180 Funny and Cool Party Bus Names

 If you’re looking for something different to take your party on this year, bus names may be the way to go. There are plenty of funny and creative party bus names out there that will have everyone talking. If you’re feeling creative, you can even come up with your own bus name!

You can also use names from popular movies, TV shows or even your favorite sports teams. If you have an elaborate theme for your party, you can even come up with a bus name based on your theme.

You might also consider creating a bus name based on something funny or quirky. The most important thing to remember about a bus name is that it must be unique.

If you use the same word or phrase for every bus you own, your brand will be easily confused and lost in the crowd.

Party Bus Names Ideas

Nomadic Tours

The Knight Bus

London in Texas

UKan Rent a Rides!

Eastern Engage

Nut Bus

North Lay

Party Wheels

Big Tex

Meat Pie in the Sky

Wonder Wheels

Leap freights

Guided Travel

Eco Move

Safe drive Trips

Squeals on Wheels

The London Tuxedo

black & double decker

The Big Bus

Magic Bus

The Bus Event

Riserox Service

Big Brit Bus

Knight Rider

Red Rider


Waterloo Express

The Party Line

Paradise Bus Lines

A Bus Service

Creative Bus Names

Austin City Limo

Next Destination

Transit haven

Origin Tours Coaches

Temptation Travel

Redcoat Rides

Style Rides

Twin Party Bus

The Party ’57 Bus

Cowboy Express

Trouble Decker

Explore More

Double Dribble

The Red Bus Cruise

57 Easy Street

Hit The Runways

Double Space

FF(fast forward)

Go Ahead London

National Express

Lucky Jack’s Bus

Double Deckousine

London Transport

Hampton Hires

Party Bus and Limo

Country Affair

Lights of London

Route Master

Party In Progress

Green Goose Bus Lines

Names With Bus in Them

The Groove Limo

Grace Trucks

Ole Dolly

LonTin Soiree

Fast Forward

American Bus Charter

Party Smarter

Evergreen Escapes

Ms. Bus Lines

Event Decker

The 401 Bus Line

Birthday Shuttle


Express National

London Style Limo

The Deuce

Corner Voyage

The USS Blaggard

Mersey Beat Bus

Relax And Unwind

London Party Loop

Deck it UP Limo Bus

Lights Over London

Ya Baby! Party Bus



Midland Classic

Compass Bus

Alegria Travel

Libation Express

What are some quirky party bus names ideas?

High Decknology

Celebrate Bus

Hotel Hoppa

Tower Transit

Royal Roll’n

Vantage Buses

Over lando

Journey Liner

Duo Fun

City Sightseeing

Park ‘n Roll

Texas Tea Party

The Admiral


The Austin Wanker

Vintage Party Bus

Retro Wheels

Knights Flight

Enzo Buses

Outback City Bus

Value Transportation

Big Blue Bus

Crown International

Double Fun Limo Run

57 Double D


Magical Mystery

Party On A Roll

Rainbow Rides

LonTin Party Bus

Famous Bus Names

Red Coach

Randy Bus Rentals

The Commodore

Green Shuttle

Double Service

Out And Up

Tangerine Travel

Travel Tricks

Brit Transit

Dazzling Tours

Vintage Celebrations

Alliance Tours

The Jolly Decker

Class Act Limo


Trip Tip Travel

London Route Limo

Double Red

twin spin

Wheels of Windsor

Stellar Travel

The Thames Tuxedo

Express Logic

Light waves Travels

London Limo Bus

Lucky Londoner

The Destinations

The Upper Decker

Groovy Red

Greenfield Travels

Party Bus Names Ideas

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How to Come Up with party bus names ideas

 If you’re looking for a unique and fun way to celebrate your next party, consider chartering a party bus. There are so many great names for party buses that you’ll be sure to find the perfect one for your event.

From “The Fun Bus” to “The Party Express,” these vehicles have everything you need to make your celebration truly memorable.

 Here are a few things to keep in mind when picking a party bus names:

1.     Keep it short and sweet

 Try to choose a name that is easy to say and rhyme with other words. Also, try to avoid words that have a negative connotation, like “trailer” or “wrecked.”

Try to find a name that will be remembered with fondness and endearment. Use the bus’s color scheme Choose something eye-catching and fun.

2.     Consider the occasion

 If you are using the bus for a wedding or other formal event, consider using the names of the bride and groom or the event itself .

If you are using the bus for a birthday party, consider naming the bus after one of your favorite family members.

3.     Choose a Theme: Pick a theme that reflects the group’s personality

 Avoid too much detail. Don’t pick a theme that is too complex or detailed, or you may lose the audience. Use a name that will fit in with the overall theme of your party.

4.     Stick to one word or a few words

 Try to stick to one word or a few words when naming your party bus. This will make it easier for people to remember and communicate the name of your bus. Try to get rid of the extra details.

5.     Keep it clean: Avoid offensive or explicit names

 That could offend people or cause problems. Keep the name clean and simple so that it doesn’t interfere with the overall theme of your party.

A good name can make people feel at home, so don’t make them feel uncomfortable by picking a name that causes them to wonder about the meaning.


 In conclusion, if you are looking for ideas for your party bus, then look no further! We have provided a variety of names for you to choose from, so that your bus can be styled and named to match your individual personality.

Whether you are looking for something fun and quirky, or sleek and sophisticated, we have the perfect name for you. So what are you waiting for? Get on board with the best party bus names around!

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