240 Creative Program Names Ideas and Suggestions

In the world of broadcasting, it’s not always about who’s biggest or the most popular. Sometimes, it’s about who has the best name. And that’s exactly what some news programs are banking on.

In an effort to draw in viewers, some stations are using the most creative news program names they can think of for their newscasts. A lot of names are just plain silly and don’t even make sense. But that’s what makes them fun to share on social media. And it’s super effective in getting people to tune in.

We’ve rounded up a few of the most creative program names that news stations have come up with to get viewers interested in their newscasts. Some are funny, some are just plain weird, and others are downright creepy. Either way, they’re definitely catching people’s attention!

News Program Names

  • Vanguard
  • TechSelected
  • Escandalo TV
  • Citizen Now
  • Acorn
  • News Wise
  • Channel Cause
  • Capitol Times
  • Bulletin Board
  • Daily Mirror
  • Eagle News
  • ImpactHonestly
  • Channel Ignite
  • Channel Shout
  • HoneToTheBone
  • calling nation
  • Camera News
  • Best In Paper
  • Channelgenics
  • Open Forum
  • News Bee
  • HypaSpace
  • Leader
  • What’z Up?
  • Constitution
  • Channel Trigger
  • Global News
  • News Click
  • News Reader

Newscast Names Ideas

  • News Crowd
  • Star! Daily
  • Mobinational
  • Media Scope
  • News Debate
  • CourtTopic
  • Advance Bulletin
  • Channel Praise
  • News Boost
  • Channel Scope
  • GreenergyVibes
  • News Discussion
  • Channel Vibe
  • Verissimo
  • Ticking Bomb
  • Speaking tree
  • News Blank
  • LocalAnchor
  • Mirror News
  • The NewMusic
  • Appeal
  • Youth News
  • News-4-all Co.
  • Advance News
  • Chronicle
  • NowCorner
  • Intelligencer
  • Inside Edition
  • Media Reader
  • News Citizens

Names of News Shows

  • Tellerprint
  • Fast News
  • Channel Tribe
  • Newstastic
  • Press Room
  • News Major
  • Channel Mix
  • Current Trends
  • Humbug
  • News Tide
  • Channel Major
  • News Ignite
  • News Guide
  • Channel Inside
  • News Plug
  • Real One
  • OpalDaily
  • Young Radio
  • Horizon
  • News For All
  • News Call
  • Channel Stance
  • PunHole
  • Channel Split
  • SilentTheories
  • this country
  • Citizen’s News
  • Current News
  • News Messengers
  • Troverty
  • News Grade

What is a good name for a news program?

  • New To News
  • News Enterprise
  • News Sage
  • Journal
  • Media ace
  • NewsYap
  • News Objective
  • Newsque
  • Camera Crazy
  • ReportSauce
  • News Flight
  • DigestWtach
  • World radar
  • The Insider
  • Channel Surge
  • News edge
  • Channel Bravo
  • Beaver
  • News United
  • SecretOfWorld
  • Channel Edition
  • MagUber
  • Ticking News
  • News Aware
  • Newsable
  • News Master
  • Newssy
  • News Forum
  • the Big cabin

Names For News Channel

  • Media Stream
  • Bravo
  • Examine News
  • Reel to Real
  • Blog Advice
  • GamerTimes
  • Capital Daily
  • Spark
  • Hard Copy
  • Courier News
  • ESPN Hollywood
  • News Ride
  • Master
  • Dispatch News
  • Brief News
  • Finex News
  • News Heart
  • Eye For News
  • Showbiz Police
  • WireOpedia
  • Exponent
  • Argus
  • Guarding News
  • FluxEcho
  • Juicy!
  • UnknownAliens
  • Bugle News
  • Channel Accord
  • Nose For News
  • Confidential
News Program Names

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How to Come Up with News Program Names

 When it comes to choosing a name for your newborn, there’s no right or wrong answer. But if you’re looking for something unique and memorable, don’t be afraid to be creative!

 The following are few things to consider before naming your news program:

1.     Be creative: Come up with a catchy and unique name for your program

 It should be memorable, catchy, and short. This can help make it a more memorable name for the rest of your viewers. Be unique If you want to make your news program stand out from the competition, don’t stick to the same old names that everyone else is using.

  • Advance
  • Rush News
  • Times Picayune
  • Urgent News
  • Culture Voice
  • News Brief
  • SpaceChatbox
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Stance
  • Banner News
  • DynamicPics
  • Ang Latest
  • Dissient voices
  • Children time
  • Best Week Ever

2.     Use keywords: Utilize keywords that will help people find your program

 When looking for news. Be specific If you’re going with a keyword, make sure to use it in your name. For example, if you are going with the word “news,” use the word “the” or “the new.

  • The Buzz
  • StraightCards
  • World Compass
  • Between Lines
  • Herald
  • Loop
  • World Today
  • 1st News
  • Channel Scribe
  • News Watch
  • Daily News
  • Bulletin News
  • News Time
  • News Hype
  • Aux Weekly

3.     Make sure your newscast title is search engine friendly

 If you don’t grab the viewers attention, your newscast will not make it to the top of search results. Make sure that your newscast is easy to remember and stays in the viewers mind. The content needs to be unique.

  • News Core
  • Beacon
  • SoccerOverdose
  • Newspad
  • Media Inquire
  • News By Hour
  • the Circle
  • Channel Share
  • News Hour
  • EthicalEditor
  • Bulletin Mirror
  • El Intermedio
  • Lookout
  • Accord
  • News Cue

4.     Avoiding confusion: How to avoid confusion with other news programs

 Avoid using keywords that are similar to other programs. Don’t use your newscast name in your title. Avoid using the same keywords in your newscast as others. If possible, try to make your newscast different from the competition. Don’t use too many different formats in your newscast.

  • Ledger
  • JotDrone
  • PostOClock
  • Channel Spark
  • News Gazette
  • Community Time
  • PulseCat
  • Trident
  • Showbiz Lingo
  • FuseBacker
  • News Rave
  • Truth Unfolds
  • A Current Affair
  • Young Mix
  • Infodaily Hub

5.     It’s best to stick with a format for a while before changing it

 If you change formats often, it may be difficult for your viewers to remember what format you used previously. You should use the same format in each newscast.

  • Extra Time
  • Only Truth
  • Banner
  • Showbiz Central
  • Discovery News
  • GeoLatest
  • Newsopolis
  • Young World
  • Channel Point
  • News Explore
  • News Blackout
  • Time Trail
  • Screen Scene
  • ThemeThai
  • Channeln


 In conclusion, it is important to be aware of the different news programs that are available to us, in order to be well-informed and make the best decisions for our lives. I encourage everyone to take some time to explore the different news programs out there, and find the one that works best for them.

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