Peace Slogans: 450+ Inspiring Taglines on War and Peace

If you are finding compelling and creative slogans or taglines related to peace, then no need to search more. Well! You are at the right place.

Peace is the situation of societal friendship without any war and violence. It is a time of harmony and calm that is far from any disturbance and mental stress.

World peace is important to raise humanity and freedom in the world. We should run a campaign against war and in favor of peace.

Everyone should participate in peace matters.

Slogans on Peace

Here is the list of some attractive and unique peace slogans and taglines that help to convince the audience in favor of peace.

Stop war, stay calm.

Live and let live in peace.

Don’t fight; be patient.

Arrange a priceless peace.

Develop a path of peace.

Don’t compromise on peace.

Choose peace and leave the war.

Take the first step towards peace.

Take care of nature.

Don’t harm humanity.

Stop killing.

Give a chance to survive.

War is not as good as peace is not bad.

Change your thinking, not the world.

Don’t bomb the world into pieces.

The world is beautiful if it is peaceful.

A peaceful mind can face any difficulty.

To achieve success, first, give your mind rest.

Don’t waste your life by fighting.

Fight and lose, peace and gain.

It depends on you what you want.

Don’t rely on others.

Keep your mind peaceful for yourself.

Do what makes you happy.

Help others for peace.

World peace is as important as yours.

Keep your surroundings safe.

War can do what you want, but peace can do better.

Fight for justice for a peaceful world.

Be kind and gentle for peace.

Keep the peace; don’t betray the world.

Let’s be together.

Make others your strength.

Find peace in yourself.

War will destroy your kid.

Work for peace, not for wark.

Work hard until you achieve your safe place.

Don’t bomb your future.

Plant happiness for the next generation.

Don’t wait; do positive things.

Life is hilarious when you are in a war.

Develop a peaceful heart.

Kindness return in a peaceful manner.

Make it possible.

Please don’t wait, do it.

Help poor for their or own peace.

Slogans on War and Peace

Here are some of the slogans on war and peace:

Say no to war.

Train your kids, how to treat well.

Choose a path that makes your journey safe.

Speak out against injustice.

Peace is a blessing of God

Don’t only think about peace work on peace

We need teamwork.

Peace is the key to success.

: Peace is nationalism.

Earth needs peace, not a bomb.

Say no! To violence.

Wars destroy not only bodies it’s also destroyed mind

Peace starts with words.

Peace gives you the power of decision.

Its effects are shown in the future.

It’s our right to live in a peaceful environment.

Our generation deserves peace, Love, and care.

Life is too short and disastrous makes it shorter

My religious base on peace

Single, do nothing. We need teamwork.

Yoga is necessary for mental peace.

It’s our responsibility to make society peaceful.

Please! Don’t create a fuss.

According to humanity, weapons are not allowed.

Peace improves thinking power.

I am ok with my loneliness.

War is not healthy for living things

If you like a peaceful environment, then work on justices.

Nothing is impossible.

Conversation stops the war.

If you like the peace you are a good person

Violence can do; peace can do better.

Peacemaker shows blessings.

Peace with bullets.? Impossible.

Conversation to keep the peace.

Did peace, not confrontation.

Don’t hate to keep the peace.

End the violence for a better long haul.

Choose peace; war is not the way.

For your peace, let be there for all.

peace slogans

Slogans against War

Here are the best anti war slogans of all time:

War never brings peace.

Give a chance of peace.

We are here for peace and harmony.

Be a peace warrior.

Embrace the faith beauty to create peace.

Make it happen to live in peace.

Make the World more powerful with peace.

Set a goal of peace for all time.

Let’s bring the World together with peace.

Keep the peace by understanding, not by force.

Keep the angel of peace, not the ghost of war.

Give the World a gift of peace and Love.

Peace, a way of a better day.

Let’s talk with peace.

Peace prevents sorrows.

Peace today and tomorrow will prevent sorrow.

Stop the war, start the peace.

Be peaceful, be powerful.

Put the power for peace, skip the war.

The way of peace stays away worries.

Peace is the way of unity.

Don’t make the war mistake; go with peace.

Teach peace to create peace.

Let’s start the way of peace.

Peace or piece? The choice is yours.

Keep trying to bring peace.

Don’t repeat the mistake of the war.

Peace: innocent against ignorant.

Keep the flow of peace in nature.

Speak now for a peaceful solution.

We can do better with peace.

Thinking of peace replace killing.

Make a peaceful earth for future generations.

Please give me a feeling of peace, not bullet.

Catchy peace phrases and sayings

These are the best anti war phrases and sayings to inspire peace:

Plant the tree for peace.

Peace improves thinking power.

I am ok with my loneliness.

War is not healthy for living things

If you like a peaceful environment, then work on justices.

Nothing is impossible.

Conversation stops the war.

If you like the peace you are the right person

Spread love avoid hate

Sea is an example of peace, silence and looking forward.

Good criticize makes a pleasant change in life.

Every person has its own opinion. Be calm, be peaceful.

A single person is also in the form of war

It’s time to wake up

Resolving the issues with a relax mind.

Many people have all blessing expect peace

Don’t search for peace in the World; it is in your heart.

Life is incomplete without peace.

Youth addicted because searching peace in drugs

Clear the concept of your children

Do you know the difference between peace and the unconscious mind?

Don’t disturb with your child’s question

Searching truth is complicated but it gives us peace.

Enjoy life, don’t compare your life with others.

Over-thinker destroys its peace.

Family rules depend on Love, care, and a peaceful environment.

Good deeds give us peace.

Connect your heart with God

Disappointing killed your peace

Little efforts, like helping and concealing, increase peace.

Good persons make a good society.

Peaceful mind, peaceful life.

Peace, Blessing of God.

Without peace, life makes it difficult.

Peace is important.

Are you ready to bring peace in life?

Be calm! It’s for peace.

Peace will bring happiness.

Goodbye to all problems.

Delete violence in your life.

Peaceful life,Healthy life.

International Peace Day Slogans

The following are international peace day slogans to print on your posters:

Enjoy more in a peaceful atmosphere.

Peace is a precious gift.

Peace, Love, care.

Life needs peace.

Don’t be ashamed to fight for your peace.

Peace is a secret of a healthy life.

Always spread love and peace.

Please don’t be silly it’s your right

It’s your choice what you want peace or violence.

Peace, it’s so important.

Wise mind, peaceful mind.

Don’t be harsh, living your limits.

It’s necessary for a smile.

Don’t be negative; control yourself.

Stand up against violence

Everyone wants a peaceful world.

Go ahead against cruelty.

Spread peace, Remove violence.

Don’t disturb others.

Decline to bear cruel.

Your life, Your freedom.

A peaceful life is everyone’s dream.

Let’s try for a peaceful life.

Now it’s time to raise voices against savagery.

Impossible to live without peace.

Peace makes the impossible possible.

Do you think it’s best for you?

Effort needs to bring peace.

Peace is an enemy of sorrow.

Hope for peace, hope for a better life.

We love a peaceful planet.

Create peace; Share peace.

Close your eyes; feel peaceful.

Peace will save you from problems.

Inner peace real peace of life.

Everything is perfect if you can with a calm spirit.

Don’t be decided in a hurry.

Don’t allow others to destroy your inner peace.

Inner peace & outer peace are both connected.

Writing Catchy Slogans on Peace

Creating catchy and unique slogans is not a difficult task but it takes some time. Slogans perform an essential role in catching the attention of the audience.

Memorable slogans effects on the minds of readers. Slogans are important for advertisement purposes. You can convince peop0le by captivating slogans and taglines.

Peace plays an essential role in the growth of the world. Without peace, everything is meaningless. A peaceful mind and life can achieve success and face each kind of problem.

If you want to create peace slogans for the campaign then focus on some techniques.

Here are some techniques that help you to write enchanting and powerful peace slogans.

First, keep the keyword in mind and focus on the keyword.

Second, collect information and advantages of the keyword as peace is an important factor for any country and person. So, write the benefit of peace.

Then, create the slogans about peace through information and the slogan should be brief and precise.

A slogan should be energetic; it attracts the attention of the reader.

Write a list of slogans then select the best ones from the suggestion of your colleagues and friends.

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