Playground Names: 220 Clever Name Ideas for Playground

Playgrounds have been around for centuries, and their names reflect this. Some of the earliest playgrounds were called “Garden of Eden,” “The Forest,” or “Field of Dreams.” Although these playgrounds may have different themes, it can be fun to explore all of the different playground names out there and find the one that is perfect for your child! In this article, we look at the various ways of naming a playground.

First, it’s necessary to come up with a name that is appropriate for the setting. It will be important to choose playground names that reflect the theme of the garden, forest, or field. For example, a playground in the garden would be called the “Garden of Eden.” A playground in the forest would be called “The Forest,” and a playground on a field would be called “Field of Dreams.” For the most part, playground names should be descriptive and in keeping with the theme of the park.

Secondly, it’s also important to name the playground in a way that is understandable to children. Most playgrounds have names that are simply descriptive, such as “Circle of Life,” “Space Ship,” and “Bubble Island.” These names would cause children to think that the playground is simply a big circle or a space ship. Children need to be able to understand the purpose of each piece of equipment and how it works. By naming the playgrounds in a way that is easily understood, children will be more likely to use them, thus creating a better environment for all.

Playground Names

  • Monkey Town
  • Kids Kingdom
  • Monkey Nest
  • Jump ‘N Monkeys
  • Jumping Zone
  • Blue Lake Regional Park
  • Toddle Wobble
  • Wonder Heaven
  • Kids Kaboom
  • Neptune Park
  • Hop Shop
  • Jumpin Junkie
  • Babes in Playland
  • Always Recess
  • Wee World
  • Tails & Trails Dog park
  • Old West Action
  • All Smiles Playland
  • The Jump Zone
  • The Bounce House
  • Spirit Park
  • Toddle Waddle
  • Playground in a box
  • The Royal Quest
  • Party Jumpers
  • Kids Haven
  • Itsy Bitsy World
  • Alexander W
  • Brooklyn’s Playground
  • Bungaloo Playhouse

Clever Playground Names

  • Kidz Zone
  • Riverview Park
  • BoomTown
  • Kids Fun Quest
  • JuJu Bounce
  • Zoned4Fun
  • Jump Central
  • Hooray! House
  • Game on
  • Kidz Rezort
  • Tumbleina
  • Kids Heaven
  • Kuhl Kidz
  • The Cubbyhole
  • Happy DayZ
  • PlayThyme
  • The Last Frontier
  • The Sandbox
  • Kids in Motion
  • Magical Cocoon
  • Jumpin Jungle Gym
  • Tyke Town
  • Jumpin’ Junction
  • Tinker Tots Fun Zone
  • Pals Gameland
  • Bumpers ‘n Bogeys
  • The Fun Farm
  • Magic Castle
  • Harry Thomas,Sr
  • Anna Bananas

Inclusive Playground Names

  • Bear Trap Park
  • Fun Frenzy
  • Tumble Zone
  • City of Auburn
  • Travel in Time
  • Adventure Playground
  • Bounce A’bout
  • WobbleZone
  • Goose Jumps
  • Kids Island
  • Chase your tail
  • Just Kidding!
  • Hawk Kid’s Park
  • Fun Bounce
  • Kamakana Playground
  • Bungaloo Bounce
  • Kids Fun World
  • Tumble Time
  • Child’s Play
  • Humpty Jumpty

What are some good playground names?

  • Gym Along Joe’s
  • Happy Land
  • The Game Garden
  • Camp Canine Park
  • Inside Africa
  • Bouncy Bounce
  • The Fun E. Farm
  • Play Planet
  • Family Funville
  • La Laguna Playground
  • French Park Playground
  • Clemyjontri Playground
  • Play Palace
  • Ready Set Go!
  • Hide&SeekZone
  • Play World
  • Kidz Play Daze
  • It’s All Fun N Games
  • Dragon Races Fun Land
  • EZ Bitsy Outlet

Cute Playhouse Names

  • Comfort Zone
  • Play House
  • KiddieVerse
  • Go Fetch park
  • Jake’s Place
  • Terrific Time
  • Tunnel of Fun
  • Kidz Play Park
  • Can-Do Playground
  • 1StopFunZone
  • Kidz Adventureland
  • Wonderland Park
  • Excalibur Playground
  • The Party Tent
  • The Kidz Plan It
  • Kids’N’Fun
  • Wonder Cocoon
  • Castle Park
  • The Fun Factory
  • BumbleBoom
Playground Names

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How to Name a Playground

The best way to name a playground is by using the names of animals, tools, or objects that children will be familiar with. To give children a better understanding of what they are learning, it is important to use words and phrases that are simple and straightforward.

Here we enlist few tips to pick a perfect name for playground:

1.     Identify the purpose of the playground

By naming the playgrounds in a way that is easily understood, children will be more likely to use them. The purpose of the playground should be reflected in its name.

  • Buried Treasure
  • Magical Outlet
  • Ghost Town Fun Park
  • Hardy Harr Play Land
  • Bounce Room
  • KiddingAround
  • EZ Bitsy Cocoon
  • Kids Adventureland
  • Crypto Wonder park
  • Tumble Town
  • Kanga Kids
  • Kiddy bumps
  • Mr. Magoo’s
  • KidZ Fun Daze
  • MarcoPoloZone

2.     A theme can also be incorporated into the name of a playground

For example, if the playground is themed around nature, you might want to name it after a tree or a flower. You can also combine the name of a tree or flower with an animal, bird or butterfly.

  • Sprayground
  • Kids Fun Stop
  • WobbleWorld
  • Mystic Zone
  • Kellogg Park
  • Game World
  • Adventure Hut
  • Musical Playground
  • Jungle Doodle
  • Tumble House
  • Citizen Canine Park
  • Higglity Pigglity
  • Loopdidoo
  • Kids’ Play
  • The Kidz Planet

3.     Pick a name that reflects the spirit of the place

A name that conveys a sense of peace, joy, and relaxation is an ideal choice for playgrounds. A name that is associated with fun, laughter and bright colours will certainly invigorate children and make them want to play there.

  • Jack & Jill
  • Wee Fun Time
  • Lil Rascals PlayZone
  • Energy Outlet
  • Romp & Roll
  • King Pup Dog Park
  • Buzzies Game Hive
  • Natural Playground
  • Tumble Bounce
  • FlopHouse
  • Dazzle Gameland
  • Jumpin’ Jax
  • Kids Discovery Zone
  • WePlay
  • BoomWorld

4.     Choose names that are relatable to children

If the name of a playground is too complex or difficult for children, they may not be interested in using it. Names that are relatable to them and their experiences will encourage them to visit the place regularly and make it a part of their daily lives.

  • Double take
  • Monkey Circus
  • Camp DoUwanna
  • Odyssey Adventure
  • Monkey Barn
  • Teardrop Park
  • Romper Room
  • Fun Factory
  • KiddyVerse
  • Happy Pets Dog Park
  • Cosmic Bounce
  • Bo Jangles
  • Stay and Play
  • Hoopla Home
  • Planet Bounce

5.     Pick a name that fits the environment

For example, a playground in an urban area that is close to the road will benefit from a simple and easy-to-remember name such as “The Street”.

  • Awesomeville
  • Pump it Up
  • The Misty Hills Adventure
  • Rainbow Fun Haven
  • Jump ‘N Jacks
  • Wonder Haven
  • Kids Fun Zone
  • Kids Fun Zoo
  • The Zig Zag Playground
  • Babaloo!
  • Cheeky Monkeys
  • KidzClub
  • Endless Recess
  • Jimalong Joe’s
  • Bouncy Plex


In conclusion, playground names are a fun way to show off your creativity and personality. They can also be a way to show your community spirit. Whether you are naming a playground for your town or for a specific event, make sure the name is meaningful and fun.

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