaxy Of Beauty

Witchy Tattoo Shop Names

Piercing Pleasures

Tattoo Exploration

That Fierce Pierce

Obey Tattoo Studio

Red Carpet Tattoos

Permanent Markings

Uppercut Tattooing

Nala’s Needle Nook

Black Heart Tattoo

High Horse Tattoos

Electric 13 Tattoo

Piercing Fixations

Inked With No Pain

Once Upon a Tattoo

Beauty Specialists

Big Needles Abound

Heavenly Tattooing

A Thin Line Tattoo

Old School Tattoos

Jade Tattoo Parlor

Battle Born Tattoo

Immortal Tattooing

Apocalypse Tattoos

Seventh Son Tattoo

Thunderbird Tattoo

Mystic Koi Tattoos

Beauty Enhancement

Ancient Art Tattoo

No Regrets Tattoos

Full Circle Tattoo

Rare Breed Tattoos

Masters Of Needles

Black Spade Tattoo

Royal Flush Tattoo

Lucky 13 Tattooing

Artistic Encounter

Tattoo Serendipity

Famous Tattoo Shop

Blended Ink Studio

Savage Tattoo Shop

Majestic Tattooing

Microblade Masters

Loose Screw Tattoo

Blue Collar Tattoo

Blue Bloods Tattoo

Sailor (your name)

The Tattoo Machine

Golden Age Tattoos

Reminington Tattoo

Name with a circle

Tattoo Fascination

Royal Flesh Tattoo

Delicate Tattooing

Seven Sagas Tattoo

Name with an eagle

Masterpiece Tattoo

Tattoo Driving Van

Masquerade Tattoos

Animal Farm Tattoo

Heaven Sent Tattoos

White Rabbit Studio

Ring of Fire Tattoo

Tattooing On The Go

Cool Tattoo Artists

Dreamweaver Tattoos

Try Me Tattoo Haven

Battle Scars Tattoo

Piercing Excitement

Lip Tint Connection

Kingz Tattoo Parlor

Lasting Dose Tattoo

Tango Tattoo Parlor

Spike Tattoo Studio

Chrome Gypsy Tattoo

Royal Flush Tattoos

Hybrid Skin Tattoos

Pleasure & Pain Ink

Raven Tattoo Parlor

Excited To Be Inked

Cornerstone Tattoos

Sweet Betsy Tattoos

Tattoos For The Win

Little Johns Tattoo

Maria Jose Cristina

Logan Square Tattoo

Good Vibrations Ink

Merciless Tattooing

Black Lotus Tattoos

Pinup Tattoo Parlor

Name with a dolphin

Bejeweled & Pierced

Uniquely You Tattoo

Cloud 9 Tattoo Shop

Take it Off Tattoos

Tattoo Front Liners

Wasted Youth Tattoo

Spear Strike Tattoo

Resurrection Tattoo

Tattoos With Colors

Beauty Inside & Out

Boho Tattoo Shop Names

Black & Blue Tattoo

Nothing But Needles

Tempest Tattoo Shop

Big Muscles Tattoos

Those Perfect Brows

Compelling Body Art

More Tattoos Please

White Tiger Tattoos

Azure Tattoo Parlor

My Love For Tattoos

A Glam Tattoo World

Seas the Day Tattoo

Rebels’ Tattoo Shop

Gypsies Soul Tattoo

The Electric Circus

Sacred Heart Tattoo

Color Theory Tattoo

Factory Edge Tattoo

Tattoos To Surprise

Pay For Tattoo Pain

Living With Tattoos

Lucky Bamboo Tattoo

Tattooing In Sunset

Big Top Tattoo Shop

Tattoos People Envy

Hunter with a spear

Spirit World Tattoo

Sacred Heart Studio

Tantalizing Tattoos

Triple Crown Tattoo

Tattoo Satisfaction

Pigments To Cherish

Foxtrot Tattoo Shop

Just in Time Tattoos

A Wild Tattoo Addict

Paradise City Tattoo

Dream Visions Tattoo

Tattoos To Fascinate

Tattoo Servicing You

Infinite Ink Tattoos

Broken Clover Tattoo

Temple Garden Tattoo

Dream Masters Tattoo

Southern Star Tattoo

Ink God (or Goddess)

Lucky Sparrow Tattoo

Transference Tattoos

Rising Dragon Tattoo

Tattoos That Attract

Empire Tattoo Studio

Tattoos With Meaning

Rabble Rouser Tattoo

Voodoo Monkey Tattoo

Needle Point Tattoos

Black Rose Tattooers

Celtic Tattoo Studio

Unbelievable Tattoos

Pierced For Pleasure

United States of Ink

Magical Tattoo Scene

Cupcakes And Tattoos

Name with a pentagon

Smokin’ Guns Tattoos

Tears Worthy Tattoos

Tattoos For The Bold

Good Times Tattooing

Crimson Door Tattoos

Sailor Tattoo Studio

Bonding With Tattoos

Body Wrapped Tattoos

Little Pricks Tattoo

Classic Tattoo Craft

Name with a triangle

Remedy Tattoo Parlor

The Joys Of Piercing

Glorious Tattoo Grid

Playing With Tattoos

Body Tattoo Boutique

Fleet Street Tattoos

Showcase Tattoo Shop

Tattoos Finding Ways

Diablo Tattoo Studio

Heart of Gold Tattoo

Saving Grace Tattoos

No Tears Tattoo Shop

Seamless Tattoo Shop

Downers Grove Tattoo

One Nation Under Ink

Tattoos & The New Me

Glamour In The Globe

Transmutation Tattoo

The Void Tattoo Shop

A Toda Madre Tattoos

Cedar Springs Tattoo

Mobile Tattoo Crafts

That Tattooing Magic

Canvas Tattoo Parlor

Serious Tattoo Works

Workaholics With Ink

Sunset Tattoo Studio

Cute Tattoo Shop Names

Slick Tattoo Service

Natural Elements Ink

Bad Boys Tattoo Shop

Tattoos With A Blast

Firm & Glorious Skin

Asylum Tattoo Studio

Prison Break Tattoos

Black Diamond Tattoo

Blessed To Be Pierced

Tattooing In Progress

Stress-Away Tattooing

Beauty After The Pain

The Tattoo Revolution

Be Perfectly Tattooed

Out of This World Ink

My Magical Tattoo Bar

Be Complete, Be Inked

Mild Dust Tattoo Shop

My Tattoo Love Affair

Brave Hearts’ Tattoos

Pioneer Tattoo Studio

Feel Free Tattoo Shop

Best Tattoos To Amaze

Hidden Tattoo Experts

Molecular Tattoo Shop

Bad Guys’ Tattoo Shop

The Tattoo Troubadour

Call And We’ll Tattoo

Visions Tattoo Studio

Hammer of Thor Tattoo

Feel The Heat Tattoos

Worthy Tattoo Company

Ye Olde Tattoo Parlor

Triple Treats Tattoos

Sacrilege Tattoo Shop

Tattooing With A Wink

Yankee Doodles Tattoo

Addictive Ink Tattoos

Mascara To Perfection

Mighty Souls’ Tattoos

Sailor’s Grave Tattoo

Shotgun Tattoo Studio

Tattooing On The Move

Forever Yours Tattoos

Over the Moon Tattoos

Build 4 Speed Tattoos

Texas Tattoo Emporium

First in Line Tattoos

Wow Them With Tattoos

The Hidden Tattoo Bar

Tattoo Safely With Us

Crown Electric Tattoo

The Tattoo Experience

Get Pierced For A Fix

Fashionable Piercings

Trustworthy Tattooing

Pins & Needles Tattoo

Microblading Universe

Free Bird Tattoo Shop

The Tattoo Taskmaster

Half Moon Tattoo Shop

The Cosmetic Universe

Red Ink Tattoo Studio

Tattoo Secret Service

Green Machine Tattoos

Illuminati Tattoo Co.

Be Tattooed, Be Happy

Brown Brothers Tattoo

Mouse’s Custom Tattoo

Make Me Happy Tattoos

Tattoo Design Masters

Strong Fists Tattooing

The Muse Tattoo Artist

Branded by (your name)

Cleavage Tattoo Makers

Tattooing For Pleasure

Sexy Tattoos For Girls

Hawks Electric Tattoos

The Art Of Lip Tinting

Blue Anvil Tattoo Shop

Ultimate Design Studio

Fancy Needle Fixations

Master Peace’s Tattoos

Take a Bow Tattoo Shop

My Magnificent Tattoos

Golden Arc Tattoo Shop

Sin City Tattoo Studio

Concrete Jungle Tattoo

Tattoo Fanatics’ Haven

Tattoos Only, No Other

Piercing To Perfection

Piercing With Pleasure

Mobile Tattoo Fixation

Ship and Anchor Tattoo

Prophecy Tattoo Studio

Boy’s name with a moon

Tattoos Of Your Dreams

The Vortex Tattoo Shop

Big Wheels TattooWagon

Piercing For The Price

Japanese Tattoo Shop Names

Cool Bro with beer mug

My Go-To Tattoo Parlor

Permanent Skin Markers

Enduring Tattoo Parlor

Rock of Ages Tattooing

Death or Glory Tattoos

Indelible Design Deeds

Unrestrictive Piercing

Tattooing With A Blast

Jetsetters Tattoo Shop

Name written in German

Moth and Dagger Tattoo

Livewire Tattoo Studio

Art Explosions Tattoos

Name written in Korean

Turn It Up Tattoo Shop

The Armory Tattoo Shop

Revolver Tattoo Parlor

Spellbound Tattoo Shop

Pigments Tattoo Parlor

Stars & Stripes Tattoo

INKspirations Body Art

The Envy Of Every Soul

Tattoos Fit For A King

Convicts Tattoo Parlor

Code of Conduct Tattoo

Above & Beyond Tattoos

Symmetry Tattoo Studio

Safe Piercing Services

Remnants Tattoo Parlor

Be Pierced & Be Envied

Tattoos That Fascinate

Make-Up & Tattoo Salon

Girl’s name with stars

Tattoo Trip To Stardom

Be Liberated, Be Inked

Be Waxed & Inked Salon

Inked & Adorned Tattoo

Phenomenal Tattoo Shop

Name with date of birth

Workman’s Tattoo Window

Best Tattoo Application

The Grand Tattoo Makers

Name with a baby’s face

Reliable Tattoo Artists

Remarkable Tattoo Craft

Be Pierced Decoratively

Tattoo Whims & Pleasure

Flourishing Tattoo Shop

Be Pierced For A Change

The Joker Tattoo Parlor

Edge of Insanity Tattoo

Wild Blue Yonder Tattoo

Prim & Proper Tattooing

Wild West Tattoo Parlor

Sharp Fangs Tattoo Shop

Tattoos To Show & Boast

The Jack of All Tattoos

Tattoos For The Bravest

Black Cat Tattoo Parlor

Lowbrow Art Productions

Fields Of Grass Tattoos

Girl’s name with ribbon

Masters Of Skin Markers

Grand Tattoo Connection

Body Art by (your name)

Sure Punch Tattoo Store

Kool Katz Tattoo Parlor

Different Skin Pigments

Get Tattooed Here & Now

Satisfying Tattoo Works

The Fresh Prince of Ink

Boulevard Tattoo Studio

Skin Polish Tattoo Shop

Eternal Art Tattoo Shop

Hula Moon Tattoo Studio

Tattooing Like No Other

Head-Turner Tattoo Shop

Puncture Skin Perfectly

Fast And Simple Tattoos

Castaways Tattoo Parlor

Monster Ink Corporation

Enchanted Dragon Tattoo

Feast For Tattoo Lovers

Name with a tiny flower

Piercing With Intensity

Period Table of Tattoos

Aces High Tattoo Studio

No Pain No Gain Tattoos

The Racers’ Tattoo Stop

Black Widow Tattoo Shop

Your Best Tattoo Artist

Be Proud Of Your Tattoos

Ancient Arts Tattoo Shop

Tattoos For The Fearless

Golden Ink Tattoo Outlet

Be Pierced And Be Fierce

Blacklist Tattoo Parlour

Skin Shakers Tattoo Shop

Inner City Custom Tattoo

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Tattoo Shop Names

Choosing the perfect name for your tattoo shop is a crucial step in establishing your brand identity.

Here are some tips to help you come up with a memorable and fitting name for your tattoo studio:

1. Reflect Your Style

Consider the style and atmosphere of your tattoo shop.

Whether it’s modern, traditional, or specializes in a specific style of tattooing, make sure the name reflects the essence of your business.

2. Unique and Memorable

Aim for a name that is unique and easy to remember. Avoid overly complicated or generic names that might get lost among other businesses.

3. Avoid Trends

While it’s important to stay current, be cautious of using trendy terms or phrases that may become outdated quickly. A timeless name can have more lasting appeal.

4. Consider Location

Incorporate your location or a local landmark into the name if it makes sense for your business.

This can help establish a sense of community and make your shop more relatable to locals.

5. Research Availability

Before finalizing a name, check for its availability as a domain name (if you plan to have a website) and on social media platforms.

Consistency across all platforms is essential for brand recognition.

6. Think About Branding

Imagine how the name will look in your logo and on signage. A visually appealing and well-designed name can contribute to a strong brand image.

7. Legal Considerations

Check the availability of the name to ensure there are no trademark or copyright issues. You want to avoid legal complications down the road.

8. Get Creative with Wordplay

Puns, alliteration, and wordplay can make your name more interesting and memorable. Just be sure it aligns with the image you want to project.

9. Ask for Feedback

Get feedback from friends, family, and potential customers. They may provide valuable insights and catch things you might have overlooked.

10. Consider Future Growth

Think about your long-term vision for the business. Avoid pigeonholing yourself with a name that might limit your services or expansion opportunities.

11. Personal Connection

If your tattoo shop has a personal story behind its inception or is tied to your personal experiences, consider incorporating that narrative into the name.

12. Check Pronunciation

Make sure the name is easy to pronounce and spell. This will help with word-of-mouth referrals and online searches.

Remember that the right name can make a lasting impression and contribute to the overall success of your tattoo shop.

Take your time to brainstorm and choose a name that resonates with your vision and the image you want to portray.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Choosing Tattoo Shop Names

Choosing a name for your tattoo shop is a significant decision, and avoiding common mistakes can help ensure that the name you select is effective and resonates well with your audience.

Here are some common mistakes to steer clear of:

Lack of Originality

Avoid choosing a name that is too generic or similar to existing tattoo shops. Your name should stand out and be distinctive to avoid confusion with competitors.

Overly Complicated Names

A name that is too long or complicated can be challenging for customers to remember and may lead to misspellings. Keep it concise and easy to recall.

Ignoring Trademark Issues

Failing to check for trademark or copyright issues can lead to legal problems in the future. Ensure that the name you choose is not already trademarked by another business.

Ignoring Online Presence

In the digital age, it’s crucial to have an online presence. Before finalizing a name, check the availability of the corresponding domain name and social media handles to ensure consistency across platforms.

Limiting Future Growth

Avoid choosing a name that is too narrow or specific, as it might limit your ability to diversify services or expand your business in the future.

Ignoring Cultural Sensitivities

Be mindful of cultural sensitivities and potential misinterpretations of your chosen name. What might seem clever or amusing to one person could be offensive to another.

Not Considering Pronunciation

If your chosen name is difficult to pronounce or spell, it could lead to confusion and make it harder for customers to find your business.

Being Too Trendy

While it’s tempting to follow current trends, be cautious about using trendy terms or pop culture references. Trends can quickly fade, leaving your business with a dated or irrelevant name.

Not Getting Feedback

Don’t make the decision in isolation. Get feedback from friends, family, and potential customers to ensure that your chosen name resonates with your target audience.

Neglecting the Competition

Research existing tattoo shops in your area to ensure that your chosen name doesn’t closely resemble or mimic the names of established businesses. Stand out rather than blend in.

Ignoring Spelling and Language

Pay attention to spelling and language nuances. A name with common misspellings or linguistic challenges may create confusion.

Focusing Solely on Personal Preferences

While personal significance is essential, remember that your business name is for your customers. Consider their perspective and preferences when making the final decision.

Taking the time to carefully consider these factors and avoiding these common mistakes can contribute to the success of your tattoo shop and create a positive and lasting impression on your customers.


In conclusion, choosing the perfect name for your tattoo shop is a critical step in establishing a strong brand identity.

By steering clear of common mistakes such as lack of originality, legal oversights, and overly complicated names, you can create a memorable and effective business name.

Consider the essence of your shop, cultural sensitivities, and future growth possibilities while also ensuring a strong online presence.

Seek feedback, be mindful of competition, and remember that a well-thought-out name can contribute significantly to your shop’s success by making a lasting impression on your clientele.

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