285 Catchy Portuguese Baby Names and Meanings

Every parent is looking for the right name for their baby. But in doing so, many go for names that aren’t popular for whatever reason. 

However, this is a costly mistake because you can’t change the name later.

We’ve all heard stories where parents name their child something that the child ends up growing up to hate it. How can you avoid that? 

Do some research and check out some popular Portuguese baby names to get better idea.

Thyago – “May God protect”

Batista – “is baptized”

Olivinha – “olive tree”

Aaiden – “Little fire”

Breno – “king”

Otavio – “eighth”

Julian – “Dedicated to Jupiter”

Amelia – “work”

Léonie – “lioness”

Julia – “Dedicated to Jupiter”

Lilly – “God is my oath”

Victorino – “conquer”

Rodrigo – “famous power”

Ronaldo – “advisor to the king”

Ricardo – “powerful”

Mia – “Star of the sea”

Dimas – “sunset”

Eloi – “to choose”

Vicente – “conquering”

Pedro – “stone”

Guilherme – “Resolute protector”

Neves – “snows”

Benedita – “Blessed”

Camila – “Free born”

Kylian – “Warrior”

Bernardo – “Strong as a bear”

Elder – “slanting surface”

Theo – “Divine gift”

Jose – “May God give increase”

Leon – “Lion”

In the past, some parents have named their child after celebrities or fictional characters. 

Sometimes the parents themselves will choose a name that is not typical. Other times they will choose a name that is not common at all.

Some parents are so overwhelmed with the task of naming their child, they opt for a one-word baby name. 

And although this has been a popular choice, it’s not always the best decision.

In many cultures around the world, a name is considered an important part of a child’s identity. 

Besides, it’s a good idea to avoid naming your child the same as their father, which might lead to confusion. 

So, what should the perfect baby’s name be? Let’s dive into the list of awesome Portuguese baby names.

Portuguese names

List of awesome and catchy Portuguese baby names are given below:

Tacito – “mute”

Mariana – “manly”

Roberto – “of shining fame”

Arnaldo – “strong and manly”

Elivra – “white”

André – “strong and manly”

Artur – “Noble or courageous”

Max – “Greatest”

Valentim – “healthy”

Beatriz – “blessed”

Salomao – “man of peace”

Mauricio – “Dark-skinned”

Vidal – “Life”

Diana – “to shine”

Leopoldo – “A bold man”

Duarte – “watches over the land”

Rémy – “The oarsman”

Levie – “United”

Serafino – “fiery”

Oliver – “Olive tree”

Portuguese names

Modern Portuguese names

Some modern and fancy Portuguese baby names are here:

Eulália – “well-spoken”

Migel – “who is like God?”

Vinícius – “vine”

Thiago – “of the Saint Iago”

Salvador – “The savior”

Angelino – “Messenger”

Cloé – “Blooming”

Olivia – “Olive tree”

Chico – “free”

Estevao – “crowned with laurels”

Afonso – “noble and ready”

Vera – “truth”

Caozinha – “little dog”

Sarah – “Princess”

Ilan – “Tree”

Eugenia – “well-born”

Dores – “sorrowful”

Liam – “Strong-willed warrior”

Reinaldo – “wise ruler”

Eduardo – “Prosperous guardian”

Unique Portuguese names

Given below are some unique and classic Portuguese baby names:

Antonia – “invaluable”

Branca – “white”

Einar – “The lone warrior”

Gonçalo – “Fight or battle”

Eneas – “praise”

Nicolao – “victory of the people”

Maximiliano – “the greatest”

Renato – “reborn”

Noémie – “Pleasantness”

Conceisao – “conception”

Victoria – “Conqueror”

Madalena – “Appeared”

Belmiro – “beautiful view”

Emerico – “work-power”

Marquez – “nobleman”

Jannik – “God is gracious”

Paulino – “small”

Rebeca – “snares”

Amelia – “diligent”

Alexio – “defender of mankind”

Tips to Naming Your Babies

There are millions of baby names out there, and while most parents decide on a name and stick with it for the rest of their lives.

There are some who wish the best for their future child, but don’t have a clue how to choose a name. 

These parents may be confused about why they can’t come up with a name for their baby, or they may have tried several times and have given up on the idea.

If you are considering giving your child a name, there are some things you should know:

1. Pick the name you love, even if it is popular.

It is popular and you love it. Anything else you need to think upon? Nope. Go for it. If you want to give it uniqueness, think of a great middle name.

Here are some popular Portuguese baby names out there:

Marta – “bitter”

Diogo – “doctrine”

Rodolfo – “famous wolf”

Bras – “talks with a lisp”

Élise – “God is abundance”

Elena – “The light of the sun”

Bartolmeu – “son of Talmai”

Albano – “white”

Samuel – “Name of God”

Natalia – “born at Christmas”

Felix – “Successful”

Desidéria – “longing”

Nathan – “God has given”

Tahlia – “dew from God”

Margarida – “pearl”

Alexandre – “defender of mankind”

Roberto – “Famed”

Eva – “life”

Justino – “Just”

Ovídio – “sheep herder”

2. Do not skip lovely Portuguese baby names even if they are unique, unusual, and different.

Sometimes, parents will not go for unusual, unique, and different baby names. 

They consider it weird. Let me tell you that being attractive and thought provoking is the game these days.

How would you like these Portuguese baby names:

Damiáno – “to subdue”

Bonifácio – “good destiny”

Elëa – “Merciful”

Louis – “Famous warrior”

Dinis – “follower of Dionysos”

Suzana – “lily”

Kiara – “famous”

Oscar – “God spear”

Matilde – “Mighty in battle”

Cecilio – “blind”

Loucas – “Man from Lucania”

Élina – “torch”

Marques – “Of Mars”

Teodósio – “God-giving”

David – “Beloved”

Paulina – “little”

Tiburcio – “of the Tiber river”

Angelina – “messenger”

Carmo – “garden”

Hannah – “Favor”

3. Be confident if you want to go toward personalized spellings for your baby’s name.

SURE. You should be confident when giving personalized spellings to your baby’s name. 

However, it is important that you do not make it weird. Adding or removing an alphabet would be enough here.

Try changing these baby names spellings into personalized ones:

Maximiano – “the greatest”

Moises – “saved from the water”

Aloisio – “famous warrior”

Osvaldo – “power of God”

Connie – “conception”

Èmilie – “rival”

Ethan – “Enduring”

Eugenio – “well-born”

Elija – “Jehovah is my God”

Malya – “Sea of bitterness”

Mason – “Stoneworker”

Elzira – “consecrated to God”

Ellyn – “Sunlike”

Roque – “Rock”

Raimundo – “wise protector”

Sophie – “Wisdom”

Maria – “Appeared”

Karlotta – “free woman”

Thomas – “Twin”

Affonso – “noble and ready”

4. Crossing your favorite Portuguese baby names on the feedback on friends and family members.

Feedback is important. But it does not mean to listen to every other person’s opinion. 

You will hardly find Portuguese baby names that everybody would like. Therefore, get feedback but still know your choice.

Consider getting feedback on these baby names from your friends and family members:

Lya – “weary”

Markes – “nobleman”

Elianna – “my God has answered me”

Leonardo – “Lion-bold”

Rolando – “famous in the land”

Jorge – “A variant of George”

Lyana – “Dedicated to Jupiter”

Alexander – “defending men”

Ermenegildo – “immense tribute”

Zoe – “Life”

Tomaz – “twin”

Dinis – “Follower of Dionysius,’

Lourenço – “From Laurentum”

Emilia – “industrious”

Pedra – “rock”

Calisto – “most beautiful”

Tomas – “twin”

Andy – “manly and brave”

Noah – “rest”

Plinio – “flat”

5. Do a little research and find what is out there.

Research is important step for the first-time parents as well for those who do not know what sort of names people pick. 

You will be all good once you do a little internet research. 

You will also be able to find some great Portuguese baby names that you might consider now or in the future.

Here are some common baby names examples to help you:

Sabio – “wise man”

Deolinda – “beautiful God”

Estrelinha – “star”

Tonio – “inestimable”

Tereza – “harvester”

Cintia – “woman from Kynthos”

Ramiro – “supreme judge”

Ilyana – “Light”

Remigio – “oarsman”

Hailey – “Hay clearing”

Catina – “pure”

Martial – “warlike”

Rute – “friendship”

Martins – “warlike”

Augusto – “venerable”

Sabion – “wise man”

Balduíno – “brave friend”

James – “May God protect”

Eustaquio – “good harvest”

Louna – “Moon”

6. Consider names of the subsequent children.

Maybe, you are first time parents and figuring out some cool Portuguese baby name. It is a good idea to consider the names of subsequent children too.

Ofélia – “help”

Simao – “God is heard”

Manuéla – “God is with us”

Desidério – “longing”

Lucio – “Light or illumination”

Baltasar – “an ancient name”

Mario – “warlike”

Clara – “famous”

Paula – “little”

Eduarda – “guardian of prosperity”

Ulisses – “to be angry”

Isabella – “God is abundance”

Tina – “constant”

Candelaria – “candle”

Daniel – “God is my judge”

Zacarias – “Jehovah has remembered”

Martim – “dedicated to Mars”

Dayana – “Heavenly”

Santiago – “Saint James”

Berengár – “bear-spear”

7. Avoid names with bad meanings.

Baby names with bad meanings can be a cause of embarrassment for you and your kid. 

Be sure to know the meaning of the name you are gonna pick and be sure it is encouraging and positive.

Here are some of the cool Portuguese baby names with meanings:

Nicodemo – “victory of the people”

Olga – “holy”

Inês – “gentle”

Charlotte – “free man”

Emilio – “rival”

Teodoro – “God given”

Cruz – “The cross”

Eloan – “Light”

Veronica – “bringer of victory”

Andre – “strong”

Antonio – “invaluable”

Ana/Anna – “Favor”

Alice – “of a noble kind”

Raphael – “He has healed”

Raquel – “ewe”

Sergio – “servant”

Gabriel – “Man of God”

Lara – “water fairy”

Rosario – “rosary”

Mélina – “Sweet as honey”

8. Pick up good people names from history.

The name of person has effect on his/her personality, it is said. Maybe, that’s the reason why people choose names from history. 

You can consider this as well. 

I am sure you have heard about many legends from the past. I bet you’d find some awesome and useable Portuguese baby names if you look into it.

We have a small list of Portuguese baby names here for you to check out and know if you have heard them before:

Micaela – “who is like God?”

Bernardo – “courage of a bear”

Angelo – “heavenly messenger”

Gustavo – “Staff”

Margarida – “Daisy”

Mylan – “from Milan”

Emma – “Universal”

Kelya – “Warrior”

Mila – “Miracles”

Carolina – “song of happiness”

Saturnino – “to sow”

Joana – “God is gracious”

Deébora – “bumble bee”

Adriana – “of the Adriatic sea”

Efigenia – “well-spoken”

Armando – “soldier”

Laura – “from Laurentum”

Benedito – “blessed”

Carlito – “strong and manly”

Nathalia – “born on Christmas day”

9. Make sure the first and second name fit with each other.

This happens rarely that the first and seconds names do not fit and meet each other well. It is, however, something you would not want.

Check out Portuguese baby names and try to make full names that fit each other nicely:

Doroteia – “gift of God”

Cristiano – “follower of Christ”

Rodrigo – “Famous ruler”

Amanda – “beloved”

Léa – “ruler”

Timoteo – “to honor God”

Davi – “beloved”

Brites – “strength”

Patricio – “Patrician or noble”

Miguel – “Who is like God?”

Cornelio – “horn-colored”

Moise – “saved from the water”

Calie – “Beautiful”

Valente – “strong”

Ursula – “little she-bear”

Ella – “My God is my oath”

Estrela – “star”

Paulino – “Little”

Pedro – “A rock”

Mateus – “Gift of God”

Nuno – “ninth-born”

Javier – “bright”

Edmundo – “protector of prosperity”

Énaël – “God has answered”

10.  Avoid names with too many syllables.

Baby names with too many syllables are complex. They are hard to remember. They should be avoided.

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