200 Creative and Catchy Rock Painting Names Ideas

One of the most fascinating aspects of rock painting is the names that have been carved into the surfaces of the rocks.

Many of these names are associated with historical events and figures, while others are whimsical or simply unique. In this article we look at the various ways of naming rock paintings.

The best way to come up with a name for a rock painting is to think of it as if it were a place. If you can imagine yourself walking up to the edge of the painting, what would you call it?

For example, in the image above the local indigenous people called this rock art ‘The Sleeping Buffalo’. It is interesting to note that some of the names are not related to events or people from the area, but are rather made up by the artist.

Another way of naming rock paintings is to look at the images themselves. It is often useful to make up little stories about what might happen before or after a particular image.

For example, in the image above the artist has imagined a stick man carrying a sack of mushrooms and heading home.

Some rock art is also known by the location where it was made. For example, the famous works in Lascaux were found in caves.

Rock Painting Names

Grunt Painting

Planet Artwork

Rock’s lor Me Happy

Blue Highway

Rock Garden Store

Stone Age Academy

Scintillating Stretch

Lonely Perspective

Rock Painting

Cut N’ Rock

Rock Art Squad

Crafty lours

Brush Portrait

Pea Patch Monuments


Carvin’ N’ Paintin’

Rock Art Cafe

Rocktastic Artwork

Surface lours

Stonewall Designs

Rock Art Name Ideas

Paint Me Rockin’

Rock Painting 101


My Modern Home Art

Rock On

Gold Dust

Limestone Wall Painting

Mercy of Celebration

Like a Rock


Wound of Amazement

Custom Rock Painting

Rock and Roll

Interior Dream

Sand Rock Painting

Wild At Heart

Rock Artist Extraordinaire

Turtle Beach Productions

Flower Stone Painting

3D Rock Art

Cool Rock Art Names

Family Rock Painting

Modern Rocks,

Rockin’ Art and Stuff

Painting Passion


Outstanding Rock Art

Sculpt Rocks!

Rock Star Quality

Rock Craft Paintings

Derative Rock Painting

Rockin Paint

Rock Painting Expert


Rock Art Crafts and Gifts

Rock Art Crafts

Rock Painting Kits

All-Terrain Rock Painting

Brush Unleash

Brush Brush

Rock Art Shop

What are some good rock art names?

Rock Chalk Up

Plus Brush

Certain lours

Expert Paints

at mplex

Rock Painting Classes

Rock With Me

lorful Expressions

The Rock Yard

Rock Paint Master

Paint Pack

Stone N Paint

nversation of Evil

Rock Home Painting

Rock Art Party Supplies

Rock Art School

Rainbow Rock Painting

Rock Star Painting

Rock Star Sculpture

The Painter of Rocks

Famous Cave Paintings

American Rock Art

Daydream Walls

Abstract Rock Painting

Permission of Deceit

Let’s Paint Rocks!

On a Whim Artistry

Lizard Rock

ol Rock Painting

The Rock Star

Rock Art and More

Stone Carving Wizards

Before you Roll

Edge of Harmony

Captivating lours

Rocks The Word

Rock On It!

Paint Your Own Rocks

Divide of Curiosity

Perfect Rooms

Shame of Despair

Rock Painting Names

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How to Name a Rock Painting

Rock art can be named in many different ways. Sometimes the artist will assign a name to an image. The most common are descriptive and descriptive naming systems.

Descriptive-Names Descriptive names assign a name based on the image itself.

Here are some ways to come up with catchy rock painting names:

1.     Make sure your title is specific

A deer is a deer, not a cow or a horse. A pheasant is a pheasant and not an ostrich. Be creative, but be sure to stick to the name that you’ve decided on.

A good descriptive-naming system begins with the image itself.


Enchanted Friend

Rock Painting Specialist

Paint Saint

Hand-Painted Rocks

Go with the Flow

Little Hands Rock Painting

Interior Sense

Sparkling Stone

ol Rock Paints

Paint Purpose

Garden of Reality


Rock Art Deration

Rock Art Workshop

2.     Use descriptive words that evoke the painting’s mood or feeling

A work of art is a symbol of the person who painted it. As an artist, you want to be able to express this feeling in your artwork…and that’s what descriptive names will do for you. But don’t overdo it!


Splash of lor

Interior Absolute


Brush Bubs

Rock Painting Parties


Paint Perfection


Rock Star Art

Painted This Way

Paint Petals

Granite Wall Painting

Peaceful Invention

The Rock Shoplet

3.     Come up with a name that represents the painting well

Don’t expect to come up with a name that’s perfect or original. Just be sure the name that you choose has a lot of meaning to the person who painted it.

Stone Painted



Earthen Artwork

lorful Rock Art

Rockwall Painting

at Creators

Rock on Keen

Fairy Rock Painters

High Rock Painting

Golden Rock Painting

Lush Brush

Brush Base

Amazing Rock Painting

Rock Art Lessons

4.     Try to come up with a name for the objects in the painting as well

This helps to tie the painting together and gives it a sense of unity. When you think of descriptive words, do they have to be words?

The answer is no. It’s okay to use any type of word in your name.

Pollution of Opportunity

Rock Art Creation Studio


lor Me Happy

Paint a Rock

Inspire Rock Painting

Paint the Town Rock

Paint Monster

Paint Visions

Creations of Beauty

Rock Spa

Edge of Crime

Shelter of Patriotism

Rock Art Boutique

Stony Ride

5.     Come up with a name that is unique to your painting. This will help set it apart from other rock paintings

Look around, you can find things that are unique and interesting.  Think about what you would like it to be called. Create a name for yourself.

Do not use your name or initials unless you want others to know it is yours.

Rock Painting Party

Brush Rock Kids

Rock Paint Designs

Glowing Rock

Rock Art Delight

Rock Painting Adventure

The Art of Rock Painting

Rock Out

Next-Gen Rock Artwork

Interior Brushes

Garden Rock Paint

Brush Rocket

Painted Rockport

White Rock Painting

Rock Painting Studio


In conclusion, there are many reasons to name rocks. It can be fun, creative, and a way to show ownership or appreciation.

There are no rules for naming rocks, so get creative and have fun with it!

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