1200 Skateboard Company and Brand Names

Skateboarding has become a popular sport and recreational activity for people of all ages.

With the rise in popularity of skateboarding, there has also been an increase in the number of skateboard companies entering the market.

From well-established brands to up-and-coming startups, the skateboard industry is brimming with a wide variety of companies looking to make their mark.

If you are a skateboard enthusiast looking to start your own company or simply curious about the different players in the industry, it can be interesting to explore the multitude of skateboard company names out there.

From cool and edgy to quirky and creative, skateboard company names often reflect the unique culture and spirit of the sport.

In this article, we will delve into the world of skateboard company names, showcasing a diverse list of brands that have carved out their place in the industry.

So, whether you’re a skater, a business owner, or simply curious about the skateboarding world, stay tuned as we take a closer look at some of the most notable skateboard company names.

Tips for Skateboard Company Names (1)

Skateboard Company Names

SK8 kings





Dark seas




Sun Diego

Hood Hood

The Vedic



Hanger 94




Gosh Skate

Nerd Board

Tiki Kreme

Jump Skate

Tilt Skate

Slide Shop


North East

Board Tilt


Red Skates

True Skate

Santa Cruz

Lift Skaté

Kart Stops

Roxy Nails


Nino Skate

Alley Daze

Biker Rush

Skate Zone


Faded Lime

Apex Skate

Dotty Slap


Swing Ride

Skate City

Trick Drop

Posh Skate

Slide Surf



Just Jumps

Fast Footz

ObliQ Play

Power life

Skater Den


Sour candy



Flavyo Fun

Ninja Guys


Bow Lights


The blacks

Crazy fire

Fun Fusion







Pig Wheels


Earth Life

Squad Help

The Mettle

Wheel zeal

Flavor fun

Hawk Vibes

Uppex Play



Keen Ramps

Death lens


Mighty Duck

Black Label

Dirty Skate

Funny Joe’s

Board Verge

Skate Ranch

Oz Skate St

Trick’d It!

Goin’ Rogue

Escape Acks


Skate Store

Kevan Joe’s

Hyper Sport


Big M Trick


Best Skateboard Company Name Ideas

Fancy Flats

Skate Cloth

Mighty Jump

Vegas Signs

Pure Slides

Mondo Skate

Skate Buses

Skiate King

Flip Skates

Speed Dropz

Funk Boards

In The Zone

Chippy Bloc

Polar Grind

Board Skate


Align Skate

Toy machine

Flying Away

Slide Story

Pine yellow


Windy super

Clear speed


Upper sense

Alien power

Speed glaze

Crush woods


Slayer Play

Dynemo Play

Smooth Ride

White power

Give A Damn

Black magic

Dark screen

2 Hype Inc.

quick wheel

Hybron Play


BigFun Play

Wight Trash

The Berrics

Fast wheels


heaven PLay

Non Factory

Ultra Smart


Uptown Play

Super wheel


The Shredder

Olympic Shop

Limp Skate’s

Usc Trickery

Skate Shop C

Signal Skate

Smashie Boyz

Skate-On Air

Staples Plus

Velvet Slice

Crazy Skates

Skate Heaven


Rattle N Tap

Lucky’s Jump

Karma Bounce

Remaxo Skate

Action Ricks

Skate Shop 1


Mighty Skate

Kustoms Edge

Blind Boards

Diva Skating

Joint Skates

Never Summer

Little Treks

Hero’z Slush

Skater’s Den

Polly Hounds

Cool Sliderz

Canyon Hikes


Nucoi Skates

Vegas Xperts

Presto Skate

Rumble Rodeo

Stunt Skates

Skate Pointe

Insanity Co.

Sxb Scooters

Skaters Edge

Escape Scape

C-Town Slide

Funky Boards

Skate Outlaw

Trick N Ride

Nellis Skate

Active Trick

Blood Wizard

K-Line Bikes

Grind On Wax

Best Skateboard Company Name Ideas (1)

Funny Skateboard Company Names

Basic Skates

Pound Me Now

Alpine Skate

Signal Rider

Helix Boards

Short trails

Zenith Point

Parish woods

Orbit Skates

White cherry

These wheels

Sporton Play

General wood

Zero pattern

Banana board

Starry night

Royal wonder

High On Life

Totorri Play

Skate Church

Tum Yeto Inc

Hop and Jump

Impact Skate

White border

MaxMIng Play

Arbor Venice

Pacific Wave

Chicago Play

Honey topper


Alone hilton

Karachi play


Beatle super

Stex it Play

Rocket Skates

Rive Shabanoe

Skateworks Az

Otaku Toronto

Legends Skate

Xevious Skate

Skate & Trick

Nellis Grille

Stealth Skate

Roll Pro Shop

Phantom Slide

Club Spitterz

Fletch N Roll

Cliff’s Clack

Eclipse Skate

Grinning Guns

Trick’s Place

The Juke Shop

Az Skate Shop

The Sk8street

Skateway Vert

Insanity Shop

Awesome Grind

Glowing Skate

Hip Hop Kings

Slalom Boards

Voodoo Shanti

Outskate Shop

Scramble Drop

Tricks N Hogs

Punchy Pete’s

Granite Skate

Skater Planet

Punchy Pummel

Xtreme Skates

Loser machine

Infinite Play

cool and cool


Uptopia Skate

Greyline Play

TrueJoy Skate

Arventte Play

Ask your gut.

Tensor Trucks

Shorty’s Inc.

Half Pipe Hub

FunSkate Rush

Busting woods

Nixon Watches

Ride Brooklyn

Fast and heat

Take The High

FunShadow Bar

Zack and sons

Hopper Dipper

The AlphaJack

Just My Thing

Roll Up & Out

Glide Surf Co

Simple letter

Board o board

happyClap Bar

Cruiser Boards

Red Rock Grind

Sky High Shops

D. Skateboards

The Ride-Ahead

Laughing Skull

Cool Skateboard Company Name Ideas

Powderz Rental

Bustin’ Boards

Tnt Trick Shop


Surprise Shore

Scoop N’ Slips


Vt Ski Resorts

Chilly Slovin’

Avoca Rocketry

Skaters Choice

Insanity Board

The Glide Shop

The Crew Skate

The Skate Shop

The Grind Shop

Fps Skate Shop

The Trick Drop

Lynch Boarding


The Grind Room

The Fresh Ride

Tricks 2 Skate

Slide’n Skater

The Ice Outlet

Dot Skate Shop

All Star Skate

The Rock Skate

Gnarly Skaters

Pressed Powder

Slickety Chipz

Vent And Skate

E-Z Skate Shop

Surfs & Shakes

Chaos Slippery

Swivel & Swoop

New York Rides

Signal Express

Dashing Skater

The Trick Zone

The Alley Acme

The Neon Alley

SportPixel Bar

RapidSwing Bar

StreetTown Bar

Urban Move Bar

Magic blasters

Bones Bearings

wheels on fire

BrownFlag Play

East 4th Skate

Alien workshop

Slick Wheeling



Skate Brooklyn

5050 Skatepark

Floral pattern

FlashClub Play

South Coast PB

Air Time Skate

Marroon Dreams

Plenty Funpins

Boom Skate Shop

Skateboard Lane

The Skate Works

Downtown Champs

Board’s Up Pkwy

Reve Skateboard

Bj’s Skate Shop

The Signal Shop

Vascoskate Shop

Tricks Paradise

Oasis Skatepark

K&S Custom Rink

Kiki’s Peddlers

Skateboard Deck

Skate The Truth

Skateboard Boys

Roller And Surf

Lipster A Go Go

The Urban Hiker

Reckless Skates

Insanity Shreds

Boris Skatepark

A-One Skatepark

Skateboard Kids

Passevous Skate

Slime Slick Fun

Signally Signal


Vaughan Strolls

Beads And Beads

Tricksnack Shop

Tricks Drop Pro

Snowboard Vibes

Aces And Twerks

Signals Express

The Urban Derby

And Accessories

Bike Skateboard

Black A Belding

The Swamp Board

Board Skate Co.

Handyman Tricks

Creative Skateboard Company Names

Skateboard Dock

Wet Skating Pro

Lift Skateboard

Pole Skate Shop

The Skate Store

Downtown Signal

M&X Skateboards

King Skateboard

Open Skateboard

The Board Store

Ace Snail Skate

Jump Skateboard

Tnt Skateboards

The Grind Works

The Sneaky Spat

Biking & Beyond

Omni Skateboard

Glenda’s Wheels

Quality control

Sin City Skates

Bird’s Eye View

Freestyle world

HHH Skateboards

Interspace park

CircleFloat Bar

Diamond quality

BetterZest Play

The Cascade Bar

The gold boards

999 skateboards

Ocean and earth

Doomsayers club

Powerll Peralta

Extreme courage

SoCal Skateshop

Rip City Skates

boards for life

Spitfire wheels

B&H Photo Video

30 yardline Bar

skates for life


The four wheels

187 killer pads

Heraty Hall Llp

Hop In Sector 9

Big Time Skater

Arbor San Diego

Apex Skateboards

Igloo Skate Shop

The Skate Clinic

Sektor’s Kitchen

Bolt Skateboards

Splash Pops Zone

Skateboard Buddy

Xtreme Skateshop

The Uphill Slope

Movit Skateboard

Skateboard Parts

Urban Skateboard

Black Rock Skate

Tint Skateboards

Skaters Paradise

Escape Boardshop

World Industries

The Nikes Corner

Pedal Works Rize

Insanity Skaters

Raspados & Tacos

Hive Skateboards

Star Skateboards

Dane’s Skatepark

Kraft Skate Shop

Tricks A Routine

Ike A Skate Shop

Skateboard Hacks

Gooey Skatehouse

Smashville Skate

Poke & Roll Shop

Black Rock Rider

Low Expectations

East Coast Grind

J’amoy Skatepark

Moon Skateboards

Sydney Skatepark

Flock Skateboard

Skate To The End

Spin Skateboards

Skateboard Grips

Bridge Outboards

Ink Spot Gallery

Eden Street Surf

Skateskate Lakes

Mojo Skateboards

Gtabo Skateboard

Dawg Skateboards

Pepsi Skate Shop


The Happy Shaver

Surly Skate Shop

Skateboard Works

Tone Skateboards

All Rock ‘N Roll

The Signal Shack

Avenue Skatepark

Creative Skateboard Company Names (1)

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Jacked Up Skates

Judds Grind Shop

Kasse Skate Shop

Larger Than Life

Verge Skate Shop

Sky Blue Signals

Skate Revolution

Elite Skate Shop

O.S. Skateboards

Loud Skateboards

L’onk Skate Shop

Fenix Proskaters

Desert Skatepark

Hansi Skateboard

Crazy Fun Boards

Local Skate Shop

Zero skateboards

Ollie Essentials

Everyday Athlete

Flip Skateboards

Euphoria skates.

Active Ride Shop

Awake Skate Shop

Foregon Sportbar

Aegir Boardworks

Watson Laminates

Gals skateboards

Predator helmets

Midnight Madness

To Hot To Handle

South Bay Skates

Sports Atoms Bar

Etnies Skatepark

Fast and Furious

Wood and wheels.

Bird’s Surf Shed

Blast Skateboards

The Saint’s Pumps

Xtreme Trick Drop

Little Skate Shop

Wheel Skateboards

Reverie Boardshop

Skateboard Rental

Lx Traffic School

Grind & Rollerway

Xtreme Skateboard

Naval Skateboards

Skateboard Junkie

Crazy Lazy Skates

Skyla Skateboards

Skaterz Topsboard

Wires On Broadway

Slides And Skates

The Skate Gallery

Elite Skateboards

Unlock Skateboard

Skateboard Trucks

Escape Skateboard

Ravage Skateworld

Tricks And Slides

Skate Gallery 4 U

Skate Shop By Als

N & S Skateboards

Insanity Chainsaw

Kelsey’s Trickery

Vespa Skateboards

Zack’s Skateboard

Crunch Skateboard

Skateboard Outlet

Skateboarder Inc.

Signal Skate Shop

Eagle Skate Works

Skyhook Skatepark

Chippy’s Scramble

Fractured Element

The Sport Shop Lv

Snappy Skateboard

All Inboard Skate

Skipperz Stompers

Signal Skateboard

Comet Skateboards

Skateboard Wheels

Verge Skateboards

Naked Skateboards

Crunchz Skatepark

Skateboard Signal

Loser Skateboards

Vortex Skate Shop

The Signal Shoppe

Snappy Skate Shop

The Grind Factory

Tail’s Of The Sun

A-Team Skateboard

Skatepark Airdrie

Boris Skateboards

Sparks Skateboard

Ricky’ Skate Shop

Gastro Grind Shop

Le Coq Des Passés

La Belle Province

Land’s Edge Skate

Aj’s Sliding Drop

Rock N Roll Shops

Steeple Skatepark

The Skate Station

Good Skateboard Company Name Ideas

Board Repair Plus

Jinnx Skateboards

FTC Skateboarding

Skateboarders Den

Pier 62 Skatepark

Heros and Villans

Slick skateboards

Paul K. Sheng, DC

PLA Skateboarding

Power skateboards

Don’t trip trucks

Boardslide Bosses

Primitive Company

Megex Skateboards

Park Delicatessen

Atacama Surf Shop

Apexx Skateboards

1010 quick wheels

arts-rec by 9FIVE

Avera Skateboards

Ethos Skateboards

BBS Manufacturing

The Yellow  Skate

Zero Skateboards.

Braille Warehouse

Snazzy Skate Shop

Mitch’s Surf Shop

Krudco Skate Shop

Sudsy’s Skate Shop

Redline Skateboard

Rock N Roll Motion

Circle Skateboards

Vee Zs Skateboards

Skate Shop N/T/A/C

The Skippable Leaf

Skating Lanes Cafe

Big Rig Skateboard

Ice City Skateshop

Skate Shop on Penn

A. Skateboard Shop

Uptown Skateboards

Scalo’s Skate Shop

South Express Shop

Land Of Skateboard

Skyline Skate Shop

Stevan’s Bike Shop

Dude’s On The Move

Roll-In Skate Park

The Grind Of Skate

Skyline Skate Park

Jump Pro Skatepark

Steal A Skateboard

Mighty Skateboards

Bumble Bee Jumpers

Steak Batter Vegas

The Last House Hoe

Shaken Not Scooped

Rage Skateboarding

Red Oak Skateshops

Sapporo Skateboard

Gliss & Grin Skate

I Love Skateboards

Skateboard Secrets

Cincinnati Airport

Stellar Skate Shop

Phantom Skate Hire

Signal Skateboards

The Signal Factory

Trapped Skateboard

Dotty’s Skate Shop

Street Skateboards

Cadillac Skatepark

Tnt Sliding Palace

D-Line A Skatepark

Flaming Onslaughts

My Skateboard Shop

T Trick Skate Shop

Pavement Skatepark

Duck Street Skates

Rosemead Skatepark

Guston Skateboards

Skateboard Dungeon

Hudson skateboards

Daddies board shop

Yolonn Skateboards

Stance Skateboards

Molton Skateboards

Stairway To Heaven

sector skateboards

Tricked Out Wheelz

Bosley Electric Co

Apollo Skateboards

Jagger Skateboards

Blind Skateboards.

Skating done right

Drill Surf & Skate

Memorial Skatepark

Absolute Board Co.

Plan B Skateboards

Felden Skateboards

Speed demon wheels

McGill’s Skateshop

Play right skates.

Almost Skateboards

Grimshaw Skate Shop

List Skateboard Company Name Ideas

Phaeton Skateboards

Skateboard Bearings

Downtown Skateboard

Gippsland Skatepark

O’day Skate Express

Unearthed Skateshop

Slippery Frog Shops

Brent Board & Skate

Furious Skateboards

Premier Skateboards

Kid On Kid Fun Zone

Stellar Skat Boards

Ace High Skate Shop

Rockin’ Skateboards

The Derby Dough Boy

All-Pro Skateboards

Blue Sky Skateboard

Skateboard Universe

Pelican’s Skatepark

Smoke’s & Oak Ridge

Snaps And Snap Shop

Skateboard N’ Stuff

Rivverge Pittsburgh

Tilt-On Skateboards

Paragon Skateboards

Little Chases Skate

Skyline Skateboards

The Paddleboard Lab

Sylvania Skate Shop

Squeaky Skateboards

All Skateboard City

Kneaders Skate Shop

Trick Me Skateboard

Spinners Skate Shop

Jumptown Skate Park

Avenger Skateboards

Stellar Skateboards

The Skater’s Corner

Xpresspin Boardshop

Birdhouse and Blitz

Octagon skateboards

Infinite Skate Shop

Authena Skateboards

Deluxe Distribution

Power09 skateboards

Arsham Fieg Gallery

BriBond Skateboards

Tyranny Skateboards

Uncle Funkys Boards

Chapman Skateboards

Pro Skateboard Shop

UpSwing Skateboards

GripZip Skateboards

Woodchuck Laminates

Bonzing Skateboards

Mystery skateboards

Krypton skateboards

Acceleration skates

Skateboards N Stuff

Bigbang Skateboards

Deluxe wheel boards

Hamster skateboards

Kickflip Collective

Walmart Supercenter

Blayday Skateboards

double speed boards

Plan B Skateboards.

Sheldon skateboards

Suprega Skateboards

Stampede Skateboards

Land Rover Skatepark

The Trick Drop House

Spitfire Skateboards

Crush’em Skateboards

Veseleste Skateboard

Savage Skateboarding

Triple 7 Skate Works

The Busy Skate Store

Red Rock Skateboards

Hollywood Skateboard

South St Skateboards

Frozen On The Runway

Simple Skateboarding

The Slide Skate Shop

The High-End Company

Surfboard Skateboard

Kingston Skateboards

K&R Skateboard Store

L’avenir Skateboards

The Brainless Brutes

Breakaway Grind Shop

Insanity Skateboards

All Star Skateboards

Skateboards & Beyond

Asteroid Skateboards

Swingin’ Skateboards

K9’s Lane & District

Bruz’s Factory Store

Drekin’s A/C & Knees

Kool ‘N Ride Express

Jump Like Skateboard

Royal Air Skate Park

Rock ‘N Roll Skating

The Local Board Shop

Sidework Skateboards

Catchy Skateboard Company Names

House Of Skateboards

Panther’s Skate Park

Spedfast Skateboards

Rock Shop Skate Shop

The Alley Skate Club

Vegas Breakaway Zone

Kokamovi Skateboards

Lil’ Bro Skateboards

My Little Skateboard

Esprit Ski Boutiques

The Mojo Skateboards

On Point Skateboards

Crompell Skateboards

Knickerbocker Pop Up

Lovesick skateboards

Antihero Skateboards

Illegal civilization

Happy  Skateboarding

Playmate skateboards

Santa Cruz Surf Shop

Venice Skateboarding

Play It Again Sports

FunBox Skateboarding

Santa Cruz Boardroom

Cherish skateboards.

MovSense Skateboards

Brooklyn skateboards

Inside skateboarding

Sun Diego Boardshops

Mike Deem Skate Shop

Positive skateboards

Emulsify skateboards

Vans Skate Space 198

Ambition skateboards

Esgott Skateboarding

Tech o 9 skateboards

Soul Grind Skateshop

Element Skateboards.

Derben Skateboarding

Torpedoz Skateboards

CA Training Facility

SkyBox Skateboarding

Smart  Skateboarding

Deliss Skateboarding

Bold max skateboards

Red kiwi skateboards

Hurley International

Long Beach Skate Co.

FunRex Skateboarding


Fun maze skateboards

Tresto Skateboarding

Clairemont Surf Shop

Creature skateboards

The Local Skate Store

Revive Skater Apparel

Essential skateboards

RageMotto Skateboards

Skateworks Santa Cruz

Pilgrim Surf + Supply

Aluminati Skateboards

Creature Skateboards.

Shortlist good names.

KarmaMuse Skateboards

Downswing skateboards

RavenCrew Skateboards

Fertile skateboarding

The Garage Board Shop

Cal Skate Skateboards

Chocolate skateboards

SpikeCrux Skateboards

South Coast Surf Shop

Aluminate skateboards

Mission Beach Rentals

Anti-Hero skateboards

DotMotion Skateboards

madTown Skateboarding

UrbanAero Skateboards

Aesthetic skateboards

Red Mongo Skateboards

Bro style skateboards

LES Coleman Skatepark

AxisForce Skateboards

Terabyte skateboards.

Robb Field Skate Park

long life skateboards

Hellionex Skateboards

DragonFly Skateboards

JustFun Skateboarding

The Bullet Board Store

triple one skateboards

Two spaces skateboards

Crowley Lake Skatepark

Fun blast wheel boards

Indigenous Skateboards

Prolific Skateboarding

The slider on The Side

Cabin crew skateboards

ZipSkate Skateboarding

playtown Skateboarding

RivalFloat Skateboards

Atlas Skateboard Store

Power flex skateboards

Dimenexx Skateboarding

Crooks Skateboard Shop

Catchy Skateboard Company Names (1)

Unique Skateboard Company Names

Crazy fast skateboards

High champ skateboards

Black wave skateboards

Brackets Skateboarding

Cameroon’s skateboards

Wood skateboard planet

Lion power skateboards

Surf – Skate & Bikinis

YorkBang Skateboarding

Evolve Skateboards USA

Super beta skateboards

VItalMix Skateboarding

Dimension Streetboards

Zero panic skateboards

Crazy fest skateboards

Burton Woodbury Outlet

Underground Skate Shop

Linda Vista Skate Park

South pole skateboards

City Heights Skatepark

NorthRay Skateboarding

Gregarious skateboards

Power perk skateboards

White wish skateboards

Midwest  Skateboarding

UltraBoost Skateboards

Santa Cruz Skateboards

The Janky Board Company

SuperFest Skateboarding

Dangy Dew Skateboarding

Sugar wheel skateboards

Royal honey skateboards

FunSiesta Skateboarding

Sinsierra Skateboarding

Super bluff skateboards

Black Mango skateboards

Funholics Skateboarding

Richie rich skateboards

DangyCave Skateboarding

Patina Restaurant Group

Sportbyte Skateboarding

FreshLove Skateboarding

Santa Cruz Skateboards.

Magic power skateboards

CrazyMaze Skateboarding

Flashbeat Skateboarding

Zero figure skateboards

Full power wheel boards

PlayStuff Skateboarding

CrossRoad Skateboarding

Urban power skateboards

Blank space skateboards

Hulky bulky skateboards

The strings skateboards

urbenHope Skateboarding

Open Source Skateboards

Wood fusion skateboards

ThriveBadge Skateboards

FloraFlip Skateboarding

Black color skateboards

Money power skateboards

TwigoZest Skateboarding

MadStable Skateboarding

PlayTrails Skateboarding

Purple sense skateboards

The Crunch Skateboarding

Route 44 Skateboard Shop

Ocean water wheel boards

RapidPerks Skateboarding

Fingerbang Skateboarding

Wheel matter skateboards

FusionFeet Skateboarding

Sweet Impact Skateboards

District Skateboard Shop

Honey little skateboards

PuffsBerry Skateboarding

Sportsbell Skateboarding

The Replay Skateboarding

Arc De Triomphe Bicycles

Zero bottom wheel boards

Rockaway Beach Surf Shop

GreatEagle Skateboarding

urban Ming Skateboarding

Walking Stick Skateboards

Violet floral skateboards

Yellow Wish Skateboarding

Garde Glaze Skateboarding

Muir Skate Longboard Shop

Red Triumph Skateboarding

Voltaire Cycles of Verona

Powell Peralta Skate Shop

Long Island City Kleaners

California Ramp Works Inc

The sensation skateboards

Pattern shaper skateboards

Boarders of Rockaway Beach

Venice Skateboarding Stuff

Fritzy’s Roller Skate Shop

Tower Beach Club & Showroom

Thirteen figure skateboards

Quad Republic Skate Company

Black and black skateboards

Father and sons skateboards

Freezing station skateboards

Washington Street Skate Park

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Creative Approaches to Naming Your Skateboard Company

1. Unique and Memorable Name Ideas

Wordplay and Puns: Infuse humor or clever wordplay into the name to make it memorable. Examples include “BoardBlitz” or “SkateSaga.”

Play with Letters: Create unique combinations or abbreviations that stand out, such as “RideSync” or “AeroSk8.”

2. Incorporating Skateboard Jargon and Terminology

Trick References: Integrate skateboard tricks or terms into the name, showcasing authenticity. Examples include “Kickflip Kings” or “OllieOutpost.”

Deck and Grip Themes: Use elements related to skateboard construction, like “MapleCraft Boards” or “GripFusion.”

3. Artistic and Design-Focused Names

Graphic Inspiration: Draw inspiration from skateboard graphics and design elements. Consider names like “GraffitiGlide” or “CanvasCarve.”

Colorful Concepts: Use vibrant color-related names that evoke the visual appeal of skateboarding. Examples include “NeonSlide” or “SpectrumSkate.”

4. Reflecting the Spirit of Skateboarding

Freedom and Thrill: Capture the essence of the skateboard culture, emphasizing freedom and the thrill of riding. Consider names like “VelocityVibe” or “EpicEskate.”

Urban Adventure: Convey the urban and adventurous side of skateboarding with names like “CitySprint” or “ConcreteCruise.”

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Skateboard Company Naming

1. Lack of Connection to Skate Culture

Authenticity Matters: Ensure that the name resonates with the skateboard culture and lifestyle. Avoid names that feel disconnected or generic.

Understanding Your Audience: Consider the preferences and values of the skateboarding community to establish a genuine connection.

2. Ignoring Online and Offline Brand Consistency

Domain Availability: Overlooked availability of the chosen name as a domain can lead to inconsistencies in branding. Secure a matching domain for online visibility.

Social Media Presence: Neglecting to check the name’s availability on major social media platforms may result in fragmented online branding.

3. Neglecting Legal Checks and Trademarks

Trademark Infringement: Failing to conduct thorough trademark searches can lead to unintentional infringement. Ensure the selected name is unique and legally available for use.

Registration Compliance: Verify that the chosen name complies with registration requirements to prevent legal complications.

4. Unintentional Negative Connotations

Cultural Sensitivity: Be mindful of potential negative connotations or cultural misunderstandings associated with the chosen name. Avoid names that may be offensive or inappropriate.

Avoiding Controversy: Steer clear of names that could be controversial within the skateboarding community or broader audience.


In summary, naming your skateboard company is a significant aspect of brand development.

To create a standout name, consider the unique culture of skateboarding, avoid common pitfalls such as lack of authenticity and legal oversights, and maintain consistency across online and offline platforms.

Employ creative strategies like wordplay, skateboard terminology integration, and drawing inspiration from design to craft a memorable and authentic brand.

Striking a balance between creativity and practicality is key for a name that resonates with the skateboarding community while ensuring long-term success and recognition.

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