320 Redskins Fantasy Football Names

The Redskins Fantasy Football Names are a crucial aspect of any fantasy football team. These names not only represent the team but also reflect the creativity and enthusiasm of the team owner.

Whether you are a die-hard Redskins fan or simply looking for a catchy name, we have got you covered.

In this article, we will provide you with a list of unique and clever Redskins Fantasy Football Names, along with some tips to help you come up with your own.

Choosing the perfect Redskins Fantasy Football Name can be a daunting task, but it is worth the effort. A great name can set the tone for your team and intimidate your opponents.

It should be memorable, witty, and relevant to the Redskins. With our list of names, you will surely find the perfect one that suits your style and showcases your love for the team.

When coming up with your own Redskins Fantasy Football Name, consider incorporating player names, team slogans, or even famous Redskins moments.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box. A clever and unique name will make your team stand out and add an extra level of excitement to your fantasy football experience.

So, whether you are a seasoned fantasy football player or a newbie, don’t underestimate the power of a good Redskins Fantasy Football Name.

It can make all the difference in your team’s success and add an element of fun to the game. Get ready to dominate the league with a name that represents your passion for the Redskins!

Redskins Fantasy Football Names

Beltway Battleground

Cherry Blossom Bruins

Redskins Rampage

Capitol City Surge

Beltway Blaze

Burgundy Bandits

Fourth Down Fanatics

Federal Fury

Washington Red Epidermis

Hightowered Offense

End Zone Enforcers

Redskin Riot

Hailstorm Heroes

Patriot Pinnacle

D.C. Pigskin Predators

Redskin Raiders

Scarlet Surge

Say Helu To My Little Friend

Gridiron Gladiators

You Win, I’ll Su’a

ked Fantasy Football Team Names

Cherry Blossom Bombers

Redskin Riptide

Potomac Predators

Huddle Heralds

Victory Vultures

Redskin Revolt

Victory Vagabonds

Washington Whirlwind

Huddle Hydras

Beltway Bruisers

Redskin Rangers

Redskin Rampart

Free John Beck

Cooley Has No Pants

Rumble in the Red Zone

Victory Vendettas

Blitzburgh Bandits

Washington Warchiefs

D.C. Thunderbolts

D.C. Dominators

Federal Football Fanatics

Star-Spangled Scorers

Seastrunk and Horny, Again.

Gym, Tan, and Landry

D.C. Destroyers

Skins To Win

Federal Force

D.C. Dynasty

End Zone Entourage

Pigskin Paragons

Redskins Fantasy Football

Best Redskins Fantasy Football Names

Cherry Bombshells

Senators of the Sidelines

Touchdown Talons


District Dynamo

Victory Vortex

Redhawk Recon

Touchdown Tribe

Hail to the Sleepers

Tickle Me Al-Mo

Capital Carnivores

Federal Frenzy

Touchdown Terminators

District Dragons

Touchdown Terrors

Beltway Banshees

Santana Moss and the Supremes

We’re Not Kissing Cousins

I’m with your Cousins

Beltway Bombers

Capital City Cavaliers

End Zone Emissaries

Federal Fusion

Redhawk Rampart

Touchdown Titans

Scarlet and Silver Stallions

Beltway Buccaneers

DeSean Jackson 5

Thunderstruck Tribe

Redskin Regency

Beltway Blizzards

Su’acide Squad


Whatsup Doc-tson

Dont touch my peterson!

Beltway Bomshells

Washington Wrecking Crew

Manziel and His Bird

Liberty Lineup

Redskin Rumble

Patriot Powerhouse


Shanahan’s Tanorexic Offense

Washington Warlords

D.C. Daredevils

Federal Football Frenzy

Redskin Revolutionaries

Redhawk Rebellion

Burgundy and Gold Ballers

Washington Wolverines

You need a HALL pass for that ball!

Funny Redskins Fantasy Football Names

Beltway Bandits

I need a Shanahan Job

Redskin Rivals

There’s only room for one Scherff

Zorn Stash


Dynasty Disciples

Dynasty Desperados

Patriot Platoon

Fourth Quarter Flyers

Capitol City Conquerors

You say goodbye, I say Helu

Helu Kitty

Dynasty Defenders

All-Pro Alchemists

Capital Gridlock

Washington Wildcats

Capitol City Crusaders

The Doc-tson

Donte Drink and Drive

Washington Dreadskins

I Hate Torain on Your Plans

Griffinding Champ

Got Rice, b-$ch? Got Rice?

Hailstorm Hooligans

Blitzburgh Brigade

Not Racist Redskins

Redskin Rhapsody


Monumental Marauders

Resolute Raiders

Redhawk Rampage

Patriot Paradox

Pigskin Pundits

Congressional Crushers

Capital City Centurions

Redskin Ruckus

Burgundy and Gold Blitz

Operation Patience

Redskin Rampage

Better than seasons Pryor

Hailstorm Havoc

Hail to the Draft Kings

D.C. Thunderhawks

Capitol City Corsairs

Red Zone Rangers

Patriot Pursuit

Fourth Quarter Phantoms

Gridiron Guardians

Huddle Hijackers

Revolution Rovers

Cool Redskins Fantasy Football Names

Capital Carnage

Pigskin Paladins

Potomac Prowl

Huddle Hijinks

Gridiron Gliders

First Down Fusion

Victory Vigilantes

Beltway Backfire

Huddle Hustlers

End Zone Expedition

Red Zone Renegades

Liberty Lancers

Blitz Busters

Cooley as the Other Side of the Pillow

Patriot Pandemonium

Thunderstorm Thrashers

Dynasty Drifters

Touchdown Tyrants

Redskin Revolution

Red Blitz Regime

Beauty is Only Skin Deep

Gridiron Glitch

Pigskin Protectors

Washington Warriors

District Destroyers

Victory Vendetta

Monumental Mavericks

Liberty Legion

Patriot Prowess

End Zone Elite

Capitol City Crushers


District Dynasty

Congressional Conquerors

Patriot Predators

Washington Pale Face devils

Capitol Clashers

Beltway Blitz

Gridiron Gurus

Hardcore Zorn Addict

Beltway Ballers

Portis John

Congressional Cyclones

powerful Brady

Cooley’s Weiner

Capitol City Cyclones

Hailstorm Harvesters

Potomac Pigskin Prowess

Capital City Commanders

Fat Albert and the RedKids

D.C. Cyclones

Cool Redskins Fantasy Football Names

Reddit Redskins Fantasy Football Names 

Capitol City Smashers

Washington Whirlwinds

All Torain Vehicle

Make it Torain

Hail to the Helmets

I’m Gonna Git You Succop

Federal Firehawks

Cherry Tree Titans

Patriot Pulse

Patriot Payload

Pigskin Prodigies

Scarlet and Slate Stalwarts

Resilient Rebels

Potomac Powerhouses

Beltway Backlash

ball Team Names

You Had Me At Helu

All N 4 My ‘Skins

Beltway Benders

Burgundy Brigade

Beltway Battlers

Redskin Rovers

S’ua-Tang Clan

Pigskin Predators

Burgundy Bullies

Victory Vipers

Shanahan Job

District Dominance

Hailstorm Hitters

Beltway Blazers

Congressional Commandos


Cherry Tree Champs

Beltway Bulls

Federal Firestorms

Federal Falcons

Victory Vandals

D.C. Dynamo

End Zone Enigmas

Beltway Barricade

Love me Rexy

Beltway Barrage

Dynasty Daredevils

Redskins Renegades

Capital City Crusaders

Kissing Cousins

Burgundy Bisons

Touchdown Tacticians

Burgundy Brawlers

Capital City Cyclones

Burgundy Buzzsaws

Hailstorm Hawks

Victory Vanguards

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Tips for Creating Redskins Fantasy Football Names

1. Incorporate Team Traditions

When brainstorming Redskins fantasy football names, consider incorporating the team’s rich traditions and history.

By referencing iconic players, memorable moments, or beloved team rituals, you can create a name that resonates with fellow fans.

For example, you could go with “Hail to the Redskins Legends” or “Burgundy and Gold Glory.”

2. Play with Wordplay

Get creative with wordplay to make your Redskins fantasy football name stand out. Utilize puns, alliteration, or clever twists on popular phrases to add a touch of humor or wit.

For instance, you could go with “Redskins Red Zone Rascals” or “Pigskin Picasso’s Redskins Show.”

3. Highlight Team Strengths

Show your support for the Redskins by highlighting their strengths in your fantasy football name.

Whether it’s their powerful offense, solid defense, or exceptional coaching staff, incorporating these elements can make your team name more impactful.

Consider options like “Redskins Offensive Dominators” or “Defensive Hogs Unleashed.”

4. Embrace Fan Unity

Tap into the camaraderie of being a Redskins fan by creating a fantasy football name that celebrates the fan community.

Use phrases that emphasize unity, loyalty, and the shared passion for the team. For example, you could go with “Redskins Fanatics United” or “Burgundy Brotherhood.”

5. Show Team Spirit

Let your team spirit shine through in your Redskins fantasy football name. Incorporate the team colors, mascot, or iconic symbols to demonstrate your unwavering support.

Consider options like “Redskins Warriors of the Gridiron” or “Burgundy and Gold Blitz.”

6. Reflect Fantasy Football Strategy

Combine your love for the Redskins with your fantasy football strategy by incorporating relevant terms or concepts into your team name.

This can showcase your knowledge and passion for the game. For instance, you could go with “Redskins Touchdown Tacticians” or “Fantasy Football Hail Marys.”

7. Pay Tribute to Redskins Legends

Honor the Redskins’ legendary players by including their names or nicknames in your fantasy football team name.

This not only pays homage to the team’s history but also adds a touch of nostalgia. Consider options like “Riggo’s Redskins Brigade” or “The Art Monk Marvels.”

Remember, when creating your Redskins fantasy football name, have fun and let your creativity flow.

A unique and catchy name can add an extra level of excitement to your fantasy football experience while showcasing your unwavering support for the Redskins.

Common Mistakes When Choosing Redskins Fantasy Football Names

1. Lack of Creativity

One of the most common mistakes when choosing Redskins Fantasy Football Names is a lack of creativity.

Many fantasy football team owners simply opt for generic or unoriginal names that fail to stand out.

While it may be tempting to go with a name that has been used before or is popular among other teams.

It is important to think outside the box and come up with a unique and creative name that reflects your team’s personality.

2. Offensive or Insensitive Names

Another mistake to avoid when choosing Redskins Fantasy Football Names is using offensive or insensitive names.

It is crucial to be mindful of the impact your team name may have on others, especially when it comes to sensitive topics such as race or culture.

Using derogatory or disrespectful names not only reflects poorly on your team, but it can also create a negative environment within your fantasy football league.

3. Obscure References

While it can be fun to incorporate references to pop culture, movies, or inside jokes into your team name, it is important to avoid using obscure references that may not be easily understood by others.

Your team name should be relatable and easily recognizable, allowing others to appreciate and engage with it.

Avoid using overly niche or esoteric references that may leave others scratching their heads.

4. Lengthy and Complicated Names

Choosing a lengthy and complicated name for your Redskins Fantasy Football team can be a mistake.

While it may seem clever or witty at first, having a name that is too long or complicated can become tiresome for both you and your league mates.

Opt for a name that is concise, catchy, and easy to remember. This will make it easier for others to refer to your team and create a stronger impact.

5. Lack of Team Identity

Lastly, a common mistake is choosing a Redskins Fantasy Football Name that fails to reflect your team’s identity.

Your team name should align with your strategy, players, or overall theme.

It should evoke a sense of pride and unity among your team members. Avoid selecting a name that is unrelated or disconnected from your team’s goals and aspirations.

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