527 Saints Fantasy Football Names

Saints Fantasy Football Names are a fun way to show your support for the New Orleans Saints while participating in the excitement of fantasy football.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just looking to add some team spirit to your fantasy team, these names will help you stand out from the competition.

From clever puns to player references, there’s a name for every type of Saints fan.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a list of creative Saints Fantasy Football Names and some tips on how to choose the perfect one for your team.

Saints Fantasy Football Names

Olave’s Saints Spotlight

Brees Nuts!

Kamara Krew

Prodigy Predators

The Thomas Terrors

Retribution Ravens

Tenet Tigers

Sanders Little Dog, Too

Habeas Heralds

Michael’s Masterclass

a graham’s worth 20

Vilma, the Bounty Hunter

Bow and Vaccaros

Veto Vikings

Demurrer Daredevils

Brees Nuts

The Deuce is Loose

Warford Good

Marshon of the Dead

Colston from the Brees

Greene Eggs & Graham

Cold Brees

Penalty Pundits

Declaratory Decimators

Defense Dragons

Tre’Quan Smith, WR

By Sean Johns

Virtue Vikings

Briefcase Bandits

Tay som’s Tornadoes

The Brees’ Knees

Dalton Hilliard’s Heroes

Testament Terrors

Gavel Guardians

Infallible Inklings

Quash Quasars

Requisition Rangers

Dissolution Dynamos

A Graham of Bowe

Dolphins’ Aqua Assassins

Supposed Graham

Brees Competition

Bum’s Brigade

Brandin Cooks Cajun

Ravens Flock Firepower

Sovereign Saviors

Precedent Panthers

Veritable Vikings

Asset Allocation Alchemists

Pay a Ton to Win a Ton

Code Coyotes

Mike’s Magic Hands

Precept Prowess

Breeding By You

Raiders’ Silver and Black Attack

Saints Fantasy Football Names

Best Saints Fantasy Football Names

He Hate Me

Bears Monstrous Defense

The Unger Game

Breesus, King of the Drews

Allegiance Alchemists

Mandolin Mustangs

Legacy Lynx

Prosecution Prowess

Defender Dolphins

Jeezum Peats

Easy Breezy

Crab-leg Bootleg

Oil of Olave

Lien Luminaries

Ginn and Drew-ce

My Ditka in a Box

Accolade Assassins

Antenuptial Avengers

Legal Lineage Luminary

Exclusion Exiles

Paying Bounties

Thanks a Latavius

Palimony Prowess

Sentinel Spartans

The Saintly Receiving Corps

Alvin Kamara, RB

Anzalone’s Jabronis

The Saintly Snaggers

Rule Raiders

Saints and Sinners

Statutory Spartans

Rickey’s Rascals

Too Many Cooks

Brees N’ Bayou

Fleur-de-Lis Icons

Recusal Rebels

Covenant Cavaliers

Crescent City’s Olave Express

Principle Panthers

Rams’ Horned Heroes

Inquisitor Inklings

Patriots’ Dynasty Defenders

Olave’s Touchdown Troupe

Sproles Royce Phantom


Writ Wolves

AP’s Daycare

Resolute Raptors

Saints of Anarchy

Mandamus Minotaurs

Caseload Crusaders

Funny Saints Fantasy Football Names

Verdict Vandals

Saint Manning

Hearsay Heralds

Codex Crusaders

Forte DBrees Tebow Freezing

Legal Labyrinth

Thomas’s Gridiron Empire

Res Judicata Renegades

Spousal Support Saviors

Delegate Dolphins

Spousal Support Sultans

Who Dat Legends

Fruit of the Loomis

Testify Titans

Michael Thomas, WR

Testament Titans

Brees Bayou

Sprolin With the Punches

Dome Patrol Dominators

Andersent From God

Cruzing along in the Brees

Summoner Seahawks

Bail Bond Banshees

Hit the Lutz

Nolle Prosequi Nomads

Winning’s a Brees


Thomas and the Saints Factory

The Story of LataviUs

NOLA Gridiron Heroes

Luminous Lynx

Accord Avengers

Conveyance Crusaders

The Age of Latavius

Seahawks Legion of Zoom

Infraction Invaders

Perjury Prowess

Adjudication Avengers

Saints of the Past

Stipulation Sultans

49ers Faithful Fantasy

Emancipation Envoys

Tayser Gun

Macaroni and Brees

Allegiance Apollos

Barrister Banshees

Win, Lose, or Drew

Exoneration Exiles

Deposition Dynasty

Cardinals Air Raid


Appeal Assassins

The Olave Dynasty

Chiefs Kingdom Champions

Marques de Shade

Open the Rivers Gates on N.O.

Injunction Imperials

Chris’s Crescent City Catchers

Payton and a Manning

Hooman Rights

Rules and Lattimores

Pack Attack

Vilma the Bounty Hunter

Olave and Beyond

Mandate Marauders

Docket Dragons

Mike’s Miracle Catchers

Resolution Rangers

Replevin Renegades

Defamation Defenders

The NOLA Thomas Squad

Nominee Nomads

Latavius Murray, RB

Saints Fantasy Football Names Reddit

Chris Crossed Routes

Reckoning Ravens

Parity Phoenix

Ginn and Juice

Thomas’s Touchdown Symphony

Delegate Dragons

Rulebook Raiders

Alimony Avengers

Caveat Crushers

Valor Vipers

Brees It! The Cops!

Pantheon Paladins

Breest Coast

You see me sprolin’

French Quarter Comeback

Call me the Brees

Thomas the Touchdown Engine

Pimpin’ Saint Breesy

Alibi Arbiters

Deez Lutz

NOLA Gridiron Kings

Sprolin on 24’s

King of the Drews

Disbarment Dragoons

A Tayste of Things to Come

Department of Domeland Security

Enforce Envoys

Emancipation Exemplars

feBrees…so fresh & so clean

Fleur-de-Lis Fantastics

Essence Eagles

Next 10 New Orleans Saints

Habeas Heroes

Breesy like Sunday Morning

Easy Breesy Beautiful

Get High Ricky

Fleen on Me

Mandate Mustangs

Indictment Icons

NOLA Brees Party

Ingram Toneails

Accordant Argonauts

Steeler Nation Dominators

Quorum Quake

Donte’s balloon Inferno

Looney Kuhns

Grande Lattevius

The Big Breesy

Bounty Boys

Sprolin With My Homies

Murray Up and Wait

Sovereign Sabercats

The Aints No More

Olave Garden

Luminary Leopards

Swilling’s Sack Attack

Saints Fantasy Football Names Generator

Citation Centaurs

Redress Rangers

Oathbreaker Outlaws

Kamara Sutra

Lexicon Lynx

Impartial Imps

Manifestation Mavericks

Catch the Brees Colsten By

Bring the Woodson

Brees’ Bayou Bombers

Appeal Avengers

Adjudicator Aces

Magistrate Mustangs

Statute Steelers

Triple Lutz

Order of the Writ

Barrister Bears

Judiciary Jaguars

Big Who Data

Cowboys’ Gridiron Gang

Appellate Alchemists

Ingram Toenails

Conveyance Cavaliers

Injunction Imps

Olave Brance

Taysoms of Anarchy

Cam Jordan Rules

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Subpoena Serpents

Catching with Olave

Mora’s Marauders

Picture me Sprolin’

The Byrd’s and The Brees

Rule Resonance

River City Relay Racers

Instant Kamara

Trespass Tribunes

Liberator Lions

Edict Eagles

Prenuptial Phantoms

Verdict Vipers

Cookin the Competition

Esquire Enchanters

Deuce’s Touchdown Brigade

This is LataviUs

Patent Patriots

The Thomas Train

Libel Lancers

Nunya Breesnes

Chancery Chimeras

Need 4 Snead’

Sovereign Sorcery

Witness Warriors

Mike’d Up

Heaven CreSent

Saints Fantasy Football Names Dirty

My Main Emmanuel

Use Your ImaginaSean

Browns Dawg Pound Dynasty

Legal Lions

Confidentiality Crusaders

Hyde ur Graham from Gordon

Ted Ginn Jr., WR

Chris’s Gridiron Symphony

Conclave Cavaliers

Brees between my knees

Beanie with Rice and Brees

Lutz Cannon

Dictum Dynamo

The Tre’Quan Show

Divination Drones

Codify Centaurs

Plead Paladins

Alibi Alchemists

Verbal Vikings

Affidavit Archers

Guilty Gargoyles

Acquit Aces

Deposition Dragons

Notion Nomads

Quash Quokkas

Pleading Panthers

Perjury Pioneers

Testify Tornadoes

Summons Serpents

Precedent Prowlers

Objection Orcas

Stipulation Stallions

Witness Wildcats

Jurisdiction Jaguars

Rescind Ravens

Mandamus Magicians

Stare Decisis Stalwarts

Allege Alpacas

Execute Eagles

Dissent Drones

Felony Falcons

Felicitous Foxes

Legality Lynxes

Infraction Ibis

Negligence Navigators

Plea Penguins

Sovereign Seahawks

Reprieve Ravens

Citation Cheetahs

Rebuttal Raptors

Voir Dire Vultures

Detain Dalmatians

Constitution Cobras

Pretrial Pumas

Indictment Impalas

Damages Dolphins

Appeal Armadillos

Affirmation Anchors

Statute Snakes

Lien Leopards

Rescind Raccoons

Summons Sharks

Brief Bison

Habeas Hummingbirds

Esquire Elephants

Precedent Parrots

Injunction Imps

Witness Wallabies

Litigation Lemurs

Mandate Mandrills

Testify Tarsiers

Pleading Pythons

Deposition Dingo

Notary Newts

Subpoena Starlings

Res Judicata Rats

Arbitration Antelopes

Order Ocelots

Objection Ostriches

Clause Chameleons

Felony Ferrets

Decree Dachshunds

Execute Echidnas

Plea Pelicans

Quash Quails

Sovereign Squirrels

Verdict Vultures

Stipulation Stoats

Perjury Porcupines

Infraction Iguanas

Negligence Numbats

Notion Newfoundlands

Citation Corgis

Rebuttal Robins

Damages Dingoes

Allegation Albatrosses

T. Hill of the Chase

Property Protectors

Litigation Legends

Notorious Nuisance

Arbitration Abolishers

Morten’s Money Makers

Dat’s Amore

Mountin’ Drew

Patronus Pegasus

Legal Luminary

Statute Sirens

Justice Jaguars

Honor Hawks

A Cool Spring Brees

Descent Defenders

I Shoulda Won a Grahamy

Lutz Out

Decipher Dragons

Conciliation Cavaliers

Constitution Cobras

Injunction Inquisitors

Kamara Kaboom

Tribunal Titans


Decree Dragons

Hill of a Player

The Olave Connection

Crosby Stills myHash

Conviction Cyclone

Super Demario Brothers

Jurisprudence Juggernauts

Subpoena Saboteurs

Saints Fantasy Football Names Dirty

Saints Fantasy Football Names 2023

Docket Dominators

Injunction Instigators

Legal Limit Luminaries

Voir Dire Vipers

Mandate Mavericks

Sexy Percy Who Cooks

Olave’s Big Easy Bomb Squad

Paragon Patriots

Mandamus Magicians

Graham, I Wish I Was Your Luvr


Bounty, the Quicker F*kr Upper

Quash Quasar

Vikings’ Purple Reign

JONESin’ for a GRAHAM!

Graham Crackers


Joe’s on the Horn

Mountain Drew

Lutz be Friends

Marshon Manhunter

I Think I’m Big Meachem!

Brief Banshees

Arbiters Archers

Breesus In The Ed

Acquit Assassins

Retainer Raiders

Ex Parte Exiles

Guardian Griffins

Ironhead’s Revenge

Order Owls

Colts Horseshoe Heroes

Catch Me If You Thomas

Infallible Imps

Oath Obelisks

Arbitration Avengers

Breesus Crist

Jimmy Graham Crackers

Affirmation Avengers

You Win Some, You Taysom

Emmanuel for All Seasons

Writ Wizards

Testament Troopers

Josh Hill, TE/QB

Hill Communication

Easy, Brees, Beautiful, Cover Girl

Manifest Monarchs

Precedent Predators

PT Bruiser

Ascendant Aces

Jurisdiction Jinx

Amicus Argonauts

Jurisprudence Jesters

Rulebook Ravens

Doctrine Dolphins

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Tips for Choosing Saints Fantasy Football Names

1. Incorporate Team Traditions

When selecting your Saints fantasy football name, consider incorporating team traditions to show your support and enthusiasm.

You can include references to the iconic fleur-de-lis symbol, the team’s colors, or even famous Saints players from the past.

2. Play with Wordplay

Get creative with wordplay to make your fantasy football name stand out. Use puns, alliteration, or clever combinations of words to add a touch of humor or wit.

For example, you could come up with a name like “Breesy Does It” to pay homage to the legendary quarterback Drew Brees.

3. Highlight Team Strengths

Showcase the strengths of the Saints team in your fantasy football name.

Whether it’s their powerful offense, strong defense, or exceptional coaching staff, incorporating these elements can make your team name more impactful.

Consider names like “The Who Dat Offense” or “Lutz’s Leg Brigade” to emphasize specific strengths.

4. Embrace New Orleans Culture

Embrace the vibrant culture of New Orleans when crafting your fantasy football name.

Incorporate elements like jazz music, Mardi Gras, or the city’s famous cuisine to add a unique flair.

A name like “Gumbo Gridiron Gang” or “Bourbon Street Blitz” can capture the essence of the city while representing your team.

5. Show Team Loyalty

Demonstrate your loyalty to the Saints by including the team name or its variations in your fantasy football name.

This not only shows your support but also helps fellow fans identify you as part of the Saints community.

Consider names like “Saints Squad” or “Who Dat Warriors” to proudly display your team allegiance.

6. Get Inspired by Saints History

Delve into the rich history of the Saints franchise for inspiration. Pay tribute to memorable moments, legendary players, or significant milestones in the team’s journey.

A name like “The Dome Patrol Dynasty” or “Gleason’s Heroic Huddle” can evoke nostalgia and admiration among fellow Saints fans.

7. Keep it Memorable

Choose a fantasy football name that is easy to remember and stands out from the crowd.

Avoid overly complicated or lengthy names that may be forgotten or difficult to pronounce.

Opt for catchy phrases or clever wordplay that will leave a lasting impression on your league mates.

Remember, when selecting your Saints fantasy football name, let your creativity shine while staying true to your love for the team.

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect name that represents your passion for the Saints and the excitement of fantasy football.

Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Saints Fantasy Football Names

Mistake 1: Lack of Originality

One common mistake when choosing Saints Fantasy Football Names is the lack of originality.

Many fantasy football team owners tend to go for generic names that have been used countless times before.

While it may be tempting to choose a name that has already gained popularity, it can make your team blend in with the rest.

To stand out and make an impression, it’s important to come up with a unique and creative name that reflects your team’s personality and style.

Mistake 2: Irrelevance to the Team

Another mistake to avoid is selecting a name that is irrelevant to the Saints football team.

Your fantasy football team name should ideally have some connection to the team you are supporting.

It could be a play on words using the team’s name or incorporating elements of the team’s history or players.

By choosing a name that relates to the Saints, you not only show your support but also create a sense of unity among fellow fans.

Mistake 3: Offensive or Controversial Names

One crucial mistake that should be avoided at all costs is selecting an offensive or controversial name.

While it may seem funny or edgy to choose a name that pushes boundaries, it can lead to negative consequences.

Offensive names can offend other fantasy football team owners or even players themselves.

It’s important to remember that fantasy football is meant to be a fun and inclusive activity, so it’s best to steer clear of any potentially offensive or controversial names.

Mistake 4: Lengthy and Hard-to-Remember Names

Choosing a lengthy and hard-to-remember name is another mistake that fantasy football team owners often make.

While it may be tempting to come up with a clever and elaborate name, it can become a hassle for others to remember and refer to your team.

Opting for a shorter and catchy name not only makes it easier for others to remember but also adds a touch of simplicity and memorability to your team’s identity.

Mistake 5: Lack of Team Spirit

Lastly, a mistake that should be avoided is the lack of team spirit in the chosen name. Your fantasy football team name should reflect the passion and enthusiasm you have for the Saints.

It should evoke a sense of camaraderie and unity among your fellow team owners.

By incorporating elements of team spirit, such as the team’s motto or iconic symbols, you can create a name that truly represents your dedication to the Saints and enhances the overall fantasy football experience.

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