180 Inspirational Pet Fundraiser Names and Suggestions

 Do you have a pet that you love but can’t afford to keep? Are there animals in your community in need of a home? If so, consider fundraising for a pet through your local animal shelter or rescue organization.

There are many creative and unique ways to fundraise for pets.

 When choosing a name for your pet fundraiser, make sure it is catchy and will attract attention from potential donors. Always remember that any charity name must be approved by your organization’s board.

Consider the types of pets you wish to raise money for.

For example, If you are raising money for a dog, consider the types of dogs that are commonly adopted.

 Another thing to consider while naming pet fundraisers is the use of your charity’s brand .

For example, some people may be hesitant to donate to your charity when they see a pet fundraiser using the word “dog”, since many people don’t want to donate money to a dog rescue.

Other charities may have a more general name like “The Dogs and Cats Foundation”.

These types of names are generally accepted in the pet community. Don’t forget to run your idea by someone at your charity before you put it on paper.

Pet Fundraiser Names

The Flock donation

Friends of Felines

Furry Fiesta

Happy Dog Barkery

Pick of the litter

Furry Scurry

Blue Collor raisers

5K9 Walk Run



Raise the Ruff

Good Deeds Fundraiser

K9’s for Kids

Mucky Pups savings

Everyday Blessings

Stepping Stones

I Haz Skillz

Pups and Ponies

Bark for Life

Blue Wagger

The Flock

Every life matters

Bark in The Park

Pooch Parade

Hair of the Dog

Shear Critters

Paws and Relax

Pups & Yups


Paws and Crawls

Catchy Pet Fundraiser Names

Raise for the paws

Dog Days

Pets and Companions

Furry Tales

Bright Future

Camp Dogwood

One More Chance

Acts of Grace

The happy wag Fund

Dine With Your Dog

Doggy Do


Mission Possible

Fur the herd

Doggie Day Spa

The Nightowl

Endless Pawsabilities

Endless Love

Heart of Gold

Fur University

Breakfast At Kitteny’s

Wags to Riches

Rescue Me with funds


Make A Difference


Pet Play Day

Paws for the Cause

Rescue Me

Mucky Pups

Pet Charity Names

Black Cat Ball

Pet Parade

Raise the woof

Canine Social

Doggie Dash

Critter Craziness

Little Paws

Mucky Raisers Pups


The Pack


Hand in Hand

Tails of the Forgotten

Critters & Cruisers


Dog Days

Wine and Waddle

Helpful Hands Fundraiser


Balls of fluffs

K9 Walk/Run

The lily pad

Building Brides

Paws for Effect

Open Doors

Canine Social

Pooch Parlour

Animal Antics

Healthy Happiness

The Day Long Donation

Catchy Animal Fundraiser Names

For You

The happy wag

Doggie Dash

Paw Playground

Blue Collor

Pet Funds Project

Canine Classic

Widespread Relief

Puptown Girls

Here We Go

Sounds for Hounds

K-9 Karnival

The wet nose

Fuzzy Wuzzy



Black Cat Ball


Wag it Games

Fiddo Fest

Animal Kingdom

Doggie Beach Bash

Patio Pawty

Fur Ball

Fur Get Me Not

Little Paws savers

Big Inspirations

Happy Tail

Balls of fluffs for funds

Canine Carnival

What are some popular pet fundraiser names?

Paws For Applause

Canine Pool Party

From Me To You

Pooch savings Parade

Santa Paws

Mutt Strut

Doggy Styles

Sound for the Hounds

Canine Variety Show

Bark In The ‘Boro

Yappy Hour

Dog Bowl

Wild Wagging

Betsy and beasties

Beastie Bonanza

Critter Crusade

Planting Wellness

The Pack raised

Rainbow’s Promise

Fur Festival

Racin’ for Rescues

Dog Jog


See Spot Run

Bark Now For

Pet Project

Animal Rescue

Horsing Around

Dog Fest

Black Ties & Tails

Pet Fundraiser Names

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How to Name a Pet Fundraiser

 When you are thinking about ways to raise money for your pet charity, there are a few things to keep in mind.

One of the most important is to think about what type of fundraiser will be the most successful for your organization. This guide will help you choose the best type of fundraiser for your pet charity!

Here are a few things to keep in mind before picking a pet fundraiser names:

1.     Keeping it simple: avoid long and complicated names

 The name of your pet fundraiser should be simple and easy to pronounce. A good way to help with this is to use a name that can be shortened and/or changed, such as Pups for Pharaoh, avoid long and complicated names.

2.     Using the power of words: make sure your name is meaningful

 It should be short, meaningful, and descriptive Using a name that is unique or special will help make your nonprofit more memorable. Be creative and think of names that are fun and unique in order to get people interested!

3.     Getting creative: brainstorm ideas for unique and memorable names

 Think of a name that is different, catchy and fun Using a name that is different from the names of other organizations can get your nonprofit more attention. A good place to start are with the names of similar businesses in your area.

4.     Make sure it is catchy and will attract attention from potential donors

 The name of your organization should be memorable and catchy to increase awareness. Consider this to be the first impression your organization will make on potential donors.

Make sure that the name of your nonprofit is memorable and catchy for people to remember it.

5.     Avoid these naming pitfalls

 Avoid using a name that is too similar to an existing organization. Avoid using a name that is too long, complicated or confusing.

Avoid using stock symbols, abbreviations and acronyms unless you have a very strong reason for doing so.

6.     Pick a name that represents your cause

 Many nonprofits choose to use the name of a cause or a person as their title. Pick something that is meaningful. If you have sufficient funds, consider having your nonprofit’s name trademarked (if possible).


 In conclusion, there are many great names for pet fundraisers. By choosing a clever and memorable name, you can help ensure the success of your event. Be sure to get creative and have fun with it!

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