640+ Cute Name Ideas for Your Pet Shop

A good name is vital for business success. It attracts a big crowd and helps you in marketing and eventually, making a brand over time.

The below pet shop names are for your inspiration and to give you an idea of how to name your animal care business.

While reading these pet store names, make sure you make a small list of your favorite names that feel good to you or write down the ideas that come to your mind.

Later, you’ll need to check if the enlisted names in your “favorite names list” are available.

Pet Shop Names

These are the most catchy pet store names ever:

  • Grooming Dales
  • Urban Tails
  • Pet Companions
  • Posh shop
  • Puppy House & Animal Care
  • Pet heaven care center
  • Besty beasties store
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Puppy town Girls
  • Fur the herd
  • Little Paws Pet Shop
  • Pet Paradise
  • The happy wag
  • The paw pack
  • Dogmatic pet store
  • The wagging tail
  • Blue Collar
  • Meow Plus
  • A Pampered Pooch
  • Critter Care
  • Bark In Style
  • Woof Gang
  • Striking Feed
  • Missing Fishing
  • Count the Chicks
  • Pawfect Puppies
  • Pet Force
  • Pet Central
  • pet Nation
  • Loving Castle
  • Grey Goons
  • Natural Life Aquarium
  • Noble Beast
  • Pet Corral
  • Pet Paradise
  • Pet’s Corner
  • Pounce n’ Play Pet Store
  • Snug Pet Resort
  • The Foggy Dog
  • 6th Avenue Aquarium
  • City Pet
  • Furry Coats
  • Katie’s Pet Depot
  • Kitty Palace
  • Ocean Aquarium
  • Pet Grooming School
  • Pocket Puppies
  • Pups N Stuff
  • The Animal Store

Dog store names

These are the cool dog store names for you:

  • Quick Tag
  • Rich Dog Pooper
  • See Spot Shop
  • The Dog Bar
  • The Pet Patch
  • The Time is Meow
  • The Wandering Tortoise
  • Wag’ N Tails
  • All Pets Supply
  • All-Star Pet Care
  • Aquarama
  • Bella Woof Spa
  • Blue Dog
  • Bubba Rose Biscuit
  • Discount Pet World
  • Doggy Studio
  • Doggy Style Pet Shop
  • Hot Dog Cool Cat
  • Imperial Puppies
  • Lucky Ocean Aquarium
  • Luxury Aquariums
  • Mud Bay
  • Odd Lot Pet Shop
  • Park Pet Shop
  • Pet Luv Mart
  • Pet Supermarket
  • Poochland Dog Boutique
  • Puppy Place USA
  • Right Meow Pet Shop
  • The Fish Store
  • Tropical Kingdom

Pet store names

Here is the list of catchy pet store names of all time:

  • Devilish Paws
  • Groom
  • Happy Tails Pets
  • Howlistic
  • Kitty Corral
  • Pet Shop Bird Road
  • Pet Spaw
  • Pet Tree
  • Pet Zone Tropical Fish
  • Shore Thing Pet Supply
  • Skippy Doo’s Pet Store
  • Strictly Fish
  • Super Pet Store
  • The Cat’s Meow Pet Shop
  • Unleashed
  • Woof Dog Boutique
  • YAP Stores
  • Angry Fish
  • Aquascape Supply
  • Bark N’ Bites
  • Bark N Bubbles
  • Bird Smart
  • Bow Wow Meow
  • Critter Fritters Pet Foods
  • Cuddle Love Pets
  • Health Mutt
  • Moulin Pooch
  • Pet-a-Cure
  • Pet Beds Buddy

Pet business names

Have a look at these best pet business names:

  • Stylish Whiskers
  • The Ocean Floor
  • The Stock Shop
  • Urban Wolf
  • We Love Pets
  • Animal Krackers Pet Center
  • Aquarium Butler
  • Bella Bean Couture
  • Central Pet
  • O.G. Hotels
  • Desert Pets
  • Dog Eared Books
  • Doggy Paddle Aquatic
  • Greyhound Pets of America
  • Life’s Best Pets Supplies
  • Milo’s Pet Shop
  • Orange Grooming
  • Pawsh Park Place
  • Pet Epique Grooming
  • Real Animal Way Pet Food Co
  • Rise Biscuits
  • Songbird
  • Urban Pooch Canine Life Center
  • Wags Whiskers & Wings Pet Sitter
  • Animal Trot Pet Shop
  • Aquarium Zen
  • Bark by the Park
  • Check Out Our Furs!
  • Chuck Waggin

Dog boutique names

The following are the catchy dog boutique name ideas:

  • Royalty Puppies
  • The Nest Pet Shop
  • The Puppy Patch
  • Vets Preferred
  • Animal Palace Pet Center
  • Big Dogs Off-Road
  • Black Nose Trading
  • Bulldog
  • Dirty Paws Pet Wash
  • Dog Central Station
  • Doggy Daze
  • Greenland Pet Shop
  • Happy Tails Resort
  • Hill’s Pet Nutrition
  • Olympic Pet Shop
  • Paws Paws
  • Pet Elements
  • Portrait With Your Pet
  • Puppy Love
  • Puppy Paws Pets
  • Raintree Pet Resort
  • Saltwater Aquariums
  • Something’s Fishy
  • Spot!

Pet store name ideas

Here are the great pet store name ideas for your inspiration:

  • Pet Foot Express
  • Pet Project
  • Rock ‘n Dogs
  • Side by Side Pet
  • Tales of the City
  • VIP Pet Shop
  • Wicker Pet
  • Aqua Forest Aquarium
  • Aqualand Pet Center
  • Buddies & Babes
  • City Dog
  • Dog on Water Ramp
  • Just Food for Dogs
  • Le Petit Puppy
  • Pet Luv Pet Center
  • Pet Shop
  • Pets Kingdom
  • Tails in the City
  • Take It Easy
  • The Animal Connection
  • Angel’s Paradise Pet Shop
  • Animal Health
  • Colors of the Sea
  • Curious Creatures
  • Dirty Dogs
  • Happy Paws
  • Healthy Spot
  • Kahoots Pet
  • Power Pet Co.
  • Pups & Pets

Names of pet stores

These names of pet stores are inspiring:

  • Boo pet shop
  • Captain cat shop
  • Enjoy Company
  • Fluffy Friends
  • PLayful days
  • Bark ‘n’ Bite
  • The good pets
  • Tinker bell pet shop
  • White Grey Animals
  • Our’s Pet Shop
  • happy tail’s Pet shop
  • The small Nest Pet shop
  • Kitty kat
  • Unleashed Pets
  • All 4 Pets
  • Bark ‘n Purr
  • Best in Dogs
  • Black Dog Press
  • Dirty Dawgs
  • Doggie Style Pets
  • Dunk N’ Dogs
  • Gorgeous Puppies
  • Happiness is Pets
  • Naughty Dog
  • Next to Nature
  • Oh My Dog Supply

Pet company names

Here is the list of cool and catchy pet company names:

  • Poodle Boutique
  • Petland Montgomery
  • Uptown Pets
  • Wet Pets
  • Pet Stop
  • Animal Trax
  • Pet Haven
  • Claws And Paws
  • Nature’s Select
  • Petco
  • The Dog Guy
  • Aquarium Fantasies
  • Dog Daze
  • Pet World
  • The Meow Mix
  • Majestic Pets
  • Pet Supplies Plus
  • Wild Birds Unlimited
  • Bark Avenue
  • Canines Unlimited
  • Dog Works
  • Pet Zoo
  • The Goat Shop
  • Every Dog Can
  • Petsense Inc
  • All Things Birdy
  • Bow Wow Barn
  • Beastly Friends
  • Paws and Care
  • Best for the Beasts

Pet store name generator

These ideas have been manually picked from pet store name generators:

  • The Wild Kingdom
  • Wild Waggers
  • Project Pet
  • Will of Champions
  • Animal Lover’s
  • Pet Essential
  • Dog Boulevard
  • Pet Masters
  • Dog Express
  • Paw Prince
  • Feed Store
  • Natural Pet Supply
  • Droopywear
  • Spur Feeds
  • Pawsitive
  • Pet Pleasers
  • Pet Fun
  • Tidy Tails
  • Purrfurably
  • Fish Care Unlimited
  • Pet Nanny
  • Help For Pets
  • Pet Super-Bowl
  • Dog City
  • Pet Everything
  • DogWise
  • Wisdom Waggy
  • Best Bark
  • Pawsibilities
  • Furry Friends
  • Fur World
  • Pups Shop
  • Fur Haven
  • Dish and Bowl
  • Un-Leash the Magic
  • Cool Deshedders
  • Feeder Tantrums
  • Cozy Nesting Boxes
  • Feathery Musings
  • The Pet Mansion
  • Meowing Innocence
  • Bubbly Cuddly Rabbits
  • Somethin’s Fishy!
  • Tiger and tangy here
  • Beyond Love
  • Pawsitive Pets
  • GladPuppy
  • EnjoyBuddy
  • Hot Dogs
  • Puppy Lovers
  • Ethel and Fred’s pet shop
  • Joey n enjoy pets
  • Bubbly rabbits
  • The Urben Pet
  • Dogbird

Pet Business Names

Tips to choose a name for your pet store or animal care business

Before choosing a name for your pet store, make sure you pay attention to the following points.

Specify the type of pet.

If you’re going to provide services related to a specific pet, you should specify that in your business name. For example, if you intend to take care of dogs, you could name your business as “Puppy World”.

The name must be easy to pronounce.

People must understand and spell your business name. Avoid the use of technical words, common people won’t understand them.

Consider adding adjectives in your business names.

Use of adjectives in your animal care business name is not a bad idea at all. For example, words such as “budget, happy, quality” would add value to the name.

Check out the domain availability.

Almost every business is now available online. And you might be thinking to attract customers through the internet as well. This would need a domain name.

Think of future vision of your pet care business.

Imagine your pet shop after five or ten years. Would it be the same or you are likely to improve with time? You surely won’t want to change your business name later, therefore, it is important to think of the future of the business while you’re naming it.

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